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2:10 AM
Q: Why is Dr. Mahmoud nicknamed "Stinky?"

Misha RosnachIn Stranger in a Strange Land by Heinlein, why is Dr Mahmoud nicknamed "Stinky?" There aren't any mentions in there of his shower habit or lack thereof that I found; plus he seems like a rather high class individual, not of the type who would be particularly smelly. They just kind of keep calli...

Q: Book with 2 or three short stories

Karma SamburgI remember years ago when I was in the Army and deployed, I found a book with 2 or three short stories. One of them was about an Asian country shooting down an American Satellite and a mission to space that needed to be secret. A fighter jet then flies extremely low over the ground toward where...

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3:20 AM
Don't even ask how I ended up at Roger and Zapp from Fallout Boy (my son likes Fallout Boy). This song is absolutely ridiculous, but funky.
I think it's work safe ... It's "nine minutes of funk -- can you handle it?" and I decided that I could not handle it, so I didn't hear all the lyrics.
3:35 AM
@phantom42 -- Whoa, I hadn't heard that Skinny Puppy was being used at Gitmo to torture the prisoners (noise torture). Apparently the band was surprised to find this out as well. I decided to buy a ticket to this show, fwiw. Skinny Puppy, VNV Nation, and Haujobb are just too weird of a trio to pass up.
4:29 AM
Q: Story Identification Question Fantasy Dragon/Librarian

JohnI read a book over ten years ago now, and if I recall it seemed like it was maybe the second or third book in the series. It was about a man who had either been pulled into a book, or the past. (I'm not 100% sure as to which it was) and once there he was made lord of the Castle and could transfor...


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