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Q: Which TOS characters do we see in TNG-era canon?

N_SoongI recall seeing Spock and McCoy on TNG, but which other TOS characters do we see in TNG-era canon i.e. TNG, DS9, VOY and the TNG movies.

Two away
A: In Back to the Future, why was the speed 88 miles per hour?

AncientSwordRageAs you can see here the original set of Deloreans were fitted with speedometers that went up to 85 MpH: Further evidence on wikipedia supports this. The fact it needs to reach 88 MpH may be an indication that the Delorean is supped up, or that time travel is impossible. Or even just it needs ...

@AncientSwordRage That was me.
@AncientSwordRage Wow, you have lots of gold badges already!
@AncientSwordRage You've been here for four years, and no great answer badge?
It hardly seems fair.
You have a large number of famous question badges, of course.
@Jonah Was this you too?
12:20 AM
Those are good answers
@Randal'Thor - check my answer again. New quotes, including some that prove that Elvish wedding customs required the bride's mother (Galadriel) to speak to the groom (Elrond) and give him a gift. And the marriage was preceded by the groom (Elrond) asking the parents of the bride for permission.
@WadCheber Wow. Definitely worth a +1 now.
Well, it would've been worth my +1 even before if you'd just put the book quotes before the film crap :-)
1:09 AM
Q: Where was Leia when Han was being tortured?

Vince ScaliaIn The Empire Strikes Back we have the scene shortly after Han Solo and friends are apprehended on Cloud City by Darth Vader and Boba Fett. I never really noticed this before, but when everyone's all happy and dandy with how much they've tortured Han, they bring him back to his "prison cell". Lei...

@AncientSwordRage 1 ;)
Why is he wearing Han's clothes? Wardrobe went on strike, or the continuity guy?
Q: Which character has traveled in time the most?

N_SoongThe title says it all: Which main Star Trek character has traveled through time the most? I'm referring to characters from the 22nd century to the 24th century - no 26th/29th/31st century time travelers please! Also, only canon instances apply.

@AncientSwordRage There's a WoG answer there. Sorry, no cigar. Even though... must... not.. OCD... up vote... odd number... Exterminate! Exterminate!
1:45 AM
Q: What's with all the closure tags?

Rand al'ThorLet's raise the tagging topic to a new level of meta-ness by talking about tags on meta! We have four different tags on meta.SFF which are about question closure: closed-questions (81 questions): "For questions about closing questions, or about a specific closed question." close-reasons (58 qu...

@AncientSwordRage I don't know. Ur 1st great answer.....
Yeah Ok Ur 1st Great answer is coming in
Ok 100. Congrats!
Q: Why do aliens from the Delta Quadrant also refer to that part of the galaxy as 'Delta Quadrant'?

dennis_vokIf I was living on a planet somewhere in the galaxy and decided to divide that galaxy into some named parts, I would probably name my own region the 'Alpha' part, and chances are that not all species divide it in exactly 4 parts. In several Voyager episodes, Delta Quadrant aliens either call th...

@Obie because universal translator...?
@Ixrec ?
you can ping bots?
Finally done.
2:00 AM
@WadCheber Done w/ what?
Holy Jebus, that took me 4 hours?!?
@bleh Working on an answer.
A: Have Elrond and Galadriel ever spoken to each other in person?

Wad CheberIn the books: I can't remember any scenes in which Galadriel and Elrond are in the same place and we read their dialogue in either The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, or Silmarillion1, but we do know that there were strong ties between them: 1. Both were members of the White Councils: The firs...

