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12:00 AM
We have orange foxes here in Colorado.
@Slytherincess - I get most of my news from the BBC (pretty left-wing) and via whatever pops up on google news.
@Kevin - I've eaten squirrel but not fox.
@Slytherincess John Oliver is like my hero!
@Richard What does "left-wing" mean in the UK? Here, it means politically liberal. Oh, I do listen to NPR in the mornings, so I guess that counts.
@Mooz He is just so funny, IMO. It's always a treat when he puts out a new bit.
@Slytherincess - What you need to understand about UK politics is that all of the mainstream parties are broadly socialist.
Left-wing in the UK = basically communist in the US
On the other hand, in the UK all of the US mainstream parties would be considered unelectable right-wing lunatics.
As an American now living in the UK I'm just going to star that
12:13 AM
@Ixrec - On the plus side, if you feel poorly you can just nip into a doctor's surgery without wondering how you'll afford it.
politics-wise I just keep track of which party is nuttiest and leave it at that; learning too much else gets depressing fast
though I do appreciate that UK politics is far more sane and chilled out than anything in the US
@Ixrec - All of the main uk parties; Con, Lab, Lib, UKIP are fairly non-weird.
12:37 AM
you don't count the BNP?
some of them would fit right in over here :\
1:19 AM
Q: Movie about programers that make a game with a robot and it kills them

Rombus10 years ago I saw a movie about a group of programmer college kids that made a game that somehow involved a real life robot. That robot then gets control over itself and start killing everybody. I can't remember anything else, maybe a circular saw, or ninja stars. I only saw a fraction of that ...

1:42 AM
@Mooz All my old images are from when I was younger.
2:00 AM
@phantom42 I stack, therefore I am.
1 hour later…
3:12 AM
Hmm, I have a suspicion that I have an avid serial down-voter... Always happens on my questions, and always when there's at least two plusses on it...
Q: Do you know when the license of the Lord of the Rings will be made public?

B413I don't know what are the correct vocabulary in English to talk about royalties, copyright, license of a book, right to exploit, ... I would like to know what is the legal status around the books in UK. When can we exploit Tolkien's writings for free? When can we download for free the books. Is...

Anyone know why @DarthMelkor (Jimmy) is quitting?
3:57 AM
Q: MCU: Agents of SHIELD/Age of Ultron viewing order?

user24601So, as has been known for a while (and which should surprise absolutely no one), Agents of SHIELD and Age of Ultron will impact each other's stories. Can someone please name, without any spoilers, where Age of Ultron should fall for the best cross-MCU story? (Clarification – Here's what I mean b...

Q: Was Thanos involved in the events of Age of Ultron?

SS-3.1415926535897932384626433In the mid-credit scene of Avengers: Age of Ultron movie, we saw that Now, the question is: Why would he say that such way?

4:24 AM
Q: Why didn't Ultron hack Ironman's armor?

SS-3.1415926535897932384626433In Avengers: Age of Ultron movie, Just after its birth, We also saw that Then,

@SS-3.1415926535897932384626433 don't be sorry for your titles, but I do appreciate the edit.
@SS-3.1415926535897932384626433 It's that awkward time where you're clearly way ahead of many people who haven't seen the movie yet, but are also very excited and are asking lots of questions.
Q: Why didn't Falcon join the fight?

SS-3.1415926535897932384626433In Avengers: Age of Ultron, we saw that Meaning, he was part of crew. Then, why didn't he join any of the fight? I asked this from out-of-universe perspective.

Q: Why did Hulk do this in the end?

SS-3.1415926535897932384626433In the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron movie, And, So far,

5:02 AM
Q: Are the Sindar Gray-elves immortal?

Ellie KesselmanIn Lord of the Rings, there are High Elves and Sindar, or Gray-elves. It is my understanding that the High Elves can go to the Undying Lands and are immortal. In the Letters of J.R. Tolkien, it says in Letter 325: But the legends are mainly of ‘Mannish’ origin blended with those of the Sinda...

Q: Why were civilians running normal?

