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Q: Is there any canon proof that Elder Wand actually works as reputed in a duel?

DVKThere seems to be a lot of power attributed to the Elder Wand by various sources in Deathly Hallows. However, looking at it soberly, there doesn't seem to be almost any actual evidence to support it. Of the known DH owners who used it to duel: Gellert Grindelwald: While wielding the Deathsti...

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2:46 AM
50 points from Ravenclaw because... because... JUST BECAUSE!
3:06 AM
@Slytherincess Sounds good to me.
@TangoOversway My feathers have been ruffled!
@Slytherincess Why?
I'll tell in just a sec... I have to put some new guppiesin the tank. I'll be right back.
My answer got picked in a question I didn't think it would get picked for -- a Batman question. I gave a psychological reason instead of a Batman reason.
The question was, "Why do the villains always blame Batman?" I said, basically, "Because they don't want to accept responsibility for doing what they know is wrong but have been justifying as being right."
This is interesting. Looks like someone was researching Stargate yesterday and pulled up a bunch of my SG questions -- and upvoted a lot of them. And the day before, an old answer got 6 -- yes, SIX -- upvotes (and before that, my last edit was in February)!
Oh, wow, that's very cool! I got some upvotes on questions yesterday that I just linked to in chat as examples of long anwers. I thought that was nice.
3:16 AM
@Slytherincess: So why are your feathers ruffled? (Or your ruffles feathered?)
I'm irritated because I answered a question that DVK asked, using the question itself as explicit guidelines for answering, and I gave a canon answer, and DVK changed the criteria, even though it had not been made clear or mentioned at all that he didn't want certain aspects of the issue. I told him I was frustrated and that it felt unfair. It's not the answerer's fault if the question was not exactly as the asker wanted it. I can't read minds.
(Yes my ruffles are feathered too!)
@Slytherincess Makes sense
Also, @Slytherincess, sent an editorial your way. You'll probably agree with every word of it.
Off to do meatspace things.
3:39 AM
@Slytherincess "I can't read minds." - isn't that usually the guy's line? :-)
Yay ninja downvoters. :/
Actually I'm pretty sure it was DVK. The question had no activity most of the week, and then he posted an answer an hour ago, and it was downvoted an hour ago. But I don't see any good reason to do so.
4:07 AM
I'm sorry that I complained in chat. I e-mailed him and told him why I was upset, but it's really just a trivia game (I had to remind myself) and there's no reason to get upset over it. </ crazy womenfolk moment>
@GabeWillard I got three downvotes yesterday, giving me a whopping 9 points for the day ;P Try to contain your jealousy... but I can think of reasons why they might have been downvoted.
I got two on one question. No idea why.
Q: Where did the "Memories transferred through DNA" idea used in Assassin's Creed come from?

Gabe WillardIn the Assassin's Creed series, one of the major plot devices involves using a machine to explore the memories of the main character's ancestors. The theory behind it is that your DNA stores all the memories of your ancestor's within it, and by tapping into them with the Animus machine, you can e...

