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Q: Does a Lunar Eclipse Affect Lycanthropy?

pleurocoelusIs there any mention in any of the various werewolf stories (ancient or modern) about a lunar eclipse having any special or different effect on werewolves than an ordinary full moon?

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@Slytherincess Looks like Alex proved you wrong :))))
@Donald.McLean Weber's stories are insanely great enough that I just don't notice the errors.
@Slytherincess What's wrong with adverbs?
@Slytherincess - Didn't Grawp save Harry and Hermione in the forest in the end of OotP? Or am I mis-remembering?
@Simon There's an app for that (tm)
@Simon Frankly, I use SE app a lot and it's pretty good. I don't post much with it, so crashes are really NOT an issue for me (it picks up after crash right where I left it)
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Q: Game of Thrones: ex Queen Regent

TugeyeAfter the royal wedding ceremony and before Joffrey dropped dead, is Cersie 'Lannister' no longer the Queen Regent?

1:56 AM
Q: What does the word "thumper" mean when used to measure distance?

Niall C.There are several places in Dune where the word "Thumper" is used as a measure of distance: On the north polar map of Dune, there's an arrow pointing to the left with the caption: 20 Thumpers to Palmaries of the south After Paul summons and rides his first sandworm: Paul studied the cl...

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@BESW Very interesting indeed. SF&F blog post? (If you don't want to scroll all the way up, this was re: vampires).
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@SQB Probably not the best idea. Treating Twilight seriously is troll-bait par excellence.
@Slytherincess Do you have examples of JKR's most egregious examples of adverb abuse?
@SQB One moment.
> “Careful not to walk through anyone,” said Ron nervously.

> “Oh, no,” said Hermione, stopping abruptly.

> “Who?” said Harry as they backtracked quickly.
@BESW, thanks, I'll read it.
Summary: she uses -ly adverbs where choosing more precise action verbs would be better, or simply trusting her ability to communicate through context and not needing to telegraph them to the audience at all.
An example from one of those links: where she says "walking casually," "strolling" would be a stronger choice.
(I got all those links by Googling rowling adverb)
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@ScienceFiction&Fantasy Also, are the Borg keeping up with the Cardassians?
@BESW Right, I see what you mean. I didn't notice when reading the books. I wonder if English not being my first language is an excuse, of if I just should've been paying more attention.
@SQB Eh, not everyone analyses what they read.
The more one writes, I think, the more one reads critically.
@BESW Seems plausible.
@SQB I often do! It gets me in trouble.
@BESW Heheh.
Google can't find anything even slightly crossoverish on "Hogwarts Express" "Thomas the Tank Engine". I haz a sad.
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Oh my.
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BESW on _Twilight_ and other vampires

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Not my most coherent presentation of the ideas, but there it is!
(I didn't even mention the Phantom of the Opera.)
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@BESW So write a blog post.
8:12 AM
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Or has that been featured here yet?
10:37 AM
I've seen it, but I can't recall where.
Those things often float to the surface of my Twitter feed too.
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@BESW Phantom should always be mentioned.
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Q: Is "Second Breakfast" only in the movie version of LOTR?

James JenkinsThere is a cute moment in the movie where Pippin asks about "Second Breakfast". I recall food being important to Hobbits, but I don't recall a similar scene in the book. The movie scene is very memorable, I think I would remember if it was in the book also. Is the scene and/or the concept of "...

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Q: Limits of elf Apparition

Tom LyndWas Dumbledore aware of Elf magic? If he was aware of elf Apparition, he should have gone to the Cave with Dobby. It seems nobody in the story made use of elf Apparition fully. For instance Harry might have gone to Hogwarts/Gringotts in the last part with Dobby avoiding much trouble. What are th...

Q: Can an elf apparate in the Room of requirement

Tom LyndCan an elf apparate in the Room of requirement from Hogwarts or not? There's np mention of this in whole of the HP.