SS-3.1415926535897932384626433In Avengers: Age of Ultron movie, Later in the movie, Seeing that Talking about

@Mooz If I was director/writer of *Age of Ultron*,

>! I would have made the New York city fly.
5:20 AM
Q: YA story where parasitic mind-control aliens invade Earth via mummified head

Henning MakholmI'm trying to locate a YA remix of the the body-snatcher/puppet-master theme that gave me nightmares when I read it in Danish some time in the mid-1980s: Earth is being invaded by parasitic mind-controlling aliens. The aliens are on the run from the destruction of their home world, and there may...

5:35 AM
Q: Why are mutants hated, but superheros venerated?

OxinaboxPlease correct me if I have misconceptions, I have mostly only seen the movies (I've read a few comics, mostly of the superhero side. Would like to get more into that.). The marvel universe is home to both mutants from X-men, as well as various superheros like the Fantastic 4 and the Avengers. ...

Q: What is the benefit of a hover-car over a standard ground-car?

N.SoongI was thinking about Back to the Future 2 the other day and thought 'What is the actual advantage of having a hover-car'? It could remove the need for roads, meaning easier access to utilities lying under the roads, or allowing more houses to be built, but we still roads are still used, just to ...

5:51 AM
@Mooz If this is about Age of Ultron, read his profile, he's being a jerk.
@Keen I know. Just trying to be civil about it :) Might explain his DVs...
6:14 AM
Q: After this character's death, why does Merlin not return?

ash_k29In the show finale, after Arthur's death, why does Merlin not return to Camelot? Why does he instead choose to hang out in the same area for the next 400 or so years??

6:30 AM
Q: What's the sci-fi collection that includes stories about Ball Inc, a James Bond-type agent, and a level 20 domain in the Congo?

scrollexI came across a book in the 1990s — itself probably dating to the '70s or '80s — called something along the lines of 6 Greatest/Best/Top Science Fiction stories. It was an unusual number — not the top 10 or top 5, but something along the lines of 6 or 7. The collection contained a number of rea...

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8:43 AM
@Keen Charming.
9:20 AM
Q: What are the Standard Jedi Knight Force Powers

SabersmithAfter seventeen to twenty years of training from a youngling and passing the Trials, what were the expected Force skills that a Jedi Knight could wield? We are shown images of younglings practicing with a light-saber in much the same way Obi Wan started Luke out, so it seems clear that fighting ...

10:03 AM
@Richard I am unable to understand your silence regarding Age of Ultron movie.. The movie has been released in your country. Right?
Q: What story has astronauts studying Neanderthals on a planet with an imminent volcanic erruption?

Ben FragerThis story is about a team of astronauts on a planet studying a Neanderthal type race. They become aware that a volcanic eruption is imminent. Unfortunately, one of the members of their crew is participating in a burial ritual and might not make it back in time.

10:46 AM
@Keen isn't "don't be a jerk" one of the rules of the SE network?
11:04 AM
Q: What's the policy on whole-question spoilers?

KalissarRelated: What's the policy on whole-answer spoilers? This question is totally legitimate. But the whole body of the question is in spoiler tag. It is not the first time I see a question almost entirely in spoiler tags. And it just seems weird. I realize that a movie question is different from ...

11:29 AM
Q: The Aesthetics of impossible or unreal physical phenomena

alberto2000I am a MA Design student working on a project to illustrate experiments on speculative/fictional physical events. My final work will consist of strongly simplified staged experiment lab situations and should touch on the imaginary and fascinating - 'Science Fiction' basically, rather than 'hard f...

11:47 AM
time to ban chat bot since some people cant write spoiler free titles
12:04 PM
@phantom42 Haha..
12:17 PM
@Gilles You edited this question to make the title meaningful: http://scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/87329/what-is-the-water-of-sight-featured-in-avengers-age-of-ultron

But, wouldn't it spoil people?
12:35 PM
@phantom42 I had to ban it several days ago.
12:51 PM
@alexwlchan I feel like it's not usually quite as bad as it was this time.
Or maybe it wasn't such a huge flood all at once.
1:04 PM
you can ignore it, can't you?
seems to have worked for me. for both of them.
@phantom42 I think it’s definitely worse than usual. And some people want to be a jerk about it, apparently.
@MichaelEdenfield Yeah, that’s what I’m doing.
Q: Short story about mining robot fighting in the arena

OdminSci-fi short story, i read it in late 90-s early 2000-s. I think it was published in "Tekhnika Molodezhi" ("Technology for the Youth") magazine, but i also think it was translated into Russian from some other language. It's about some guy (engeneer? security?) who investigated disappearence of mi...

