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12:00 AM
Room rape.
Look at the room list.
He still has them open, or they stay there forever?
they'll age away after a period of inactivity
Some dude was here the other day. Had a room 1285 days old in their profile.
Jon Skeet's last message in chat was 1525 days ago.
Wouldn't it be awesome if a mod pinged him in here and we could watch him go head-to-head with @Richard?
New SE day. 395 rep lost to the cap yesterday. [shakes fist]
New Star Trek question. @Praxis @Richard @ThePopMachine go get it! :-)
@randal'thor careful now. its not like this is a competition
Q: Could a small group of the asgards still be alive

Corey KellyIn Stargate SG1 the asgard seem to have all died either through the war with the replicators or when they blew up there planet, but in Stargate Atlantis we see them again in there exo suits for one episode think but im pretty sure that they also died... But is there anyway that they could be ali...

Q: Short story about computer breaking on purpose just to feel technician's touch

YasskierIt was a short story I've read somewhere in late 80s/early 90s: a boss yells at one of his technician, complaining that he is doing a poor job at repairing some sort supercomputer/phone exchange machine, since all jobs that he is sent to are quickly followed by another hardware failure. The boss ...

Q: Identification of 404 picture from Stack Exchange Chat

rand al'thorThe following picture appears on the 404 error page on Stack Exchange Chat: My minimal knowledge of Star Trek tells me that these men are Captain Jean-Luc Picard (on the right), First Officer William Riker (on the left), and Lieutenant Worf (in the background), officers on the Enterprise durin...

12:12 AM
@MikeEdenfield I could never hope to compete with @Richard anyway.
Here is a brief article on some of the less savory things Mr. Columbus was reputed to have done while he was "discovering" America: usuncut.com/world/…
Just passing through.
all i know, is that if was going to conquor a country back the. i would have given them small pox blankets too
Just remember when ET comes to Earth, not to take any blankets from them...
@Thaddeus though number 1 is kinda pushing it, they say "A map of Columbus’ 4 voyages, shown below, reveals exactly how far Columbus actually was from the New World." but technicly the new world was ALL of the americas, not NA specificly
their word baiting me to hate
but i like it
it's true that he never landed in what would become the United States, so I have no idea why he has his own holiday.
12:23 AM
his voyages sparked spains greed for gold
that cortez would handle later
Just sharing the information. Make of it what you will.
Cortez certainly shouldn't get a day either...
cortez is a more, ... pronounced killer
ponce de leon day
its also because ponce de leon sounds dumb
Judging from the calm in the room, it must be safe to assume things don't require my attention.
12:25 AM
and no one remembered the vikings existed
no, we're good for now.
the rampant doctor who spoilers have ended and no one's trying to invite us all into private chat
Has this season of Doctor Who been underwhelming or is it just me....
Moffet has been phoning these episodes in...
It has been underwhelming
it seems like they shuffled his character around again
Also sonic sunglasses are really annoying me
@MikeEdenfield Ponce day leon. heh heh
@Himarm Everyone remembers the Vikings! They just reopened a temple for Norse Mythos in Iceland :)
1:21 AM
Q: Short story about human marooned on high gravity planet

Pratt KoonI'm trying to find a short story I read years ago. A group of humans were marooned on a high gravity planet, by another alien species. On the planet they encounter saber tooth cat type animals, they eventually make allies with. There also was a telepathic squirrel like creatures that allows them...

Q: What haven't the Kyrians and Vaskans had contact with the Federation?

BBlakeIn the Star Trek Voyager episode Living Witness (S4E23), a backup copy of the Doctor finds himself 700 years into the future. In that time, the Kyrians and Vaskans do not appear to have had any contact with the Federation in that time. Based on other episodes and expanded universe books involving...

Q: DeLorean has recycle fuel and it's flying at 1985 and Doc is went to 1885 but why DeLorean hasn't recycle fuel and didn't fly at 1885?

user54273 DeLorean has recycle fuel and it's flying at 1985 and Doc is went to 1885 but why DeLorean hasn't recycle fuel and didn't fly at 1885?

1:44 AM
Q: Why is River Song black?

AequitasWhy is River Song black? She has two white parents doesn't she? Is there an in-universe reason for this or is it just because the producers had to make do with these certain actors?

