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On-topic? It's about testing one's own apps, but the core of the question is performance differences between Cyanogenmod and stock, and it seems like it could be applicable to anyone.
Q: Developing applications under Cyanogenmod? How compatible to vanila Android? (Nexus devices)

ArmenIf I am to develop (and test) my application under Cyanongenmod (base install, without any additional changes), how confident can I be that I would see similar performance of my application on the vanilla Android version? In particular I am interested in the base/hardware performance that is not ...

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Grace Note on April 22, 2014

Ever seen this diagram?

That’s the visual elevator pitch for Stack Exchange. We were the little dot in the middle, a potent mix of useful traits from other tools, a wiry mutt full of hybrid vigor. The purpose of this blend was to allow and encourage the construction of a library of solutions, by providing communities with the tools they needed to share their experiences and challenges with others who might struggle with the same issues.

The diagram illustrated where we stole drew inspiration for the design of those tools, and their influence occasionally shows up in the results. Sometimes, …

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woo! two silver badges today

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