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Q: Is Gotham intended to be in the same universe as other DC/WB TV properties?

Michael EdenfieldWe know that the Marvel Cinematic Universe encompasses both movies and television series produces directly by Marvel Studios (including, e.g. Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter). We also know that DC/Warner Brothers TV series Arrow and The Flash will be set in a shared universe, but that WB has a...

12:27 AM
Q: Looking for a story published in Analog or Asimov's or Fantasy and Science Fiction

GlenI'm looking for a short story I read in either Analog, or Asimov's or Fantasy and Science Fiction within the past few years. In this story, a woman is awakened in the night by aliens communicating with her mentally, and told that the earth was about to be destroyed by a collision, and that she h...

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3:14 AM
Q: Why don't the spectres in HDM attack Mary Malone?

PaulIn Amber Spyglass it is mentioned that the spectres dont attack Mary. Do we ever learn why this is?

4:08 AM
Q: (Children's?) Movie where a man turns another man's heart into stone

William - remoteMy fiance watched a movie when she was a child that involved a man with a glove who turned another man's heart into stone. She's pretty sure that it was a movie from the 1980s. "Apparently, it was a fantasy-themed movie and the main character was a boy somewhere between 12 and 14 years old." "...

5:06 AM
Q: In X-Men Days Of Future Past, why would Mystique's DNA allow for Sentinels that can duplicate mutant powers?

PaulThe future Sentinels are clearly shown adapting to powers thrown at them by copying them. Isn't that what Rogue's DNA would allow for, not Mystique's? Mystique can just change appearance, not copy powers ... right? So why would study of her mutant genes allow for the abilities of the future Senti...

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8:03 AM
Trying the install Mint Linux on an old laptop, but it doesn't quite work.
Gonna try another iso.
This completely irrelevant piece of information was brought to you by: boredom.

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