2:01 AM
Q: What were the thirty-one crash landings in Starship Troopers?

Kyle JonesIn Robert Heinlein's Starship Troopers reference was made a few times to "the thirty-one crash landings", the thirty-one offenses that warranted the death penalty for the soldier who committed them. One was "striking a superior officer." Another was "pusillanimous conduct in the face of the ene...

2:48 AM
Hello good people - how are we today?
Also good, how are you?
Very well thank you! Awfully quiet here!
3:19 AM
having an awful night on league
its counterpicks for days
@Praxis mechanics course for physics students or others?
3:36 AM
@Himarm Never played league, played dota and hots though
PFFT, I don't tend to stay enamored with moba games long term
league is the premier moba
It really isn't, but okay :)
i mean it has 66 million monthly players
to dota's 10
20-30 mil a night to dotas 2-3
3:43 AM
@randal'thor the 404 picture?
theres no doubting the top game in the world right now is league of legends, but 40+ million players
most popular != best
@ThePopMachine : Hey. Mechanics course for physics students.
@N_Soong : I'm well. Thanks for your contribution to the usernames database! :-)
@Praxis - I'm glad to add my little story!
Q: What was the first instance of a space walk in film or television?

N_SoongThis question made me realise that, really, we don't see many space walks in Star Trek. It got me to thinking about space walks generally in science-fiction and how they've been portrayed (like those in Lost in Space or Thunderbirds). My question is: what is the first instance in science fictio...

3:58 AM
@ScienceFiction&Fantasy The moon landing.
@Praxis, I had the choice of dynamics for engineers or dynamics for physicists.
@ThePopMachine Would the difference not be practical and theoretical?
@CandiedMango Lost in Space aired before the moon landing and featured a space walk lol
@ThePopMachine not dynamics for dummies? 😋
@N_Soong Would Astronauts on the moon count?
The first ever sci-fi film feature astronauts going to the moon
@Praxis, well, being that I took the physics one, I'm not sure I know. But seeing as we were electrical engineers, none of it was practical to us. I guess it was more motivated by setting how differential equations and solutions arise.
@Praxis, well, being that I took the physics one, I'm not sure I know. But seeing as we were electrical engineers, none of it was practical to us. I guess it was more motivated by seeing how differential equations and solutions arise.
4:17 AM
@ThePopMachine : I would assume that the mechanics course would have been much more useful to mechanical, civil, industrial engineering students.
@CandiedMango : Actually, it predates the moon landing by 19 years! (The film Destination Moon, 1950, has a space walk.) ;-)
@Praxis I'm talking about the 1902 film :P
@Praxis There's also a 1918 film about going to mars
@Praxis, well if they've got dynamics going on, they are a piss poor civil engineer
@CandiedMango only if they actually go into space - being on a planetary body like the moon I wouldn't accept
as a space walk that is
@CandiedMango : Ah.
@ThePopMachine : lol!
@ThePopMachine : "piss poor" is quite a British thing to say. I don't hear many Canadians saying that.
@Praxis So is "pissing it down" or "piss easy"
@N_Soong The problem with these old films, they are kinda vague.
4:31 AM
@Praxis, of course you don't expect it. We're just Americans to you.
Q: What is the future currency design in the "Minority Report" tv series?

JDÅ‚ugoszIn the first episode glimses of money did not look like our bills, and I wondered if it was Canadian, but the show is set in Washington DC. In episode 4 was a better view, and I could see that someone imagined a future evolved design for what bills (Treasury Notes) would look like. Does anyone ...

@N_Soong would you accept "Astronomer, capsule, and Selenite fall through space and land in an ocean on Earth"
Astronomer tumbling from the moon to earth
@ThePopMachine : You misread my Kyrians / Vaskans answer.
Q: Can't find a 3d animated film by description

WindowsXPI'm looking for the 3d animated film (probably unpopular and barely known), don't know the title and watched only a few minutes of it. What I do recall is the protagoist - future flying bike racer barely escaped a massive destruction along with his girlfriend (or -ish), sometime later - he surviv...

