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@JackBNimble or star-wars
@Adeptus - There's a pretty good chance it's this one you're thinking of;
12:16 AM
Q: Man "wakes up" most people sleepwalk through life

JohnLooking for the title to a story about a man who "wakes up" one day at work and realizes everyone around him still acts like he's where he would have normally be. They talk to the space he would usually be standing, etc. The world functions as normal with only a few people "awake" and aware that ...

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1:38 AM
Gah, why do I find Facebook so awful and depressing?!?! I know great people! Yet, FB ... blech.
@Slytherincess Maybe because of the types of posts Facebook is filtering
@Adeptus Yeah, I read about that when it first happened. Most people won't agree with me on this, but I really didn't care about the emotions thing, even though it was done without permission.
@Adeptus Believe me, I'm not saying I'm RIGHT. I dunno ... I just didn't feel affected and a lot of me doesn't care if FB knows I'm happy or crabby or whatever.
2:24 AM
@Slytherincess Regardless of their methods, they proved that reading certain kinds of posts can put you in a certain mood. Even if they're not purposely doing this anymore, their filters may accidentally skew your feed more positive or negative. Or that of your FB friends, which will affect what they post
2:37 AM
@Adeptus The part that interests me greatly is which FB friends' posts will affect my choice of what to post. I happen to have a policy that I do not and will not post negative/depressing/political/religious stuff to FB, but obviously not everyone follows this mantra (and that's just my personal mantra; YMMV, of course -- it doesn't mean you're bad if you do the opposite of what I prefer.)
2:49 AM
I try not to post negative/depressing stuff. I haven't posted much political stuff in the past, but the current government just seem to be doing everything wrong. I don't post anything religious, unless you count support for evolution as an attack on those who think their religion proves otherwise.
3:13 AM
Q: Boy and babysitter are terrorized by life sucking vacuum

Matt GreenI have been looking for this TV Show | Movie for the longest time. From what I can remember it was in black and white and it's style was very similar to that of The Twilight Zone and The Other Limits. I have looked through a ton of old TV series and nothing has been even close. NOTE It may have ...

Q: can someone help me identify the title of a book where the children get trapped in a painting

Jade RandallI've been trying unsuccessfully to find this book and I would be very thankful if someone is able to help. there are three children. they are in some sort of building where there is a painting. there is some sort of maze in the building and one of the children walk through the maze, chanting a p...

3:25 AM
Q: Nanotechnology breakdown

AlmareI am looking for a book that I read awhile ago but can't remember the name or author. The storyline is basically. Nanotechnology is taking over the world and the rich is basically immortals. The person who was the instigator of nanotechnology lives on his own nanotechnology-made island with hi...

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Q: Why did Ben send Ethan to the wreckage?

MaggickWhen Oceanic flight 815 crashes Ben sends Ethan to the front section and sends Goodwin to the tail section. Ben wanted Goodwin to die. Juliet makes it clear the Ben knew Goodwin would die. So did he plan for Ethan to die too? I just watched Season 4 Episode "The Other Woman" as reference. Ethan...

5:13 AM
@Adeptus I don't know what country you're in re: politics. And it's been my experience that rabidly religious people are not open to different ideas. You have the right to say whatever you want, obviously, but I guess when it comes to myself, I don't post what I consider to be futile remarks (and that's not a judgment on you ... I'm just saying.)
@Slytherincess I'm in Australia. Our government are a mob of idiots, and our Prime Minister is an international embarrassment. If they get re-elected, I'll be very surprised.
@Adeptus Admittedly, I know nothing about AU politics (I'm in the US). Do you have elections coming up soon?
@Slytherincess No, unfortunately. We're about a year into a 4-year term.
5:31 AM
Q: stargate Atlantis inferno why not just transfer the remaining people of Taranis to other side of the planet

tlsIn the Inferno episode Sheppard's team meets a civilization about to be destroyed by a super-volcano, and is trapped there when the Stargate is destroyed during the evacuation. from http://www.gateworld.net/atlantis/s2/transcripts/219.shtml McKAY: Look, you're still not getting it. Listen to...

6:00 AM
Q: Identify a novel about a viral epidemic

Bharat BI read this at least 10 years ago and I do not remember it being very new. so it is possibly older than that. The protagonist is a scientist working in a genetics related field. The book deals with an epidemic spreading across the world slowly pushing towards and end of the world / zombie apoca...

