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12:58 AM
If you start a conversation between two people
in a chat room from comments
but the alert someone else @ whatevername
are they alerted as well?
1:21 AM
@AtlLED Not in general, no. They need to have been in the specific chat room within the last two weeks, afaik. I'm not sure if this rules applies to all chat rooms, though.
2 hours later…
3:03 AM
@Chris and @WYSIWYG - I edited the question: biology.stackexchange.com/questions/34620/…
This in answer to @aandrev's remark : "can we probably add a disclaimer that question is not for discussing vaccines, but for providing credible references that show harmful effects of vaccination?"
3:49 AM
I wonder if this site has any creationism questions. E.g. We are taught the world was created in 4004 BC. How do we know it wasn't created in 4000 BC? It's a nice round number.
2 hours later…
5:51 AM
@FaheemMitha yeah people do ask questions on creationism. We promptly close them :P
6:08 AM
PRIVILIGES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@AliceD Haha.. Do you feel like a deposed emperor ??
6:25 AM
@AliceD Suggest me an interesting paper.. I am too bored
not some high-level paper on neuroanatomy and all :P
7:05 AM
Q: SDS Laemmli Gel that did not solidify

USF0101In my lab class this week my partner and I were making a SDS-PAGE Laemmli Gel. We made the resolving gel solution which was made of 30% Acrylamide, DI water, 1.5 M Tris-HCL pH8.8, and 20% SDS. We mixed the measured amounts into a conical vial. We then added 10% APS and TEMED and mixed carefully. ...

This question cannot be answered with this much of information. I am not sure why people are voting to keep it open
same with this:
Q: E. coli not growing in liquid medium

WilliamLWe are regularly doing bacterial transformation and subculture from plate to liquid media to extract DNA. This usually goes very well and is straightforward, but occasionally, the colonies that grew well on a plate, will not grow in liquid culture (with the same antibiotics that were in the plate...

There are thousands of reasons for why a certain experiment may not work. Unless specific details are provided it is not possible to figure out the exact reason.
I don't understand why people ask questions and do not respond to questions about their methodology and so on.
I think the SDS-PAGE problem was not even recurrent. Could be a random error of mixing
I have no crystall ball which tells me what people did exactly in the lab
I think troubleshooting questions should be addressed only if the problem is recurrent and the OP has tried some troubleshooting themselves
And this entire issue of BioSE being too fast with closure and too hard on newbies: They should try asking a question such as "my computer crashed today" on so or superuser.
7:52 AM
@WYSIWYG Good. :-)
I agree. People should ask before they write questions. Will you answer this guy on meta?
@WYSIWYG Interesting paper on what?
8:14 AM
@FaheemMitha Anything at all. I am reading about redox regulated genes right now
8:34 AM
@WYSIWYG oh. You could look at my research paper if you wanted. How is your Bayesian Statistics?
8:52 AM
@FaheemMitha Can understand.. I find bayesian interesting
9:12 AM
@Chris I did post a comment. No patience to explain. In any case this topic has been discussed several times before.
@FaheemMitha Can you share a link to your paper?
@WYSIWYG Same here. :-)
9:27 AM
@Chris You have delete privileges right. Delete these two — 1 and 2
I have already voted to delete these two.
10:21 AM
@WYSIWYG I was planning on writing who on earth had not have this problem before, adding gallons of TEMED over the course of hours, ending up re-doing it after, just to find out the first one is hard as concrete while you are just pouring the second :-) refrained from doing so after I saw he had some sort of duplicate that did solidify
But yeah, borderline questions
No electrophysiologist will even consider asking why a cell wouldn't patch :-) Some things in science are more magic than science
@WYSIWYG - An interesting paper...
>:( bwuhahaha
What do you find interesting? Let me think, what was the most awesome thing I've read....
You're probably already all done being bored anyway ;-)
@AliceD I was reading a paper on redox controlled transcription of chloroplast genes.
And for a moment had gone to the bakery to get a cake for a friend on her bday.
@WYSIWYG and you wish a replacement?
That sounds good haha
@AliceD I am yet to finish. And I am reading couple of more papers on the evolution of ATP/ADP exchangers
but in general
if you happened to read some interesting stuff then please share
10:33 AM
I think our disciplines are ummm different :)
I was, however, pointed to a few interesting papers I will be reading shortly.
Yeah that is fine. I am not looking for papers from my discipline. Anything that is interesting science.
Retinal implant clinical trial stuff
Have to dig them up first, though
No no.. no clinical trials. That is one thing that I am not very keen on reading
Nothing that is too anthropocentric
10:35 AM
But these are on making the blind see again
Playing God
Haha.. well.. basic science interests me more. For others I can just have a summary from someone.
If you read that then tell me what happened at the end of it.
@AliceD See very anthropocentric
Had to google the term
I have started developing interest in protists and plants. Photosynthesis etc
anthropocentric= human centric
all the disease stuff
Well yes, much of my research has focused on (pre-)clinical stuff
So yes, our interests are.. different :)
but I thought you work on neurophysiology
10:39 AM
I did on my previous postdoc
recording retinal responses from folks with a retinal implant
What about this quantum leap
Now I'm doing psychophysics
shift of interest?
@WYSIWYG I don't have it publicly online. I can send you an email. Either give me your email address, or send me an email at - faheem at faheem dot info.
i just got this opportunities
10:41 AM
@FaheemMitha it should be on my SE profile
But psychophysics is the subjective approach, electrophysiology the objective
Two sides of the same I guess
@AliceD I am googling that term
psychophysics ?
It's generally regarded as psychology haha
yep.. is it like behavioural aspect of sensory physiology?
10:42 AM
One is biophysics, the other psychophysics
yes yes!
@WYSIWYG I don't see it.
@FaheemMitha I sent you a mail
@AliceD IF you had the freedom of choosing any topic then what would you choose.
unbounded by other factors such as limitation of opportunities
10:49 AM
@WYSIWYG I got it, if you are Bharat. But you could have given a little context. If I get a mail I don't recognise, I tend to delete it immediately. Reflex reaction to spam.
I'll send you my paper right now.
Email sent.
@WYSIWYG did you get the email?
11:05 AM
@WYSIWYG a combination of both!
11:19 AM
@AliceD You're in Canberra? How is Australia doing these days from the pov of academic employment?
11:39 AM
@FaheemMitha I think Australia in general is not doing bad. I am loosely affiliated to the Australian National University, but I am not high up in the food chain honestly. Also, I am focusing my attention on Europe.
So I can't provide you with reliable info :)
@AliceD Europe for permanent positions?
@AliceD I wasn't really looking for any. :-)
@FaheemMitha Yes
is AU not good for permanent employment then? Or you just prefer Europe?
Oh I thought you were planning on coming over. If it is out of general interest; Ozzie is doing pretty well :)
Well we are moving back. I like Australia, I'd prefer the US though :)
@AliceD No specific plans to go anywhere. Just asking.
11:41 AM
Gotcha :)
I've heard mixed things. You are in some area of biology, right?
heard mixed things of what?
I've heard there are good employment opportunities on the software front.
@AliceD About the academic situation in AU.
Oh yes, but that is booming around the globe isn't it?
@FaheemMitha Ahh right
12:03 PM
@AliceD Dunno. Is it?
@AliceD So, are you Australian?
12:26 PM
@FaheemMitha No I'm Dutch :) You?
12:47 PM
@AliceD Indian.
2 hours later…
2:54 PM
I continue to be unimpressed by the new Health site. The questions there are of an amazing lameness.
3:04 PM
@WYSIWYG did you get my email with the paper attached?

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