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12:11 AM
@derobert - isn't hardware encryption just firmware encryption anyway? I could swear I read somewhere about a guy who hotwired the SATA +- leads on his Seagate and opened a serial terminal on his harddisk. He found the forgotten encryption key in plain text I think...
Here it is...
not plain text, I guess: hdparm –security-unlock $(printf ‘\x0b\x0b\x0b\x0b’) /dev/sdb
12:34 AM
@mikeserv that's not hardware encryption.
Or if it is, its a pretty crappy implementation (which, given, is often the case)
1:09 AM
@derobert - then I'm iffy on what is. I thought it was basically just some software written to a chip.
How do you do it otherwise?
1 hour later…
2:37 AM
@FaheemMitha @derobert is this argument sound, right? I mean, make sense?
@Braiam Sounds reasonable. Not sure what you mean by synonym. You mean replace [sources.list] by [apt]?
@FaheemMitha that when you type the [sources.list] tag, the system will change it to [apt]
@Braiam I see. Yes, sounds reasonable to me. Having a separate [sources.list] tag makes no sense.
@FaheemMitha bows finally, someone reasonable
Good luck convincing the AU people, though.
2:45 AM
@FaheemMitha you don't have to tell me that
@Braiam :-)
is just a freaking problem just to make things right
and I believe is because they want to maintain the status quo which is ridiculously at this point of the game where the site is being in decline
I feel like in this video
@Braiam The site is in decline? How so?
@FaheemMitha they are barely keeping a 1 question, 1 answer since several months ago, and as of late, they get more questions than answers
@Braiam I see. Sounds like they need more people answering.
Is the U&L ratio better then?
2:50 AM
@FaheemMitha nah, you got it all backwards
the question quality is so bad that nobody bothers to answer question
@Braiam Funny sketch.
@Braiam Oh, ok. I don't have any idea - I don't spend time on that site.
@FaheemMitha way better, 495:642 Q vs A's
1.3 answers per question
in AU is 4 answers per 5 questions
@derobert - I only knew enough to be annoyed, but at my old job we had to migrate a bunch of systems from McAffee based encryption to some MS thing - disklocker? - that cooperated with the UEFI firmware and the TPM mystery thing - I guess it's some on-board encryption module - and the disk's firmware. Probably couldn't be beaten with a soldering iron and a morbid curiosity, but it still seems like all software. Then again - there is that TPM mystery thing, but that's not on the disk. I dunno.
@Braiam ok
Anyway, we were just valuable enough to trust us to watch two computers running the script at a time.
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4:39 AM
@terdon - while I don't know about the specific rules or whatever, I linked to an answer with 6 uvs on a question with 17 uvs titled Paint Pixels to Screen Using Linux Framebuffer above at SO. Seems weird that the one should be so obviously on-topic, but a similar - but not duplicate - question should be rejected.
@terdon - I'm talking about this: unix.stackexchange.com/questions/146486/…
It's weird, is all.
5:13 AM
@Braiam I love that video. it went around in The Comms Room a couple months ago.
@mikeserv BitLocker
hi @strugee
@mikeserv heyo!
happy Sysadmin Appreciation Day!
that's a thing?
@mikeserv yes!
well, then, and to you!
5:35 AM
So, we are a bunch of goats, going "Meh, meh, meh, meeh!" Noted. — Braiam 33 secs ago
I starred that because it's weird enough to be notable, but I have no idea what it means.
Oh. It's a link. Or it's not?
@mikeserv click the 33 secs ago
or the one in the star wall
@mikeserv thanks!
Ahhh. Yeah - I found it on the star wall.
how to disable /home directory
You disable a directory like rmdir dir
@mikeserv I can't actually tell what he's asking... hence, the VTC it has.
6:16 AM
Holy cow.
A: Command to overwrite files via SSH?

Ruslan GerasimovWithout sudo the command ssh server "cd path/to/directory && cp image1.png image2.png" doesn't have privileges to chmod the permissions. But with sudo it would, but being run after ssh, it never gets password input for it on the remote server, so the solution is use -S and pipe a password for s...

