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I lost the last half hour of my work day to this xkcd.com/1110
Q: Why Constantine made deal with Nergal to stop Zed from becoming second Mary?

YasskierIn one of the Hellblazer's books, the main character discovers that demon Nergal is trying to kill Constantine's girlfriend Zed, When Constantine is wounded, Nergal visits him in the hospital and offers him a deal: Nergal will heal him but Constantine will stop the Crusade. What was his m...

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Q: Trying to find a short sci-fi/horror story featuring another dimension with a god that feeds on pain/fear

Harrythis is going to be a long example so bear with me. Years ago I read a story online where the army(along with our main guy) from our dimension are sent into another to help the natives who are humanoid-ish psychics that are physically weak by killing a being which has been attacking them. The be...

Q: First contact - Time Travel error?

Paul DoyleWhen the sphere left the cube and flew towards earth, why did the earth stay still. it was my understanding that the planet / solar system / galaxy rotate around the universe. I was watching "red dwarf" when they tried to time travel a similar problem was encountered. Time travel device is not th...

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@Richard - If you weren't dead to me, I would tell you that you can never go on holiday again. Mos Eisley becomes a ghost town when you're gone. Jerk.
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Furthermore, FOR SHAME!
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Just finished my answer to this; pretty pleased with it I've gotta say!
@JMFB congrats on nearly getting that badge! Trust me; it's much easier to keep that streak up; I'm 12 days shy of 100 days and it took a long time to get that going!
@N_Soong - G'day mate!
I just got the privilege to protect questions, and I'm itching to use it, but I can't find anything that needs to be protected.
That's probably @Richard's fault, but I'm not sure how.
Damn, you're closing in on 20k!
@WadCheber It's good to be able to do it; just finding a question is the hard bit indeed
@WadCheber By the end of today I should be on the front page under the 'users' section!
I've been slacking off here for a long time. I think it started when the unpleasantness happened.
Yay, spammish answer! I just protected my first question!
This definitely needs to be deleted:
A: What do wizard children do before attending Hogwarts?

user51526.............................................¯\_(ツ)_/¯ .........................................................

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@WadCheber I've already flagged it ;) I'm going for the silver flagging badge!
This room has been dead all week. I can't figure out if it is just a natural quiet period, or if @Richard being away has something to do with it.
@WadCheber I haven't been dropping in much; had a few assignments to work on
Ugh - starting the day with a downvote on an answer :(
@N_Soong That's definitely @Richard's fault.
@WadCheber lol
The downvote probably isn't his fault though.
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@WadCheber No; you can see it here
Q: Looking for a story about man who gets unremovable mask and fights giant serpent after mating with creature

ChevyI'm looking for a really weird book or story I read a while back. There were weird creatures disguised as humans. A man makes the mistake of having sex with one of the them and ends up having a mask put on his face that he can never take off, and he has to wander around naked for a while. The...

@ScienceFiction&Fantasy Sorry; it's not here ;P
@ScienceFiction&Fantasy Having sex is never a mistake.
Ah well, I guess the advantage of getting that downvote is now I'm back to a nicer number of 19,455 rather than 19,457
@JMFB you'd probably like this one - something I hadn't actually thought about before
@N_Soong Yep today is 30, thx. Idk if I'll make 100 though. Hopefully I'll get this real estate deal closed soon and be super busy making money.
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@JMFB Congrats on 30 then! 100 is tough, but it's worth if for the badge I reckon.
I'm at 123 days in a row. It sucks that there aren't any badges past 100 days.
@WadCheber It'd be nice if there were - really nice actually. Is it a gold or silver badge for 100 days?
I'm watching Unification Part 1 on BBC, it actually just ended. Is anything better then Picard saying I am looking for Ambassador spock, and spock rounding the corner and saying, "Indeed, you have found him Captain Picard." I remember hearing that when the episode happened and I jumped up so excited, just to hear Nimoy say Captain Picard, such a cool moment. The next best moment was when Data and Spock finally were alone and had a conversation about being more human vs. logical.