> we can assume that they either did speak to each other, or they spent several millennia in Middle-earth, and eternity in Valinor, enduring an endless series of highly uncomfortable silences
U see the google doodle?
2:33 AM
@Himarm I CAME BACK!!!
Did I miss anything? ;)
@steelerfan YAY!
How are you feeling?
@WadCheber HEY THERE!! I'm feeling better. I'm really sore. It's hard to move around, but I feel good :)
Thanks so much for all of the well wishes, everyone! I really appreciate it :)
Glad to hear it.
Everything went as expected?
Glad it went well.
@steelerfan Welcome back, sistah! <3
So glad it went well!
2:37 AM
Yep. Surgery went well. All is good. I just need to recooperate :)
How long do they want you to take off work/recuperate, etc?
@Slytherincess Hello my sistah!! Good to be back around!
@Slytherincess 4-6 weeks :(
I'm already going stir crazy ;)
@steelerfan Yay!
@Slytherincess Mistress!
4-6 weeks? Wow! No work at all?
Do you get FEMLA?
2:39 AM
No work at all. I have vacation time built up and sick time
@steelerfan Wow. I think my sister was back at work within a couple of weeks.
Well, you have us! And as each day goes by, I'll bet you'll feel stronger. Maybe, if your doctor says it's okay, you can do gentle stretching or something mellow like that. Not to give advice (I hate it when people give me advice when I'm not feeling well, LOL!)
@WadCheber Hello, Darling! :D
@WadCheber Really? What did she have done?
@steelerfan Ovarian cyst removed.
Actually, it might have been a whole ovary.
I try not to think about my sister's reproductive system.
@WadCheber That would be great if that were true for me. My doctor suggested 4-6 weeks, so that's how much I took. That would be great if I was better in a few weeks!!
I could have had the ovary removed, I just didn't want to. It's a mental thing ;)
2:43 AM
My mother had a twisted ovary with a cyst back in the day; she ended up having the whole ovary removed and she stayed in the hospital for two weeks! Plus, she said, it took and additional month and a half for her to regain her strength, etc. So 4-6 weeks isn't off, IMO.
@steelerfan They vacuumed out her eggs and stuck them in a pickle jar or something first.
That's a very technical explanation, Wad :P
Pickled ovum, my favorite.
I don't think she used the pickle jar eggs to make her kids, but I don't know because - again - stuff I don't want to think about.
HAHAHA!! WOW! I missed you guys!!
2:45 AM
We aim to please :D
I mean, I was in the hospital just about a month ago, and I'm still slightly tired from that ordeal. It takes time for our bodies to heal.
Q: What are all the ways Elrond and Galadriel are related?

Wad CheberIn answering this question, I discovered three relationships between Galadriel and Elrond: Galadriel was first cousin of Elrond’s great-grandfather (Turgon, King of Gondolin). Thus, they are first cousins thrice removed. Elrond was the great-great-grandson of Fingolfin, brother of Finarfin, Gal...

@Slytherincess Definitely! I'm already catching hell because I want to move around on my own ;)
My sister had to help me take a shower today. Good Lord!! ;)
Don't shower! The water will leak in and you'll blow up like a water balloon!
2:49 AM
IKR? When I was in the hospital, I had to call the nurse or CNA every single time I wanted to move around. It was so irritating. And then the sponge bath ... oy. >.<
@WadCheber In the words of Napoleon..."uhuh" ;)
@Slytherincess I haven't had to have a sponge bath yet. All I know is that my sister will not be giving them to me ;)
@WadCheber No, I am just blinded by it :P
I think I would just pass on bathing if I could't do it myself.
Except for wounds, they're not strictly necessary.
I have to shower every day or I go insane. My sister helping me was my only option ;)
2:56 AM
Insanity is okay
HAHAHA!! True! It does run in my family ;)
I need to figure out something for my hair.
I quit shampoo a couple months ago, and it's great. But I have to use a tiny dollop every couple weeks.
It's nice, but it takes a little longer to wash when it's just water.
Why did you quit shampoo?
It was giving me sores :(
I'm very satisfied with the turnout, though. It's still soft, but not super dry, or super oily after just a day, and easy to style with just water!
Wow. Is your hair really short?
3:05 AM
It's 1.5-2 in on top, now.
Q: I am trying to identify a very old post-apocalyptic Science Fiction novel

Mahatma Randyeveryone. I'm trying to identify a very old science fiction novel, probably from the 1920s or 1930s. The plot involves a couple who go into suspended animation for some reason, and wake up several thousand years in the future. They discover that a huge explosion of some sort has torn a chasm i...

