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5:00 AM
my secret chat
news room
league of legends
cam girls
no more cam girls
Ohhhh...you have a "secret" chat? What's that about?
you already know
Oh, right. Sorry. I forgot.
No more cam girls? Bummer.
not tonight
a couple of them are nice
what do you mean...nice?
5:05 AM
some of the rooms are just chats
and the girls dont even do anything
im about to be introuble
look what you did
change topic quick
how about them steelers
Hehehe! Did your wife see what you're doing or something?
no sly poped into chat
Why would Sly care if you watch cam girls? ;)
heres some huskies for you
its shameful
dont talk about cam girls
OMG!! Huskies talking about German sausages!!! BONUS!!! :P
5:11 AM
weres my starss
Hehe! Sorry, the one about the German sausage is the only one that gets a star. Muahahahaha!
@Himarm All your star are belong to me.
stars are for the weak
@Himarm ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
5:39 AM
SORRY!!! I'm still here, just doing boring paperwork :(
5:57 AM
People be yelling and shiz
I'M NOT YELLING!!! Oh, wait... ;)
my wife called me a bitch
in front of my freinds
ill cut her buttholoe
murder time
How did she call you that in front of your friends?
were on a chat client
voice chat
my friends are also my cousins
@Himarm Wow.
Oh dear.
6:06 AM
I would love to be a fly on Himarm's wall sometimes.
my wife is mean
@WadCheber No, the most recent question.
and then i cuddle my cat for comfort
because shes rude too
and she bites me
Poor Himarm. He gets abused by everyone ;)
6:09 AM
all i want is cat who loves me, and a wife who loves me, and to win the lottery
cat is most important
Awww. I'm sure both your cat and your wife love you, Himarm.
@Himarm Poor Himarm.
Poor Hhyimaarm.
my cats super rude
she only lays on my wife
because shes so32fter
Your wife is softer?
for cat cuddles
6:14 AM
Fat cuddles? I'm gonna tell your wife you called her fat
i didnt say fat
i said shes softer then me
the cat refuses to cuddle me
dam cat
2 mins ago, by Himarm
for cat cuddles
im the only one whose nice to her
6:15 AM
for cat cuddles =! fat
the cat hates me
@Himarm OH.MY.F-ING.GOD.
and my wife hates it
and i love it
Question coming. It’s not POB, but will probably get closed as such because it’s…pretty bad.
Entertain us, Obie.
@Himarm Oh, sorry!! HAHAHA!!! My bad :P
6:17 AM
oh man im in tears
that thing ilinked
OMG. That is just...nasty.
@steelerfan What?
its a long gif
those filters tho
@Adamant That gif that Himarm posted. God ;)
its amazing
im stillcrying
okay ima have to go to bed
im like in tears
and cant stop
6:23 AM
Q: Was TOS U.S.S. Starship Enterprise Emblem (sans star) modeled after the shape of a clitoral hood?

Ernest Andrew JoinerI have no evidence other than the obvious- The Emblem on Captain Kirk's chest looks exactly like a CLITORAL HOOD. My thoughts on the matter are simple. I feel as if Gene Rodenberry may have been more than a little influenced by the sexual revolution of the sixties. He threw in sex symbols of ever...

@Obie This would hit HNQ if it was asked over at M&TV ;)
I waled to bed and im messed upopo
i had a few to many i guess
WUT?!?! No way, Himarm ;)
my kitten is cuddling me tho
im in bliss
6:40 AM
@steelerfan LOL
We don’t like odd speculation of that sort here.
See: Is Captain American gay?
Yeah. I saw that one.
...and what's with the answer to the clitoris one? Good lord.
6:52 AM
@steelerfan This will get a lot of downvotes, unless Valorum definitely confirms that it’s true.
Then it will get a million upvotes.
Haha! I would love to see Valorum confirm that it's true!
@steelerfan I’m afraid of the search terms I’d need to confirm this.
What other sexual "symbols" are in Star Trek?
Guy with butt on head
7:05 AM
I dunno his name.he was on TNG
7:12 AM
@KutuluMike 18+ alert
Ferengi, sure.
@KutuluMike Flag’t.
@WadCheber Flag’t
Hey, their pics are on-topic ;)
@steelerfan So is the question, IMO.
I don’t like close votes being used as “super-downvotes.”
Butt on headdddddd
@Adamant that is a naturally formed chunk of spongy rock, get your mind out of the gutter.
also, roddenberry was a total perv.
7:16 AM
@KutuluMike Formed very naturally!
> In early first season discussions between them about developing the Ferengi, Roddenberry let Wright know it was his intention to make the species well-endowed. "He wanted to put a gigantic codpiece on the Ferengi," Wright stated. "He spent 25 minutes explaining to me all the sexual positions the Ferengi could go through.
@steelerfan It's SFF, they are offense more then my pokemom wreaking ball image ;D
@KutuluMike …why?
Vicarious something?
no, just child of the 60s is my guess.
people often accused him of having a 'sex fetish'.
@AnkitSharma Hehe!
7:18 AM
which is kind of a stupid phrase so who knows.
@KutuluMike He was barely born in the 20s.
He was well over 30 by the time he started on Trek.
ok. so you didn't want an answer, you wanted a pedantic argument. check. going to bed now.
@KutuluMike No, I’m serious.
He was an old fogey in the 60s.
7:40 AM
I just realized that I misspelled Cantaloupe. Hahaha! God!
Q: If Harry and Hermione have been killed in Bathilda's house in book 7, what would happen?

Shaun ZhangIf Harry and Hermione have been killed in Bathilda's house in book 7, how would Ron react to this, and how would the people in the Order of the Phoenix react to this?

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8:46 AM
Q: 1980's Quest movie with arm amputation by sword

Kevin HopcraftMy favorite cult classic movie memory is from the 1980's. It was one of those B-movies they show on HBO or Cinemax late at night. Its a Quest movie. Swords and Sorcery. Possibly apocalyptic scenario. Lots of scantily clad babes. Lots of macho dudes. They assembled a team to go on a quest for some...

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