@Praxis @N_Soong @WadCheber @Richard @Ixrec
@N_Soong Gold
@N_Soong gold
2:05 AM
@WadCheber Oh goody!!
@JMFB Possibly 'I am Locutus of Borg'
Or my favourite quote from Dr Soong; hang on a minute, I'll get it...
Here it is: "Why does a painter paint? Hmm? Why does a boxer box? You know what Michelangelo used to say? That the sculptures he made were already there before he started, hidden in the marble. All he needed to do was remove the unneeded bits. Wasn't quite that easy with you, Data. But the need to do it, my need to do it, was no different than Michelangelo's need."
"Fanatic". Or as I like to call it, "At Least You Showed Up Part III"
@WadCheber That's a good name actually hehe
@JMFB I know nothing about Star Trek. It's never been my thing.
Except the whale movie.
Which I saw, but don't remember.
Oops. Fanatic is only part II. There is no part III.
@N_Soong Best of both worlds part 1 is probably the best Star Trek episode ever made. Locutus of Borg was definitely the best cliff hangar, and got me totally excited, but I didn't want to cry. When I saw spock for the first time in a long time and he was hanging with the TNG crew, it was pretty special. He had so many great lines although the episode could have been so much better. When he tells pircard "you remind me of another captain of the enterprise", that was a great line.
@JMFB Yeah, that is true. I always quite liked 'Birthright' when we see Soong as a young man
@WadCheber When Chekhov got caught in the Sub - gee that was funny. Then Bones calls the doctors barbarians! Classic
2:12 AM
Or when he says to data after data does the vulcan nerve pinch, "nice job." Or when he tells Tasha Yar "I'm not familiar with disruptor settings" etc. etc. Spock is by far my favorite character, Kirk and Data are right up there with him. Remember at the end of the spores episode when Spock says to Kirk, "I'm not sure, but for the first time in my life I was happy..." Man that hit me hard.
@N_Soong Yes I remember that episode well.
@N_Soong Literally the only actual event I remember from that movie is Spock doing the nerve pinch on a punk rocker on the bus. Nothing else, except a shot of some whales swimming on a spaceship.
@WadCheber Sorry I didn't realize. And I'm also sorry that your only exposure is the whale movie, albeit there were some funny scenes, it's not exactly star trek at its best.
@WadCheber Oh yeah I'd forgotten about that!
@N_Soong how's enterprise coming along?
@JMFB Gotta agree; Wrath of Khan all the way!
@JMFB Up to episode 7; just got introduced to the Andorians - love their little antennae lol
2:16 AM
@WadCheber The guy with the boombox, lmfao. Great scene.
@N_Soong As far as the movies go, "Wrath of Khan" was by far the best and in a league of it's own. You need a strong antagonist in Star Trek, and there was none stronger then Khannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!
@N_Soong How do you like it so far?
I've probably seen bits and pieces of a few episodes of the original series, but I've never actually watched an episode. My knowledge of Star Trek beyond the whale movie comes exclusively from what has been said about it elsewhere.
Phasers and teleporters and blue slutty women and tribbles. I used to have a toy tribble that purred and vibrated when you touched it, but I had no idea what the hell a tribble was.
@WadCheber I don't know what your interests are or how far they go in the Sci/Fi genre. But leaving out Star Trek is like leaving out Asimov for Sci/Fi books. It's really the foundation stone for Sci/Fi. Lucas even said without Star Trek there wouldn't have been Star Wars. Roddenberry pushed and pushed and without him the genre wouldn't be the same. With that being said, the writing and acting in TOS is truly amazing. TNG after the first season is great. Voy is great after Kes leaves and
7 of 9 comes along.
DS9 is great once the Dominion wars start.
And enterprise is great once the Xindi campaign starts.
The movies are hit and miss.
But I definitely recommend watching star trek. You have 700+ episodes plus the movies to entertain you.
@JMFB I was skeptical at first, especially with that opening credits, but now I'm hooked actually!
