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@Himarm The heist went off without a hitch we counted the cash, over 21k
good good
Q: Was Geordi's VISOR capable of displaying only the visible spectrum?

1252748I've read on memory alpha that Geordi's VISOR detects electromagnetic signals across the entire EM spectrum between 1 Hz and 100,000 THz On Wikipedia I've read that the spectrum visible to humans is somewhere around the range of 430–770 THz. Is it be possible for him to limit the Hz ...

Whats your cut again?
you realize thats only like a 1000 dollars
that means @Bellerophon and I split 10k each
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Q: What is the force behind Colin's head (on a pike)

YasskierIn "Fables", Rose Red is few time visited - usually in the time of great need - by a ghost of Colin (or to be precise: a ghost of pig's head on a pike) - first victim of the failed revolution on the Farm. I always assumed that indeed this is just Colin calling from whatever afterlife he had, but...

@WadCheber :-=
Too many people fail to consider us vampires.
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Q: Who was Did Paul Maud-Dib's Jihad conducted against and why did it happen?

StephenBetween Dune and Dune Messiah, Paul Maud-Dib's Fremen armies swept across the galaxy in a bloody Jihad. What I don't understand is who this Jihad was raged against. The key Harkonnen leaders were all dead, House Atreides was aligned with House Corrino through the wedding of Paul to Irulan. So ...

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@DoritoStyle - Hello.
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@Adeptus - Did you flag this yet?
We have that unusual type of troll who posts more than once. ;-=
@Adamant looks like it's been flagged to death, I can't see it
@Adeptus Yeah, it is dead now.
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Q: I'm looking for older sci fi books

j brownReferring to books ,My husband is looking for a book with alternate world sentient raccoons.He does not remember the titles or author.

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@Totallyarebel Hey.
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What's up
Q: Why didn't Ben kill Jinx?

BCLCIn S05E17 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Ben just stabs Jinx in the stomach after Ben accidentally reveals something. Why not in the head?


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