@MichaelEdenfield i did. i just hadn't yet. was foolishly hoping that it wasn't going to be too bad.
if only you could add users to your ignored tags list, I'd be set.
there's always a few spoilery questions that squeak through. that's just the nature of the site. but man...
1:15 PM
well, when someone goes out of their way to squander all of the good faith that had been built up over the past few months in one weekend, what can you do?
Q: Does Dan A. ever explain Gaunts Ghosts continuity flaws

CherubelThe Gaunt Ghosts books now span over a decade and beside the books there are countles short stories, spinoff books etc. Does Dan Abnett ever explain some of the flaws in the books or does he just fix the stories and goes with it? If the answer is there is a forum or some such can you please inc...

Still image of the new Nightcrawler in makeup with something that is presumably close to the teleporting effects they'll use.
@Richard Ah, so that's what spurred your question on EE.SE. Sorry about your less than warm welcome there. Personally, I thought it was on-topic but then I disagree with some of their off-topic policies as it is.
1:47 PM
Just a warning to those avoiding spoilers - you may want to avert your eyes from the hot questions as well. M/TV has their own AoU questions and those still show up there. Not sure if it obeys our site-specific tag filtering (I doubt it).
@phantom42 It doesn’t, and their tag is [avengers-age-of-ultron], not [age-of-ultron].
@alexwlchan yeah, i just ignored the tag over there for the few times a week i pop in. i also did an A/B checking the hot questions feed and confirmed that it doesn't look at ignored tags at all.
@phantom42 I think I might just stay away from SE until I see the film. Spoilers seem to be coming out of the woodwork.
thankfully the bit i saw was pretty non-spoilery
well, what am i supposed to do all week? work?!
@phantom42 Read Quora?
2:09 PM
Q: In the Man Of Steel movie where could have the kryptonians gone after being sucked by the black hole?

The Dark KnightIn the Man Of Steel movie, the way Superman gets rid of the kryptonians aside from General Zod was by having them sucked into a black hole . Now we know after the destruction of Krypton , the phantom zone came apart releasing all the convicted Kryptonian criminals. But it does not mean that the z...

2:29 PM
Q: Character Death Spoilers In Title

Dave JohnsonVery similar to this unanswered meta question. Should we allow the obfuscating a character's name when the question is about his/her/its death? In particular, this question about Merlin (BBC) was originally titled: After this character's death, why does Merlin not return? To me, this is a...

Q: Can Zan rematerialize after being vaporized?

MyCodeSucksSo, Zan, the supremely useless Wonder Twin, can transform into any state of water. My question is, if he changes to say, a giant snowman, and Superman uses his heat vision on him to go from solid, to liquid, to a gas, can Zan pull himself back together? This applies to anyone who can set that use...

Q: Why didn't Shinzon activate the RNA sequencing?

OmegacronIn Star Trek: Nemesis, we learn that the antagonist Shinzon is actually From the blood sample Shinzon provides, Dr. Crusher figures out why: BEVERLY: The more I studied his DNA the more confusing it got. Finally I could only come to one conclusion... Shinzon was created with temporal R...

Quora?! Quelle horreur!
I prefer Quorra.
2:44 PM
@phantom42 I get a broken image for that ... Try again?
Still broken. I think it's SE. It's loading really slowly for me right now.
I see it fine.
I think @Slytherincess is just trying to get me to flood chat with images of Olivia Wilde. I'm OK with that.
External Image link for @Slytherincess
3:13 PM
She's hot. Not Buffy hot, but nice enough.
true, she's no buffy.

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