I'd recommend starting with TNG; you probably need to be dedicated to it before approaching TOS IMHO
@JMFB Meh. I'm not really into fiction, even science fiction. The original Star Wars trilogy, zombies, The Thing, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Alien, the books I Am Legend and The Road, Stephen King's Dark Tower saga, Rick and Morty... That's about it.
@N_Soong I know the song really sucks. Star Trek is really a classical/symphonic type of show. Also it should have the NX ship like the other series instead of all those photos in the opening credits. I got hooked as well and didn't think I would after that first episode.
2:24 AM
@JMFB Indeed - deceptive little show isn't it!
And as for fantasy, I am even less interested. Tolkien and Dark Tower.
@N_Soong Well...that's debatable. I could see why you would say that because TNG is more contemporary in terms of special effects, and culturally. But TOS was really groundbreaking. And the trio of Kirk/Spock/McCoy has never been duplicated. It was really special. The writing I think is also better in TOS.
Oh, and Terminator I and II.
@WadCheber So why do you come to a Sci/Fi board if you're not into Sci/Fi. Not that you're not welcome, just curious.
@JMFB I was thinking more in terms of special effects; I agree that TOS is better in some aspects (although my favourite is TNG because of Data naturally) but today's audience, unless you're pretty interested already, probably isn't going to accept the graphics
2:26 AM
Basically, if I didn't like it by the time I was out of high school, I will probably never like it.
@JMFB I binged on Star Wars over the course of three or four days, and had some questions about it. I found this site and joined. The LotR questions inspired me to finally read the books after putting it off for 24 years, and I had lots more questions, so I asked them here, then answered some other questions about LotR, and got a shit ton of rep in 4 months.
I think I've been here for 4 1/2 months or so, and I have 15k rep, so I stuck around.
@N_Soong There's a lot of humour in TOS. It's a bit cheesy in some ways by modern standards, but it's still great. I can't remember too many TOS episodes that I couldn't stand. I also can't think of any characters in TOS that I didn't love. Uhura, Chekhov, Sulu, Scotty, Kirk, Spock, and McCoy were all great. TNG had a lot of bad characters. I can't stand Troi, any episode centered around her or her mother are horrible.
Dr. Polaski ruined the second season. The first season was mostly bad. Riker was difficult to watch most of the time as well as the engineers besides Geordi.
But I've been slacking off pretty bad for a month or so, so my rep has been languishing.
@JMFB Riker became bearable once he got his beard
Data and Picard were the only consistently good characters on TNG. After that comes Geordi and Worf. Tasha Yar was horrible.
@N_Soong Agreed, after he saved the federation in Best of Both Worlds Part II. Beard was much better.
@WadCheber Wow you have 15K in four and a half months? That's unbelievable. I thought I was doing well with my 4k.
Wow. The sudden drop off is ridiculous. I don't know what happened on August 10, but that's the day I stopped maxing out every day and started getting no rep.
2:33 AM
@JMFB I took a year to earn 5k and was pretty pleased with that
My record for most rep per day blocked by the rep cap is something like 1,600
For the last few weeks, I've been getting 10-20 rep per day , and most of that comes from old answers and questions.
@WadCheber That's insane!
@N_Soong @WadCheber yeah I had the same thing. I was posting a bunch of answers and questions, rep maxed three times, and had big numbers. Then I stopped posting and it dropped. I've had no rep gains in two days. But I'm just too busy to post stuff right now, and I switched back over to cable from watching amazon prime so I'm watching more regular shows and movies now.
Hey @Mooz!
@N_Soong Hey MAte.
What's goin on?
I've been MIA for a while. Busy, AF.
2:36 AM
@Mooz Not a huge amount, just hanging around
@N_Soong Nice, how did your exams, etc, go last sem?
@Mooz Pretty well thanks; was happy with all my results so that's all good. Got a few assessments coming due before the semester break in a couple of weeks, but I'll be fine
I'm gonna watch some more Spock reunification and then may check in early. I've got to stop procrastinating and get the financials done for this project.