It's really rather irritating.
I've actually never been bothered by a downvote, although a few times I've wondered why, because I knew I had an ironclad correct answer.
Those would be annoying. I'm just annoyed because there's no good reason to downvote that question.
4:16 AM
I shouldn't ask that.
Partially because it was downvoted at the same time he posted an answer.
@GabeWillard Yeah, I've got a number of headscratching downvotes too. I can't say I understand them, and the first few really annoyed me, but it's not like there's anything you can do about them unfortunately.
It's bizarre. But whatever.
It makes me feel better. :D
Lol. Good one.
4:29 AM
The only times I've been bothered by downvotes are serial downvoters. Both times I think it went on for a few days and I'm pretty sure I know who it was both times.
I don't know if that's what this is, since it's only the one question.
Personally, I'm more like to vote to close or vote to delete than downvote. If I downvote, it's usually because it's bad and not quite at delete/close level and I have always, other than two times, left a comment about why I downvoted. (And I'd remove the downvote if the concern was addressed.)
One of those times was when I felt like someone was making a big argument about something small and that bled from comments into their answer on the question in a way I felt was totally inappropriate.
@TangoOversway That's what I think is the reasonable behaviour. Vote to close/delete includes a reason, downvote + comment, includes a reason.
Although I admit sometimes I downvote and don't leave a comment, but that's invariably on answers that are simply wrong.
@dlanod And that one time I didn't because the argument in comments bled into the answer, I stopped and thought about it and made sure I wasn't downvoting because I was ticked off - that there really was a logical/reasonable problem with the answer. I didn't explain it because experience told me that this particular user wouldn't listen to my reasons and only take it as me throwing down the gauntlet.
With answers, I feel its less important to explain downvotes. But on questions, it leaves people going "huh?"
That and I had no idea that you cant revoke a VTC. What galaxy does that make sense in?
4:36 AM
@GabeWillard I don't mean I revoke a VTC (I think that's what you were referring to). I mean I revoke a downvote.
In other words, I use them as a way to address issues. For instance, if it's a 10 paragraph answer, and 1 sentences addresses the answer, and it's really bad enough that I'm tempted to VTD, but that it has a chance, I'll downvote, explain why, and if they edit it and produce a decent answer, I'll remove the downvote.
I got that; sorry, I'm in an off mood today and it's shotgunning the flow of my thoughts like swiss cheese.
This is interesting. Microsoft is removing Media Center from Win8. Want to play your DVDs on Windows now? Pony up some extra cash and buy Media Center. Crappy -- considering OS X includes a DVD player for free and Linux has scads of them for free.
I was just saying as an aside that I don't get why you can't revoke a VTC.
They said only 6% of people used it much - so now they'll make it an extra fee. Not a downloadable free upgrade, but an extra fee for it.
@TangoOversway "Yo ho, haul together, hoist the colors high..." lol
4:39 AM
@GabeWillard Got it.
I just use VLC. Free. :P
@GabeWillard Or Hand Brake.
@TangoOversway I saw that. Not impressed, given I've got a Win7 Media Centre PC at the moment.
@GabeWillard Interesting. That sentence is almost violent in some ways, so the way it's written helps make your point.
Or GoM.
4:41 AM
@GabeWillard That's an example of a great FOSS program. GIMP is one that I think could be great, if the developers didn't spend so much time ignoring the user requests. (But I hear the new just released GIMP is MUCH friendlier and provides a lot of what's been asked for.)
@dlanod Not impressed that they're removing it? As in it's bad or the action doesn't really mean anything?
@TangoOversway I tried GIMP once and found the UI totally maddening.
@DonaldMcLean Exactly!
GIMP made my soul hurt the times I've tried to use it. Inkscape was better, but I hated the "click... delay... action occurs" that you get from Java.
It was even worst than Eclipse, which I really, really hate.
