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1:38 AM
Why is it so silent in here? Am I the only one working and everyone else is drinking or on a date?
2:25 AM
Interpreter does not recongise part of a definition when simplifying Sum: twitter.com/ejenk/status/545761138944659456 pic: t.co/BMZBtLY9SH
I'm sorry but I don't have time to post it right now. I haven't checked thoroughly if the issue is known already, too.
@Akater There is no issue. It does exactly what it should. Maybe this guy just doesn't understand what the semantics of the code he wrote.
2:47 AM
I wouldn't even be able to imagine a Sum function intelligent enough to do what ejenk wants if I hadn't already been spoiled by Mathematica. It's certainly possible a future version could break down the summation range based on the available definitions of user-defined functions in the summation, in some cases.
For now though, documentation does clearly state: "If a sum cannot be carried out explicitly by adding up a finite number of terms, Sum will attempt to find a symbolic result. In this case, f is first evaluated symbolically."
So it essentially evaluates f[x] and gets x, and then does Sum[x,{x,m}]
3:48 AM
General notice, I'm testing some stuff for a new LinkSnooper which has very basic highlighting and uses the new JavaFX framework. I hope that GUI will run more smoothly than the current one, but I'm not sure whether it really turns out to work as I expected it. First screenshot
At the moment, I'm only testing ListView, which has to to work extremely well with all the traffic that comes of the KernelLink. I would not have come that far without the help of eckig who was patient enough to give as much tips as possible:
A: A Java advanced text logging pane for large output

eckigAs Simon has pointed out I would suggest using JavaFX for this task. If you "just" need to display large amounts of log data without advanced highlighting (sub-string range highlighting), ListView is the component for you. It uses a virtualized layout container, so only the cells that are in th...

He already has my upvote (and one downvote of someone for no obvious reason) and he will get the bounty. Please upvote his answer if you come by!
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9:31 AM
Apparently Framed is font...
Style[Framed[1], FontSize -> 25, FontColor -> Red]
@halirutan very nice! Is it possible to replace long frequently used names with abbreviations there too?
3 hours later…
12:13 PM
Strange questions that pop up in my mind on a slow day: if you peel an ideal orange (==sphere) along a rhumb line and flatten the peel on flat surface (as well as you can), what this shape does look like?
12:53 PM
@Kuba I have to see what operations on the packets don't need too much time. Some of the packets (eve if you don't create large graphics or other stuff) are very long, e.g. when the FE requests an updated list of kernel symbol contexts, then the answer from the kernel had in my case about 23000 characters.. It is this long
StringTake[ExampleData[{"Text", "FaustI"}], 23000]
With those packets, the SyntaxTokenizer in JLink is too slow and a fluent scrolling is no longer possible...
@Kuba I'll try to use a JFlex scanner and hope that it is faster when I do only a basic tokenization.
@Kuba When you say you want to abbreviate long names, what exactly do you have in mind?
1:37 PM
@halirutan For example to hide FrontEnd` begining or to shorten Dynamic obj updating message:

System`EvaluatePacket[FrontEnd`SynchronousDynamicEvaluate[Refresh[TimeConstrained[ToBoxes[Global`x, StandardForm], 6.0], RuleDelayed[TrackedSymbols, All], RuleDelayed[UpdateInterval, 1]], 158289, 9.0, 6.3154120445251465]]


It is not very important, I'm just curious.
@Kuba On a simple replacement basis this would work, but it would be possible that it replaces this at positions where it shouldn't because we cannot check the syntax without parser.
@halirutan mhm. well


seems to be unique enough. But coloring is great enough anyway :)
@Kuba What I often do is copying packet-code back to Mathematica to try it. I think I will make this easier. Otherwise I'm open for suggestions.
@halirutan Ok, I will let you know if anything come to my mind :P

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