@JMFB @Richard did a data explorer search and found out that I would have over 30k rep now if not for the cap. I've lost more than half the rep I earned to the stupid cap.
@JMFB Okay then, enjoy watching Spock
@WadCheber That's really annoying. I'd do that for myself but I'd just get ticked off at how much I've lost from that stupid thing!
2:38 AM
HAHAHABABHAHAHAHA Picard tells Spock to stop his "Cowboy Diplomacy" HAHAHAHA the nerve of Picard! @N_Soong
@WadCheber crazy
@N_Soong Yeah, I think @Richard is #2 after me. I had no idea until he did some snooping around.
@N_Soong thx
And I think I've given 4,000 points in bounties.
There's something seriously weird going on with this question - I'm getting downvotes for it and, as far as I can see, mine is the only answer that actually addresses the question! Any thoughts as to why it's attracting downvotes?
@WadCheber You generous guy! I've got a few bounties to award, but I'm holding off till I reach 20k
@N_Soong I don't really care about rep. If I could buy stuff with it I would care, but it's useless, so why not give it away?
2:42 AM
@N_Soong I don't even really understand the question, so I can't really comment on your answer. It seems thorough though.
@WadCheber True!
@N_Soong Nice, that's all that counts really.
I didn't care about the cap until @Richard found out how much I've lost to it.
@N_Soong No idea.
@JMFB I'll try editing the question a bit, but my understanding is that they're asking why the Earth didn't move i.e. if they time-travelled and didn't move, because the solar system moves so much they would've come out at the same position, but the solar system and Earth would've moved on long ago
Diarrhea cha cha cha
2:45 AM
@N_Soong Why would he make that assumption? That's like saying when I jump up in the air I should fly around because the earth is rotating.
"In your own way you're as stubborn as another captain of the Enterprise I once knew"-spock what a great line.
@JMFB It does actually happen; the Earth rotates around the sun of course, but the solar system rotates around the galaxy, which rotates around the universe, so I see his/her point
@JMFB You're not jumping for years.
If you disappeared for a week and then reappeared where the earth was a week earlier, you'd be floating in the middle of nowhere.
Planes have to correct for the rotation of the earth on long flights.
I've just edited it does that make more sense now?
@N_Soong I think it's an inaccurate view of what space and time are and how they work. It's also not taking into consideration what gravity and motion actually are.
@WadCheber That would do wonders for my knees.
@JMFB Yeah I know, but it still kinda makes sense I guess - basically the Earth won't be in the same place relative to the universe 300 years later
2:49 AM
@JMFB Why would gravity and motion have any effect on something that is moving through time by violating the laws of space time (or at least bending them)?
Time to call in the big guns - calling @Praxis!
@WadCheber In physics, motion is a change in position of an object with respect to time. Motion is typically described in terms of displacement, distance (scalar), velocity, acceleration, time and speed.[1
It's everything in terms of the question.
Gravity is the force that causes the earth to revolve around the sun or how the universe spins.
@JMFB But we're not talking about moving from one place to another, we're talking about moving from one time to another.
@WadCheber Exactly so why would the place change? It's all relative to a point anyway, right?
If you're traveling through time, why would that inherently mean that you're also traveling through space?
2:53 AM
If I slingshot around the sun to go so fast that I travel back in time, wouldn't I stay in place in relation to the sun I just slingshoted around?
@JMFB No, because you're jumping instantaneously from one second to another second 200 years later. The place you started isn't going to change.
I don't know the movie, so I am assuming that time travel occurred by blinking out of one moment into another.
Since you didn't start on earth, your original position is not relative to the position of the earth, it is only relative to the actual point in space.
@WadCheber They went through a temporal vortex and that took a little bit of time; my argument is that in that time they accelerated dramatically to speeds in excess of the speed of light, so they traveled through space and time
@WadCheber I think the way you're viewing space is not correct. It's not like space is a plottable thing. We only view things in relation to other things, right?
The earth is no longer at that point in space, so you're nowhere near it.