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@vzn I had what I think was a serial downvoter at one point. It was maddening.
yeah serial downvoting. variation on minor MAD, mutual assured destruction.
its interesting to me DVK has such high rep but finds himself in major conflict with the mods.
mods seem heavyhanded around here.
unusually so.
serial downvoting would be more likely on questions than answers where it doesnt cost the downvoter.
reminds me somewhat of game theory, "prisoner dilemma"
I myself have had no problems with the mods per se. When I thought I had the serial downvoter, I did go to them and presumably they looked into it because the downvoting stopped (I had an idea as to who the downvoter was; I have no idea if the mods talked to this person, but they said they would).
> First, in the interest of fairness, another mod (whose opinion I respect) indicated that other site mods were consulted on the suspension and agreed to it. Puts things into a somewhat different perspective. I still think it was a gross overkill, but as I said, I respect his opinions in general.
lol "gross overkill"
agree with that.
put 2 blog links in my latest post. got killed over 1 of them that was to my own personal blog, which has no products for sale.
keen edited to strip out my blog link, left the other, suspension 30 days.
it seems the se policy on (personal) blog links is not at all consistent across sites.
or in chat, also.
sometimes it is accepted, other times it is hammered as spam.
And I don't know if the user I had in mind actually was the downvoter -- it was just a theory based on my interactions with the person. Ha, yeah, I got hammered on another forum site for presumably "advertising" when I was just passing along anFYI. I had to explain that I was not affiliated with any of the companies I was giving the info about.
what do you mean "hammered"? criticized in comments? that is far different than an automatic (unilateral?) 30 day suspension.
ps like your blog surfed a lot of entries.
awhile back.
which forum site? not se?
se is basically a user generated content site & its a bit amazing at times the official policy can be so hostile to user generated content....
3:31 PM
I did not get banned, no, so at least that, but I caught some flack from fellow users and had my post striped. Thanks! re: my blog! It's almost 11 years old now. Not an SE site -- it was at MakeupAlley.com, LOL! (Well, I am a girl!) I was passing along a good deal for some nail polish (double LOL!).
lol nail polish can appreciate diversity too wink :)
nice colors :)
yeah saw you talking about migrating it. big job there.
so yeah se is great how much it ruthlessly annhilates spam but defn a double-edged sword. sometimes the windshield, sometimes the fly, etc
@vzn Policy does not need to be consistent across all sites. Think of it like States rights vs Federal rights. Each site has its own rules, but we generally look to the main SO for guidance.
Indeed! There are plenty of men on the forums at MakeupAlley (MUA) too. I think that's perfectly normal myself. I'm not sure if I want to migrate my blog or start a new one.
ph42, right, but spam ought to be a sitewide policy.
there is a generic mod msg to deal with spam (just recd it), presumably created by SE mgt.
site wide, probably.
@vzn I didn't flag or downvote the post. But I'll tell you that it often feels like you're asking questions almost for the express purpose of sticking your link into the questions.
3:36 PM
sly saw you talking about attempting to migrate comments, liked that idea. on another blog site, really hate it when my comments get killed when bloggers delete their older posts with comments.
ph42, saw your comment.
The fact that your first interaction with the SFF.se was when you went into a dozen or so chat rooms to spam your blog doesn't help that feeling, IMO.
as stated, usually get very little hits from most se blog links posted.
Certain topics, like SPAM, should have very consistent guidelines throughout SE, and I'm not usually big on rules, but some consistency seems only fair. Especially for things that can get you banned.