Q: Turin Turambar and Dagor Dagorath

Fingolfincouple things: How is Turin going to return to Middle Earth for the final day of doom? who choose him to give Morgoth the killing blow? Will Turin be Immortal after the Battle? if you cant answer its ok.

4:46 AM
@Praxis, oh?
@ThePopMachine : Yes. I responded to your comment.
@ThePopMachine : There's nothing wrong with being American. :-)
@Praxis, I suppose not. My wife and kids are American.
@ThePopMachine That's unfortunate.
5:05 AM
@CandiedMango : And the room goes silent. ;-)
@Praxis The room always goes silent for me. It's like my super power.
@ThePopMachine : I adjusted the wording of the answer to make it clearer.
@ThePopMachine Small world. My wife and kids are Americans as well.
@RedactedStack : So is my imaginary family.
@Praxis I've met your imaginary family. Dude. They have some issues.
5:18 AM
@RedactedStack : I know. We get what we're given in life.
@Praxis Somebody should give me some more Lego.
@RedactedStack : I'll trade you Lego for pancakes.
@Praxis Careful. If I knock on your door, I'll hold you to that.
Sounds like a reddit writing prompt
5:23 AM
"A man you previously promised your lego for pancakes has finally come to collect. You're all out of lego."
Black coffee with no sugar is not sweet.
@CandiedMango : I may have gotten myself into a real-life situation like this. @ThePopMachine might come to my door looking for Riker's combadge.
@CandiedMango What do you do? What do you do...
@RedactedStack I'm changing it to "A master <strike>builder</strike> stacker"
I'm off to bed to contemplate a life of sugarless black coffee and a dangerously low lego-to-pancake ratio...gnite @CandiedMango @RedactedStack @ThePopMachine @N_Soong ! :-)
thought you could do strikes in chat?
5:26 AM
@Praxis I'm here to collect Lego and chew bubblegum, and I'm all out of bubblegum.
@CandiedMango : @RedactedStack is like Cypher in The Matrix...he doesn't see the HTML anymore, just the lego.
I came here to drink milk and kick ass and I'm all outta milk.
- Mos
G'nite @Praxis
Night guys. :-)
@Praxis, hasta!
5:28 AM
I just watched the best Raquel Welch performance ever.
I do believe it's on-topic.
porno for pyros...
@CandiedMango They're right, you know.
Q: Was Batman going to shoot Joe Chill?

CeleritasIn Batman Year Two, Batman takes Joe Chill to the alley where he murdered his parents. He shows him his identity and points a gun at him and claims he will kill him. At that moment the reaper shoots and kills Chill. Was Batman actually going to kill Chill? Has Batman ever intentionally killed any...

