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The other fun titles are when people come up with something good for a tag rename request. SuperUser does a particularly good job, I think: meta.superuser.com/questions/tagged/tag-cleanup-request
There's been some fun titles lately from Judaism.SE
'Purim Torah'
that's annual
Q: What is the Torah preferred brand of cell phone?

YishaiI have heard of Kosher phones. What do the classic sources (preferably Rishonim or earlier) say about the preferred type and brand of cell phone? This question is Purim Torah and is not intended to be taken completely seriously. See the Purim Torah policy.

Gaming has the best misleading titles, but some of worldbuildings ideas are amazing!
@rand al'thor - yeah, I saw a couple of those pop up and I was like "whaaaaaat?"
Q: Is the Torah in the public domain? (If not, what license is it?)

CnsersmoitThe public domain is, put simply, a collection of works that can be used by anyone, that are not copyrighted. Is the Torah in the public domain? If not, how can we be printing and copyrighting it? And, if not, what license is it under? From my understanding, works can enter the public domain ei...

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I had a gaming.se title hit the HNQ.
Q: Where can I get some uranium?

Michael EdenfieldI've reached the point where I need lots of uranium to build space bases and get unobtanium, but it (the uranium) seems to be pretty difficult to produce. Each accelerator gives me 0.03/sec, but each lunar outpost, for example, requires 1.75/sec to run. That means I'll need 60 accelerators per l...

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I feel like my incessant editing of this answer has propelled the (relatively mediocre) accepted answer much higher than it should have gone :-)
A: Why do people risk death by joining Starfleet if not for money or preservation of their homes?

RichardFrom each individual series (and the new canon comics), each crewmember seems to have different reasons for wanting to join Starfleet: To challenge themselves (Picard): PICARD: The acquisition of wealth is no longer the driving force in our lives. ...We work to better ourselves ...and the re...

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there's such a thing as TOO MUCH clickbait
Night all. Don't let the bedbugs bite.
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Q: Why Did Voldemort Kill Snape?

DunkaI know that the answer to that question is to obtain the Elder Wand, but I think that approach doesn't really make sense. We know that death is not necessary for the Elder Wand to change hands (Grindelwald stole it from Gregorovitch, and Albus obtained by beating Grindelwald in a non fatal duel) ...

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@Richard I've always used "grey" even though I'm American. Not sure why, but it started when I was pretty young.
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Q: What happens when wolverines head is removed

Damian NikodemIn the situation where wolverine has his head cut off (which I am sure would be no simple task, most likely requiring an adimantium weapon of some form) What would happen? Would his head regrow a new body? Or would his body re-grow a new head? Has this already been covered via comics?

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@Keen I think it all depends on the depth of the water the dress is at. I'm pretty sure they turn green if they sink deep enough.
4:46 AM
@Richard Windu vs Fett wasn't the same user.
@ScienceFiction&Fantasy Technically a dupe, but the answer is unsourced and generally.. not great.
A: Out of two organic lumps of Wolverine, what decides which one would regenerate to full Wolverine?

ClutsIf a chunk of Wolverine is severed from his body it does not clone him. His regeneration is a natural process of his body, and like other natural processes is most likely controlled by his endocrine system. Whatever chunk has the larger mass of pituitary gland is portion that will regenerate. How...

5:30 AM
Q: In Boxtrolls, are the boxes a natural part of troll society or is this a peculiar adaptation for this tribe?

Sean DugganIn the movie, Boxtrolls, the trolls are apparently highly attached to their boxes, never seen without them, and reacting in horror when Eggs falls out of his. I know this is partially based off of a book, ''Here Be Monsters!'', so it might be elaborated upon there. Are boxes a normal part of t...

5:54 AM
Q: Has a specific time for Breakaway ever been given?

user28220Everybody who has ever seen "Space: 1999" knows for a fact that the exact day Breakaway happened was September 13th, 1999. What I was asking was if any part of the S:1999 media ever said on what specific hour did this event happened.

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Q: Can Wolverine speak without a body

WOPRIn this question What happens when Wolverine's head is removed? the following panel appears. Does it imply that that Wolverine can speak without lungs. Is this a super power or some other method of communication?

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Q: Teen sci-fi written before 2003 - body upgrade, synthetic bodies?

Sarah JacksonI am trying desperately to remember the title and author of a sic fi book for teenagers, written before 2003. The book was about a young adult virgin, who sold her physical body to have an upgrade to a synthetic body. Her "Sponsor" (buyer), was the CEO/Owner of the company that made the syntheti...

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Q: Which one was more expensive: Clone Army or Droid Army?

S SClone Army and Droid Army both had their own advantages (All clones could do independent thinking as opposed to few selected presumably expensive droids, but Droids were easily replaceable which were produced speedily with combat skills). While choosing an army, was cost a deciding factor for a f...

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Q: How does Dr Who exit the TARDIS?

linojonI'm trying to remember how does Dr Who exit the TARDIS? Is there an exit door? What does it look like? how do you open it?

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Q: Is Dumbledore a psychopath?

AnonymI know he doesn't seem to be one at first sight.But think about it.He never really changes his ways even after the unfortunate incidents in his youth.He continues to ruthlessly manipulate people so that he could carry out his grand schemes. He never trusts anyone and thinks that he is the one who...

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@ScienceFiction&Fantasy Not this effin' crap question again >.< VTC as primarily opinion based. What's next? "Is Dumbledore a winter or a summer?" Yeah, I answered the Snape/psychopathy question, but I answered with my opinion, not from a place of expertise. @Richard -- can you modhammer this question?
@Slytherincess done (but inky as it should be closed anyway)
@Pureferret Thanks! It's really such a terrible question in that diagnosing psychopathy requires a trained professional.
11:37 AM
@Slytherincess - No argument there. Dumbledore expresses despair, love for his pet Phoenix, cries when Harry tells him that he's his man, etc There's almost nothing about his psychological makeup that would suggest that he fits the definition of a psychopath.
11:49 AM
@Richard I completely agree. Dumbledore is an imperfect man, but who among us isn't?
@Slytherincess - His constant inability to tell Harry (and us) what's going on is pretty annoying. That makes him an a*se, not a psychopath.
@Richard His biggest arse moment for me is when he turns his back on Harry throughout Order of the Phoenix, after Cedric was murdered and Harry was so angry that he talked in ALL CAPS for the entire book!
@Slytherincess - I get that he's worried that Voldemort will learn his plans (through legilimency) but that's no reason to treat Harry like dirt. It's not like Voldemort isn't planning to kill both of them anyway.

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