he does
ssh server " cd path/to/directory && echo sudo_password | sudo -S chmod 600 image2.png && cp image1.png image2.png"
6:42 AM
@Anthon - did I screw up? I dunno what a Debian public computer is...?
@mikeserv No you did not, I think the OP means "shared" computer, but if it is really public I would like to know about it.
@Anthon - Oh. Well, thanks. I at first took your comment as a well-deserved dig at me for missing the big public thing - like maybe it obviously couldn't configure quotas or something - then I read it again ... and again ... and loosely interpreted it the same way you just so concisely put it. So I asked.
guess who's using StartSSL? (hint: shoot me now)
7:08 AM
@mikeserv No it was for the OP,. I would have put @mikeserv in front if not.
oh man. that ruslan guy... I tried to be nice at first like - hey man - that's a bonehead mistake and here's why... he just keeps on. it's like I'm arguing with myself.
@strugee - yeah. it wouldn't. I realized that was probably true when writing that comment - but kept on anyway. It's why I qualified it with possibly ... wrong.
referencing this:
@mikeserv no, in that case it would just not print a line for core at all. — strugee 29 mins ago
@Anthon - 10 - 4.
7:47 AM
@mikeserv oh.
8:37 AM
Is there a good way to query for the number of processor cores? A more portable way (across Unices) would be nice, otherwise a Linux-specific one would work. An obvious approach is to parse /proc/cpuinfo. Can one do better? And is this question worth asking on the main site?
@FaheemMitha POSIX doesn't care about this stuff. You can install GNU parallel and run parallel --number-of-cores, or see how GNU parallel does it.
And yes, this is the kind of question you should ask on the site
@Gilles Ok, will do.
Hmm, apparently lscpu gives a summary. So I could parse that.
What shell fragment extracts the number at the end of:
CPU(s):                6
8:58 AM
@FaheemMitha lscpu | sed -n 's/^CPU(s): *//p'
but parallel --number-of-cores is easier to parse
lscpu does have the advantage of being always present on non-embedded Linux
but since it's Linux-only, you might as well use /proc/cpuinfo or /sys/devices/system/cpu/online directly
@Gilles of course, the question is which is more accurate.
apparently stuff like hyperthreading can cause confusion
@FaheemMitha They all get their information in the same place. You just need to be careful whether you want cores or CPU chips or execution threads, whether you want to include powered-off CPUs, ...
@Gilles Blimey. I just want to know how many processes I can run without them treading on each others toes.
Or, more formally, without them having to wait for each other.
@FaheemMitha parallel --number-of-cores is what parallel uses for that very purpose.
Maybe I should ask a question. assuming that this is sufficiently clearly stated.
@Gilles Hmm, sounds like the way to go, then. Thanks. Should I still ask a question on the site?
9:03 AM
This is a problem that specialists have solved for you. Use their work, and make a bug report if their solution doesn't work well for you.
@Gilles ok
parallel --number-of-cores
parallel: invalid option -- '-'
@FaheemMitha you need GNU parallel, not its predecessor
@Gilles Oh, sorry
That's the one downside I see to it: it isn't part of the default installation
@Gilles Ok, parallel in Debian apparently.
9:05 AM
but if you're going to run stuff in parallel, i.e. if you care about knowing the number of cores in the first place, you probably want to install it
@Gilles Well, I'm doing this from inside Python using the multiprocessing library. Not sure how useful GNU Parallel would be here.
Dunno if multiprocessing has a utility for discovering the numbers of cores. I guess I should check.
@FaheemMitha Ah, you want to create the threads inside a Python program? Then indeed you'd have to use the number. Or check if there's a Python library for that (there often is)
Apparently, yes
A: How to find out the number of CPUs in python

Nadia AlramliIf you have python2.6 you can simply use import multiprocessing multiprocessing.cpu_count() http://docs.python.org/library/multiprocessing.html#multiprocessing.cpu_count