There was a project, PhotoGIMP, that gave it a Photoshop interface, but as it's been, it's really a poor example of FOSS, since it's klunky and forces you to read tons of help files to get your work done. It's the kind of program that developers write for themselves, then wonder why other people find it frustrating.
4:43 AM
@TangoOversway Not impressed that they're removing it. It's actually quite a nice piece of software, but nowhere near better than the alternatives to make me want to pay more for it.
Instead of 6% of people using it, it'll be 0%.
@DonaldMcLean One day, when I have programming to do again, I'll have to try a good IDE. Since I had only a minimal one (text editor and console), to me Eclipes seemed great -- but that's an opinion based on VERY limited IDE experience.
@TangoOversway Things like GIMP and OpenOffice are the reasons I still cringe when I hear open source lol. I do love me some VLC though.
@TangoOversway Visual Studio is one of the best I've tried. Eclipse is decent in comparison to the rest of the competition, which says a lot about the competition.
And they'll be wondering, again, why market share isn't what they want. Their phones are bombing in a terrible way. Nokia went from #1 phone maker in the world to just above RiM when they switched to WinPhones. They're making themselves irrelevant.
@TangoOversway It's a chocolate/vanilla question. Or, for B5 fans, purple/green. Some people just prefer one over the other.
4:45 AM
@GabeWillard You don't like OpenOffice? Do you feel the same about LibreOffice?
MS has an entire department dedicated to squeezing the buffalo on the nickel until it moos.
@TangoOversway I hated OpenOffice. Libre is much much much better, but I still prefer MS Office to it.
But I can tolerate LibreOffice while i'm on linux.
@DonaldMcLean I know, but I am also aware that Eclipse let me do things I couldn't in a text editor (like refactoring), so it made life much easier, but that if I had another IDE, that I would likely see how kludgy Eclipse is.
My favorite is IDEA, produced by a company called JetBrains. They're big into "eating their own dog food" and it produces what I think is a much cleaner User Interface.
Any of you easterners see the moon rise tonight?
4:47 AM
@MajorStackings Sigh. Heavy bleeping, fracking, flipping, fratzing cloud cover.
@DonaldMcLean That language specific? Hadn't heard of it, so curious.
@GabeWillard One thing that made it tough for me when I switched to Linux, about 2000/2001, was there were no good word processors on it. At least none that allowed macros, which meant no way to write screenplays. So when StarOffice became OOo 1.0, I was thrilled. I have a number of macros that make writing screenplays easy on it.
@DonaldMcLean See, that works great in something like an IDE - if the devs use their own, they make it better.
Same here -- raining and total cloud cover.
@dlanod IDEA is primarily a Java IDE, but also supports web development too and has plug-ins for other JVM languages. JetBrains also produces other products for languages such as PHP, Ruby, and Python.
Back to meatspace again. Later all!
@DonaldMcLean Ah, explains why I haven't heard of it. I work in a C++/.Net/(Fortran) shop
@TangoOversway Fare thee well.
4:50 AM
@dlanod I think they have a .Net product, but nothing for C++ or Fortran that I know of.
@DonaldMcLean Heh I don't think we have any Fortran IDE to speak of.
@DonaldMcLean That was some "Christmas Story" Darin Mcgavin type swearing...
@TangoOversway Night...
I wasn't even trying, really. I didn't use any swear words from Battlestar Gallactica, the Empire of Man series, or the Looking Glass series.
Ohh they're the guys that do Reshaper?
I have very much heard of that.
Did E.T. use the Force to levitate all those bicycles?
4:57 AM
@dlanod I don't know anything about Resharper itself, only that JetBrains has some very talented people and but together some great products. I'm using IDEA with their plug-in for Scala. It isn't finished yet, but its already pretty good.
@MajorStackings It's the same universe, so probably. E.T. was actually a Sith.
@dlanod E.T. had to be a Sith. The Jedi didn't trust him. They thought he was too light fingered.
@MajorStackings Wow... just... wow.... that was a pun of horrific magnitude!
Sorry. I just couldn't stop myself. <whistling>
Q: Assignment:Earth

