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5:00 AM
Ahhh... sorry to hear it?
Heh, I joke I joke.
I just have nothing to spend money on.
I pay a pittance in rent and food in comparison to money earnt, I spend money on travel and tech.
It's so true. We are always happy.
I live in one of the US's most overpriced real estate markets whilst maintaining a second household elsewhere. I need to pick my indulgences.
5:05 AM
I'm 22, spend roughly $250-300 USD a week (On average), have good job.
I remember (my version of) that life.
Heh, It ends soon anyway. I only have the job until December (Visa restrictions), then traveling, then heading home, where at that point I'll neither be spending (constantly) nor making money.
At which point, you'll seek the next thing.
Aye, I just have no idea what that is yet.
Time will tell!
Best of luck. Ping me if you end up in Silicon Valley.
5:10 AM
"Dude I'm here, can I crash at your place?"
Yay, I posted my answer. I feel like I just finished an exam or something :))
A 4 day long exam...
Crashing may be a stretch :)
I'm celebrating with a slice of coconut creme pie!
Heh heh, fine, a hotel it is.
@Slytherincess You agreed with me! Although you seem to have done a better job, time to read.
5:14 AM
@CandiedMango Once I calm down for a minute, I'll read your answer. A bad habit of mine is that I often don't read the answers that are already submitted before posting my own, only to find that someone has posted the exact same thing that I just posted.
I just couldn't see how the answer could be yes.
@Slytherincess I felt the same way, but did not articulate it well enough.
Q: How many armies are there in Battle School?

ibidHow many armies were there in Battle School? Only nineteen armies are actually mentioned in Ender's Game (if you include Dragon). Two teams, Manticore and Asp, had no recent score-- that box was flashing. Ender tried to guess which ones went with which name. Scorpion and Spider we...

