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My girlfriend has never watched classic Doctor Who. We have decided that as a result, I am technically more British than her.
Q: Who finished C-3PO?

xecaps12Anakin left C-3PO without his outer coverings when they left Tatooine in Episode 1. Who finished him by the time they went back in Episode 2?

12:26 AM
Q: Looking for a book, wormhole, space ship Crash landing

KernowManFrom what I remember of the book A spaceship goes through a wormhole I think and crash lands on a planet They salvage what they can from the ship and builds a castle on a mountain, cutting the stone with the lasers from the crashed ship The crew develops some sort of powers, the captain (She) s...

1:17 AM
Q: What would happen if Wolverine stopped eating?

JaredCanon wise... if Wolverine stops breathing he doesn't die but rather goes into a coma like state (X-Men: Days of Future Past). However, what would happen if he were to stop eating? Life cannot exist without energy, and while Logan hasn't as far as I know to be shown eating he does drink (albeit ...

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Q: Who paid for the Clone army that Sifo Dyas ordered?

xecaps12Knowing governments and that everything needs to be paid for, who authorized and paid for the clone army 10 years before the start of the clone wars? How is it the Kaminoan's started work without having some sort of payment?

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Q: In Deep Breath, do you think that Moffat wanted The Doctor to reflect atheist beliefs? (religious arguments unwelcome)

BeatrixI noticed in the first episode of this season, the doctor is speaking to the Droid, it is obvious that the "promised land" represents heaven. The doctor continually says to the droid that it's not real and that "that's just all of the humanity stuffed into you". Do you think Moffat is saying a go...

Q: Looking for a short story about a society where when you are sentenced to life in prison, you are kept alive in prison forever

Glenn KurtzrockIt's told from the perspective of a prisoner who has served hundreds of years and they won't let him die. Any suggestions?

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Idly wondered if there was a cookie monster metal version of "Let It Go." And OF COURSE there was. http://youtu.be/HtkGluLhnGU
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Q: Are there stories featuring elevators through L1?

HopDavidLiftport has proposed a lunar elevator through EML1. I know of stories with elevators from a planet's stationery orbit. For example Clarke's Fountains of Paradise or Robinson's Mars trilogy. I also know of stories using the L4 and L5 regions. For example Gundam. But I don't know of any scienc...

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Q: why dont the doctors companians speak dinosaur?

tryingToGetProgrammingStraightseeing as clara has been in the tardis, which automatically gives people(/living organisms) the ability to understand all languages, why donest she understand dinosaur?

5:46 AM
@Richard Good luck! :)
6:15 AM
@Slytherincess Any particular examples?
6:46 AM
Q: How did Vastra and Jenny meet?

Memor-XBeing a huge fan of Shoujo Ai/Yuri, Vastra's and Jenny's relationship intrigues me greatly. the first time i remember seeing Vastra and Jenny was in the episode A Good Man Goes to War when The 11th Doctor (Matt Smith) gathers allies and storms Demon's Run to rescue Amy and her baby Melody. As t...

@BESW Incidentally, what are your feelings on Capaldi so far?
@lisardggY He's having so much fun, I am too.
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@BESW I feel he hasn't really found his voice yet.
Well, that's one of the practical reasons for regeneration confusion: to give the writers and the actor some time to mess about and figure out what the new Doctor is like.
And the episodes themselves were... well, I felt they both started very well, but descended into Moffat's signature overwrought melodrama.
7:00 AM
No surprise there.
Yeah, they really need to replace Moffat
I was happy not to have to endure his "tee-hee, they're in lesbians!" writing for Jenny and Vastra.
I really liked the overall premise of this week's episode, the Doctor's optimism at being able to actually solve the Dalek problem once and for all, only to be stymied by his own shortcomings.
As I've said before, he had decades as a fan to think of awesome Doctory plots and themes, and he used up the best ones long ago--and now he's digging out the questionable ideas and repeating his themes.
@lisardggY Except that we've seen "You're a good Dalek" before, so its teeth were pulled. A different wham was necessary.
Also, his obsession with quirky, mysterious women has long since outworn its welcome.
7:05 AM
If he could actually write women, maybe...
Though admittedly Clara's a bit better so far this season.
(Barring the slapping bit.)
And a 10-second wink-and-tease at the end of each episode does not a story arc make.
Yet again, Missy is a Weird Woman Who Wants The Doctor.
@BESW Well, she's better as a character, yes, but it's still a wonder and a mystery what she actually does with the Doctor. It's unclear if she travels with him or just occasionally visits.
I fully expect it to turn out that Coal Hill is in the Doctor's brain, and they're still not escaped from his timeline in "The Name of the Doctor," and the 50th anniversary is his own wish fulfilment.
Rose wanted to see the world(s). Martha was in love with the Doctor. Donna wanted escape from her dreary life. Amy wanted a thrill-ride. Rory came along with Amy. Clara? Dunno. Have no idea what she's about.
@BESW Yeah, I'd considered something similar as well, what with all the people dying and showing up in Missy's garden.
It'd be the stereotypical and clichéd "it was all a dream", but I wouldn't put it past Moffat.
7:15 AM
Clara's love-interest is apparently going to be the next companion. The teacher, ex-soldier guy.
@Adeptus Yeah, the whole "The Doctor needs to get over his soldier-trauma" has been telegraphed rather blatantly.
Bleck. Where did that come from?
Also, the Last Great Time War arc has pretty much played itself out.
What's the Brigadier, chopped liver?
The whole "I never use guns" thing is purely a Tenth Doctor conceit, so if that's where it's coming from... [smashes things].
@BESW Or, to keep things NewWhoish, what about Wilfred Mott, who still fondly wears his army hat?
7:20 AM
@lisardggY it is a dream, she plucks out their psychic energy moments before death. or on the process of death. now i wonder if there's a conceit somewhere that there is something that actually happens when people die, and Missy's hacked into that process.
(^ wild guess, but think back to River Song)
@doppelgreener OH SWEET SONTARANS ON A STICK. If this is a plot to bring River Song back, I will smash things.
@doppelgreener I've read some theories that this is the Library Mainframe thing. I really, really, really hope not.
More new! Less old! More new! Less old!
@BESW doubt it, I just mean they captured River Song's... soul/mind/whatever and stuck her in a simulation.
@BESW I quite like River Song. But if she reappears, it has to be in her past, pre-library. She said she needed a "spotter's guide" to recognise his face, so that implies she's met more than a couple of his regenerations.
So, let's suppose Missy also captures the soul/mind/whatever of people in the moments before their death, and does something with it.
7:25 AM
Dear Moffat: If you want to do a "bring back your dead" thing, there are other people you could do it for. Matthew Waterhouse is still around...
@lisardggY I expect it is not the Library Mainframe thing on account of they are not that unoriginal and they are too bursting with wanting to try all kinds of things. But I expect there is a similar kind of thing happening. It might be a simulation of some kind. It might be that their bodies are physically reconstructed, and their minds dumped back in them.
Oh, on an tangential note: how many times does "Into the Dalek" make it that the Doctor has used the TARDIS to pluck someone from their small spaceship just before it explodes?
@doppelgreener "They are not that unoriginal." You're adorable.
@BESW has that happened often? (I haven't been counting or noticing)
@doppelgreener Immediately off the top of my head: "Night of the Doctor," and "The Doctor Dances."
@BESW They get totally unoriginal. But they do want to keep using new ideas instead of recycling the exact precise device as in a previous plot. (They'll totally do something similar or cookie cutter, but I doubt it will be the library mainframe itself.)

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