Chef FlambeI was up late last night and came across ST-TOS Assignment:Earth. I missed the first few minutes of it and online googles have fallen short on what I want to know. How did the Enterprise get thrown back in time to 1968? I thought the whole time travel thing was usually a mistake of some sort...

5:13 AM
@MajorStackings Considering it's proven that E.T. is from the Star Wars galaxy, where they know of such things, that might be a good question to ask.
@JackBNimble That's a good one, Jack!
Wasn't that firm sued by Dewey, Cheatham, and Howe?
@TangoOversway I dunno. It was such a long time ago, and it seems so far away.
@MajorStackings I proved, in answer to one of @OghmaOsiris' questions, that Luke Skywalker must have lived no more than maybe a couple hundred years ago.
@TangoOversway They are in a vicious legal battle.
5:18 AM
@JackBNimble I'd be honored if you considered my pun of horrific magnitude for your comic strip.
@MajorStackings Which one?
(You take such delight in magnitudanally horrific puns!)
@MajorStackings Which pun?
@JackBNimble E.T. had to be a Sith. The Jedi didn't trust him. They thought he was too light fingered.
@MajorStackings Wow
5:21 AM
@TangoOversway I really do. Sometimes I chortle.
@JackBNimble <badda-bing>
@JackBNimble I didn't say I expected you to use it. It was an honor just floating it by you.
And that was @JackBNimble, folks. He'll be with us all week long.
(And I do mean weeeeeekkkkkk llloooooonnnnnnngggg.)
5:23 AM
and boy, did that one float...
That Whey comic got 69 upvotes on reddit. It is the most successful comic I've made that the haters on reddit didn't completely hate.
@JackBNimble Just wait until you break out the E.T. series. You'll be swamped with kindness from strangers. I'm almost sure.
Could Doctor McCoy be a Timelord? His hypospray looks suspiciously like a sonic screwdriver...
The rising moon was awesome here on the West Coast.
It has lost it's orange tinge. Looks pretty much like a regular moon again.
@MajorStackings I'm not too sure about that E.T. joke, but if you have others I'd be happy to consider them.
5:28 AM
@TangoOversway Is his first name Sylvester? Because that'll be a hell of a give away.
@dlanod No, just Leonard.
Questions you can't ask on SE:SF&F: Are all Death Eaters emo too?
I like that idea for a meme... :P
Questions you can't ask on SE:SF&F: How did Frodo and Sam stay warm on those cold nights?
Q: What took Bella so long to turn into a Vampire?

Rishabh PoddarAt the end of Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part I movie, Bella didn't turn into a vampire for a long time even after being bitten for multiple times. Why didn't she turn into a vampire soon as everyone else always does? What took her so long?

Some of these twilight questions are pretty heavy on the spoilers.
Good thing I don't care.
@JackBNimble That's a good point. I hadn't noticed at first because I've already read all the books.
5:39 AM
Like the vampire baby one, and this most recent one
I had to do a text search on the ebook of Twilight to find a definitive answer on how long it took Dr. Cullen.
6:03 AM
Q: Why do Vampires suck only a little blood from all the humans?

Rishabh PoddarWhy do vampires suck only a liitle blood out of their human prey and not drink all the blood available in the Human's body (or Store the blood for future use)? In the movie, when the bad vampires were forming their army, they drank only little blood out of each human

Q: Is it the Children of the moon are harmless to Humans?

Rishabh PoddarIn Twilight, is it shown that the Werewolf are completely Harmless to Humans?

Q: Why did Bella choose Edward over Jacob?

Rishabh PoddarIn the movie Series, Twilight, Why does Bella Choose Edward Over Jacob? What is it about Edward that Bella was so attracted towards him? What was wrong with Jacob? Why a Vampire over a Werewolf?

Q: Are werewolf (Children of the Moon) born so?

Rishabh PoddarAre Werewolf (Children Of the Moon) born as Werewolf or do they convert to one sometime later? How does it works? Do they convert to Werewolf after some kind of particular incident takes place? Can they make Humans Turn to Werewolf?

