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7:01 PM
@Himarm Oh dear... well it must be nothing that dire.. they haven't asked you why you aren't doing it yet!!
2 years
@Himarm I really find that shocking
I'd go mad
my wifes just mad i spend so much onbooks
How is everyone today?
Actually busy!
7:04 PM
@ThaddeusHowze Good!
Good to hear.
Just dropping off an answer.
@ThaddeusHowze I had all the universe juice
@ThaddeusHowze How you?
@ThaddeusHowze hi!
@Himarm FTL will never happen if we can't get people on board again, assuming it's even possible.
Heya @ThaddeusHowze I'm holding out
7:06 PM
@Axelrod saw an article today, apperently atom nucleouseses are pear shaped or can be, which means time travel is impossible, why do i read stuff online? lol
@Axelrod To be fair, the path to FTL is probably not through the space programs as much as theoretical physics, or sheer accident.
If, indeed, it is even fundamentally possible.
@Politank-Z Theoretical physics is an incestuous race to the bottom. Ironically, the people who should be breaking the norm are the ones most likely to cling to it.
1:1 !
@Axelrod That they're doing it wrong, if they're doing it wrong, doesn't mean that their field doesn't need to advance.
We need new blood. We need more Star Trek and Mr Wizard, less Stephen Hawking.
@Politank-Z Absolutely. I'm saying their field won't advance as long as we have people afraid to try new ideas and all too eager to gang up and swat down people who aren't.
We need people with a passion for advancement. We have people with a passion for math.
7:10 PM
We need people with a passion for educational reform.
When Michio Kaku talks about miniature black holes, I don't care.
We need a government not afraid of its people.
@ThaddeusHowze ???
We need less idiots
Governments should always be afraid of their people.
7:10 PM
As long as governments are reducing spending on education, we will never progress.
and more icecream
Spending and output aren't correlated.
Conceptually, FTL will require a lifetime of education and drive to discover.
@ThaddeusHowze Passion is not enough. We've had tons of crazy reforms, and sometimes they made education better and sometimes worse. What the reform does actually matters.
No they aren't but if your society spends more on WAR and PRISONS than education, your country will BE DUMB AS THE DAYS ARE LONG.
Anyone want to refute THAT?
7:12 PM
@ThaddeusHowze That's one component, sure. But there's another problem.
There are always other problems.
It's easy to say that, except we still have the world class universities that have people flocking from across the world. And the majority of the people in said universities are still our dumb-as-bricks high school kids.
But if you don't solve the core ones, the others don't matter.
Even if you have the smart people, and they come up with ideas for FTL (and people HAVE come up with ideas, even pretty good ones already), there are lots of practical difficulties to execute them, and there's not enough money for the actual experiments.
Have any of you worked as an educator? Or an administrator for education?
7:13 PM
Our bricks are either smarter than a foreign genius, or the problem isn't as bad as the alarmist media likes to portray it.
The experiments will need funding just like education does.
And, admittedly, war spending is a tricky thing. To paraphrase one sitcom character (I want to say it was on Will and Grace), "Sure, you may think it's silly for me to buy a gun in case of apocalypse instead of buying up supplies, but if I have a gun and you don't, who's going to have the supplies?"
Look at the status of space-borne gravitational wave detectors, or fusion stuff. We don't have them, because they cost tons of money, and also take more than two years, and NOBODY is willing to spend money on anything that doesn't have any returns in the first two years.
I have been a faculty professor and a college administrator.
The challenges start with the money.
And the stipulations made on what is given.
{nods} And the current shareholder model that a company must benefit its shareholders has had a massive effect, especially since most of our higher education is basically shareholder-driven.
7:15 PM
And FTL stuff suggested so far requires even more expensive stuff and is much less likely to work than the space-based gravitational wave detectors or the fusion energy.
Often when money is given to universities, the allocation is based on things outside of educational control or services to students.