ph42 was visiting many chats. was bored. have posted blog links on many, never get any response. its usually total silence. the blog link topics were tailored to each chat.
IIRC, the suspension was for the chatroom spamming, not for linking the blog within questions.
3:37 PM
ph42 just got new 30day suspension on my last post.
At least, that was my understanding.
from keen.
initially posted like 1 line to this chat re bitcoin/blog link. mods chat-banned me. (across multiple chats) =(
In the future, you might at least disclose that it is your blog in the questions, if you choose to add them.
the blog link has my name on it. self disclosure it would seem. the disclosure concept seems a canard here.
The flag reason for spam "This answer is effectively an advertisement with no disclosure. It is not useful or relevant, but promotional. "
3:39 PM
there is no consistency lets face it.
all kinds of junk is posted to this chat regularly.
mods are humans. arbitrary/subjective like all humans.
Eh... Not really. Lots of people don't look at the link before clicking, or won't notice that the subdomain is your username.
ph42 this is hairsplitting.
would have been fine merely with the link stripped out and no suspension.
Call it what you want. I'm not Keen and I'm not a mod. I'm just giving you advice to help keep from being possibly called a spammer in the future.
If you want to ignore it, that's fine by me.
yes you helped out me as a "spammer" with your comment on the post.
good job dude.
mod wannabe merit badge for you.
And a spam merit badge for you.
3:41 PM
Coming into a chat room where you're not a regular and posting links to unknown sites without and preamble or explanation is spam. I'm sorry, but it is. Even if it's not a commercial site, it's still unsolicited spam. That's common etiquette in any chatroom or forum I've been on.
theres tons of misc links on here by regulars. so ok. see how that works.
kill the alien virus before it mutates.
Yes, and they're pretty much all predicated by discussion. Like the music discussions. We'll be talking about music and then start sharing links.
yeah this chat room is quite remarkable re "regulars"
yeah. so didnt time it right.
No, quite unremarkable.
3:43 PM
there was some bitcoin discussion after dropped by.
That's how social forums and chatrooms work.
truly is remarkable. most chats dont have many regulars.
most se chats. not too common it seems.
And honestly, had you not gone into multiple rooms and just blasted the link everywhere, nobody probably would have said anything at all.
identical link was not blasted into multiple rooms. was mentioning different links on my blog re each chat room subj.
I know I post a lot of links here, but I always try to make sure they are relevant to sci-fi or tech. Occasionally, though, I will post an OT link, something I think is amusing.
3:45 PM
experimenting to see if any would get hits. wasnt really worth effort anyway.
2020 hindsight
I looked at your chat link history at the time. Different links or not, you went into like a dozen rooms spamming your blog.
All within about 15 minutes.
they were different topics on the blog. each relevant to each chat room.
admit to being bored at the time.
@vzn You were banned here, IIRC, after being banned in another chatroom. That, in it self, will cause mods to treat further incidents as spam, too.
yeah there is a hairtrigger thing going on in chats too. true.
@vzn I'm sorry, but that is pretty much the definition of spam.
3:46 PM
mousetraps everywhere on se.
its like that video of the box full of cocked mousetraps and a single ping pong ball tossed in. :p
to me, it wasnt the defn of spam, it was the defn of boredom. ymmv.
have learned lesson not to get that bored anymore :|
actually was attempting to spur discussion in mostly dead chat rooms.
accidentally hit a "live one". oops mea culpa
you guys all have good/sound advice.
like your ideas around here. eg
8 hours ago, by SQB
@BESW So write a blog post.
Q: Do we ever meet Jayne's mom?