How do you answer a question that has no canonical answer?
I've visited Forks. It's probably cozier staying at home and reading about it than it was once we got there. It would certainly be more exciting. I bet those folks wished they had vampires.
Then again, maybe not.
@TangoOversway Car Talk!
6:18 AM
Why is there a "werewolf" tag AND a "werewolves" tag?
@Slytherincess Yep.
@DonaldMcLean Dude. +1 for cutting to the chase regarding Edward/Jacob. I feel all caught up.
@DonaldMcLean They aren't linked as synonyms. You should tag them.
6:37 AM
@DonaldMcLean Abracadabra, now there's only .
@MajorStackings It's one of my favorite scenes from the books. It neatly sums up the "Kobiyashi Maru" scale problem that Bella is wrestling with - she loves both of them, but can only have one.
@DonaldMcLean By quoting a bunch of stuff that supports the "we don't know" position and explaining your working, IMO.
7:10 AM
I am now armed with an appropriate card for my wife's birthday. Goodnight all.
7:30 AM
Q: Who was Nick Fury talking about on the ship?

challenIn The Avengers film when they're all arguing on the airship (after they find out about Phase 2), who was Nick Fury talking about when he said a year ago someone came to Earth and leveled an area in a grudge match? I didn't take this to be a reference to Thor since Fury mentions that there are mo...

Q: What happens to the mind of a recipient of a Jedi mind trick?

challenI was reading about Jedi mind tricks and am curious to know what happens to the mind of the trickee afterward. On Wookiepedia it says: Should the trick succeed, he or she then agreed to whatever was being said to them without being able to think for themselves. Moments later, they would feel ...

Q: Why does Loki look like he does?

phantom42Apologies for the slightly vague title. It is revealed during Thor that Is there any explanation as to why he doesn't look like the rest of his race?

8:00 AM
Q: From where can I get 3D models of USS Enterprise?

Sachin ShekharI want to include USS Enterprise in my personal non-commercial 3D projects. I can always create a 3D model of USS Enterprise by myself. But, I think, there's no point of re-inventing the wheel again. Are original official models of USS Enterprise public? Or, can I get them from somewhere? Is the...

8:27 AM
Q: What does it take to overcome your symbiote?

PureferretIn the stargate universe, when an adult Goa'uld symbiote bonds with you it takes control over your body, forcing you to watch as it commits horrific deeds. However Skaara manages to overwhelm his symbiote at some point at theend of one of the seasons. This is just one example though. What does ...

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11:21 AM
Q: Why Edward didn't convert Bella to a Vampire earlier itself?

Rishabh PoddarI have seen the film Twilight four times now and I still don't understand why Edward don't just turn Bella, it is obvious that they are both in love with each other (which I don't blame her) but he is still reluctant, I was just wondering why this was, because if Edward truly loved Bella he would...

Q: Vampires didn't sparkle at the starting of the movie?

Rishabh PoddarIn the beginning of the Twilight movie (The First Movie released in 2008), when the Cullens walk into the school it's sunny outside, yet they don't sparkle why is that?

Q: Twilight Different from other Vampire Stories and Movies

Rishabh PoddarI know different vampire movies have different rules, but one that is always true about vampire folklore is that sunlight kills them. How is it that sunlight doesn't kill them in this movie, yet only makes them sparkle?

Q: Different reaction of Jasper in two different scenes

Rishabh PoddarWhen Bella is bitten by James (In Twilight 2008 Release Movie), Jasper also comes and rescues her - by killing James - but how is it that Jasper does not react to Bella's blood? Is it because of "heat of battle?" I also think of New Moon, where she only had a paper cut (but he still freaked out).

11:51 AM
Q: Edvard's mind reading of James

Rishabh PoddarIn Twilight, When Edward, Rosalie and Carlisle are running in the forest to spread Bella's scent, when James decides to change course, how does Edward know? He says he can read the mind only at a certain distance, and Alice is in Phoenix. How then was Edward able to know the tracker's change of m...

Q: Why did Gaiman stop using superheroes in Sandman?

dlanodEarly in the Sandman comics, we see appearances from the Justice League, Gotham, Arkham Asylum, John Constantine and others. As the series progresses we see fewer and fewer cameos. Did Gaiman ever address why this was? Was it a directive from DC, a story-based decision, or something else?