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Q: Need to find the last volume or learn the end of "Tenth Planet" series

Hurol AslanI read two volumes of a trilogy named "Tenth Planet" (whose on author was Dean Wesley Smith, if I recall) by borrowing them from a library but I have never found and had the chance to read the last one, after leaving the U.S. I would like to learn how it ends.

Q: Looing for old fable-type short story about clay people

user1294820This is a story I read maybe 20 years ago in a long-lost anthology. Roughly it was an allegorical fable about a race made of clay. I recall that some clay folk were of a higher caste than others, but my recollection is quite vague. New clay folks were fired in ovens, this being their means of ...

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Q: the Goa'uld exile you off on a planet with a stargate can you escape?

tlsthe Goa'uld exile you off on a planet with a stargate you don't know the point of origin but you know the first six glyphs for earth how many tries do you get in order to dial earth? dont you get 39 tries for the 39 glyphs on the stargate? you already know the first six you just dont know the ...

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Q: How did the Jedi find out Darth Maul's name?

user35971How did the Jedi Order find out Darth Maul's name?

1:49 PM
Q: Panem-HungerGames: There is no other countriess to stop this type of "games"

ShudyI'm reading the Hunger Games (know starting Mockingjay), and I have seen the movies (not the new one). Meanwhile i'm reading, I have a big doubt. There is no other countries to avoid this type of games? Because in the book says that Panem is EEUU in a future... Or that is what I understood.. So...

2:13 PM
Q: So i'm lookin for an old animated movie, around 80-90s i believe

JonasSo this movie is about 3 guys and 1 girl i believe it was, and they all got their own like "power" and they have different ways of aquiring them. One guy's Suit is Green and White, the other dude's is Red and white and the thrid i can't remember.. As for the girl, i think she is a princess or som...

2:38 PM
Q: you're on unknown planet with stargate and dhd and dont know point of origin and cant dial earth for unknown reasons

tlsfor reference from http://www.sg-operations.com/Dial-Home_Device.htm dhd - serves to allow for "quick dialing" which allows the gate to activate without waiting for the inner ring to spin. for reference the 33 combination technique discussed in If the Goa'uld exile you on an unknown planet with...

3:09 PM
@Richard I was thinking maybe you could talk about the most difficult story-ident questions to answer, or the ones which took the most research.
3:22 PM
@JackBNimble - I'm having a think. A lot of what I do is more instinctual than taught.
4:07 PM
Q: Were Jedi trained in using a blaster?

Ryan JWe know how Obi-Wan Kenobi feels about using a blaster, in episodes III and IV he hints at his distaste for them. After slaying General Grievous and tossing the blaster on the ground: So uncivilized. When talking to Luke about Anakin's lightsaber in Episode IV: Not as clumsy or random ...

Q: Can a Boggart Kiss someone as a Dementor?

ikeIf someone's boggart was a Dementor, could they get Kissed and lose their soul? Related: Would a boggart-basilisk kill someone?

Q: How come the frozen clouds on Dr. Manns planet stay afloat?

KhanWhen the crew is entering Mann's planet's atmosphere, their ship hits a frozen cloud. How can frozen cloud stay afloat even after the planet contains 80% of earth's gravity?

Q: If Goku and Vegeta fusioned and transformed into super saiyan god, would you need another saiyan to be able to get to super saiyan god?

Merewatching battle of gods got me thinking about a question on if Goku and Vegeta fusioned would you need another saiyan to become a saiyan god because you need 5 saiyans to become a saiyan god but was wondering if you didn't because Goku and Vegeta are already fusioned and who would they use for th...

Are there any other wizard jails mentioned aside from Azkaban?
Q: What happened to Darth Maul?

numarothIn the Clone Wars TV show it is revealed that: What happens next? Is there any non-Legends canon that indicates what happens to Darth Maul after the Clone Wars?

4:37 PM
@phantom42 Yes, the place where Grindelwald is held, Nurmengard.
@JackBNimble Do they use Dementors there too?
@phantom42 Other than high walls and anti-apparation, there isn't a lot known about the defences of the place.
Q: Fantasy book with a girl with an arrow tattoo on her wrist

mariaI read this book in the early 2000s but the book could be from the late 90s. It takes place in a fictional place. A girl goes out on an adventure to find herself and learns she has powers. What I remember the most is her having an arrow tattoo and her love interest having a bow. It could be part...

@phantom42 Dementors are specific to Azkaban, I believe.
5:02 PM
Q: Why is all current science fiction focused upon Dystopia, or has some kind of dystopian future outlined for mankind?

Tu PlanetI have noticed that a bulk of the scifi that is on the market is based upon dreary, dystopian future where mankind is scavenging from The Rubble to survive. Does it have to be that way?