It takes me a long time to figure out how to articulate something like an answer to that question. I'm never the first to answer.
@Slytherincess Great answer :)
I fully believe it's yes, but much like your summary I can't find a solid "why" the enchant was broken.
It really seems obvious to me from the conversation Dumbledore and Harry have in Kings Cross, where Dumbledore is unsure if Harry can defeat Voldemort. If Voldemort was still unable to kill Harry I don't think Dumbledore would have been so cautious.
@Can what's wrong with cooking at 3PM?
5:24 AM
@N_Soong It's too late for lunch and too early for dinner!
@CandiedMango Neither; it's biscuits
Hey @Slytherincess - sorry to hear you lost your answer :( but happy to hear you found it again in Dobby's socks! ;)
@N_Soong Biscuits is not cooking!
Why would a user take a discussion to chat and never actually go to chat. sigh
@CandiedMango Because they don't wanna chat?
@CandiedMango You put biscuits in the over => cooking
Oh, you were baking!
Terminology man.
@N_Soong But they did it. >.>
@CandiedMango Baking is a form of cooking - close enough. Dammit @Jim! I'm a Cyberneticist, not a chef!
5:31 AM
%%define cooking
Definition from Merriam-Webster:
1. adjective
- suitable for or used in cooking
%%define cook
Definition from Merriam-Webster:
1. noun
- a person who prepares food for eating
- a technical or industrial process comparable to
- a substance so processed
2. verb
- to prepare food for eating especially by means of heat
- to undergo the action of being
- to perform, do, or proceed well
- to prepare for eating by a heating process
- to subject to the action of heat or fire
- to make one's failure or ruin certain
%%define baking
@N_Soong No entries found for that word.
5:31 AM
@Joshua you evidently have much to learn
to prepare food for eating especially by means of heat: sounds like that would include baking
%%define bake
Definition from Merriam-Webster:
1. verb
- to cook (as food) by dry heat especially in an oven
- to dry or harden by subjecting to heat
- to prepare food by baking it
- to become
- to be or become extremely hot
2. noun
- the act or process of baking
- a social gathering at which a
> to make one's failure or ruin certain
Yep, that's what I was doing!
%%define bake
Definition from Merriam-Webster:
1. verb
- to cook (as food) by dry heat especially in an oven
- to dry or harden by subjecting to heat
- to prepare food by baking it
- to become
- to be or become extremely hot
2. noun
- the act or process of baking
- a social gathering at which a
a social gathering at which a... I'm dying from the suspense!
5:34 AM
> to undergo the action of being
: a social gathering at which a baked food is served
e.g. Clam bake.
This one is philosophical
@CandiedMango if you want to summon @Praxis you need to use the @Praxis summoning dance:
@pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra
It's a bloody good job he loves me.
That's better!
5:48 AM
I'll do the elmo dance!
I will opt for kitty dance
Kitty dance?
@pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra @pra
@CandiedMango : Well, whadda you know. ALL of those pings are coming through. :-)
6:00 AM
They should highlight but only do one ping.
Imagine how OP that would be...
Yes, two pings, with a lot of pra's.
@pra @pra ooo la la @pra @pra ooo la la you're my bad romance
@AnkitSharma I prefer this one to @Can's
@CandiedMango : The ooo's made me think "CandiedMangoo" ... but that sounds very, very wrong in hindsight.
Hey @N_Soong! :-)
@Praxis well what'd'ya know? I got two downvotes, both 1 hour ago!
6:10 AM
@Praxis .... the second time today I need to tell someone to buy me dinner first!
@Praxis I think I'm gonna take this to meta
Of my last 10 questions I've posted that haven't been put on hold and have an overall positive score, 9 have received at least 1 downvote
that seems somewhat suspicious to me!
I asked a mod when @Praxis was here about it.
Because the votes are too wide spread i.e a tag the case is weak.
It's a clever way of targeting people whilst also affecting others
Actually that seems really stupid
@CandiedMango Nevertheless, I think I have reasonable evidence that something is awry; for 9/10 of my recent questions to have at least one downvote means that either I'm doing something wrong, or there is a downvoter out there. I want the community to decide - if I am doing something wrong with my questions then I'd love to know!
If this guy is an answerer in ST he could systematically DV all other answers to make his seem better AND get away with it.
@N_Soong @CandiedMango : Back!
Yeah, that sucks. I just got a new downvote today on my "Best of Both Worlds" question.
6:23 AM
Hannah Montana question?
@N_Soong : I just checked. 14 of my last 17 questions have at least one downvote.
@Praxis I'll include that in my post as well!
@N_Soong : But as @CandiedMango said, a moderator was already asked during chat, and the answer was that nothing can be done. If it's considered serial, it's caught by the system. If it's not enough to be serial (one or two a day), then there's nothing that can be done.
@Praxis I think posting on meta though allows people to be made aware of this, I think I'll proceed anyway
@N_Soong : Also, let's face it. I think this person gets a perverse pleasure from doing this to us. A meta post might galvanize the person's resolve.
6:27 AM
@Praxis Hmm I guess that is true - and I just went to all that effort writing the post! ;P
This is what I had written anyway:
I've noticed recently that quite a few of my posts have been downvoted. I've taken a look at my last 10 questions which have an overall positive score and have not been closed:

- [Has the phrase 'Beam me up Scotty' been used in TAS or any movies?][1]
- [Where is Hill Valley?][2]
- [What was the first instance of a space walk in film or television?][3]
- [Why were the makers of BTTF going to use a fridge as a time machine?][4]
- [Does Gray's Sports Almanac 1950-2000 actually exist?][5]
- [Do we ever see the hamster wheel that powers the Enterprise-D?][6]
@N_Soong : What you've written is reasonable, but I would leave it alone for now.
I can't see that it will do anything to benefit us. It will just show the person that he / she has gotten to us.
@Praxis True. It's not so much the downvotes that annoy me, more the lack of explanation. I want to produce high quality questions and answers; if there's something wrong with what I've posted I want to know it to improve it to improve the community
Q: The Martian-Watley's health

Jim RoseIn the film, The Martian, Watley develops sores all over his skin toward the end. What caused them and what kind of sores are they?

@N_Soong : What I do know is this: the person cares about rep. He or she rarely downvotes answers, only about once every few weeks. That says something.
@Praxis Very true - probably a person with less than 25k rep, and probably less than 1k rep because by the time they have more than 1k they know this site pretty well
either that or they are very annoyed
6:32 AM
@N_Soong : Yeah, it's hard to say. There are several people with a positive downvote to upvote ratio, but I'm not sure it is any of them.
@CandiedMango : Oh yeah, what's all this about you being proposed to?
@Praxis @steelerfan recognises me for the swell guy I am. Also she likes puns and spaceballs
@CandiedMango : Wow, only the second Mos Eisley proposal this year.
@N_Soong : I meant ratio greater than 1, of course. :-)
@Praxis Gotcha ;)
Q: Readers digest : I read a story about a girl who goes on to be skating star

Bhumi SinghalI read a story about a girl who is very diffident as a child and then falls for the boyfriend of her sister and then she grows to be a skating star. I read this as a story story from a book which said that it was printed in Reader's Digest but I have not been able to identify the story. When I ...

