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11:55 AM
@Richard - how exactly are you on strike? You still seem as active as ever.
@Wikis his chat suspension still has 4 days in it
@Wikis He's on strike from editing, flagging, reviewing, and so on. He's still continuing to ask, answer, and earn rep as much as ever.
@Ixrec @randal'thor; OK thanks.
12:15 PM
Yay, got two gold badges within 15 minutes of each other yesterday!
I've never had a Great Question before.
I miss @Richard too!
And hi all.
@randal'thor For the same question even.
@NapoleonWilson Yep! It wasn't even a very well thought-out question, just something that came up in chat and I posted off-the-cuff a few minutes later.
@Ixrec should probably have posted it instead, and got those gold badges...
2 days ago, by Ixrec
@randal'thor and you did ask it far better than I would've
I regret nothing!
1:06 PM
Q: Spacetime dilation during warp travel?

iMerchantAccording to answers I've seen on here, starships in Star Trek do not experience time dilation at warp speeds due to the ship being surrounded by a static warp bubble and isn't moving. Rather, spacetime around the warp bubble is moving instead. If spacetime is moving and not the ship, doesn't th...

Omg im never drinking again @steelerfan, i drank on a thursday like an idiot, made it to work today and litterly everyone else called in sick wuttt
@Himarm Like that Wham! song...
> I'm never gonna drink again / drunken feet have got no rhythm
I dunno if i heard that song, apperently i left some guy a comment last night 7 hours ago but i blacked out 9 hours ago
but im not suspended on site so i didnt spam anyone obsenities haha
@Himarm Search on YouTube for "Careless Whisper".
Q: Chronicles of amber why not to simply take some guns from the shadow earth and kill eric?

user2950593I've just read the first book from The Chronicles of Amber And I'm wondering why didn't Korwin or his brother Randell took a machine gun, or just a gun, may be some grenades, may be some other weapons like bazuka , then went to pattern which is located in underwater city (they could carry their ...

1:22 PM
@Himarm don't get drunk...
1:33 PM
@Mithrandir get even?
1:44 PM
Here's a song for @Himarm:
Q: Was JK Rowling inspired by IT (Stephen King)?

MikeKeepsOnShineIn the novel Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Remus Lupin teaches how to fight the boggarts, "amortal shape-shifting non-being that takes on the form of the viewer's worst fear" (HarryPotterWiki) In IT by Stephen King, the nature of the antagonist evil monster is explained by itslef bef...

Q: Why to Gungans lack weapons that are remotely on a par with their other technologies?

Matt ThrowerI was re-watching The Phantom Message for the first time last night, with my kids. During the battle sequence between the Gungans and the Federation droids, I was struck by the bizarre mixture of technologies displayed by the Gungans. To whit: they have fairly advanced protective force-field tec...

Q: In Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, how did Kirk and Gillian successfully beam aboard the Klingon ship together?

IanIn Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, whale biologist Gillian grabs onto Kirk while he is beamed aboard the Klingon warbird. They both are successfully transported on to the ship, fully in tact. In-universe, is this actually possible, or should they have been fused together into one person when their...

Well I just woke up and I've already rep capped for the fourth day in a row. Now what am i supposed to do? - @Richard world problems.
2:08 PM
Q: Interstellar 'PROMISES'

Carl HarrisonIn the film Interstellar, the Granddad said that he needs to sort it out with Murphy before he goes, and not to make any promises he couldn't keep, at the end of the film, while coop was talking to Murphy, coop said how did you know to which Murphy, replied because my Daddy promised me. When in t...

Q: What exactly about Aunt Petunia is "More than meets the eye"?

Gorchestopher HReading through a few questions (this one in particular) I came across this quote: Is Aunt Petunia a Squib? J. K. Rowling: Good question. No, she is not, but — [Laughter]. No, she is not a Squib. She is a Muggle, but — [Laughter]. You will have to read the other books. You might have...

Q: Would a new Gravity Wave Detector invalidate cloaking devices?

enorl76A ship has to have mass, yes? So wouldn't a Gravity Wave detector, built on the new science of Gravity Wave detection, be able to ferret out a cloaked ship? Obviously the fiction would say "yes", but scientifically would it ever be possible for a cloaking device to "reverse" the gravity waves em...

