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Q: What humanoid species are immune to the Vulcan nerve pinch and the mind meld?

T-1000Some species (Cardassians, apparently Ferengi, etc.), are immune to the Vulcan mind meld, but they'd fall unconscious if Spock did a nerve pinch on them. Are any humanoid species immune to both the mind meld and the nerve pinch? I want to guess Excalbians, but I don't think they're considered h...

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Q: Was Luke flirting with the Dark Side when he committed animal cruelty?

GelfamatHe openly admitted to Wedge Antilles that he used to "Bullseye (kill) womprats" in his T 16. So when he killed animals for target practice, was this leveraging him to the Dark Side? It really adds to the questionable things he did.

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Q: Anybody hany any quote in bible about seraphims and their six wings?

FrancoAngelMany said to me that seraphims had two wings,but I'm pretty sure are 6

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Q: In the 1982 movie, "The Thing", why do they have flame-throwers?

Joe L.In the 1982 movie "The Thing", is there ever any explanation why this polar base has several flame-throwers? They're clearly not home-made, like the ones in the first Alien movie. Why would a polar base have them as regular equipment? I've seen the extended version, but it doesn't seem to explain...

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@phantom42 I totally get that. Crowds and the public in general have a great capacity to irritate me. I empathize. Drums I can mostly take or leave, but I'm a bass girl through and through. Bass makes me happy :D
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@user14111 That is what I meant. Thank you.
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@ScienceFiction&Fantasy I thought Wowbagger showed up in both, but that seems to be misremembered. I need to read Dirk Gently again.
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Q: Why did the Infinity stone just lay around when it is so powerfull?

FulliIn the beginning of the Guardians of the Galaxy Movie, starlord walks around and have no trouble finding the Infinity Stone. Seconds later, the other Troopers arrive as well. Why did no one bevore find it? Or searched for it? According to this question the Stones are searched for. But one of ...

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I had already typed the title to my question, when I found it.
Q: Are there any royal jesters in song of ice and fire?

SPIRiT_1984An interesting question arose in my mind, since Martin actually keeps his books quite close to the medieval history. Now, almost all medieval kings in Europe (and in my native Russia too, by the way) had such thing as royal jesters (not sure about the translation correctly, maybe they should be ...

Q: Transformers 4 Song Title

TashfiqueCould anyone plz tell me the songs title that have been played 6:50 to 7:57 minutes (2 songs one after another)? Oh, I was talking about Transformers: Age of Extinction!

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@ScienceFiction&Fantasy Do modern royal courts still have a court jester?
That would be fun.
Jesse Bogdonoff (born April 1, 1955), was a Bank of America financial advisor to the government of Tonga and court jester of Taufa'ahau Tupou IV, the king of Tonga. He was embroiled in a financial scandal. == Scandal == Bogdonoff made headlines in 2001 and 2002 after being accused of mismanaging millions of dollars from the nation of Tonga. He had been the Tongan government's financial advisor since 1994, claiming to have made the government millions in the rising stock markets of the booming 1990s. Bogdonoff managed the Tonga Trust Fund after it had been funded by the Tongan government in 1986...
...though not much fun.
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Q: Had JK Rowling seen Kingscross Station before writing the book?

Mark RowlandsA someone who frequented Kingscross a great deal for commuting, one things always struck me as odd - Platforms 9 through 11 do not have the large pillars shown in the movie that is used for access to 9¾. An image of platform 9 itself: http://www.nationalrail.co.uk/SME/html/NRE_KGX/images/photos/...


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