What's the deal on non-SF/F story-idents?
They're off topic in terms of subject matter, but do we still accept them because they're story-ident?
6:40 AM
Personally I think we should handle them as there isn't anywhere else
I don't think that's the policy though
@Cancan : But ones with no SFF whatsoever?
Where else on SE is there?
My opinion is they should be closed as 'off topic', but I understand if there isn't anywhere else for them to go and that until a dedicated story-ident SE is made (you listening to this @user14111?) is made we accept them temporarily
Do they accept story idents on Movies & TV, for instance?
They do but not for books
They are really picky as well apparently
6:43 AM
Shouldn't there be a story ident Stack?
@Praxis Yes, there definitely should be
It could be TTWBTPSTG:SE
@user14111 should set it up and be mod
Or even a books stack.
6:43 AM
@CandiedMango You mean a stack of books stack
TTWBTPSTG = That thing, written by that person, starring that guy
A stacked book shelf book stack
Really though, we need a story ident stack. user14111 could live there.
We also need a stack that allows massive comment threads, for hypnosifl. ;-)
6:45 AM
We'd lose a lot of traffic though
@CandiedMango : We can keep SFF story idents. Just like we are more specific than Movies & TV, our story ident questions are more specific.
Good point.
@CandiedMango 80.6% of our traffic currently comes from SO, no doubt the HNQ list; I'd say that's still gonna remain the same
I don't think that story-idents are often featured on the HNQ list
@Praxis Most definitely
Hmm if I wanted to ask a question about a thriller book where on stack would I go?
@CandiedMango Michael Jackson Stack
6:47 AM
You smooth criminal
@CandiedMango Leave me alone; you're too bad
It's not all black and white
@N_Soong : That deserved a star. :-)
Would star if I was on pc
@Praxis Thanks! I don't stop till I get enough
6:49 AM
@CandiedMango : You're not my lover...you're just a fruit who said that I am a moon.
@CandiedMango the way you make me feel, I just want to beat it
I @Can not remember the time I took chat seriously
@Praxis as long as you know you rock my world
Heeeeee heeeeee
Well, I think I've exhausted my Michael Jackson references now
Hehe...will be back.
Yeah I've given up, I'm just dangling out a window now.
6:51 AM
Possibly the most awesome Star Wars gif of all time
There are way too many Star Wars gifs on the internet
There's a universe full of them
I'm off to watch some Star Wars now - later @CandiedMango, @Pra and @AnyoneElse
7:09 AM
@N_Soong ciao
7:21 AM
Enjoy @N_Soong :-)
Hey @AncientSwordRage : Hope you're feeling better. (And thanks about the Praxis effect!)
7:32 AM
There are two less turkeys in the world. I'm willing to sacrifice two more next year.
@Obie Sometimes questions need to turned into song.
7:49 AM
Q: I would like to know the name of a book i read 15 years ago

Henrik BerendI am trying to figure out what the name of a book is, which i read 15 years ago as a kid. it is about a guy who traveled through some sort of portal ( i do not know because this happened in a earlier book from this series, i believe) In the Vietnam jungle and got stuck in a new world. On this wor...

@N_Soong Watch the vid I just posted.
@MikeEdenfield just putting theory into action
1 hour later…
9:32 AM
Q: What is the last Sci-Fi work to feature contemporary sentient martians?

hindmostScience fiction used to always try to meet contemporary science conceptions. Many past Sci-Fi works had speculated about martian civilizations until the Mariner 4 spaceflight dispelled these representations. I'm curious what was the last Sci-Fi work featuring sentient martians (extraterrestrial ...

