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12:26 AM
@Slytherincess - I met one of my old friends the other day. Her baby was real ugly. I complimented her on her lovely pram.
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2:01 AM
@Richard My cousin's baby was ... I can't even say it. But, yeah, she also had a lovely pram!
(I'm happy to report that said baby grew up to be brilliant, artistic, friendly, and very lovely)
2:58 AM
Q: Short story about scientist hired to resurrect/clone husband of ultra-wealthy woman

Eric SmithA scientist is hired by an ultra-wealthy woman to resurrect/clone her dead husband, as an extension of research he was already doing. "Ultra-wealthy" doesn't even begin to describe it. It is explained that the truly rich are wealthy enough to buy medium-sized countries, and are never in the spotl...

3:45 AM
Q: 80's movie with girl that swims under house

TaraHi I am looking for a movie that I watched as a young kid. It idea in the 80's, and the only thing I can recall is something about a girl going through a mirror (and/or drain) am swimming under the house and into the outside swimming pool but she couldn't get out. I think there may have been a ma...

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5:06 AM
Q: Anime movie involving people exploding into monsters?

SirGiveI've watched an anime movie a few years ago where people are turning into monsters (because of inbalanced magic?). The main character hunts them with the same magic and wears a suit of armor that compresses his body to keep him from turning into a monster himself. I could have sworn it was call S...

5:18 AM
@ScienceFiction&Fantasy "People exploding into monsters" is a whole subgenre of anime...
5:43 AM
@SQB -- I'm still working on your question! Curse you! ;))))
It doesn't help that I'm the world's slowest typist ...
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7:47 AM
I am compelled to correct spelling and grammar mistakes on memes/macros. I, like, can't NOT do it. <back to answering question>
@Donald.McLean -- Do you have any classic Fame on your iPod? This song has been remade hundreds of times, but this is the original with Irene Cara. Perhaps you might like it. I like how it's just piano and vocals.
(And ... uh ... I'm obviously not responsible for the making of this video, but it might be slightly NSFW because this one dude grabs himself in the grossest of ways, twice. And he's wearing satiny 80s shorts and knee socks. It's really awful. So just try and ignore that.)
There is a Glee version. Okay, really leaving now for that question.
8:27 AM
@Slytherincess Appreciating it.
@SQB I'm just really slow at typing AND answering questions in general, but when one requires some serious textual analysis, I am extra slow ;P
I see someone unupvoted it. I was 4 upvotes away from a Great Question-badge, now it's 5. But I'll get there!
8:53 AM
You will prevail over the h8rs! Heck, my highest ranked question has 72 upvotes. You're way closer than me.
9:38 AM
@Slytherincess And Jesus built your hotrod?
Or weasels ripped your flesh...
@BESW Wow!
@SQB Atomic Robo is at least a half dozen different kinds of awesome.
I highly recommend the Atomic Robo comics.
9:59 AM
@SQB Never tease a weasel // I will not say it twice // The weasel will not like it // And teasing isn't nice!!!! (From a book I loved when I was very young called, aptly, Never Tease a Weasel) I think I have my complete list of zoo accidents and there was no weasel incident. I guess the only other thing might be the time I set my shoe sailing away in Shamu's tank at Sea World. The trainers had to fish it out with a net on a pole. :P
"Sail away, little shoe. Be free!"
My dad was really pissed.
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11:11 AM
posted on October 23, 2014 by Abulafia

Spoiler for Sandman Overture issue #1 !It is established in the Sandman canon that the personification of Dream takes on different aspects depending on which culture or species he is addressing. In Sandman - Overture issues #1-2, the "human" dream lord Morpheus meets a multitude of his own aspects. Are these generic alien characters or are the pictures chock full