I guess it would be reasonable to use that, right?
Wow, Google really, really loves Stack Overflow.
@FaheemMitha of course
@Gilles Thanks for your help.
9:24 AM
@mikeserv Well, yeah, ultimately its probably firmware at some point. But from the operating system side, it's hardware—it speaks the normal SCSI/SATA/SAS/FC interface, and operates entirely below the OS. The crypto algorithm itself might be done in silicon (for speed; you can get e.g., off-the-shelf AES hardware).
Ideally, the whole thing is packaged together in such a way that recovering the key while its operating is next to impossible and recovering it while not operating is impossible (well, infeasible, limited by your ability to brute force it)
But I think the disk you linked to has a password on it—fairly standard feature of IDE/SATA disks for ages—and platters that are not encrypted. The hardware encrypted disks have platters that are encrypted, and work similarly to LUKS.
1 hour later…
10:34 AM
@Braiam It's easy to write seven perpendicular lines provided they're not all straight (and probably make that in the shape of a kitten) and to write red lines with green or transparent ink provided it's on a mask to be put on top of a red background. That guy is no expert.
10:48 AM
@mikeserv I asked an so mod if they wanted it, he said no. Note that the question you linked to is way more comprehensive and, most importantly, includes code. The latter is what makes it firmly on topic on SO.
2 hours later…
12:57 PM
Hey, what do these error messages mean? unix.stackexchange.com/questions/146709/…
1:11 PM
yesterday, by terdon
@Ty221 Please don't post questions in chat like that. We all look at the questions as they come in, wait a while. If you've had no reply after a few hours or days, then you can ask for help here but not less than half an hour after posting!
1:22 PM
Ho my god he's BACK !
thanks slm, Anthon, rahmu, Timo, Zelda. Always you all given more negative points.. If you know the answer share to the people who doesn't, don't discourage those people. You all are human being ?? — rajcoumar 10 mins ago
@StéphaneChazelas well, he needs 7 red lines, some of them with green and transparent ink... I consider that task impossible
@Kiwy Thanks, I left him a comment.
your shinny diamond worth nothing @slm >:)
> closed as unclear what you're asking by slm♦, Anthon, rahmu, Timo, Zelda
@terdon I hope he will try to troll too much again or at list try to think out of his mental box
2:18 PM
@Braiam This has got to be the most interesting, enigmatic, and utterly confusing conversation I have ever attempted to follow here. Why should you guys need invisible ink and what does it have to do with kittens?
@derobert thank you. that makes good sense.
@terdon ditto.
why not? You can even have 7 identical lines all perpendicular to each other (intersecting at a right angle) like in:

[7 lines][http://imgur.com/rBVIfQ2]

As I said, you can have some of them transparent or transparent green with a black background. That will make red lines as long as you put that on top of red background. You could also have transparent or green ink that turns red upon drying or exposed to air or via a reaction with the paper. There are plenty of ways to address those requirements.
@Braiam This one predates my being a mod. That was from March 12th, why does he care at this point. Flup answered him, the Q was still hard to follow and all we were asking him to do was include the output so we could help him is the irony.
2:38 PM
@StéphaneChazelas just rub it in, man
2:54 PM
@StéphaneChazelas Clearly they should have made that video with you.
This rajcoumar chap seems unhappy.
Wow, that's a lot of downvotes.
Hmm, apparently a software engineer. I wonder who that is a picture of.
Never mind, talking to myself.
3:38 PM
Actually one could do the line drawing of a kitten. That could be considered to be a line and a kitten. I agree with the other people - the chap was being negative. :-)
@FaheemMitha - et tu, brute?
@mikeserv :-)
Currently looking at some old code I tried to parallelize, and wondering why I did it in this daft way. Does this sound familar to anyone?
Daft and overly complex, I might add. I wonder if it is worth rewriting it.
3:54 PM
Oh, wow! I get it now. Browser glitch or something - my chat window quit filling img/video tags. A refresh and it's at least as clear as ... mud.
@FaheemMitha - I eat Daft and overly complex for breakfast.
@mikeserv You do? How does it taste? Mine tastes like regret.
It's kind of bitter, with an aftertaste.
@FaheemMitha educational.
@mikeserv Is that a good flavor?
4:10 PM
@FaheemMitha an apple a day...
@mikeserv I see you've started using the reply thingy. Is this the beginning of a revolution?
@FaheemMitha viva la reply! ... or is that Las Vegas?
@mikeserv No idea.
@mikeserv how much do you know about databases? specifically postgresql?
@FaheemMitha - ...just... Daft and overly complex...
@mikeserv Huh?
4:21 PM
well, this happened
@Braiam databases, yea or nay?
@FaheemMitha depends
I tend to think that unless the chunk of data is large enough to quantify significant processing/storage advantages by linking through it, then simply comparing explicit .csv files is probably the way to go.
@Braiam On what?
What keyboard shortcuts are these?
@Braiam - sweet
4:24 PM
amount of data, transactions / queries, users, etc.
if I need to make additions, updates, and removal, is very likely I will tend to use a database
^good point
@Braiam Ok
if it's pseudo-static information, I probably will not use a database
now, what the heck is this?
Q: where I can deside what OS to choose? (linux OSes)

imsisoThis is not a opinion base question! I want to know which of Linux distributions let me create and add my own codes to it? or a place to ask this question (I mean or where should I ask this?) I know that linux is open source and so we can add things to it and .... But I am not talking about th...

4:42 PM
@Braiam I don't know what he is talking about. Do you?
@FaheemMitha no idea
@FaheemMitha My suspicion is that you know better than he does.

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