Q: A weird symbol the Cullens had on them

Rishabh PoddarIn the movie Edward, Emmett and Jasper are wearing matching wristbands with a symbol and Rosalie and Alice are wearing the same symbol on necklaces, what is the significance of these items?

12:48 PM
Q: Who shot down Jack Mason's transporter in the beginning?

bitmaskIn the prologue, the ship that transports Karina is shot down by an unknown party. It happens over Scavenger territory, but it apparently Scavengers wouldn't be properly equipped to shoot down a ship. Jack works for the Alliance, so they are out of the picture, although they become the enemy for ...

1:48 PM
Q: Is The Doctor (EMH) a Doctor Who reference?

bitmaskIs Voyager's Emergency Medical Hologram, which doesn't have a name other than "Doctor": a tip of the hat from Paramount to The Doctor from BBC's Doctor Who? While Robert Picardo doesn't have any visual similarity to William Hartnell, or any of the first eight Doctors: the name The Doctor i...

2:15 PM
Q: Black Mesa suits in the Xen World

BluFireWhy were there so many Black Mesa radiation suits in the Xen world?

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4:39 PM
Q: How come Edward couldn't read Bella's Mind?

Rishabh PoddarThe Title is self explanatary, I shall not add anything to the body.

Q: Twilight Book Covers - What do they indicate?

Rishabh PoddarWhat do the covers of the books have to do with the stories within the books? Is there any real importance to them? And, why wasn't the book cover used for the cover of the DVD?

Q: At the last Scene - James Bites Bella and Edward too - How come she doesn't converts?

Rishabh PoddarI wanted to ask that, when James had bitten Bella, then the venom/poison was left in Bella's arm and Edward had to suck it out later, but why didn't Edward leave the venom in Bella's arm? They both (James and Edward) sucked Bella's blood and James left venom, but Edward did not. How is that possi...

Q: Vampires feeding on Animals Blood - What happens to the Animals?

Rishabh PoddarIf for some reason a vampire bites an animal, but somehow he doesn't get to kill it, does the animal become a vampire-animal thing?

Q: Jaspers full name in Twilight Movie

Rishabh PoddarWhy aren't Rosalie and Jasper surnamed Cullen? I can't understand why they are Hale and not Cullen.

Holy Twilight, Batman! o_0
5:04 PM
@Slytherincess I think you mean unholy Twilight.
Q: Change in Vampires' Eye Colours after Drinking Blood

Rishabh PoddarIt is said that when a vampire drinks human blood, its eyes turn red. How come Edward's eyes did not turn red after drinking Bella's blood?

Q: Vampires can hear Human's Heartbeat, Right?

Rishabh PoddarWhy is it that James, Laurent & Victoria cannot "hear" Bella's heartbeat as they are standing in the field? In all of the books it is made quite clear that the vampires hear Bella's heartbeat whenever she's in close proximity to them. Any ideas?

Q: Do the vampires have fangs?

Rishabh PoddarIn the movie, the Vampires are not shown with fags, but in all the other Vampire Movies and Books, even including Twilight Saga's Spoof Movie - "Vampire Sucks"; the Vampires are shown to have Fags.

Q: Generally when does Vampires eye Change Colour

Rishabh PoddarDoing What kind of Activities or being in What kind of Moods, environments make the change in Vampire's eye Colours according to the stories of Twilight?

@Slytherincess Yes, that's probably worth a meta discussion, isn't it?
Good god, he's asked 22 out of the 27 questions.
5:42 PM
@Kevin Good point, Kevin! Unholy Twilight, Batman!
@bitmask I can't think of anything meta about Twilight -- @DonaldMcLean is our resident Twilight expert!
6:06 PM
Q: What order to read Kage Barker's "The Company" books, novellas and short stories

HoganThere are 9 books, 4 novellas, and short stories written by Kage Barker in her "The Company" universe. I'm wondering what order to read them in. It is especially confusing because they are about time travel, so reading the blubs is not-so-helpful. I read "In the Garden of Iden" and "Sky Coyote...