@ScienceFiction&Fantasy Is this Neil Gaiman's Sandman?
11:58 AM
@Slytherincess I have the title song, and now that one, which was lovely. I actually remember some parts of the movie, though I haven't seen it since it came out.
12:20 PM
Looking at the star history, it sounds like @Slytherincess needs to stay the heck away from animals.
12:49 PM
Starting the song sort from 125. I might break 100 today.
1:01 PM
@Donald.McLean We're all rooting for you!
Princess Twilight Sparkle pumpkin for all the bronies.
@Donald.McLean nice!
Hurry up, 2015!
The trailer wasn't supposed to be released until next week. Someone Hydra leaked a low-res version, so Marvel just went and posted the high res.
@Donald.McLean Is this somehow related to gocomics.com/heavenly-nostrils/2014/10/22 ?
@Donald.McLean Need to show that to my youngest. Since introducing him to MLP:FiM, he has binged on all available episodes on Netflix (which aren't all episodes, but still quite a lot).
1:14 PM
@SQB Does she know yet about all the web forums full of bronies?
@b_jonas The fantasy author Jeniffer Estep shared it on Facebook. I think a friend of hers made it.
@b_jonas He's 5. No.
Mrs.42 is posting the final version of her giant pony busts tomorrow. 116 total hours spent on the piece.
Plus all the webpages analyzing all the frames and inconsequential errors in the episodes.
@SQB Oh! Did she start demanding merchandise yet? :-)
And how come you could introduce her before her same aged friends did?
@b_jonas He
@phantom42 That's a lot of time.
1:18 PM
@phantom42 'Buste' is a Dutch word for breasts. I did a doubletake.
@Donald.McLean Pretty much a month of work days (the rest of the hours spent on day-to-day business stuff).
(Although it also has the same meaning as in English).
@SQB When I posted her giant Applejack bust to reddit (god, feels so long ago now), I had to stop myself from titling it something like, "my wife's giant bust".
Um, how giant are we talking?
1:27 PM
@b_jonas The new one: the busts themselves, not counting the base or the horns are 11 inches tall. The horns are something like 10 inches, and they're sitting on a large base.
@b_jonas That's no moon. That's a pony bust.
Here's the WIP from a while back:
@phantom42 Thanks
@phantom42 Hail HYDRA!
I think the base adds something like maybe 5 inches?
The Applejack bust was 13.5" tall with the base.
1:30 PM
And how many of these will there be?
@Keen All caught up on TV now too. Did you see the photos of Bobbi's uniform?
How bizarre - my health insurance rates are not going up.
@b_jonas However many she's commissioned for. The Applejack buyer said he intends to commission a full set of "the mane six", but has only purchased the one so far. This new set was commissioned by one of her collectors. He hasn't mentioned any other ideas yet, but he typically buys whatever she comes up with on her own. This was the first time he chose the project.
I see
She's got a couple of ideas sketched out that she may do over the winter, but they'll be much smaller - more in line with her other pony sculpts (typically 5-8" full body sculpts)
@Donald.McLean Mrs.42's are going up a bit. Nothing extreme, but her coverage is going up too.
2:11 PM
Q: Why is Gandalf surprised of Sauron's return in LoTR Fellowship (movie)?

Toproller777In the movies, it is clear that Gandalf suspects Sauron has began his return in An Unexpected Journey and even more so in The Desolation of Smaug (especially when Sauron captures Gandalf in Dol Guldur). That being said, in The Fellowship of the Ring, Gandalf seems to be completely oblivious to th...

Q: Was it coincidence that the TARDIS in "siege mode" resembled the Pandorica?

Neil BMy wife and I both loved the fact that the TARDIS in siege mode looked almost exactly like a mini Pandorica, as if the Chameleon Circuit had decided to emulate the most impregnable thing it could think of... But then later-on, the Doctor seems to hand-wave this away by simply saying it was a box...

2:34 PM
Q: Why didn't the stormtroopers radio for reinforcements at the Battle of Endor?

NullDuring the Battle of Endor, Emperor Palpatine reveals some information to Luke about the strength of the Imperial forces guarding the shield generator that is protecting the Death Star: Your friends, up there on the sanctuary moon, are walking into a trap, as is your Rebel fleet. It was I who...

