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@Chris Dammit, there went my personal favourite of all the comments I've given at BioSE.
Sorry, but this question was too stupid. BTW: There are more extremely dovnvoted questions at the end of our votes question list, that can be deleted.
Q: Reason why sedative drugs stem from eastern countries and stimulating drugs from western ones

VincentI was wondering if there's a linkage between the geographic distribution of drugs and their effects. There's nicotine, caffeine and cocaine, all originating from south-america and all of them have stimulating effects. On the other hand, drugs like opium and THC have a "eastern" history (coming f...

Q: I believe in variation of a species but not in evolution

bill hI can see that variation within species exists, for example birds with various size beaks adapted for specific food-gathering purposes, one may have a larger beak vs. smaller beak, OK that works for me. So my question is, where did the whole bird design come from or cat or dog or mouse? I see no ...

Q: DNA chip contains a complete set of random hexanucleotide (6-mers) probes? (Solve)

Ekacan you tell me how to find solution to this question A DNA chip contains a complete set of random hexanucleotide (6-mers) probes. Out of the 4^6 = 4096 probes, how many will form perfect complementary duplexes with sequences within the single-stranded target DNA, 5'-GAACTGCATTGATA-3'? ...

Q: Can a person be infected with HIV viruses without contacting them by person-related stuffs?

HIVWe know that a person can be infected with HIV viruses when he/she has sexual relationship with those having HIV viruses (and very, very, very rarely, urine/defecation-related transmission) - but I wonder if there are other sources of HIV transmission - so for example, let's say during sexual rel...

To only list a few.
@Chris Don't worry, I wasn't (completely) serious.
Yes, there are definitely more that could be deleted. The most important thing is that they are closed and downvoted though.
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They will only be deleted, if people actively search for such questions - for a reason I don't understand, close-votes do no appear in the moderation queue.
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if anyone could help

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Another answer prone for deletion: biology.stackexchange.com/questions/20952/…

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