2:58 PM
Q: Did Dumbledore had any muggle friends?

VoldemortWith all his affection towards muggles for several decades, one may wonder if he even had any muggle friends at all. He surely was acquainted with the parents of his muggle-born students, but I'm curious if he had any actual friendship with a muggle (where he knows that he is a wizard, and used t...

3:42 PM
@SQB: Thanks for the impending bounty! I assume that's directed at me, not that you think someone is going to swoop in in the next couple days with a better answer. :)
@ThePopMachine Thank you for reminding me :)
Swoop swoop swoop!
Awarded. I found it very impressive.
@SQB: Honestly, I don't understand why this one took off. There's some serious bandwagoning going on sometimes. Nice to be on the positive side of one of those for once.
@SQB: Yeah, well, thanks. I did put a lot of work into it. But there were a ton of vote long before I had anything about the actual novella.
@SQB: See, it could have gone the other way. Check out this deleted comment -- which actually really did make me laugh.
Q: How long have the seasons been extended in A Song of Ice and Fire?

Bram McConnellI had originally thought that the seasons were extended due to The Doom, which was 400 - 500 years ago. However, with The Long Night lasting a generation and being 8000 years ago, and the source of the season shift being 'magic', has there ever been a time that the seasons were normal? Is there a...

4:00 PM
Tonight, justice has a new name. But, we're still just going to call it justice. You know, to avoid confusion.
Q: Why didn't Beerus stop Buu?

ShankRamBeerus is the God of Destruction in Universe 7, and his main job was to maintain balance in the universe by destroying planets. If Buu had gone around blowing planets, wouldn't it disturb the balance of the universe? We all know from the Battle of Gods that Beerus is much, much stronger than Buu....

dang it. Now my typo will forever be on the star board...
@JackBNimble How's that?
@JackBNimble You could get a mod to edit it for you...
How convenient... there's one now...
@Null "Justice as a new name" should be "Justice has a new name"
4:15 PM
@JackBNimble Already fixed it for you.
Also starred it.
Must be nice having all those mod powers.
Over 20 years ago. Makes me feel old, but the alternative is worse.
Have at it @Richard, @Praxis, @N_Soong, @randal'thor:
Q: Where is this painting from the Enterprise now?

ThePopMachineThis is a follow on to this question and of course this answer regarding this painting: which we now know is a depiction by Rick Sternback of the glideship Aurora and its hydrogen balloon, used to drop into the atmosphere of Jupiter in The Anvil of Jove by Gregory Benford and Gordon Eklund....

@JackBNimble It is. In the past 24 hours I've done everything from delete several accounts to fixing a typo.
@ThePopMachine I have it in my secret vault.
Q: Where is this painting from the Enterprise now?

ThePopMachineThis is a follow on to this question and of course this answer regarding this painting: which we now know is a depiction by Rick Sternback of the glideship Aurora and its hydrogen balloon, used to drop into the atmosphere of Jupiter in The Anvil of Jove by Gregory Benford and Gordon Eklund....

@JackBNimble :)
4:46 PM
Good morning/Afternoon!
Good some time of the day!
5:22 PM
> You have to understand the way I am, mein Herr.
> A tiger is a tiger, not a lamb, mein Herr.
@Himarm WOW!! You're never drinking again? That's a strong statement to be making!! ;)
that's what it'll take to win the next mod election
Does anyone know where Mike went? Is he still around?
not a clue, he appears to be absent
all we know for sure is Joshua is no longer with us
5:32 PM
@Mike is still around somewhere, just really quiet. I hope he's okay.
@steelerfan He seems to be on private hiatus, although he is still around, lurking in the shadows. I occasionally hear from him.
@JackBNimble Gotcha :)
Good morning, fellow denizens.
If Mike is lurking anywhere........ MIKE, YOUR PRESENCE IS MISSED!!!
@Politank-Z Good morning :)
I still feel awful ugug
5:42 PM
@Himarm Pathogen, hangover, or other?
@steelerfan I agree with the sentiment, but, "YOUR". twitch
@Politank-Z DAMMIT!! God, my pre-filling tablet has a mind of it's own!!!
@Politank-Z This is Himarm we'er talking about if he feels "ugug" it's obviously due to drinking :P
@Himarm Awwww, sorry buddy!
@ryan Now now, just because it's likely doesn't mean it's always the case.
Pretty sure it's the case!
5:47 PM
he admitted earlier in the transcript it was due to drinking
OK. Objection withdrawn. Repent, sinner!
Tonight im drinking chocolate malk
I'm assuming that you will be drinking tonight, since it's Friday night @Himarm!! I mean, it's not a Friday night unless I am at work and you're drinking!!
......and Mango is in here with his shenanigans......
Well, Mango won't be in here, but it will still be a party!!!
5:52 PM
@Himarm Haha! I don't believe you!!
God, I love "really like" @Himarm ;)
Himarm, you are frigging hilarious!!!
Im sleepy time for a nap on my lunch break
Are you going to take a nap in your car?
6:04 PM
...that's probably what I miss most about driving to work.
I have never taken a nap in my car while at work.
For one thing, we have quiet rooms on every floor you can reserve time for.
Q: i cant think of the title!