@randal'thor - Competition is bad, m'kay?
@randal'thor - Cheers. I remain totally open to the idea of selling the damn things for rep.
5:43 AM
marvel comics... batman....
And wasn't there supposed to be a plan to display them in a less crappy format?
@Richard They should have a "display case" on your profile
@CandiedMango - They should have something. And the fact that they roll off the edge whenever you look at my profile (despite this having been raised as a bug nearly a year ago) is just embarassing.
@CandiedMango I'll let you fix that tag.
I really wanted to leave it there for fun
@Richard Yeah same.... just, so many, erm, badges right?
5:48 AM
@CandiedMango I was shocked to look up and see how many golds I had. Not bragging. Not complaining either.
@RedactedStack I don't have any :)
@CandiedMango That will change. I have no doubt.
@CandiedMango - Patience, young Padawan.
I'm not really bothered, I answer questions that interest me. Mostly not reppy ones
Today I answered a DB question. So far no votes on answer or question :)
@CandiedMango When it's all said and done, all my badges and $8 will buy me a cup of coffee.
Ugh. So old I remember when coffee cost 35 cents.
I did NOT build the following display called Thanks for the boob job. I'm merely the messenger.
5:58 AM
@Ixrec Still going through TOS episodes? lol Honest Abe kicks butt in that episode, but not for very long, lol. Speeches on soapboxes don't do very well against Klingons!
@Praxis @ThePopMachine "Piss poor" is clearly common slang in America. "Piss Off" however would be completely British.
@JMFB Piss water beer is an American thing as well.
Just popped in for a moment before bed, to see who was on. Gonna find a scifi flick to watch, pop a xanny, and call it a night.
@RedactedStack Coffee costs $8?!?
And FYI AI was an okay movie. People on here told me it was bad, but it was aight.
Ex Machina is better
6:01 AM
@CandiedMango Seattle is the home of Starbucks, the soul sucking overpriced coffee seller to the world.
And I saw "The Martian" it was great! Well worth seeing. The first half of the film is better than the second half.
@CandiedMango Haven't seen it yet, but it is definitely on the list to be watched soon.
The SciFy series "Defiance" is awesome. Dominion is really good as well. Don't see much discussion about either of them on here, but they are both well worth watching.
@JMFB I just watched Attack of the 3 headed shark today. It's something you just need to see yourself. Words can't describe it.
I was watching "Full Moon High" from the 80's with Ed McMahon. A lot of bad movies in the 80's, can't believe it got two stars...
@RedactedStack Sounds god awful
The song "Beauty School Dropout" from Grease keeps going through my head while watching this movie.About to axe it
@JMFB Well, I guess those words do describe it fairly well.
@JMFB Defiance is the one with a game linked to it right?
6:09 AM
The Maze Runner which I loved got two stars, and this piece of crap actually made it out of the diting booth? They both got two stars? How is that possible? Full Moon high..........
@JMFB Maze runner was good, I don't know if it was fantastic but it was good.
Funny the best movie i've seen all year was DBZ: Resurrection F
There is such a thing as really good terrible movies. Princess Bride and Army of Darkness come to mind.
@CandiedMango Yeah takes place in St. Louis but the only thing still showing is the top of the St Louis Arch. It's really complicated. After three seasons, I still don't understand all of the back story, but I love it anyway, totally hooked. Can't stand the main protagonists though...but some really strong character development with some of the other characters.
@CandiedMango I really enjoyed it. Can't wait to see the second one this week.
@CandiedMango Isn't that animated?
@RedactedStack Those are two awesome movies. Evil Dead 2 is even better. He's such a great actor. Now this movie has some girls in disco pants, that gets it a half star, lol
@JMFB Doesn't stop it being awesome! It was everything a good movie should be
And a gratuitous dude in a monkey suit, that's always a plus. I'm going to regret giving up this timeon my deathbed.
6:15 AM
@JMFB I was talking about the second one, I definitely enjoyed the first one more
@CandiedMango The only animated stuff
I watch these days is South Park, which I love
@CandiedMango Ah, I've heard the second wasn't as good. But I'm keeping an open mind.
@JMFB You youngsters... I remember when the Simpson's was the "in" thing.
@JMFB The last season was so incredible.
I am lorde ya ya ya
@RedactedStack Simpsons got old quickly for me. Only so many times I can hear Homer say "uhrph" or whatever. South Park is always fresh, totally genius.
@CandiedMango You mean the season currently running?
Or 2014
@JMFB My wife and I enjoy Burn Notice. Bruce Campbell always acts like he knows a secret. He's great.
6:19 AM
@JMFB 2014, this current one has been good :) but we were spoiled last time
@CandiedMango No. I'm not ignoring you.
Now everyone is in Chic and Jordache jeans. Movie is definitely getting better, lol
@RedactedStack Yes you are :'(
@JMFB 3 headed shark attack. No pants. Just sayin'.
@RedactedStack Bruce is da man
6:21 AM
You didn't even call me a youngster, fairly certain I'm one of the youngest
@CandiedMango I love every season, there's so many great episodes, it's always fresh for me.
@CandiedMango You must have an old soul.
@RedactedStack What is Burn Notice?
@JMFB Definitely, I do like how they have a continuity to the episodes now though
You guys heard Bruce Campbell is coming out with a new movie in the Evil Dead series, right? Can't wait for that either.
6:22 AM
@JMFB Syndicated TV show about a "Burned" spy and his buddies.
@RedactedStack I stole it from the father of my enemy
@RedactedStack 3 heads and no pants? sounds interesting, lol.
@CandiedMango Remember to learn from your elders. Watch them make mistakes, and avoid doing the same. Sage advice.
@RedactedStack Where's the fun in not making your own mistakes ;)
@CandiedMango Yes definitely a youngin, and not sure Majorstackings or whatever he's calling himself this week is older than me, ;)
6:24 AM
Stackings is older than you.
@JMFB I'm so old, I fart dust.
Although he could be haggard from years of building
IIRC You're around 27 right @JMFB
@CandiedMango They go from idea, to story board, to production, to final edit on every episode in five days. Simply genius. They can always stay current that way.
@JMFB I love seeing news and thinking oooo this south park episode will be good
@RedactedStack Disagree, those mistakes build character, teach lessons, and are a hell of a lot of fun! LMFAO! @CandiedMango
6:26 AM
See mistakes make bigger mistakes
@CandiedMango I remember the Alamo, lol. Now that's old.
@JMFB Not sure I agree. A couple of my older friends stopped getting older.
See you guys in a few hours anywho! Frisbee time