6:33 PM
I'm getting sick of DVK ranting at me. I already told him I didn't know that what I was doing was a bad idea, and he's still got a stick up his backside over it.
7:18 PM
@GabeWillard I actually think that you and DVK would find each other okay if both you strong-willed dudes would just take a moment :)) You guys actually have a few things in common.
@Slytherincess I'm just irritated with him lecturing me. He's being bloody obnoxious.
@GabeWillard Understandable, really. When I first came on the site I strayed into his crosshairs for a bit, and Gilles just advised me that DVK can be intense, which is true, but he's a difficult one to engage in a debate.
7:35 PM
I'll probably just ignore him from here out. Oh well. Can't get everyone to like you.
7:52 PM
@GabeWillard Just keep a level head. This too, shall pass.
In other news, I'm modding the heck out of Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind.
@GabeWillard ???
Lol. Its a game. The one two before Skyrim in the Elder Scrolls series.
Are you building your own levels, or are you moderating an Elder Scroll website?
I'm downloading mods others made. Working on getting it up to HD. :P
It's been a long time since I played it, and wanted to re-experience it. With much nicer looking textures lol.
7:59 PM
I was totally into StarCraft when it first came out. Misplaced the primary disc, can't load Broodwar onto my newest PC without it. :(
Might have to breakdown and upgrade to StarCraft2
@MajorStackings Starcraft 2 is really good, coming from a big fan of the original as well.
That storyline.... hnng
Black Sheep Wall
$15 for Starcraft + Broodwar, digital download
Or you could plunk down whatever they're charging for ST1 on Blizzard's site, and get the digital download.
@Xantec Great minds, sir
@GabeWillard Our minds are great.
8:02 PM
@MajorStackings poweroverwhelming
Q: What does Moya eat?

Goran JovicMoya, the living ship from Farscape, is described as a biomechanoid. I guess that should categorize her as a cyborg, since she is composed of both organic and robotic parts. Naturally, she would need some source of energy. Was it ever revealed if the energy source was technological, organic or p...

I'm gagging on Twilight questions... What the hey...
Losing my seat. BBL.
@GabeWillard A spoonful of sugar helps the Twilight go down.
@MajorStackings Or, if you have your CD keys I believe you can register them on Battle.net (account required) and download them that way, without re-buying them
9:12 PM
@Slytherincess - Just for you, if you haven't seen it:
Yep, seen it, love it, will always make me laugh :))
That came from a tweet that someone sent to Tom Felton (Draco), and he thought it was funny and retweeted it, etc.
10:00 PM
Q: What is the origin of the Heart-Artifact?

bitmaskIn Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil our (new) fearless protagonist finds a new artifact shaped like a human heart (it effectively replaces the Soul Cube in function). We know that the Soul Cube was manufactured by the ancient Mars civilization, but that the strange heart-shaped artifact must have ...

10:20 PM
@Keen It's like when I asked a Matrix question -- he's going to trigger an even bigger flood.
Do you people know Pumuckl? (without asking wikipedia et al.)
@TangoOversway You weren't the first (by far) to ask a question, but you were the only one for a time.
@bitmask Yes, nobody had asked in a while, then I asked several. In truth, I think when a few questions trigger a bunch more, it is often an indication of just how many plot holes or oversights there are in that work.
@TangoOversway The SE overlords do so love questions on popular properties, so Brett's probably off clapping his hands together and dancing that we've finally got some Twilight action. ;)
@TangoOversway Yes, I agree. Often you remember "hey, that didn't make sense" and continue the streak of questions.
@dlanod questionwise, yes. but they are sparsely up voted and mostly unanswered, yet
Q: How does the distaff, in Loom, create music?

VillageIn the game Loom, the main character carries a musical instrument, called a “distaff”. This looks like a walking stick, but is able to produce music. How does the main character play this instrument? Is it a percussion instrument, string instrument, or played like a flute? What are the origins ...