ZibbobzHaving only ever seen the original TV series and the movie, I'm left wondering a lot about the Verse of Firefly/Serenity. Namely, about the awesome woman who made Jayne his hat. Do we ever get to meet Jayne's mom in the comics, or any other extended canon?

so, sly seems to be quite sly with the links. will have to study her method for illumination.
Guns? That is way out of the boundaries of appropriate as a response to "Please do not SPAM". This makes me hugely uncomfortable. I would suggest that one be taken down, lest it be taken the wrong way,
@vzn I'm totally not sly about it!
I just post them, but not super frequently.
4:00 PM
ok. overt, not sly. gotcha.
lesson #1.
sly is not sly.
I just try and make sure I'm not posting a link every day.
ok. not a link a day, like an apple. gotcha.
this is helpful.
lesson #2 be a regular. etc.
And really the other thing I already mentoned -- I try and keep it on topic.
yep. ps found you chatting about bitcoin awhile back on here :)
Being a regular surely increases tolerance, yeah. Yes, I was talking about Bitcoin and Dogecoin :))
DH is mining Dogecoin.
4:05 PM
did you say someone you knew was dinking with it?
DH = abbreviation for "Dear Husband".
ok. appreciated this recent comment on my last post
I would argue that this is distinct from the "credits" question if they were asking about "crypto-currency", which is a specific implementation to make the "money" un-counterfeitable and thus of value. That said, the question only references this sideways with "bitcoin-like". — Sean Duggan 5 hours ago
that was the angle attempting to get to
We've earned like one millionth of a cent or something ridiculous like that.
DH is a geek type?
Yup, full-blown :)
4:07 PM
hmmm really... coder?
Programmer (is that the same thing as a coder?)
yeah. cool. ok agree with you on "full blown". (a label not to be taken lightly here wink)
any idea what language(s)?
no wonder youre in luv :p
Definitely did not get confused by “sly” for “Slytherincess”. *facepalms*
lol wow alex you catch on fast :p
luv chat can truly engage in shakespearean level play eh?
> a tale full of sound and fury, told by an idiot, signifying nothing.
Yes, but I don't know how much personal info he'd be comfortable with me sharing in chat, so I probably shouldn't say. He programs in several languages and is a gamer.
4:13 PM
oh yeah you wouldnt want to out him based on computer languages or games. ok safe bet there.
/me thought 'DH' stood for 'Dark Half', as a variation of 'other half'.
lol maybe its not an either-or thing :p
for some
@Slytherincess Given that he’s your husband, I imagine he probably knows ParselPython or something similar.
parselpython? is that even a language?
python yes, ruby yes, perl yes, etc, parselpython? new to me
@vzn Alas, not. Okay, Slytherincess has broken the secret now. :P
4:18 PM
@alexwlchan Yes! Yes, he programs in ParselPython :))
There’s also Nagini, a fork of Python which uses HP spells instead of regular programming words: mathamy.com/import-accio-bootstrapping-python-grammar.html
this is starting to sound like codegolf
what another bunch of hoodlums over there
@vzn Gah, yes, but I can never remember the syntax.
alex, strikethru in chat? defn a troublemaker there arent you
(yet another blogger too)
4:25 PM
@SQB Thanks.
Ah, it didn't need escaping.
struckthru by mods
Does chat have an ignore function?
Just wondering...
@vzn: ironic, but thanks, I found it.
4:32 PM
5:00 PM
Was that mean?
are you talking to me?
does anyone know how old keen is? wondering if (s)hes a teenager
5:25 PM
anyway re "spamming", again there is no product
5:47 PM
@SQB Yes. I've used it on several people. I can't remember if it ignores people just on chat or on the site as well.
@vzn Keen isn't a teenager.
@Tango Just chat
@Kevin Thanks for clarifying.
@Slytherincess I program in Python.
@Tango I kind of wish there was an "ignore" on the main site. Even if it just filtered like ignored tags.
@phantom42 It's been a while, but there have been a few people a while back whom I wish I could have ignored completely. One was new and trying to make a name for herself by being a major pest. I don't think it's a loss she was driven away from the site. The other is someone who thought he was well educated and thought he could sound smart by being hypercritical, but I noticed he'd take words I used and misunderstand the meaning and use them incorrectly.
(So he made it clear he wasn't nearly as smart as he wanted to appear.)
@phantom42 You can filter out ignored tags. Go to your profile page, then preferences, then select "Hide questions in your ignored tags" at the bottom of the page.
5:54 PM
@NiallC. Right, I already do that with a couple of tags. I'm saying that I'd be OK with questions/answers from "ignored users" displaying on the front page or something. With the filtered tags, you can still see/access the questions, they're just not listed.
I filter out some Game of Thrones and Dr Who stuff. But they still show up in the review queue, which is fine. I just have no interest in reading/answering them.
@phantom42 OK, I didn't fully understand your [feature-request].
Of course, ideally, it would just effectively banish their existence from SE from my perspective. But the overlords have already denied that feature request.
@vzn - Posting a link to your own blog is spamming, if the main purpose is to drive traffic. The fact that you're not selling anything is completely irrelevant.
6:21 PM
Q: Did Arwen actually die?

