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12:27 AM
Can you run Mathematica 10.0 (or any version) from a thumb drive? I'm eginning to do some testing.
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1:55 AM
There are more things on Heavens and Earth than ...
2:11 AM
@belisarius Indeed! I was a bit surprised to get it, given a lot of my answers are graphics/plotting related.
@Verbeia I think they trigger that badge once the site meets some traffic watermark. Still thinking about what condition we could have fullfilled
@Verbeia Got it! 40 tags with 200+ questions
3:12 AM
@belisarius I've been watching that for weeks now. We hit it a couple of days ago.
Here's the link.
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1:33 PM
Still no sight of 10.0.1 download at the user portal. I know there are other ways to do it, but it seems... odd approach.
2:24 PM
@kirma I downloaded from user portal the day it released, I guess that may due to our university site license
@xslittlegrass Yes, these releases come available incrementally...
I have only home licenses (and ancient student license, which is actually valid, but I don't care of all the hassle involved with proving the student status).
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3:42 PM
Hey guys! I'd like to ask you if you see any difference between the two following ways of estimating parameters. Given my system of ordinary differential equations that I want to use to find the values of all the dependent variables through time, I have 2 options to find the parameters in the system:
1. Use ParametricNDSolve to leave the parameters to be fitted unevaluated, and then use NonLinearModelFit over that InterpolatingFunction
2.Write the equations of the system but what is fitted are not the differential equations, but algebraic
Does any of you see a major difference in what could be the outputs in these? If so, would you recommend using one over the other?
(I'll write it down as a question)
If anyone is interest, here you go. Thanks!
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10:03 PM
Q: The generalists explosion

ArtesSo far for an unknown reason (at least for me) there have been no generalists (i.e. those who provided non-wiki answers of 15 total score in 20 of top 40 tags) till now and since today the situation has changed and there are 41 of them. Of course most of them could have been generalists for a lo...

10:45 PM
Have anyone experience the lost of input in version 10? It happens to me several times that I cannot type anything in the notebooks.
I can evaluate expression in notebook, and copy paste but cannot type
@xslittlegrass Not me. (Mac OSX 19.0.4, V10.0.0) You might post your system info.
@Öskå Do you already have 10.0.1? It seems the copy&paste bug is gone. The weird thing is, that Wolfram doesn't seem to know how or when they fixed it :-) The support wrote me:
> I have forwarded your question to the developer, but we could not reproduce the same issue.
@MichaelE2 thanks for the relying. I'm using version 10.0.1 on Mac 10.10
It may because the beta version of the OS
But I start to have this problem after upgrade to Mathematica 10.0.1
@halirutan What copy&paste bug?
Have you encountered this print bug in version 10, and do you know any work around?
Q: Version 10 cannot print properly?

xslittlegrassUpdate Not fixed in version 10.0.1 I have two problems with printing in version 10. First, I can't print correctly with a setting of printing scale For example, I have some plots in a notebook, Grid@Table[ Plot[Sin[x], {x, 0, 2 π}, ImageSize -> Medium], {4}, {4}] when I print with sc...

@xslittlegrass Only on Ubuntu systems.
@halirutan OK

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