10:07 AM
Q: Why did not Dumbledore destroy books on Horcruxes?

prakhar londheIf there was another Dark Lord in making, he would have found out the mentions of Horcruxes. Then he would have tried to find the books and of course may have tried the summoning charm Hermione used. Being that easy, Did Dumbledore apply any protective charms so that it can only be summoned by pe...

Q: When was Smeagol planning on telling Frodo about Shelob?

Mike.C.FordI may get some details wrong in this question, as my memory of the book and film versions of LOTR have muddled together, but I'll do the best that I can. When Smeagol tells Frodo and Sam that there is another way into Mordor other than the Black Gate, he describes to them the stairs and the tunn...

@Obie How can someone even ask this?
Destroy books? Now seriously.
I'll have to answer that one. There was a good reference I have to find.
long existential screaming
I'm so tired.
1 hour later…
11:42 AM
@DrRDizzle Sounds like a good yawn.
@CandiedMango If only you could have heard it. Turned people to stone.
When me and my friends stay go to Yorkshire, we stay in this small village in a friends holiday home, every morning I walk out onto the patio and yawn so loudly that I'm certain the village people believe a monster visits the village for a week or so each year around easter
@CandiedMango Sometimes I'll try to do more than one thing at once, like stretch and sneeze or cough and yawn, and horrible noises happen. It sounds like I'm dying.
argle argle argle
@CandiedMango There is nothing quite like the sound of a stretch yawn shiver.
11:48 AM
Oh god, the interrupting shiver is the worst shiver stretch yawn ahhhhh INTERRUPTING SHIVER nhanhanha
@BESW -- BESW! I've been thinking of you :)
And hello to everyone else as well :D
@Slytherincess [wave] I'm giving this place a new try.
@Slytherincess Long time no see.
@BESW I'm so pleased -- it can get a bit exciting, but it's mostly all good here.
@DrRDizzle It's been a busy week, what with the Thanksgiving holidau. I was doing a lot of food prep, and putting up the Christmas tree.
@Slytherincess I always forget that you guys have practice Christmas before real Christmas.
11:54 AM
@DrRDizzle Not only that, but we have post-Christmas practice, as we don't take our stuff down until the end of January :P
@Slytherincess where are these candles you promised to show me!
Around here we also have Outdoor Decoration Roulette, also known as typhoon season.
@Slytherincess Good lord. I get annoyed when I see Christmas decorations or adverts in any month that isn't December, and you guys celebrate for nearly 3 months!
"In modern times the President of the United States, in addition to issuing a proclamation, will "pardon" a turkey, which spares the bird's life and ensures that it will spend the duration of its life roaming freely on farmland." - Please tell me that this is something that actually happens.
@BESW Ha! That is an incentive to take down the giant santas and the lights :))
@DrRDizzle This year Obama pardoned two.
11:57 AM
@BESW I genuinely can't tell if you are being serious. I want to believe.
@DrRDizzle Oh yes, it's true. This year he pardoned two, as @BESW noted, and he told a bad turkey joke that embarrassed his daughters. I tought it was great!
I thought his daughters both laughed at it?
@BESW @Slytherincess I swear to God, I love Americans sometimes.
@Slytherincess my post-christmas practice is to mentally decide that it'll be fine leaving this stuff up all summer.
@Slytherincess It definitely adds a certain joie de vivre to competitive decorating.
(Although in practice it's more joie de petits enfants, as the man'amko get the younger generations to put the decorations up and take them down multiple times depending on the weather forecasts.)
Wine helps.
I usually make my kids put the decorations on the tree.
Why is Malia so out of focus in that clip?
it's distracting
12:05 PM
As far as my decorations will get
I'm trying to imagine Trump giving a turkey speech :)) (Not to start any political convos)
@Slytherincess He just gobble gobble gobbles like a turkey would, and then everyone applauds.
Tuba is, I think, generically called "palm wine" in English.
@Slytherincess "This turkey is the GREATEST TURKEY in the HISTORY or TURKEYS."
(Apprentice jokes are still ok, right?)
12:10 PM
"Syria gobble gobble refugees gobble Mexican wall gobble gobble Islam gobble gobble MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN gobble gobble gobble"
Audience goes wild
@DrRDizzle Yes, they would golf clap, I would imagine.
[changes the subject] I wrote a song parody inspired by a recent question.
flippity floppity hair
@BESW Brilliant.
Or, more Doctor Who appropriate - Fantastic!
[bow and a flourish]
That chat room spawned because the RPG chat had (has?) more Whovians than this one, but between spoilers and a tendency to go on for hours about esoterica, it wasn't always good to keep in the main chat or our RPG overflow room.
12:26 PM
The worst thing is when you get question upvotes but no answers :(
I know right.
Sometimes that's a sign of a really good question, but it can be frustrating anyway.
....I've had a few answers that took me days to compose before I posted them.
Tbf, it's on a beta SE anyway.
My question is the newest and it's a couple days old
Which beta?
12:40 PM
Jessica Jones is the newest character on Marvel's Avengers Alliance; all her moves involve picking up heavy nearby objects and beating you over the head with them.
fire hydrant, traffic light, SWAT van, etc.
@MikeEdenfield If one of the objects she hits people with isn't Luke Cage, I'll be disappointed.
it is not, sorry.
and i was wrote. technically, she throws the SWAT van at you
@DrRDizzle I shall join you in your disappointment.
1:01 PM
Q: Why didn't Dumbledore sent Fawkes feather as a message to the trio explaining the whole plot?