@JMFB But why would the other things necessarily be "earth", as opposed to another galaxy or something?
Our position relative to the Andromeda Galaxy is constantly changing.
@WadCheber Exactly the point that the question raises - it then asks how did they get from the old position of Earth to the new one instantaneously
2:58 AM
@N_Soong That's what I'm saying.
The position of a spaceship relative to earth is not an objectively better metric than the position of the spaceship relative to other galaxies.
Unless you are trying to get to earth.
@WadCheber So then I argue that warp speeds allow one to traverse that distance in like 20 seconds; if we're traveling at speeds faster than that, it'll be even less time. It seems the most logical explanation to me
Which this spaceship probably was.
@WadCheber Because just like I jump and don't fly around the room, or I don't run faster in one direction vs another because of the rotation of the earth, it's negligible. The ship in space is rotating around the universe, and rotating around the sun, and affected by all the gravitational forces just like everything else is, why would that change because I travel in time. We aren't in a vacuum.
@N_Soong I think your argument makes sense. I upvoted the answer.
@WadCheber Thanks! I'm modifying it slightly in light of this conversation, as I probably could have argued a bit more clearly
3:01 AM
Spock and Data are hanging out.
@JMFB Because changing time isn't necessarily changing space. Why wouldn't you show up at the same spot where you began? Your position could be relative to itself.
@WadCheber Because that's where you are.
@JMFB but not where the earth is.
@WadCheber It's there too
@JMFB No, it left 200 years ago
3:02 AM
@WadCheber where did it go.
Data to Spock - "In fact you have abandoned what I have sought my whole life"
@JMFB It is revolving around the sun, which is also moving through the Milky Way, which is also moving through the universe
You simply disappeared from one time and showed up at another time in the same spot.
Data "Do you find that you have missed your humanity", Spock "I have no regrets", Data "Regrets? That's a human term", Spock "Yes Fascinating" AWESOME!!! @N_Soong
You ceased to exist from the perspective of everything else, so Gravity had no effect on you.
@JMFB Spock's just an old softy lol
You weren't there for Gravity to pull on.
3:05 AM
@WadCheber So why doesn't a ship sitting between earth and mars not drift off?
@JMFB Because gravity is still doing its thing. It only ceases to effect you if you are physically absent.
@N_Soong I know, right? The two most lovable characters in all of Star Trek are a Vulcan and an Android, lol. They really are.
Gravity can't do anything to a ship that isn't there.
@WadCheber Why wouldn't gravity to continue to act on me while I'm time traveling? It's funny that you started this with why motion and gravity would matter and now that's all your talking about.
@JMFB I didn't say that. You did.
3:08 AM
@JMFB If you instantaneously time traveled, then you disappear and then suddenly reappear sometime later or previously - you weren't there for anything to act upon you
@JMFB Gravity can't affect you when you aren't there.
@N_Soong Exactly.
@JMFB Why would gravity and motion have any effect on something that is moving through time by violating the laws of space time (or at least bending them)?
Riker was actually good in this episode. He attacked the Ferengi and taught the four armed pianist Jazz. @N_Soong
@Praxis just the person we need to settle this debate. It's about my answer to the FC question
@N_Soong Why do you assume time travel works that way.
@WadCheber Why am I not there?
@JMFB - Doc Brown's DeLorean leaves Hill Valley. It is dry when he leaves. A rainstorm happens. It ends, and Doc Brown reappears moments later. Do you expect the DeLorean to be wet from rain? No, because the rain happened while the DeLorean was gone.
3:10 AM
@JMFB I've only got one thing to say: what the hell were the creative staff thinking when they made that four armed pianist
@N_Soong : Hello! Sorry, been scoping out story ident questions for the last hour or so.
@Praxis No worries. Would you like me to link the question?
@N_Soong : Looking at it right now. :-)
(As you probably noticed.)
@JMFB Which is still my point.
@JMFB Because it's not as though you are actually there - wait a minute, maybe you are. It all rests on the assumption that you instantaneously travel - if you are travelling through time at an increased rate then - ah I see your point!