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hi @Cerberus
And I've had experience with the years leading up to college. Money is wildly mismanaged, corruption is rampant, and for a few billion dollars you can do less than what a yearly public school spending review board would do.
"Why did you fire all the aids and promote four principals to cushy desk jobs?"
7:17 PM
Is this apocalypse you're talking about from a novel, or is it Brexit?
"Why are we using 30 year old textbooks, but building a brand new office?"
Yes, I know all about it.
why am i buying a new 300 dollar text book
that i wont ever open
And the difficulties in changing or fixing it.
stoped buying textbooks incollege, solved that problem
7:18 PM
And buying fancy expensive smart printers and photo-copiers but no paper or ink to use them.
I wish I still had my textbooks, now that I'm experienced enough to use them.
But part of the reason you were having to buy books in the first place was lobbyists who put it in the state charters.
This whole mess is driven by the manipulation of money by a few individuals.
Without concern for what happens to society as a whole.
Making education a hurdle does nothing for improving the quality of the minds in your nation.
1:2 !!
@ThaddeusHowze Now I'm curious. When was that?
HEY FRESHMAN! Look at this Expensive-As-$%^& book! The subject doesn't make any sense, right? That's because it was written by a university professor with 10 years of education and 30 years of experience in an advanced form, and 0 perspective of what it is to be a new person to the topic!
7:20 PM
Been that way for decades.
Recently states are starting to fight back against forced book purchases.
Sure, I'm just curious when you were working in education.
1997 to 2003
@Axelrod nono no, this book was written 30 years ago and given a new "edition" that changed one spelling word for a new premium price
2003 to 2006
Why do you want to know?
Are you doubting my word/
7:22 PM
@Himarm That's after-the-fact price gouging. My issue was that, regardless of the price, the books were pointlessly complicated.
It's like taking a 3 year old, putting them on a BMX bike, and pushing them down a half pipe.
In my time at University I had two text books that were written by the professors... I thought they were both well-done and reasonably priced... and generally available used.
Dunno, probably was stupid to ask, because I don't know much about the education system in America, so I can't really correlate it with anything in education history.
only the history textbooks were worth a read in college
@Catija Subject matter, matters.
7:23 PM
everything else meh
I've heard lots of scary rumours about the state of education there, and it's quite different than from here (there are differences within Europe too of course), but I don't know enough about its history so the dates aren't meaningful, yes.
So it was a stupid question.
If you're working on a soft science or a humanity? Awesome. If you're working on engineering, transcendental calculus, etc? Forget about it. The profs ascended to a new plane of existence and don't understand what's wrong with you simpletons.
@Axelrod Is this for primary education textbooks, or for college?
@b_jonas If you've heard scary rumors about the US, 99% of the time they're false and established in a sheltered perspective.
@Axelrod Sure, and I know scary stuff about education in here too, more closely. I'm not saying the US is worse, it's just very alien to me.
7:25 PM
@b_jonas College. The issues with primary education textbooks was lack of updates, collusion with the manufacturer that led to poor coverage, etc.
@ThaddeusHowze And, arguably, because the PhD model, by its nature, is guaranteed to be a lousy job market because one PhD will, over his career, enable hundreds of students to go after his one job. So they have to support themselves somehow...
@b_jonas My statement was broad. Literally any scary rumors are false, 99% of the time, due to a poor sense of perspective on the writer's part.
Axelord: I see. Wait, on which continent are you on?
@b_jonas North America. USA, specifically.
7:27 PM
Anyhow, got to run. Fun participating.
@Axelrod Why would it need to be poor perspective if it's by teachers? Multiple different teachers?
@Axelrod Astronomy (black holes) and Texas Government.
@Rincewind did you r u n, o f t?
Luckily I don't follow the news about education too closely, not even in Hungary, since I don't have children.
@b_jonas You're mixing subjects. Scary rumors about the USA, not textbooks. College textbooks have poor perspective due to writers being too far ahead to see where they came from.