Q: When did the Strogg start assimilating prisoners?

bitmaskWe know that the Strogg in Quake IV recruit their solders by "stroggifying" (i.e. assimilating) their captured human enemies. However, I don't recall them doing so in Quake II. Was that plot element introduced in the sequel (Quake IV) or were they supposed to have been doing this already in Quak...

10:29 PM
@bitmask Yeah, I just went through and upvoted a bunch that I thought were valid questions. I think they're suffering for upvotes because of the property in question.
@dlanod To be frank, I always thought the fanbase was female without exception, so the author of these questions adds some nice irony to that :)
10:56 PM
Phew, closed questions can still be edited. The "vampires are shown/not shown with fags" question kept throwing me for a loop.
Q: Where did they go at the end of Repo Man?

Major StackingsWhere did Otto and Miller go in the Malibu at the end of 1984's Repo Man?

Q: What was the Kermling's business with bananas?

bitmaskThe Kremlings were cold-blooded reptiles, which are usually carnivores. Why would they go to the immense trouble of stealing the Kong banana hoard and defending it from our two favourite monkeys on cold turkey?

@dlanod I take it there was an "n" missing, right? :)
11:21 PM
@dlanod Hahaha, that's pretty funny :))
@bitmask That was the assumption I made when I was editing, yes.
(I have now exposed my juvenile sense of humor)
@Slytherincess Nothing wrong with that!
@dlanod Good, because for some reason that is totally making me laugh :))
The answers to the Twilight questions are interesting in comparison of "citing of authority" to others... HP and LotR answers get quotes, annotations and long answers. Comics get images of the comics acting as quotes. Twilight gets paragraph answers with no citations.
</superiority complex>
11:28 PM
Q: Did Frank Herbert ever record any Dune audio books himself?

Justin CThe question pretty much says it all. On Wikipedia it states In 1993, Recorded Books Inc. released a 20-disc audio book narrated by George Guidall. In 2007, Audio Renaissance released an audio book narrated by Simon Vance with some parts acted out by Scott Brick, Orlagh Cassidy, Euan Morton a...

11:42 PM
Wait a minute... Twilight has vegetarian vampires?
Vegetarian vampires seem roughly equal to the concept of were-poodles on the threat-o-meter.
@dlanod Technically Vampires are vegetarian, since they merely drink the blood but don't eat the flesh of their victims (unlike Zombies). The real question is whether there are vegan Vampires.
You mean some vegetarians are more crazy than previously assumed? They don't eat meat but they will eat slaughter-based by-products?
Wikipedia mentions "Abstention from by-products of animal slaughter, such as animal-derived rennet and gelatin, may also be practiced." I'd always assumed that would be standard unless vegetarian for medical/taste reasons.
@dlanod If the human survives, it's not a slaughter. Basically the same as milking a cow.
@bitmask I can't speak to Twilight, but vampires aren't generally known for their restraint.
OTOH the answer in question talks about vegetarian vampires and then says that they only drink animal blood, which still seems counter to the whole "vegetarian" bit.
But mainly I wanted to entertain the concept of were-poodles.
@dlanod Certainly, were-poodles, for the win!
11:55 PM
I was going to opt for were-cavoodles, but I know that breed name isn't as widely spread.
Q: Why was Kate Wilson so afraid of water?

bitmask"Hydrophobia" indicates that our protagonist was afraid of water. Throughout the development of the story, this is backed up by her reactions to the slowly sinking ship and the vast amounts of water that often hinder her path. There are some hints to her past, indicating some trauma somehow conne...

Basically a poodle with less uptightness and more fluff.
@dlanod were-guineapigs?
@bitmask Awww... I think you're on to a winner.
Heh just had to look up the Hydrophobia video game to make sure it was SFF because the description randomly reminded me of Pipe Dream (not so much SFF).

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