3:12 AM
@WadCheber That's pretty distorted. Your making a certain assumption about time travel. If your incorrect about time travel is correct. The second the car gets to the time that the car was built it would cease to exist and he'd drop out of time travel.
@N_Soong : Is there something about the question in particular you were wondering about when you pinged me, or is it about your time travel chat in general? :-)
@Praxis Hehe yeah! What do you think of the physics plausibility behind the argument?
@N_Soong I know, it should have been six arms.
@JMFB You have missed the point entirely.
@Praxis As you've probably seen it's getting downvotes and I'm just not sure whether I've missed the mark on some physics that I don't understand or something
@JMFB and CAT WHISKERS? I just shake my head
3:13 AM
@N_Soong : Yeah, it was at -1 when I saw it. 0 now. ;-)
@N_Soong Ah ha, we don't know how time travel works, because it probably doesn't at least how sci/fi explains it. So if we can travel a thousand times the speed of light, why would gravity and other forces cease to exist all of a sudden?
And as I said, I'm assuming that you aren't moving through time faster than normal, I'm assuming that you cease to exist at one time and instantaneously appear at another.
@N_Soong And she could use a little exercise as well, maybe they should have given her four legs as well.
@WadCheber Yes, based on that assumption gravity wouldn't work but, as @JMFB argues, if you were traveling through time at an increased rate then it would still impact you. Interesting; I might add that to my answer if you don't mind!
@Praxis IS that considered serial upvoting? lol
3:16 AM
@JMFB : lol one vote is not serial upvoting.
@WadCheber That only happens in Star Trek in the "Enterprise" series, and they never really explain how Daniels and the other Time Travelers time travel.
@N_Soong Just give me credit, lol. And an upvote here or there.
@Praxis I imagine that you have given @N_Soong more then one vote, lol.
@JMFB : Only one (or two) votes today...I think. I've given you more than one vote too. ;-)
@N_Soong @Praxis Tasha is so much better as the head of the tal shiar then she was on the Enterprise. This is a great scene. Data and Spock working in Tandem. They should have utilized Nimoy more in TNG. "Since it is logical to assume you will kill us in any event I refuse to cooperate." Tasha "I hate vulcans, I hate the logic..."
@Praxis Yes but I'm an exception to the rule, lol. Although I did lose a bunch of rep because some user got booted.
@JMFB : "Unification" Parts I and II were great TNG episodes.
@Praxis GREAT, I don't know if you read the thread up a couple pages but @N_Soong and I were talking about it.
3:21 AM
@N_Soong : So is the upshot of your argument that they sphere and the Enterprise-E are travelling in time only but not space?
@JMFB Like I said, I don't give a shit about Star Trek. I was talking about time travel itself.
@N_Soong Yes, that was the problem. We were talking past each other.
I was thinking of BttF style time travel, he was thinking of Star Trek style time travel.
@WadCheber Well since time travel doesn't work in the real world we need to make up some fictional way of how it works. Whatever that way is, which is different depending on what theories you use, why would motion and gravity not be in play.
Picard "Well done mr data though I don't think you got commander riker's hair quite right." Data "I will be more observant in the future sure" <with a puzzled look on his face> LMFAO @N_Soong @Praxis
@JMFB Yes, I meant the BttF idea - you don't experience any time passing, you are just driving in the mall parking lot in 1985 one nanosecond and crashing into a fence in 1955 the next nanosecond.
Since you ceased to exist for 30 years, gravity had nothing to act upon during that period.
@N_Soong : Still there?
@WadCheber But even with that example, you assumed the rain on the car would disappear once you traveled back to the time before the rain happened, which would mean the delorean would disappear once they reached the time the time machine was built, thereby making time travel impossible.
3:27 AM
@N_Soong @Praxis Data did the Vulcan nerve pinch, Spock says "not bad." lol
@JMFB I said that it didn't start raining until the DeLorean was already gone. It stopped raining before the DeLorean reappeared. Thus, it never rained on the DeLorean.