7:28 PM
@Axelrod Not textbooks, sure.
@b_jonas I ban thee.
About other stuff in education in the US.
meh over all our education is fine, if you want something out of it
@Catija Soft.
we got problems but if you personally want something youll turn out alright
7:29 PM
But the US apparently has such a great model of education that all of Europe is slowly trying to imitate all the bad parts of it.
@b_jonas cause the same people that make money in the US are looking to expand their market
@Himarm As long as you don't live in the ghetto, the barrio (Hispanic ghetto) or the reservation (native ghetto).
@Axelrod you can still get a good education, just the social influences that facilitate you personally trying to learn are inhibited 1212 fold
Or the rural trailer park (white ghetto).
7:31 PM
@Himarm Nah, thank you, we have our own people who want to earn money from corruption in the government, we don't need to import those.
Make [nation X] great again! Keep corruption local!
A new salesmark I am experimenting with.
But I am trying to consider a logo design.
Any ideas?
@b_jonas well they all work together, anyway, and go on yacht trips together.
@Politank-Z It's not that easy, mind you. There was also this stuff about expanding the nuclear reactor, and Putin was involved in the corruption too somehow.
@Himarm No, you can't. Literally, you are held back by the system in place. Schools that won't teach math above Algebra, little or no sciences, etc.
7:33 PM
And that was a lot of money, so you have to weigh it high.
So we're not entirely successful keeping it local.
I don't think they took yacht trips together though. Would be strange.
It's the polar opposite of how our lack of consistency leads some kids to go to college at 12, while equally intelligent ones are stuck due to no means to advance.
@b_jonas There is always someone getting the short end of the stick. There is always someone looking to exploit those people for personal gain. The slogans are largely meaningless.
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Okay, no ideas.
@Axelrod at least in the chicago area, every highschool has some form of "honors" program that provides higher level classes. ive never heard of a school that doesnt in the area, plus we have tons of magnet schools that willsend busses to pick up smarter kids and take them to better schools. the biggest issues we have is that youll get beat up if your to smart, end up playing dumb, getting into a gang, ect
7:35 PM
@ThaddeusHowze Well, there is at least one person writing as The Answer Man in Anime. If you are sticking with it anyway, the obvious idea is a question mark, or a globe.
@Himarm Yeah, that's in a big city. It's much worse in small faraway towns. Children there can be very unlucky and stuck till they're old enough to go to college.
My alias as Answer-Man is over 20 years old.
Not going to worry about that.
I was on the luckier part, not only because I'm in a big city, but also because of my family background and because the system was somewhat better back when I grew up.
Me? I wondered over to screening room
I just want a decent icon.
7:36 PM
what I miss?
Something distinctive.
Your cyborg thumbnail, perhaps.
@Rincewind Arguing over education.
7:38 PM
Probably lack of perspective on all parts.
But I've heard some testimonials about people who weren't lucky and didn't have access to good enough education until they went to college, just because they lived in the wrong place.
@Rincewind just the boring stuffs about life
@Rincewind bring the joy back to the room
@ThaddeusHowze Want me to make one
@Axelrod Sigh that olf thing?
@Himarm Aww!!
@Himarm Bleh
7:38 PM
@Himarm Ok!!
It can't hurt, right?
So what you call a colour blind elephant?
Like I said, I am looking for something distinctive.
But able to be a decent Icon on its own.
@ThaddeusHowze For?
A pumpkin (colour bilnd elephant
@Rincewind ?
7:39 PM
@Rincewind a pumpkin?
that one went onver my head
@Himarm because why not
@ThaddeusHowze ah!!
@ThaddeusHowze Hmmm.....
now im sitting here trying to figure out
I figure my answers have become somewhat of a brand.
@bleh Yeeessss????
7:40 PM
color, elephant and pumpkin
And I have been answering questions on superheroes for nearly 20 years.
Then you would have to change ur name to answerman
So I thought I would branch out.
or there wouldn't be anyfun
It seems my time here on the Stack is nearly done.