I find that's true for me when I don't use shampoo for a couple of days (give or take). My hair is very soft and it looks just like I used shampoo. I usually do use shampoo, though; I feel like my shower is incomplete without it :)) Of course I'm not having to deal with sores or allergies, which is a whole different thing altogether.
I need a cut, but not sure how to style it. I love a mowawk for the summer, but having a professional job for once, I doubt it's a good idea
Ahhh. Gotcha. Hmmm, I use hot oil treatment on my hair and I use mayonnaise in it once a month, but my hair is really long.
I've heard of using vinegar and baking soda, so I may try it.
3:08 AM
Mmm. Vinegar hair will smell AWESOME.
Mine is medium length (about down to the top of my bra strap), but I'm getting ready to cut it short again.
@WadCheber Pretty sure you rinse it all out ;)
Yeah, baking soda is like the cleaner for everything ;)
I love the smell of vinegar! OMG. Salt and vinegar chips are like the best!!
I could put salt in my hair, too.
3:11 AM
No, I got it!
Taco Seasoning.
It'll give me a nice shade, too.
I was also going to suggest bell pepper and then a Chiquita banana hat :D
I'll rinse it out with enchilada sauce.
3:13 AM
I LOVE potato oles!
Oh, tomorrow is movie night!
I Love potato chips!! I'm going to gain so much weight lying here doing nothing ;)
Do some arm curls?
And toe stretches!
Is that The Phantom with Billy Zane?
3:16 AM
I starved myself beforehand so that I could gain a few ;)
I will send you Zippy, my red roller walker that I needed after my knee replacements! Zippy is an awesome accessory :P
OMG!! That movie is so bad that it's AWESOME!!
@Slytherincess Hehe! Yes! Zippy!! ;)
Well, I promised my nephew that I would watch Harry Potter with him tonight. See you guys later :)
@steelerfan Somehow I found it less embarrassing to go out with Zippy than I did when I graduated to a four-footed cane. That was so mortifying :))
@steelerfan Yay! Harry Potter! Go and enjoy :D
Speaking of Harry Potter ...
@steelerfan you lived yayayayayay. Im drunk
@CreationEdge i guess you should proababyl not kill your family
3:22 AM
So sad :( My Harry Potter books and collection is now packed away in a lonely box, woe :(
@Himarm TOO LATE
Oh well at least u can read in peace
i was so wasted last night
i almost threw up
3:23 AM
Q: 1950 children's science fiction story

Mahatma RandyI once read a 1950s children's science fiction story set on Mars. It was about a family that had just moved there, and befriended a colonial kid. They lived under a dome, and adopted a Martian animal with red, white, and blue hair, which they named "Yank." Anyone have any idea what this could be?

Q: anthology of children's stories

Mahatma RandyI'm looking for the title of an anthology of children's science fiction stories from the 1950s. The best of the bunch involved a Martian who visited earth, and realized we'd blown ourselves up in a nuclear war and had fallen into savagery. The martian is a vegetarian who subsists on biscuits made...

Q: short story about a guy who finds a secret room with beautiful women in it

Mahatma RandyI'm trying to find the name of an old SF short story, probably from the 1949s or 50s. It involved a guy - I think a young professor - who found a secret room in his office, or possibly a portal to another world. In the room was just tons of cool stuff, piles of money, pretty much everything he ev...

<-- Vomitphobe
@Slytherincess i havnt thrown up from drinking in 4 years
We have more words for vomit than we do love or kindness combined.
@CreationEdge Well, that blows! ;)
Sorry, that was a terrible joke.
Vomit, hurl, hork, upchuck, spit up, regurgitate, blow chunks, toss your cookies, lose your lunch, barf, puke, spew, throw up, heave up, empty your stomach, chunder, blow chowder, retch, sick up, bring up [your food]
I'm sure there's more.
3:42 AM
Technicolor yawn!
I know! I saw that. I've never heard it before, though.
4:02 AM
Q: How did Morgoth manage to chain Maedhros to a peak of Thangorodrim?

FingolfinAfter arriving with his father and majority of the Noldor and fighting the forces of Angband,Maedhros was taken captive and brought before Morgoth, then was stripped of clothing and hung from a high point on a peak of Thangorodrim then later on rescued by his cousin Fingon. my point is,how did Mo...

Q: If Thor does not hold his hammer, but he is worthy, does he possess the power of Thor?

thegreatjediIf you are not Thor, but are worthy and hold his hammer, then you shall wield the power of Thor. But if you are Thor, and are worthy, but do not hold your hammer, then do you still possess the power of Thor?


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