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4:55 PM
Q: Gastroenteritis virus causing mutation of the Enterochromaffin cells

DcShankI am working on the solution to a worldwide problem: IBS or chronic diarrhea following a viral gastroenteritis infection. I think I have an answer. The only missing piece to the puzzle I found in a research paper discussing the genetic mutation of the Enterochromaffin cells by a gastroenteritis v...

5:30 PM
Q: What controls gut motility?

DcShankI have two different papers. One claims that gut motility is reduced by stimulation of the Opioid κ and δ receptors. The receptors are activated by Morphine and certain derivatives, specifically Codeine, Fentanyl, Hydromophone, Methadone, and Oxycodone. The second paper claims that gut motility ...

6:02 PM
@Seanny123 You don't have to, but it often helps to inform others.
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8:25 PM
@ArtemKaznatcheev Do you think it deserves to be re-opened? The scope has changed extensively over the last few edits to something that's acceptable.
I think that now that it's been improved to within a proper scope, I think it's worth re-opening or else we risk sending the message that this isn't the type of question we want on our site, when it clearly is.

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