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8:24 AM
@StevenJeuris That is not a lot. Hope you can manage it with all your other work. Speaking of which, I do need some moderator help
Ebbinghaus and I are currently moderating the Facebook page, and Ebbinghaus thought to post the general EEG question ( cogsci.stackexchange.com/questions/15845/… ). Given the extensive discussion in the comments I thought that might not be the best idea. Is it possible to move the comments to the linked meta-post? Some of the points (e.g. not Q-A style of the initial question) are already resolved also.
9:03 AM
Q: Actively engaging psychology departments on Facebook?

Robin KramerFor some months now we have a magnificent Facebook page on which questions are posted on a weekly basis, with a short accompanying text. However, we are having some troubles getting an audience (we only have 19 page likes, i.e. subscribers, today (26-10-2016)). We are currently testing different ...

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2:14 PM
Q: Does every nerve ending send information to the brain separately?

BERK OzDoes every nerve ending send information to the brain separately? Is there a nerve path (I don't know their scientific name) from every nerve ending to the brain; or are they sent to brain from the same paths in the dorsal root ganglion? If not, how can we determine the (almost) exact location of...

3:14 PM
@RobinKramer I can only really move comments to chat. However, at this point we could point to them from meta. Would that help?
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6:09 PM
@StevenJeuris Think that would be fine indeed :) I guess that the same points are being made in Meta indeed.
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11:05 PM
Q: Is the enteric nervous system found only in vertebrates?

Imprisoned RhesusThe enteric nervous system is distinguished by being autonomous from the central nervous system and capable of independent action, such as the peristaltic reflex. For this reason the the intestines can be removed from the body of a vertebrate creature and they will still function. Is this type o...


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