@RedactedStack Stinky dust
@CandiedMango Fling away. See ya.
6:27 AM
@CandiedMango Thanks for the compliment, ha ha, I look 27. <- that pic of me is two years old, used to model.
When I was 27 I modeled in fact, lol
I date girls younger than that, lol
Age is just a number anyway
@CandiedMango For sure
I'm heading to bed. Talk to you later...
@CandiedMango And more fun! And more problems... :(
Me too, gnite all, nice chatting.
@CandiedMango Yes
Disco pants, jordache jeans, and now mr miyagi? This movie keeps getting better!lol
Hey @JMFB! Been a while eh?
6:41 AM
@N_Soong I pop in once in awhile for a minute or two, I decided to spend time on other things. I got a little perturbed on here. Decided not to post answers anymore, and sporadically I'll throw a question up here if it's pressing, but I scaled back my activities on here.
@JMFB I'm sorry to hear that :(
Good to see you though
@N_Soong Yeah when I had mods, and high rep users directly copy my answers, and then go through and actually change their answers after the fact and copy what I had already posted to make their answer correct, I decided to be done. I also noticed high rep users and mods doing it to other people in other answers, and it's systemic and common place. Just left a bad taste in my mouth.
@N_Soong Good to see you too. Are you still watching Enterprise?
@JMFB Can't say I've had that experience, but sorry to hear that happened to you :(
@JMFB Yes, although I had a hiccup when I borrowed the wrong DVD from the library and started season 2 because I thought for some stupid reason that I'd finished watching season 1 (I was only halfway through lol) Anyway, I'm picking up where I left off in season 1
Gotta say I don't mind Enterprise now; in fact I'm enjoying it. I think you're right in that once you get past the dodgy beginnings it gets better, although I'm still a fair way off the Xindi campaign!
@N_Soong I'd rather not raise it and point to it, it's not worth it. I alluded to it here in chat one day and said I didn't want to give specific names or questions, and everyone started prying(human nature) so I just backed off. On the flip side I received some really nice msgs from a lot of people on here saying they were sorry to hear about it and hope I continue to participate, which made me feel good. It was sort of the straw that broke the camels back, it was a series of things.
@N_Soong Yes there's a lot of backstory, but there's some good episodes before the xindi pop in, then it's like..."turn down for what?!?" LOL
@JMFB I perfectly understand and respect that you wouldn't want to name any names or specific situations. Glad to hear though that I'm not the only one sad to see you winding down your activity here
Truth be told I've been winding down my activity here too, but that's more a combination of uni work and not seeing many questions to answer (there's been some interesting questions, my timezone just didn't give me any favours in presenting the opportunity to answer them lol)
@JMFB I have to say I'm enjoying the whole temporal cold war and suliban thing
6:49 AM
I don't remember any of the episodes before the Xindo so I could probably rewatch them all. My memory isn't what it once was. I looked in the fridge yesterday hungry, opened a drawer and shockingly found a bunch of fruit in there I forgot about that I purchased three days prior. I think I'm losing it, lol.
@JMFB one question which is kind of a spoiler but not really: do we see the Enterprise-J in relation to the temporal cold war, or is it something completely different?
@JMFB Nah - we all have our good days and our bad days! I forget things all the time - I think ;)
@N_Soong Yeah I was working really hard on this deal, but it fell through. So I've been sulking ever since and hanging out with this girl, which has also been a nightmare, lol. My life is definitely a rollercoaster.
@JMFB Yeah I heard about the deal. That just sucks.
@N_Soong I agree totally, Everybody always rips on Daniels and the temporal cold war angle, but I really enjoyed it. It allowed for some continuity and some interesting advances in technology that wouldn't work in prior to Kirks time without the time travel angle.
The upside is though if your life is a rollercoaster, then you should be due for a boost soon!
6:52 AM
@N_Soong Enterprise-J? Let me think, I don't remember it...
I don't want to read the page in case - well no, not in case, but because I'm sure there would be spoilers
@N_Soong Ok don't want to spoil it. But you do get to see the Enterprise J
@JMFB In relation to the temporal cold war?
Another spoiler...You get to see Brent Spiner!
@N_Soong Star for "I Think" LMFAO
@JMFB Ah yes I know about Arik Soong after doing research on that question for you
@JMFB Why thank you good sir!
6:55 AM
@N_Soong Yeah it was a lot of emotional highs and lows. In the end I got f'd in the a, but oh well, life goes on.
@N_Soong After the xanax wears off, LMFAO!
@JMFB Life does go on - that's one of the undeniable characteristics of life. I'm sure that keeping a positive outlook helps
@JMFB a tip from the psychology student in me - it's gonna sound weird but trust me. Look in the mirror three times a day and smile at yourself naturally. Like I said sounds weird, but you actually feel happier!
@N_Soong Yes you get to see bridge and all, and it's involved albeit only in one episode in season 3, be patient...it's worth the wait.
@N_Soong Yes but you haven't seen it yet. I believe it's a two parter and it's f'n awesome. It's a really really really good episode.
@JMFB I am very much looking forward to this!
@N_Soong I feel like Magneto after he got shot with those darts that took his powers away...
@N_Soong Hell no! I don't want to see those wrinkles! LMFAO. Actually I'm pretty vain, I look more then three times a day, lol.
@JMFB Just give it a go. It can't do any harm and it actually works, well in my experience. There's some psychological evidence behind it as well. Just give it a go for a week and tell me what you think of it!
7:01 AM
I can't believe I watched this whole movie, well sort of watched in my peripheral vision. Who the hell did the casting for it? And the screenwriting, storyline, plot, character development, etc. It's called "Full Moon High"
@N_Soong I'll add it to the list. Started working out again as well as physical therapy and cortisone shot helped my shoulder out.
@JMFB Sounds like a good plan!
@JMFB That name sounds suspiciously familiar...
Well, I'd better do my meditation before the day gets away from me - nice chatting @JMFB. See you around :D
@N_Soong It's not even a b movie, it's a d movie. Oh great it was done by "Larry Cohen"...another reason for people to blame Jews for something. Although Pat Morita(mr. miyagi) was in it, so that was a bonus.
@N_Soong kewl, gnite.
7:28 AM
Q: What Would Happen If Barty Crouch Junior Would Have Taught Non Verbal Spells In Harry Potter And Goblet Of Fire