prakhar londheI believe Phoenix feather's can be used as a messaging medium (OOTP). Then why didn't Dumbledore sent Fawkes feather's as message for trios in Deathly Hallows explaining the whole plot?

@Obie Cause he was dead?
Q: a question about maisie williams character in series 9 put forward by a youtuber

danielim sorry i dont know how to do a spolier blocker could someone show me . in series 9 episode 6 when the doctor re visits ashilder and shes known across the land as the knightmare, now after watching a youtube video where he goes through easter eggs he is now saying that Ashilder is the Knightmar...

1:32 PM
@MikeEdenfield is that game any fun?
1 hour later…
2:35 PM
@phantom42 I've been playing it for years; it's above average for a FAcebook game.
the gameplay is a bit repetitive but they have original storylines using the marvel characters.
plus, you know, the collecting aspect is addicting.
I've even spent money on it at one point; I figure I've gotten more gameplay out of it than most console games I paid for
3:00 PM
@MikeEdenfield Does it have actual gameplay, or is it more like the Farmville/Mafia Wars type games where you can only play when you have enough "energy" and that recharges in real time and then the game only consists of choosing what to do, which uses up "energy"?
Oh great. First, people try to claim that some wizards aren't worthy for Gryffindor. Now they're trying to say that some force manipulation technique should count as being on the dark side: scifi.stackexchange.com/q/108757/4918 When Qui-Gon flipped the dice in his favor, didn't he follow the Dark Side? , scifi.stackexchange.com/q/68681/4918 How is the Jedi mind trick not a dark side technique?
@b_jonas To be fair, when Qui-Gon tries to use the Mind Trick on Watto, it IS for gain. As it is when he rolls the dice in his favour.
@DrRDizzle it's a fighting game, so the game is basically 3v3 turn-based combat.
but yes, you have limited energy to fight with, though it recharged fast and you get tons of free refills.
3:17 PM
@MikeEdenfield I might try it out, but my expectations are suitably low.
scifi.stackexchange.com/q/87988/4918 Did Bariss fall to the Dark Side? (when he force chokes)
i played the F2P mavel game on steam for a while. forget the name now. it was like a Freedom Force clone with marvel characters. pretty fun for a mindless game i could play while watching tv
3:35 PM
@phantom42 Marvel Heroes?
@DrRDizzle sounds right
you could pay to unlock new characters and upgrades, but i never did
Q: What was going on in starling city when the arrow helped the flash with the reverse flash?

SidneySo in the second half of arrow s3, the arrow is pretty busy with Ra's Al Ghul and spends a good portion of it in Nanda Parbat. While the out of universe reason for the arrow to be able to get out to central city to help in the climax episode of the flash is that everyone loves a good tie in, id...

@phantom42 There is only one free to play game that I have ever spent money on, and that's Smite.
4:00 PM
i've spent $1 on the pictionary-type mobile game that was big a few years ago. that's it. it was a pack of additional colors.
@phantom42 Money well spent.
@phantom42 MAA is very similar to that one, but not quite so 3-d
4:26 PM
there was no new heroes ep this week, right?
4:57 PM
got the original jurassic park and The Last Starfighter on blueray for 5 bucks each at wal-mart last night woo
5:07 PM
@Himarm Can you give it to me after watching?
@SS-3.1415926535897932384626433 ill email it, and a plate of pizza rolls
Q: How is Bucky so young?