Amanda SAppendix A of Lord of the Rings says of Arwen's fate: There at last when the mallorn-leaves were falling, but spring had not yet come, she laid herself to rest upon Cerin Amroth; and there is her green grave, until the world is changed, and all the days of her life are utterly forgotten by me...

6:37 PM
@Tango @ Slytherincess - Tango's a Parselmouth :)
@DVK Hssss....
@DVK: So, please, tell me why people have become so lax that there is not a single starred statement reminding us of @Slytherincess' love for Glee and if there's still work in progress on holding all Harry Potter questions until she's done watching the episode each week so she can see Glee and still answer HP questions first?
Well, 'Sly', as she's apparently called, has said very little about Glee lately.
@alexwlchan Her middle name is "Stallone"
@Tango - Aren't you dead to Jack'b'Nimble?
@Tango We have been remiss and are properly chastized
@Tango - Oh, was that the one you got into an epic war with over my ETvsStarWars thing?
@SQB We don't have to worry about what she says about it. We can still say it anyway.
@DVK I think about 32 times over at last count. I can't keep up with it. @JackBNimble declares me to be "dead to [him]" almost every time I show up here.
@Tango I think I'm the only one he's never declared read. Probably because I voted for him in elections. Or my amazing love of dead fish.
6:52 PM
@DVK She's the one I'm talking about. I answered one of OghmaOsiris' questions (did I spell it right) and "proved" that Star Wars could not have been too far in the past. She got upset about the Brodo Asogi issue and kept going after me.
@Tango Yah. That was ... memorable :)
I said, "Hey, I took it from an answer on the site that's been accepted, so it's not my fault." She seemed shocked we could use answers to support our answers - but she kept going after me.
I just wish YCombinator didn't go MIA... she had good answers, usually
I finally told her, "If you don't like it, then ask your own g--d----ed question to clarify it." She asked a crappy question, I did a VTC and so did others and her question was gone in an hour or two. She was pissed at me, which I can understand, but she was a real jerk and a half.
@Tango You can't have half a jerk. It's an int.
6:54 PM
I think, with this person, she saw the high point count by my name and was trying to "take me down" to build herself up. We've seen people do that a number of times - they're new, they come in here and right away think they can teach us all something and cop an arrogant attitude.
@DVK Java is BS.
@Tango Tell that to my boss :(
It's like Spaceballs. In Perl I can do something in one line, in Java, I have to prepare for it for 3 lines to do it in 2 lines.
And Python has almost all the advantages of Perl and none of the drawbacks, plus it has the few advantages Java has and none of the thousands of drawbacks.
@DVK Wish I could.
The one thing I like about Java is it's WORA.
And that includes a WORA GUI.
@Tango - I once tried to answer an SO question on how to do something in Java that you can do in Perl in literally one line. My best effort was over 30-40 lines long and only worked as an inferior approximation
@Tango LOL I am kinda scared of Python because of whitspace stuff; but the company's gonna migrate to it eventually so I suppose I ought to bite the bullet, quit SFF and dig into Python
Heh... it's useful but I don't think i EVER written a program that needed a WORA GUI (or even WORA backend). Professionally or for myself.
@DVK Did it involve regexes?
@Tango Nope, nested hashes
6:59 PM
@DVK That's what worried me about it, too. I thought it sounded just plain weird that whitespace could matter. I still wonder about it at times, but the more I dig in, the more I like it.
A: Java equivalent of Perl's hash

DVKFirst of all, your specific example ($hash{AREA_CODE}->{PHONE}->{STREET_ADDR}), with hard-coded strings as hash keys, is not really a useful data structure in Java as Michael Carman pointed out - it should be stored as a class with attributes (and to be honest it's a bad data structure in concept...