@WadCheber yes
@JMFB No. You need to read what I said again.
The car vanishes, then it rains, then the rain stops, then the car appears.
No rain fell on the car.
@WadCheber Oh you were saying the events it passed through wouldn't affect it. I guess it depends how quickly it passed through the event.
3:30 AM
@JMFB I was saying that gravity is like the rain. If the car has ceased to exist, there is no car to rain on.
Just like gravity can't affect something that isn't there.
@Praxis @N_Soong oh damnit BBC, now they put on Darmok?!? I can't miss this episode. It must be a marathon. I don't feel like crying tonight...Darmok and Gilad at Tanagra...
Also, I like tacos.
Darmok makes no sense. This whole episode is predicated on nonsense, but I love it anyway. It's impossible to create a language based on metaphors without an underlying language with syntax, grammar, etc.
@N_Soong : I have no qualms with your answer whatsoever. I do think, however, that there is a simpler solution, which I posted.
His sales unfurled. The river Tamok. Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra. @Praxis @N_Soong
3:35 AM
I think you were saying: I get into a time machine and start moving to a point 200 years in the future. You are outside the time machine watching. My seconds are your years. We both experience the time that is passing, but I experience it far more quickly than you.
I was saying: I get into a time machine and set the controls for 200 years in the future. From your perspective, I instantly disappear. The very same nanosecond that I disappear, I find myself 200 years in the future. From my perspective, no time has passed.
Picard of the Federation of the Starship Enterprise of the Planet earth, lmfao oh I love this episode.
I just popped from one moment into another moment with no time spent traveling.
@JMFB Have you ever read I Am Legend?
@WadCheber Why can't I spin around in a circle at one point on earth really fast? Why can't I travel around the earth in orbit super fast? etc. I don't know what the mechanism is for time travel, so theorizing about it and making the assumption that all of a sudden every other force in nature doesn't exist all of a sudden seems like a big leap to me.
@WadCheber No but I saw omega man.
Timba his arms wide.
I just remembered that there is a very rare funny moment in the book, involving a Jewish vampire. The narrator is an antihero scumbag, and he finds that the other vampires are scared of crosses, but the Jewish vampire just laughs when the narrator shoves a crucifix in his face.
@WadCheber IDK crosses kinda scare me...
3:42 AM
The narrator ponders what he could use against the Jewish vampire, and he decides a copy of the Torah would work, but he can't find one.
Then he thinks about atheist vampires and realizes that nothing would scare them.
@WadCheber Well since a small torah costs about $50,000 and takes a year to make..
@WadCheber Maybe an e=mc2 pendant?
@JMFB The world had already ended, so he could presumably steal one from a synagogue.
@Praxis Sorry was pulled away from my desk for a second there
@N_Soong you like darmok?
@JMFB I really enjoyed that one actually
3:44 AM
The idea is that the crucifixes themselves don't do anything, but they remind the vampires of the morals they held before becoming vampires.
So it's a psychological thing.
@N_Soong It's one of my favs. At the end I usually choke up when the other captain dies.
I think he also considers using a Star of David on the Jewish vampire.
@WadCheber Yep those historical morals are what scare me as well...
@Praxis I like your answer a lot; less farfetched than mine lol
@JMFB Haven't seen it for a while; probably should watch it sometime soon
None of the movie adaptations of I Am Legend do justice to the book.
3:46 AM
@JMFB : You can get that as a t-shirt! ^^
@N_Soong On BBC right now.
@WadCheber I liked omega man
@Praxis I want that so bad now!
@N_Soong : Thanks! Yours is good too obviously...between all of us answerers, we now understand everything about temporal vortices! :-)
@JMFB We don't get BBC here in Aus on the cable; only UKTV
@Praxis LMFAO! that's horrible. I'd never wear that! although I do wear a starfleet t-shirt sometimes, lol.
3:47 AM
@Praxis Hehe yeah; point of reference (pun intended) for JJ Abrams lol
@N_Soong No way. I still want a Quark mug.
