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1:26 PM
Q: I just got downvoted on 10 questions - why would that be?

einpoklumI just got downvoted on 10 answers on this site with no comment added to any of them. I assume it's not a mere coincidence. Possible reasons as far as I can tell: Something happened to a user who had upvoted me on all those questions. Someone decided they don't like me and just downvoted a bunc...

Hello, I'm currently writing my Bachelor's Thesis and have a question about a formality that I was told you could help me resolve.
I would like to use both a quote and a dedication - is that acceptable, or unusual? Would I place them on the same or on separate pages?
2:34 PM
@mafu it's fine (as long as your university's guidelines permit it - they can be very strict about formatting rules for theses). And typically on separate pages.
But again, make sure to follow the university's formatting guidelines
3:27 PM
@ff524 Thank you! My university has the opposite problem: Anything goes, so it's up to my own judgement. Seeing as this is my first thesis, and I've only read a handful of others, my judgement is still weak, so I wanted to ask.
But if it is not too strange to have both a dedication and a quote, perfect. I'll use two pages as you suggested.
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5:09 PM
Q: Is there a better way to say "the break down of 70 minutes is:"

user198424Is the following sentence correct? In total, participants will spend 70 minuses in this study; the break down of 70 minutes is: 10 minutes for xxx, 20 minutes for y, and 40 minutes for z

@mafu maybe you can write the dedication on a separate page belonging to the front matter, whereas you can put the quote as epigraph to the first chapter.
@MassimoOrtolano Great idea, that would fit nicely.

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