Also, not having to use braces or brackets for blocks or semicolons allows for faster typing and, amazingly, it is much cleaner to read.
@Tango I come from C originally. I have curly braces baked into my head
@DVK I'm going to be using C++ for an upcoming project. I like C++, but haven't used it much. This will be a simple ereader that allows basic encryption to protect material for writers like me. That way we can send stuff to friends without it being in open form on the internet or on their computer or tablet.
I picked C++ for it because I can write it to work on Windows/Linux/OS X and then move it to iOS and Android without recoding the entire thing. Also, I need Popler for PDF display.
Gotta go - Viennese waltz practice this afternoon.
7:26 PM
1 hour ago, by Richard
@vzn - Posting a link to your own blog is spamming, if the main purpose is to drive traffic. The fact that you're not selling anything is completely irrelevant.
the main purpose was not to drive traffic.
there is not really much traffic anywhere around here. chat, main site, etc.
the suspension msg spec. mentioned products.
strange that msg/policy does not seem to be publicly posted anywhere.
ofc this is really pretty insubstantial in the grand scheme of things, but basically object to the lack of a flexible se-wide policy on this leaving it to local sites to be unusually heavyhanded in enforcement.
Q: Food Replicators

PhilWhat happens to all the glasses, cups, dishes and eating utensils that get created when people use the food replicators on the enterprise? There are over 1000 people on the star ship that use the food slots. Doesn't the star ship get cluttered?

Avoid overt self-promotion.

The community tends to vote down overt self-promotion and flag it as spam. Post good, relevant answers, and if some (but not all) happen to be about your product or website, that’s okay. **However, you must disclose your affiliation in your answers.**
a blog is not really self-promotion.
7:31 PM
If a large percentage of your posts include a mention of your product or website, you're probably here for the wrong reasons. Our advertising rates are quite reasonable; contact our ad sales team for details. We also offer free community promotion ads for open source projects and non-profit organizations.
blogs are about wide ranges of topics. blogs are regularly cited.
the idea that citing ones own blog is necessarily self-promotion is inflexible.
how many blogs? millions. how many links to them on the current site? many, surely.
was genuinely interested in the answer to the question.
Then by all means, keep posting the links without disclosing the affiliation. Keep posting questions and answers that feel like the whole purpose is to create a vehicle to link your site.
the whole purpose of the question was the question. the links were part of the question.
But the community and the mods will react/respond as they feel fit.
7:35 PM
If you feel the policy or reactions are wrong, bring it up on meta.
waste of time.
anyway we both know it has zilch to do with disclosure. the blog is disclosed in my profile. etc
So users are supposed to go check your profile before clicking a link in your question/answer? Yeah, that seems reasonable.
nobody is supposed to do anything, it would just be nice if there wasnt an overreaction
anyway, mods & mod wannabes are always right. you win!
yeah could post in meta & then be quickly informed of that by many! not exactly in those words ofc.
dont like overall se attitude re user-generated content, its as if nobody owns their own contributions, its all owned by the Collective... the Borg...
Q: Plant Science fiction Film

Byron BurlaphenLooking for A film were a kids are trying to look for their dad and hes a science teacher and at the same time weird plants are appearing everywhere that kill people or changes them. The kids find the dad at the end and hes a cloud of pollen that is super smart and flies away into space to breed ...

in fact the mere concept of users contributing is often/largely foreign to the entire site.
entire site here meaning se in general, ie its not personal against scifi.
the mods do seem more extreme here than many other sites.
the site is huge yet with such strong enforcement, the issue of homogeneity emerges.
another somewhat amazing aspect of se is how rarely mods ever change their minds on decisions, even on new info from users re clarification of intentions etc...
7:47 PM
" its as if nobody owns their own contributions, its all owned by the Collective... the Borg..." This is true. Everything posted here is is licensed under creative commons.
the mods act as borg-tentacles.
viva la Borg
its a "collective intelligence" but (zen question to ponder ever since joining the Borg myself) what intelligence is it actually expressing?
@Slytherincess: got a new car yet? (Apropos of not much).
Cyberpunk, it's not dead yet: www.shadowwolf.net/
8:16 PM
Q: Can The Thing survive deep water, yet require oxygen?

Grant PalinI've recently re-read the AvX: VS series. I noticed in #1 the brawl between The Thing and Namor, which happens in deep water. Thing seemed to have no issue with lack of air, and walked out of the water after the brawl, which must have required a lot of oxygen. Yet in #3, he duels with Colossus/J...

@Tango Aren't I?

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