5:28 PM
@Slytherincess No, have an idea rattling in my head for a question.
5:41 PM
Q: Do the borg ever focus on assimilating Data in particular?

user2813274Do the borg believe that Data is inferior to them somehow? his technology is demonstrated to be somewhat compatible (and perhaps superior) with the borg in the Locutus episode, and in Descent Part 1, Data shows that he is physically stronger than a borg drone. Certainly the borg want to assim...

5:54 PM
@Slytherincess - Oh dear. Voldemort has just arisen and immediately starts to monologue. He then gives his mortal enemy his wand back so that they can have a duel? * sigh *
@phantom42 I'll look forward to reading it if you post it.
@Richard He is very confident.
@Richard Tell me this isn't a real HP question :))
@Slytherincess - "Has Voldemort ever seen an Austin Powers movie?"
@Richard "Yeah, baby, yeeeeeeeeeeeeah!"
6:00 PM
As of this morning, we were supposed to get 5-8 inches of snow tomorrow. Now the forecast says 1-3.
@phantom42 Pretty much the same here (New England). I'm not complaining.
"www.shhh!.com ... dot org ..." "Would you like a suckle on my zipple?" "When a problem comes along, you must ZIP IT!"
Dr. Evil rules :))
@Richard - Have you seen All Things Scottish?
@Null We were hoping to escape any snow at all before we move next month. Thankfully, we're not going anywhere for Thanksgiving, but we have guests driving a few hours.
@Slytherincess - The SNL thing? Yes, a while back.
6:13 PM
We're having Mexican food for Thanksgiving.
No one wanted the usual fare.
@Slytherincess Ham for the meatavores, tofurkey for Mrs.42 (she gets sick from ham).
I don't like turkey, and she doesn't eat birds.
Everyone else can eat whatever we give them because I'm cooking.
@Richard It deserves to be seen again!
@Slytherincess - Yours can't be viewed outside the US
@Richard Figures >.< I have a rotten cold .. I'm feeling too shitty to look for a better version, bleh.
@JackBNimble - Oh look, Harry's escaped. Who could have predicted that?
Malfoy Facepalm.
6:28 PM
Q: Why do the borg not focus on assimilating the doctors mobile emitter?

user2813274During the "Drone" episode, the mobile emitter's technology is used to create a much more advanced drone than what the borg are currently capable of producing, and they detect this drone and focus extra attention towards obtaining it - Why don't they focus the same amount of attention towards the...

@Richard The next 3 books were probably a tip off that Harry would be getting away, somehow.
@JackBNimble Well, there are ghosts in the books.
@JackBNimble - They could all be prequels...
Does Judy Greer just have the best agent in Hollywood? I feel like I can't turn on the TV without seeing her.
6:44 PM
@phantom42 I know she was on an episode of The Big Bang Theory, and now she is in an Verizon (or something) commercial.
@JackBNimble She was on Modern Family not too long ago, and I just spotted her in the Jurassic World trailer.
@phantom42 Apparently she is in Ant-Man
Marvel likes hyphens, DC, not so much.
All y'all need to watch Married. She's the female lead, and the show is amazing.
@Keen Was wondering about that. I'd seen some ads, and it looked fairly funny.
Was looking up the name of it.
@phantom42 It was paired with You're the Worst, another great show.
6:47 PM
Calling Harry Potter gold badges
Q: What's the "official" explanation for Harry's (and everyone else's) absence from muggle school?

LetharionSo a bunch of kids all of a sudden "go missing" from school. Harry Potter having attended school for a couple of years before starting at Hogwarts, one semester just doesn't show up. How is this solved? What do parents say when a school teacher calls and wonders where their pupil is? I assume ...

is a dupe of
Q: Muggle Borns and Social Workers

Steven WoodGiven the scrutiny that parents find themselves under from social workers, teachers, councils and any other busybody who stick their noses in, How is it possible that Muggle Borns such as Hermione can just "Disapear" from the system? Given that it is a legal requirement to stay at school till 16 ...

Oh, nvrmnd, they were closed they other way around.
@SQB Is there no such thing as home school in England?
@JackBNimble I feel like there was actually a question about this at one point.
Or at least, it came up in comments.
Why was it duped in that direction? I think the closed one has the better answers.
Q: Why are "Batman" and "Superman" both one word but "Spider-Man" is hyphenated?

PriestVallonBatman and Superman are always spelt as all one word but Spider-Man is separated into two words. Is there any reason behind or is it just the way it is?