Spring WilsonI've been trying many different searches and am coming up empty. Perhaps you fine folks can help me. There was a show I really enjoyed as a kid. I believe it only lasted one season as it didn't do very well. I believe it came on ABC, CBS or NBC. It was about an alien who crash landed to Earth and...

6:16 PM
@JackBNimble Nice. I could find a better than car solution at my present job. Past jobs, not so much.
@JackBNimble Yeah, we have a separate room for staff with beds. I sleep at work occasionally in between shifts.
We aren't actually supposed to use those quiet rooms. They are not for sleeping or making phone calls. They are generally just for nursing mothers.
Though, when I worked at a job in an business development out in the middle of nowhere, a Spring nap outdoors with the windows down and sunroof open was exceedingly pleasant. The other seasons, to varying degrees, less so.
Well, we work long hours, especially resident Doctors and surgeons. There is always someone sleeping in there :)
@steelerfan It's important that our healthcare workers be as overworked and artificially stimulated as possible.
I actually had a surgical resident defend the system to me.
6:25 PM
@Politank-Z Haha! Oh, really?
Q: Is there a clear, definitive explanation for what happened in Evangelion 3.33?

dvaegI'm hoping this isn't too opinion based, but I completely lost track of the narrative in the newly released (US at least) Evangelion 3.33. I followed 1 and 2 well enough, but I'm trying to figure out: 1) Is there an actual explanation for what happened in 3.33 or 2) Did the narrative fall apa...

@steelerfan His argument was essentially that it is a necessary gauntlet to cull the weak. I've been told that this is not an uncommon attitude among surgeons.
@Politank-Z Yeah, each surgeon is different. They actually don't really socialize with us lowly nurses ;) although, we have a few new ones that are really cool. I stayed up and played poker with them the other night :)
Strip poker no doubt
Haha! Yeah, you guessed it, Himarm! ;)
There are so many Doctors screwing nurses, it's comical.
6:41 PM
Hadn't you heard that doctors, and especially surgeons, are God's gift to the world, and nurses are His gifts to the doctors? ;-)
For real this time ... Good morning/afternoon!
Im always suspicious when im at the a doctors kffice or dentist and the nurses/tech are all very attractive women...
Yeah, I hear it all of the time! ;) most surgeons are arrogant jerks. They are especially arrogant if you turn down their "advances" Ugh. There are probably 5 or 6 affairs going on at my work right now!
they took 8 years of school so they could get that ublimited buffet od nurses
@Himarm It happens all of the time, more than you probably think!
6:46 PM
I have a Radiologist in the family. He saw himself as the protector of patients from the overeager knives of the surgeons. His tales of the surgeons' arrogance were frequent. He himself is almost unbearably arrogant, so that's really saying something.
I absolutely love my surgeon. He was so kind, and he gives all this patients his personal mobile number so they can always reach him. Genuinely a nice, nice man.
Yeah, so many of them have a "God complex"
Not all surgeons are like that, but the majority are arrogant to anyone who is below their station.
What none of them understand is that software engineers are God's TRUE gift to the world, He just hasn't chosen a profession full of attractive people to gift us with yet.
I've heard that, yeah. That's why I'm so grateful to have a good surgeon. I even tested his cell phone, to see if he'd answer, and he did, both times :))
I mostly have to deal with cardiologists. They are the worst, imo ;)
@Slytherincess Is this an orthopedist?
@Politank-Z Are Wad and I the only ones in here who don't have a tech job?
6:55 PM
My best friend decided, in her mid-thirties, that she wanted to be a doctor. Well, she'd wanted to be a doctor since we both were kids. Anyway, she decided to go to medical school in her mid-thirties, and is now an anesthesiologist. I keep telling her, Dude, you need to go into pain management -- you'll make a fortune!
@Slytherincess Wow!! That's commendable!! There are a lot of anesthesiologists who are pain management Doctors. At least, where I live there are :)
@steelerfan No, a hepatic (sp?) surgeon. He does liver transplants, but is also a ... I'm blanking on the name ... a doctor who does abdominal surgery.
Q: Star Wars novellisations