@JMFB None of the movies have the balls to stick to the original story. The protagonist is a monster who has been murdering thousands of innocent sick people. He is eventually captured and executed.
@N_Soong Oh that sux. They play TNG every day. They're having a marathon tonight it seems like. Even though I have everything star trek on Amazon Prime and Netflix, it's still nice to see it on regular TV and just watch the episodes they show.
I don't know why, but it infuriates me when people VTC Story ID questions as dupes when there is no accepted answer.
@JMFB Yeah it is
3:52 AM
@N_Soong Is there anything Star Trek on any stations on your cable service?
My doggy isn't eating. I think she's just bummed out because we had fun at my parents' house yesterday, she played fetch for hours and swam in the kiddy pool, and today was really boring.
@JMFB They used to play it on SciFi, but they've stopped now for some weird reason. AFAIK they're not playing it at all
I can't wait for the weather to cool down so we can go back to the dog park every day.
I didn't realize that what's her name makes a cameo in this episode just for a second. The one who played in "Devils Advocate". @N_Soong @Praxis
@JMFB Charlize Theron, or the redhead chick?
3:55 AM
@JMFB Which episode is that?
@N_Soong They were talking about this year coming out with a new ST series with Worf as the captain. Michael Dorn is lobbying for it. @Praxis @N_Soong but don't know what ever came of it.
@JMFB : Captain Worf...Dorn did a Reddit AMA where he said he is pushing for it...dunno if it will happen though.
@N_Soong @Praxis @WadCheber sorry wrong actress, I meant Ashley Judd. Darmok episode. Just for about fifteen seconds.
@JMFB Yeah @Praxis told me about that. I'd be interested to see when it is set if it goes ahead
@Praxis What is it supposed to be called?
3:58 AM
@JMFB : Supposed to be called Captain Worf...really.
Q: All Halo Books List

trooper9898As a fan of the Halo games and its lore I was thinking about getting all the books/comics that are a part of the Halo lore to read. I was wondering if anyone had a full list of all the books related to Halo's lore. Also if the list can be put in chronological order that would be greatly appreciat...

Why did that question get closed again?
@JMFB : Ashley Judd plays Ensign Lefler...she also is in "The Game", the one with the psycho-addictive video game that attaches to your face.
@Praxis Yes I know but I thought that was the only episode she was in. The fall in love with Wesley episode.
She's in darmok as well.
just briefly
@Praxis I was just trying to find some updated info on it, but nothing significan't since june.
@Mooz Didn't know that! Hmm perhaps you might like to make a Meta about it?
@N_Soong Mayhaps I might. hmmm...
4:02 AM
I'm off for lunch now people; ttyl
Bye for now @N_Soong! :-)
I am extremely happy that the first season of Fear the Walking Dead ends the week before the next season of The Walking Dead begins.
@N_Soong @Praxis I'm gonna get a star trek credit card, talk about as anti roddenberry as you can get! treknews.net/2015/08/07/star-trek-credit-cards
@WadCheber : Sorry again about Labour Day, bro.
@Praxis It's okay. I finally caught up with the latest issues of the TWD comics, so I can hold out for another week.
4:08 AM
@WadCheber: :-)
@N_Soong I hope to be asleep when your lunch break is over. Gnite
@JMFB : I'm going to bed soon too. Gnite @JMFB, @WadCheber
@Praxis Gnite
@Praxis Later
@Praxis @N_Soong tearing up...datha is dead. Picard is soooo awesome in this episode. The way he walks onto the bridge at the end, tells Riker to hail the Tamarian vessel, and then speaks to the Tamarians in metaphors. Why did Datha have to die?
RIP DATHON <damn this episode always gets me, tearing up>
4:29 AM
Q: Why was the question about All Halo Books List (100702) closed again, after it was re-opened?

MoozOk, so the question, All Halo Books List, was closed and then re-opened, after a bit of discussions in the comments section. The question was then re-closed very soon after. See the revision history. And the Off-topic reason being: "Requests for lists of works or recommendations are off-top...


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