@phantom42 Yeah.
@Keen I like it. It's reminiscent of Hawkeye's new outfit.
Which seems awfully fitting given the comic history.
Eh, there's a certain level of fanservice to it that I don't like. I'm mostly waiting to see it in action before trying to form much of an opinion.
At least there's no boob windows.
Wait. Now I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.
2:58 PM
@phantom42 What was wrong wtih the red uniform she wore in the episode?
@JackBNimble Nothing, but it was her Hydra uniform.
3:23 PM
@Donald.McLean I'm glad you like the song :D And, no, I am not the best person to take to the zoo or Sea World, yeesh!
I miss the MLP chat but arrive in time to discuss boob windows! ;)
It's always a good time for that chat.
@Slytherincess Upon reflection, I think 100% is my favorite song by Angelspit.
Do go on!
@phantom42 That's the one that Combichrist remixed. It was really good!
Definitely had a Combichrist feel to it.
@Slytherincess Not sure if I've heard it. I'll look it up in a few.
3:27 PM
@phantom42 Which song was that?
@phantom42 It just happened to be next on the list after Vena Cava so I gave it a try. Both songs were good.
@phantom42 Something weird with the instruments in the melody that make it supremely annoying.
@Slytherincess Now I'm down to only 95 songs in my sort list.
3:57 PM
Hmm. Do I like this song, or not?
4:19 PM
Have you seen the Age of Ultron teaser?
Marvel blames Hydra for leaked 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' trailer
@JackBNimble Yes. Looks great.
For all the people who said they would like to see 'friendly' A.I. in their lifetime, I present, Ultron, destroyer of puppets.
Ultron's voice sounds familiar to me, oh, now I remember, it's the same voice I hear during my late night talks with the Devil.
4:41 PM
> It will be Marvel’s version of Crisis on Infinite Earths, the seminal DC Comics story that wiped the continuity slate clean and allowed creators to cherry pick or completely change the origins and circumstances of certain characters in order to build a richer, more accessible universe—something that Marvel has never, ever done before.
Sure, if you discount the entire "Ultimate" universe.
5:04 PM
It seems like the multi-verse collapse that's happening in New Avengers is going to be the impetus for that. Things will come to a head, and the handful of surviving universes will battle to survive. And super mega cross over events happen.
Then the incursions are fixed, and things probably change drastically for their multiverse.
5:29 PM
@Keen Yeah, the article pretty much posits the same.
5:53 PM
@phantom42 They don't mention the important detail that New Avengers has a countdown as of this/last month. The countdown will end in May 2015, just in time for Summer 2015.
Q: In search of the Bandillo!

SheprdI have been searching for more than a few years for an answer, and I haven't found anyone that has been able to assist. I have been reading fantasy books for 30 years, and I ran across a character or group of characters called the "Bandillo" not sure of the spelling.... but for me it’s been synon...

6:16 PM
Q: how did the dwarves know the dragons name

amyIn the Hobbit how did Thorin and his dwarves know the name of the dragon who destroyed their home? It doesn't seem like smaug ever spoke during that battle. I was wondering if maybe it is supposed to be implied that there are tapestries the different dragons from the north and their names.

@ScienceFiction&Fantasy As I said in the comments. Smaug is a shameless self-promoter.
6:51 PM
@Donald.McLean You need to throw a iPod party once you're completely done! An iParty with your iPod on shuffle :D
@Slytherincess Well, I still need to work on my "Unsure" list, which has grown to 300 songs (such as the Skillet song above). Even though I'm now down to 65 songs on the main sort list.
7:11 PM
Q: how do vampires change into bats

giacomo casanovaMy question is very simple how do vampires change into bats so easily? The bone structure of awerewolf changes completely in a painful manner yet vamps can just hop in the air and change not to mention the great size difference; again compairing to a werewolf, the wolf is usually similar is size