7:41 PM
@Himarm They are both round and kind of rinckly
@ThaddeusHowze WHAT??! WHY
im reading that joke is a plum
@Rincewind next joke that one was a flop
@Himarm I am not aloud to tell those anymore
But it makes an outstanding archive of questions and answers: At least 1400 answers here. That is probably one of the largest superhero Question and Answer Archives on the Internet.
@Rincewind your not allowed to tell plum jokes?
7:42 PM
Because I think I have done all I can do here.
@Himarm Tarzan "Plums anyone?
@ThaddeusHowze What? Why?
Why would your time end?
Most of my answers are falling behind other writers.
@Himarm not since the cherry tree jokes
what are the cherry tree jokes
7:42 PM
@ThaddeusHowze Then step it up
So they are either, too long or too complex.
I am happy with my answers the way they are, so I have considered migrating the brand elsewhere.
Pointing at the answers already here because it is foolish to have to write them again.
Q: Why do elephants paint their toenails red?
A: So they can hide in cherry trees.
Q: Have you ever seen an elephant in a cherry tree?
A: (they will say NO). Works, doesn't it?!
lol.... Why do elephants paint their nuts red?
A: So they can hide in cherry trees.
People here can keep getting what they are preferring and I can keep my brand alive.
7:44 PM
@HimarmQ: How did Tarzan die?
A: Picking cherries.
Then You can just
@Himarm So now he picks plums!!!
Which is pretty much how it is now.
But I like writing my answers, so I will just write them on my board/blog instead.
Stay in chat then! :)
7:45 PM
@ThaddeusHowze For your logo.. what is most associated with comics/superheros?
An interesting question, @Rincewind.
I am not certain if there is any Iconic symbology.
@ThaddeusHowze It must be something that everyone knows is linked to both or either comics or superheros
@Rincewind Like Superman?
Yes, I understand that part. I worked in marketing for a decade.
I considered using a shield.
@Obie2.0 Why no chat?
7:46 PM
@ThaddeusHowze that was it will jump out at both the new person and the stanch audience
But then it would require some effort to decide what to put IN the shield.
@ThaddeusHowze Well I didn't know that!!
I know.
@ThaddeusHowze Hmmm Guy in cape?
@ThaddeusHowze :)
Doesn't scale well.
At small sizes, too hard to recognize.
7:47 PM
@ThaddeusHowze ER....
That is why I was looking for something more question, intellect, mental oriented.
@ThaddeusHowze A brain?
Brains are nice, but people don't respond favorably to them as icons.
@ThaddeusHowze Or at least something that represents an idea or answer
7:49 PM
@ThaddeusHowze Is that the SE Area 51 icon?
@ThaddeusHowze A ship does well
I thought it might, but its been done before.
It's no hurry.
I associate a spaceship logo with the Galactic Empire, not superheros. But that's because I don't read much superhero stuff.
7:50 PM
I mean, in the Asimovian universe.
Which is why I am not using it.
@Himarm Is that a person rolling between sleeping in bed and watching TV?
Took me some time to interpret it.
@ThaddeusHowze what about the classic comic sans text? Have some simplified version of your sites name or...
One or more sort of generic superhero torsos in assorted stern poses?
@b_jonas its my life
7:52 PM
There will be no COMIC SANS.
Under pain of Death.
@Rincewind Doesn't work as an SE icon, which must be the same icon scaled to various sizes between 16x16 and 164x164. If SE allowed you to upload different versions of the userpic for different sizes, it could work, but SE doesn't let you do that now.
I will be experimenting until something works for me.
In fact, that huge size variation makes it pretty difficult to come up with any good icon. I wish it allowed multiple different sized images.
@ThaddeusHowze ok... What about something like this but with a letter to do with you? smashinghub.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/…
@ThaddeusHowze best plan
@b_jonas this is a pain
I like that style.
