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4:15 AM
@jmusser: I seriously appreciate what you do. I will try to do the same.
@DevashishDas You know what's on/off topic on biology better than I do, so I haven't really voted to close much here, I kind of follow the examples of the experts. You will be great for this site.
@jmusser: Thanks.
@DevashishDas Do you have a starting date for the answering event?
@jmusser: No, I am still searching for people.
@DevashishDas How many are you looking for?
@DevashishDas I wonder if you can get that post featured on the side bar of the main site somehow?
5:09 AM
@jmusser: How? I got only once there, till now. (for the nose bleed question!)
@jmusser: People will flag me as soon as I post the same thing on main board.
@DevashishDas I don't think a regular user can do it. I just noticed your post is on the side bar of the main site, but under 'hot meta questions'.
@DevashishDas Yeah, don't post it on the main board. Seems too many people stay out of the meta site.
@DevashishDas One flag?
I'm not sure I got that: 'I got only once there, till now. (for the nose bleed question!)'
5:59 AM
@jmusser sorry, I was talking about side bar only. I don't know if my post on meta can come there!!!
I am doing a thought experiment of making a human totipotent stem cell from scratch. It will have my DNA in it.

The tools I am using are:

normal lab equipment

Computer to look up proteins

Microtools which are so small you need a microscope

Microgoggles which when you put them on give your eyes the power of a microscope

Big computer to keep track of my processes

In the culture medium I have vitamins and minerals, as well as sugars and fats.

The process is like this:

DNA extraction------------Chromosome separation--------------DNA replication and formation of liposome---------Looking
@caters: Shouldn't you post this in the main board?
6:14 AM
I did and it got closed because of it being too broad with all the questions I was asking
6:54 AM
@caters: I think you need to break the problem in to pieces
7:11 AM
@jmusser: I can see my post in side also. ^_^
@jmusser: I am thinking of starting on 1st August?
@jmusser: Sorry, Last time my internet got struct.
7:28 AM
@caters Nobody has ever created a cell from scratch so far, what you want to do is likely impossible with our current tools and understanding

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