@ScienceFiction&Fantasy - Oh goody.
@Donald.McLean - It's not bad but incredibly generic.
@Richard I've been considering giving it a 3, just because it has the Boston Problem.
7:29 PM
@Donald.McLean What is the Boston Problem?
@Slytherincess Ah, right. So, you know the group Boston - how many songs have they released? (the answer is one, because all of their songs sound the same)
Usually if I have to ask if I like a song, it's either meh or I don't. That's not always true, though. I've had songs grow on me.
@Donald.McLean Haha, LOL! All their songs are about some girl named Amanda.
@Slytherincess That's why, if I'm not sure, I put it on the unsure list. Either it will grow on me, or I'll realize that I don't like it.
Q: Different Magic Types

SheprdMy favorite types of fantasy novels are those that involve different types of Magic and I am in search of similar novels or series. I have scoured the internet for these, and have read many that were recommended by friends and colleagues. Some examples of what I have read and where they are diff...

@Donald.McLean - That reminds me of Jack Johnson. I like all of his songs and both of his melodies.
7:33 PM
@Richard LOL
What's the collective noun for a group of bad questions? A crap?
@Richard A pile.
@Donald.McLean - A blob? A gobbet?
Speaking of which, I actually have a question.
Yeah, a steaming pile = group of bad questions.
Stan Lee is Utau the Watcher in Human Form.
7:40 PM
Well, that's not good. My primary file server just died.
Oh no! Any idea why?
@Slytherincess No. And I was on a roll sorting songs too.
How old is the server?
@Slytherincess Moderately old - maybe 6 years.
@Donald.McLean That's a decent amount of time. At least you're meticulous with backing your stuff up!
7:51 PM
@Slytherincess Yes, the files are all backed up. Can I manage to straighten out all of my ratings? That's another story.
If the files are backed up, wouldn't it save the rating as well?
Hopefully. Or it would be back to square one.
For all the people griping that I never ask any questions...
Q: What's the world like outside San Angeles?

RichardThe film Demolition Man is set in a single city "metroplex" known as San Angeles which comprises Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and San Diego. SAPD Officer Lenina Huxley tells us that the region was comprehensively rebuilt after a colossal earthquake ("the big one") and that the city has become a ...

@Slytherincess The ratings are stored in a different file. Yes, that file is backed up too so, but I don't know how recently. And it's an iTunes file, so I don't know how weird iTunes gets about overwriting it's data.
@Richard Nice first question, welcome to SF & Fantasy Stack Exchange. :)
8:05 PM
@SQB - Thanks.
Q: What's the world like outside San Angeles?

RichardThe film Demolition Man is set in a single city "metroplex" known as San Angeles which comprises Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and San Diego. SAPD Officer Lenina Huxley tells us that the region was comprehensively rebuilt after a colossal earthquake ("the big one") and that the city has become a ...

Q: What work of science-fiction first introduced the concept of "Glassing" or Alpha-Striking a planet?

ZibbobzFrom the Halo Wiki: The term glassing, also known as plasma bombardment, is used to refer to the act by which Covenant ships bombard a planet from orbit using heavy plasma weaponry. This concept of bombarding a planet and turning it to glass is not unique to the Halo series alone. The sc...

Q: Why was the train marked A113?

RichardIn the latest episode of Doctor Who, one of the trains was marked as the A113. This is a common enough reference in American shows given that it's something of an in-joke for those who trained at the California Institute of the Arts (A113 is the room in which first-years are given their induction...

@Richard. I retract my snarky post. You are now in the club...
8:24 PM
@Richard Whoa nelly.
Stan Lee believes he wields awesome power, attempts to change the English language.
8:51 PM
So, I let the file server cool off and it rebooted on the first try. But I'm going to look at getting a replacement. Pronto.
@Donald.McLean Oh good. Yes, I'd replace ASAP too.
My gadget of the week is this tiny USB card reader that can read up to 150 different cards and supports Windows 98 and up and OS 9.2 and up. It doesn't read SIM cards, though, unfortunately. It's smaller than a credit card! (Obviously not slimmer than one). I tried it this morning and it works great. We have a lot of cameras with different cards.
@Richard - Congrats on the first question.

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