Alice DerkowskiWould anyone be able to recommend star wars novels that explains the beginning of the Star Wars universe or a good backstory about the origins of Jedis/Siths Thanku

majorstackings on February 12, 2016

I went to the 9:50 screening of Deadpool last night. I managed to get the center seat in the back row. The theater was about 1/4 full, and even then there was a buzz in the air.

Deadpool, Marvel’s latest comic book character to receive the R-rated movie treatment due to violence and subject matter, drew genre appropriate previews. I couldn’t even absorb the body count before the actual film even started. If you enjoy “shoot -em up bang! bang!” movies, this summer might be your best summer yet.

Deadpool can be a bit of a smart-ass. …

here's my surgeon's website. Genuinely a nice man.
7:02 PM
@Slytherincess That man has a lot of forehead.
@JackBNimble More room to fit in his fabulous medical knowledge :))
@Slytherincess He looks a little like Stephen king ;) I am so glad that you have a great surgeon, though. It's rare to find one that cares for their patients like he does :) most of them leave the caring and bedside manners to us nurses ;)
On another note, if there are no objections, I'm going to unpin any starred items that are older thna a week.
@Slytherincess do et do et do et
@Slytherincess Can you fix my misspelling of my comment that is on the star board? It says "you're" instead of "your"
7:08 PM
@steelerfan I lucked out, because I came into the hospital on an emergency basiss, in an ambulance and everything. He just happened to be the doctor on call.
I hate auto correct!!!
@steelerfan I'll try ... Dunno if I have the power to do that, but I'll try.
@Slytherincess no big deal if you can't :)
did not have the best day at work!!
It's much better now though
@steelerfan Unfortunately, I do not have that ability. Maybe one of the mods will do it for you. Im sorry :(
7:12 PM
@Slytherincess No biggie :)
@AncientSwordRage Sorry you had a rotten day! At least you can relax now. Relax with US!
@Slytherincess my wife will be wondering where I am!
@Slytherincess thanks
@steelerfan mischief managed
@AncientSwordRage THANKS!! :))
@steelerfan YOU'RE WELCOME
Okay, I unpinned four items.
7:16 PM
@AncientSwordRage I hope the rest of your day gets better!! :)
@steelerfan is will be once I'm home
@Slytherincess good plan
@AncientSwordRage HOORAY!!
7:38 PM
@steelerfan that's probably what that room's really for.
@SQB HAHA!! Well, it's used for that more often than not! ;)
Watching The Voice Kids. Not sure why.
Q: Are there any half-blood or muggle-born squibs?

Justin AlexanderI remember other situations, like regular squibs and regular half-bloods, but I don't remember any mention of a half-blood squib or if it was even possible. I assume a muggle-born squib is impossible, but I just want confirmation.