SS-3.1415926535897932384626433Bucky was friend of Steve Rogers before Rogers became Captain America. Captain America: The Winter Soldier movie shows post-70+ years events. Captain America is so young because he was frozen for 70 years and his being super soldier helped (normal humans can't survive under frozen conditions). W...

5:20 PM
@SS-3.1415926535897932384626433 No matching comic found.
5:33 PM
Q: Why did Captain America believe what he saw?

SS-3.1415926535897932384626433When Captain America saw Bucky, he became emotional and weak to a point where anyone could knock him. But, why did he believe what he saw? It could have been a clone of Bucky. Is Captain America fit for any battle when all his enemies need is to wear that face-changer mask we saw in the end of th...

5:44 PM
@Obie I don't want to spend my time answering a question based on a fan theory that the querent is stuck on. IME, it's futile to offer an answer that doesn't include the fan's theory.
Q: Who are these alternate-dimension Batmen?

Rogue JediFrom Batman: The Brave and the Bold: These are various Batmen from different dimensions. Regular Batman is in the middle. I recognize Vampire Batman and Pirate Batman. I need help with the others.

@randal'thor you mentioned that you overtook me... Congratulations!
6:07 PM
@Slytherincess Happy belated Turkey Thing without Turkey!
Happy belated Turkey Thing to you too, Kevin!
6:39 PM
Q: How would the Ministry deal with expelled wandless casters

DogbertThere are various creatures in the HP universe capable of doing wandless (and non-verbal) spell casting. Dumbledore when he saves Harry from falling in The Prisoner of Azkaban. Dobby and Kreature in multiple books However, in the case of humans, it seems that one is only able to use a portion...

7:16 PM
Q: How can Anakin be father if Luke and Leia's birth happened after Anakin became Vader?

SS-3.1415926535897932384626433In the Star Wars, Palpatine emphasized on this fact that Anakin was Luke's father, not Vader. My question is: How can Anakin be father if he was no more when Luke and Leia's birth happened?

@Obie ...lol
oh no, somebody needs to re-watch Episode III and that video from health class... — Nathan K. Campbell 1 min ago
7:59 PM
Q: Does Darth Vader eat?

jpmc26As far as I know, Darth Vader is never shown eating after he receives his injuries and armor. The closest we get is the fact he shows up for what is, ostensibly, a dinner party on Cloud City: He obviously would not have partaken in this meal, though, as that would require him to remove his hel...

What goes in, must come out, so... "Does Darth Vader P**p?"
Q: Why does Pol Slattery switch Armies after becoming a commander?

ibidWhen Ender first encounters Pol Slattery, he is in command of Leopard Army. The enemy was Leopard Army. It would be easy. Leopard was new, and it was always in the bottom quarter in the standings. It had been organized only six months ago, with Pol Slattery as its commander. Ender put on his ...

8:25 PM
"Coca Cola Life" is disgustung.
you're welcome
Dr R Dizzle on November 27, 2015

If Daredevil managed to prove anything back when it was first released, it was that the ABC stylings of Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter were not going to define the TV side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Significantly darker than anything we’d seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far but still managing to avoid the joyless grit of films like Man of Steel, Daredevil used it’s tone to tell a fascinating long form story with one of, if not the, best antagonists in the Marvel Cinematic Universe at that time. Sure, Daredevil had issues (ones that are becoming increasingly appar …

8:48 PM
@SQB don't give users ideas. we have enough crap questions without them actually being about it.
9:13 PM
Black Friday came and went, our servers held.
Q: D.C. Madman with cat cannon?

user4624937I recently heard Trevor Noah of the Daily Show say: "NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH THE D.C. MADMAN, THE ECCENTRIC 19th CENTURY SCIENTIST KNOWN FOR ATTACKING THE WHITE HOUSE WITH A CAT CANNON." Who exactly is he referring to?

<~~~ utterly stunned that @DrRDizzle managed to insult Man of Steel in a Jessica Jones review. :P
@WadCheber [scribbles notes for RPG plots]
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@Obie This guy is now arguing with me.
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