@phantom42 It's like the man says, it's just the way it is.
6:54 PM
No new Agents of SHIELD tonight, right?
A: Where do students who don't get into Hogwarts go?

iliveunderawesomerockThey either get in on some sort of charity or scholarship, I mean that is how Voldemort got in. Or they obviously go to another school, like Durmstrang or Beauxbaton. People like Hermione probably got in partly on scholarship or charity, as well as Ron. Can you imagine her parents Dentist or not,...

Talks about home schooling
@phantom42 New Flash, no SHIELD.
@Keen Thanks.
@SQB Duplicate.
I'm trying to decide if I want to order Pho for lunch. Soup sounds good.
7:12 PM
@SQB They die as they lived, as traitors.
> I'm from Denver. They don't have a lot of "pho".
I pity the pho.
Local food truck:
and local restaurant:
I don't think I've actually had a meal from What The Pho (I think I opted for Pho Junkies), but Pho Nom Nom is excellent.
7:27 PM
@JackBNimble - Yes, we have home-schooling but the local council still do occasional visits to make sure that the children in question are actually receiving an education and aren't simply being put to work.
@phantom42 I love Pho! We went ahead and ordered it. The hubby doesn't like for us to order out often, but perhaps he'll take pity on me b/c of my cold :))
I ordered the rare beef kind with extra fish sauce.
@Slytherincess Hopefully they deliver it with the meat on the side so it doesn't overcook in the broth.
This chap seems to be posting a series of moderately low-quality answers; scifi.stackexchange.com/users/36516/allenric. Is it worth giving him a prod to see if we can get him a bit more on-topic?
@phantom42 Yes, they do. In a little baggie. It's fantastic.
@Slytherincess - HP4 finished. I was enjoying it right up until the end when it all got a bit "plot exposition-y"
7:36 PM
@Richard I've reviewed a few of his posts and added some comments with no response from him. He's just steamrolling on.
His answers are a bit rambly, but not terrible.
At least, as of when I last looked - maybe 20 minutes ago.
Can you fly a remote control airplane? Then get ready to make $100K. money.cnn.com/2014/11/25/news/drone-pilot-degree/…
@phantom42 - They're not bad but I worry that he's basically opening himself up for criticism as people get hacked off and downvote all of his answers, even those that aren't dreadful. I've offered some advice. Hopefully he'll take it.
Why didn't I spend any time playing Microsoft Flight Simulator? Opportunities lost.
7:55 PM
Mmm, Pho ... <eats and eats>
OMFG accidental raw jalepeno ingestion <dies>
@Richard What did you not like about the plot exposition?
8:29 PM
Q: What's the nature of Eternity?

zipquincyIn the first part of "End of Eternity" it seems like Eternity is off in a separate plane of reality, disconnected from time. But then later it explains how each section was duplicated for each section and implies that each section is actually in it's century. This is reinforced by the narrative...

@Slytherincess - The two penultimate chapters were basically a great big lump of plot exposition - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/…
I love that the only one spoilered is Anakin.
A: Did many of the Jedi fall to the dark side during the Clone Wars

jliv902I realized that my comment included Jedi that fell to the Dark Side possibly before the Clone Wars. Here are a few that fell to the Dark Side during the Clone Wars: Depa Bilaba Billaba's final mission took her to the war ravaged world of Haruun Kal where she was to aid in an uprising a...

@Richard I know what exposition is -.- Why should it not be there is what I'm asking, I guess?
@Slytherincess - There's a difference between tying up loose ends in a natural way and forcing an info-dump down your reader's throats.
Which book is Harry Potter and the Neverending Camping Trip Of Doom? Is that 7?
8:37 PM
@phantom42 - Based on the films, yes. Accio salmon and all that.
@phantom42 7 part 1.
Just rewatching "Star Trek TOS : The Changeling". Just got to the bit at the very end where the senior crew all sit around having a good laugh. Oh yeah, and four people just died but that doesn't matter because they were only redshirts (+ 4 billion people dead on the planet below).
9:06 PM
@Richard Red shirts aren't people.
Red shirts are soylent green?
Try Soylent Green, you'll say it tastes like people.
Excre-mints, they're poolishous! Excre-mints, they taste like crap.
There is/was a club in Atlanta called "Drunken Unicorn".
That would also make a great band name.
9:30 PM
@J-ackBNimble - That's very true. In fairness, two of them died because they disobeyed orders.
@Richard Oh, that makes it okay.
Stupid fuckers red shirts.
@SQB - They've only got themselves to blame.

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