@Obie All non-magical Muggles are squibs.
Except, I'm pretty sure Squib is the term meant to refer to a person with two magical parents who gave birth to a non-magical child.
7:49 PM
Would a muggle with just a bit of magical ability (but too little for admission to Hogwarts) be called a squib?
No. See "Is a squib a Muggle?"
@steelerfan Anyone who's blue should be able to fix it for you, though...
48 mins ago, by AncientSwordRage
@steelerfan mischief managed
@AncientSwordRage HA HA. Missed that part :P
8:06 PM
I think I've worked out the flow for my film associater :
1. Get original film (query)
2. Get cast from film id (credits)
3. Map to list of roles (actors/character/ actor ID)
4. Get all films associated with actor and map to list of film IDs (with_cast)
2b. For each film get cast, except those on the exclusion list (initially empty) get the cast and add the intersection of exclusion and actors list
3b. Partition/Map to separate list of roles - If you find an role from the master list (add film ID to list of included films) or film ID in the inclusion set, add role to running list - else add film ID to exclusion list along with roles in film
Q: Why is Ant-Man considered MCU?

Johnny BonesThis may be a bad question, because admittedly I never saw Ant-Man all the way through. I tried twice and it put me to sleep both times. That being said... I was trying to find a proper timeline for the MCU today and came across a number of them which included Ant-Man. These same timelines do...

Q: How does Sygildry work?

Mr. Shiny and New 安宇In the Kingkiller Chronicles, sygildry is described as being like permanent sympathy. But sympathy requires alar, that is, the belief of the person performing it that the thing is true, and it requires energy. The flow of energy is a major concern: sympathists frequently encounter "binder's chill...

@M&TVObie We all jumped on that one.
@M&TVObie cause duh? it was made by marvel???
bad question
@M&TVObie @JackBNimble @cde @Catija you all beat me to it!
8:13 PM
What do you know, all the sudden Movies.SE is no longer blocked at work.
@ryan so is FF, deadpool, X-men....
@AncientSwordRage I see in that universe you are still known as the Pureferret.
@JackBNimble yarp
@AncientSwordRage :D That's the most answers in a short period of time on one question I've ever seen.
@AncientSwordRage no they weren't
8:14 PM
@Catija hah
@ryan the original characters
The OP probably doesn't know that
But he asked about MCU not Marvel
Yeah, the question is a bit confusing...
@ryan exactly. They probably don't know the difference
To ask about the MCU specifically and then ask why x-men isn't in it is pretty silly. Even my parents know that Fox owns x-men and Marvel doesn't
All comic book movies are made by the same guy. Which is why I'm confused that we haven't seen a Superman, Iron-Man, Spider-Man, Hellboy, Punisher matchup yet, with Wolverine refereeing.
8:18 PM
Perhaps he really means to ask "why isn't Spiderman part of MCU?"
@JackBNimble make it so.
@Catija probably? Unless he's working off of a connections chart.
A: Can a Jedi find a Force-sensitive through meditation?

RedCaioCANON: 1. In The Clone Wars TV show we see that the Force can be used to sense the future and thus locate individuals through the Force. From the episode Holocron Heist: [Cad] Bane is after [...] the Kyber crystal, that with the holocron could crack the data on the crystal, which contains i...

@JackBNimble Also, what percentage of superheroes has their gender confirmed by their suffix?
@JackBNimble Yeah, right... like Wolverine would ever sit on the sidelines as a ref... He'd be in the middle of everything or off doing something else entirely.
8:20 PM
Spider-man, Superman, Hellboy, Wonder Woman...
Q: Is comic Deadpool portrayed as "R" as movie Deadpool?

ibidFrom what I understand of the Deadpool movie, it involves lots of language, violence, and graphic nudity. I've read a lot of Deadpool comics, and I only remember the violence. I don't remember any nudity or uncensored language. So why is the movie being portrayed this way? Is it a deviation fro...

And why are females nearly always "girl"... but guys are "man"?
@Obie Yes.
We might as well share the wealth on that question by upvoting each other.
@Catija Ms Marvel? Wonder Woman? Vs Supergirl and Powergirl...
8:23 PM
@SQB The only thing I know for sure about suffixes is that Marvel loves hyphens and DC doesn't.
Not sure how split it is
I'm already rep capped due to some Hunger Games questions from yesterday.
> The only thing I know for sure about suffixes is that Marvel-loves-hyphens and DC doesn't.
@AncientSwordRage At the hyphen.
@Catija But that doesn't stop you from up-voting (Marvel approved)...
@SQB hmm, not what I meant really

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