7:54 PM
Maybe we should file a feature-request on SE Meta.
@ThaddeusHowze Or even for when you have found a logo image set it in something like those shields... It would look cool or what every the new hip word is :p
Thank you Rince.
Okay, I have to get ready to take my son to the doctor.
I should probably first figure out how to upload an SE logo through gravatar, which supposedly makes it possible to make a transparent logo, which otherwise mostly doesn't work on SE because buggy,
and then make a good logo. But I'm lazy to do either.
@ThaddeusHowze hope I helped!!
@ThaddeusHowze hope everything goes well!
You all gave me something to think about.
I will think about it while at the hospital.
7:58 PM
@ThaddeusHowze that is something at least!
It's just a physical for my son for next year.
(I even have ideas, though I'm not sure it would work, nor if I want to use it.)
@ThaddeusHowze still!! Hospitals are horrid when you are a kid
Godspeed @ThaddeusHowze
or even when you are not a kid!!
@b_jonas ....
7:59 PM
@Rincewind Hospitals are always bad because of the memories it's associated with them.
@b_jonas True
I also have a thing about them
my nurse had a strong hand last time i was in the hospital
bassicly her good hand looked like that
and she was putting an IV into me
and missing
on christmas day
and they charged me 6000 dollars for a ct scan i didnt need
@Himarm Yeah... this may be why I avoid them!!!
Like, for example, the thought of IV fluid replacement gave scary thoughts to me for a while, but later I realized it was actually good stuff, it only seemed bad because I had them in my childhood only when I was so ill I couldn't eat.
and tried to give me morphine for the flu
8:02 PM
@b_jonas I can't even go into a hospital without some panic
obviously the dregs were working on christmas
my wife was in tears laughing when she saw my nurse
@Himarm well you would not have minded who ill you felt anymore?
@Himarm oh no....
But of course now I know that getting water through IV is actually a good thing when you can't drink or eat.
@b_jonas yes... true....
And similarly, having to sleep in a hospital is scary, but it's not only because having to stay there is so bad, but mostly because they keep me in only if I'm too ill to go home.
(Note: staying in a hospital itself is still quite bad if you don't have caring relatives visiting you.)
Q: Did Tom Riddle's Diary contain half of Voldemort's soul, or a smaller fraction?

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@b_jonas I think part of it is being to ill to go home
being that ill is scary
@Himarm morphine for flu? ... that doesn't make sense to me, but I'm no doctor
@b_jonas they had this crazy idea i had appendicitis even though i told them like 10 times i was pretty sure it was food posining from my mother-in-laws shitty lasanga
8:06 PM
@Himarm Wait... how is it flu if you had food poisoning?
And aren't there pretty good routine methods both to diagnose appendicitis and to fix it?
I am a lucky fish... I have never had food poisoning which I here is alwfull
@b_jonas they never did give me a diagonsis, they just confirmed for 6000 extra dollars it wasnt apendicitius, those jerks
@Himarm wow
6000 dollars to diagnose not appendicitis... sounds outrageous
@Himarm that a lot of money for nothing
And no chicks for free.
8:09 PM
i went in simply for an IV, and potentially some anti-vomiting medication, cause i had thrown up for like 12 hours straight
so after like 30 min with and iv and the anti vomit crap i was feeling better, but sore, so i asked for advil
@Politank-Z You should get extra points for that one!
Wait, which one is advil? Is that ibuprophene based?
and there like whats your pain, and im like i duno maybe a 6 ( i had been vomiting for 12 hours so my abbs were killing me) so their like GET THE MORPHINE APPEDICITIS, so 4 hours later after drinking the tracer i get a ct scan to confirm that i was fine
/me looks it up
its ibupophene
8:11 PM
@Himarm ...?
drinfo.eum.hu is down!
@Himarm Well at least you now knew you were fine officially?
@Rincewind Just the way my mind works. I can't remember much without context, but trigger and response is pretty sharp.

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