Soham JoshiWell Acc To Me Harry Would have able to perform nonverbal spells decently if they were taught by barty crouch jr in hp 4 book .

@ScienceFiction&Fantasy Harry Potter would have been able to perform non-verbal spells in GoF? Is this a trick question? ;P
1 hour later…
8:35 AM
@N_Soong - You only see it very very briefly. And only from the inside. Basically it was a throwaway scene to show that they were in the future.
Q: Help me remember "memory recording" movie: not "memento", not "final cut"

matteoI need to remember the title of a old movie I've seen 15/20 years ago or something. I remember these main facts: 1) looks weird like a Cronenberg movie, but looking at his filmography the title doesn't pop out. 2) it is in a post-modern ambientation, the facts take place in the near future but ...

Q: Was the recurring theme of Stark creating his own villains intentional?

Rogue JediLooking across the Iron Man and Avengers films, the theme of Tony creating his own villains comes up quite often. He also arguably creates his own figurative villains in the form of hedonism and obsession. Has anyone with Marvel ever stated if this was intentional or not? Or at least noted ho...

This is such a good question
And I'm dying to answer it with an essay on the character development of Tony Stark and how him creating his own villains ties into his growing need for accountability that will kick off Captain America: Civil War, but the asker wants an answer based on directors/crew/producer statements.

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