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@Richard Smart-ass :p Ps, nice new pic :)
@Mooz - It's buffytastic
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Q: In Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash, what other biblical stories besides Babel does he symbolize or reference?

JessI understand the Babel reference but am blind to the others. I'm not too familiar with the Bible. Thanks guys

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Q: Looking for a short story about a man travelling alone on a planet

JoeAbout fifteen years ago I read a short story about a man on a planet (possibly Mars or the Moon), travelling alone between bases. It's written in the first person and as he's walking across the planet, he's thinking to himself about this fearsome creature that preys on people. It sneaks up on the...

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Q: Why do I have to wait 24 hours before awarding a Bounty for existing answer?

MoozI have just started a bounty to reward this answer. I chose the bounty reason of 'Reward existing answer'. But when I tried to immediately award the bounty, the following error message popped-up: Why is this so? I said I want to award an existing answer, so I don't need to wait for a new ...

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Q: Help with reading order of Isaac Asimov's novels

Cyb3rpusI've only just started getting into Asimov's books and I thoroughly enjoyed them so far. I've already read the foundation trilogy, iRobot, The Caves of Steel, the Naked Sun and am nearing the end of the Robots of Dawn. I am stuck as what novel to read next. I want to read the remainder of his un...

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Q: Feasability of a torch missile

moranI'm currently working on a realitivly realistic short story that is meant to be a space opera, but with plausable science. The only handwavium element is the use of 'red mercury', allowing the construction of small, pure fusion, nuclear warheads. Given that these can be built, would the followi...

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Q: Star Trek - Voyager - Death Wish (2x18) - How did Q stop the assimulation of earth?

aJynksIn the hearing between Q, Janeway, Tuvok and Q there is a moment when Q brings three people from Earth across space and time to illustrate the effect Q has on all life, even the little things like individuals. Right at the end of this part Q says, "Oh, and lest I forget... without Q the Borg wo...

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Q: Trying to Find Name of Time Travel Short Story

LexiconjurationWhen I was in high school, one of the short stories that we read out of the text book had to do with an alien civilization that had discovered time travel. They had managed to land on and explore the surface of their sun, and had found a gate there that allowed travel into the future. They copied...

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Q: What's the "official" explanation for Harrys (and everyone elses) abscence from muggle school?

user50849So a bunch of kids all of a sudden "go missing" from school. Harry Potter having attended school for a couple of years before starting at Hogwarts, one semester just doesn't show up. How's this solved? What do parents say when a school teacher calls and wonders where their pupil is?

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Q: Novel identification about a near future war between the west and Japan

MooI read this book back in the 1990s, and its plot revolved around Japan (pretty sure) going to war with (primarily) the west (although Im sure Russia got involved at some point against Japan). The main points in the story were Japans technological dominance, their use of a neurological weapon (no...

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gold badge. Woo!
Q: High Efficiency Jaw Crushers Need Quality Components

dong fangDifferent functions lead to different results. There are several key components with the unique functions installed on the jaw crusher. We should make the best use of these functions in order to improve the jaw crusher’s working efficiency and reducing production cost as much as possible. Today ...

@Richard Congrats! I'm still one answer short of a bronze badge.
My rep on Astronomy is now 666.
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Q: H p lovecraft and his texts

user36444Does anyone know why H P Lovecraft always (or very often) uses the &-sign instead of "and" in his texts?

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@ScienceFiction&Fantasy Ok, so there is such a thing as a stupid question. Who knew?
@ScienceFiction&Fantasy I think he tried to write "and", but his mind has been too warped by the horrors he'd seen, and it came out as &.
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@lisardggY I dare you to write that as an answer.
> "Some of Lovecraft’s letters made liberal use of the ampersand (&) instead of the word ‘and.’ I have changed the ampersand to ‘and’ when it makes for easier reading." greatmindsonrace.wordpress.com/2011/10/02/h-p-lovecraft
> "I have sought to transcribe the letters without alteration, except that I have replaced Lovecraft's habitual ampersand (&) with 'and'. books.google.co.il/…
> "Alex Close What's with the excessive use of ampersand?"
November 26, 2012 at 4:28pm · Like · 3
It appears stjoshi.org habitually comments on Lovecraft's ampersands in his books.
(I'm pretty much bored at work, in case anyone was wondering)
Apparently it's a thing.
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Does anyone think it's worth adding the various animated show realities to my answer here?
A: Avengers, Fantastic Four and Guardians of the Galaxy Timeline

phantom42The following movies/franchises are part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Earth 19999). They share a common timeline. Iron Man (1,2,3) Captain America (The First Avenger, Winter Soldier, Civil War) Thor (1, The Dark World, Ragnarok) The Avengers (1, Age of Ultron, Infinity War Part 1, Infinity...

@phantom42 As it stands, it's already far more comprehensive than the OP asked for. Adding the animated shows, I think, would push it over the edge into a full-fledged info-dump.
@lisardggY Not necessarily disagreeing with you, but isn't our goal to be an authoritative source?
@phantom42 Of answers, yes, but not necessarily an encyclopedia. I'm not sure exactly where to draw the line.
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Q: Why did Cypher say they were going to kill Neo?

LcSalazarIn the beginning of the first movie, in the first conversation, between Cypher and Trinity, he says: Cypher: We're going to kill him, understand? Trinity: Morpheus believes he is the One. Cypher: Do you? Why did Cypher said that? Was it an habbit to kill potential red pills? Was Neo con...

2:33 PM
Q: The Moriarty Sentience Problem - A.K.A. Why isn't the Enterprise computer considered sentient?

Tritium21In Elementary, Dear Data, Geordi instructs the computer to create an opponent to intellectually best Data. The conceit of the episode is that the computer does just that, and creates a sentient hologram that is aware of his nature and the 24th century world. This accidental creation is deemed a...

Q: Who was the first Super Saiyan to be seen on the TV series?

TrollwutI'm looking for the first Super Saiyan that has been seen in the TV series. As I reminisque, I think Son Goku has been the first we can see tranforming fully from Normal to Super Saiyan status (on Namek against Freezer), but I can't remember if there can be seen anyone else being Super Saiyan be...

2:51 PM
Q: Why wasn't Neo possessed by an Agent in the first movie?

LcSalazarIf an Agent can possess anyone still connected to the Matrix, and, as we can see, they sense when someone is seen something weird (like the drunk beggar in the first movie), why didn't they possess Neo when he was in the car with Switch Apoc and Trinity? I believe that's what Trinity meant when ...

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Q: Do skulls get soft with time?

Dave M GThis is more of a biology question, but the context in which I'm looking at it is entirely within the genre of zombie apocalypse fiction. I've long noticed that in zombie shows like The Walking Dead or Z Nation and many others, when a protagonist wants to elminate a zombie with a knife or someth...

@ScienceFiction&Fantasy In The Walking Dead they do.
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Q: Why Murph still can read the Morse Coded wrist watch when she has brought the watch back to her office in NASA, which is out of her room?

sereneWe see Murph finally realised that Cooper is her ghost. Cooper has transmitted the quantum data encoded via manipulating the gravitational waves affecting the watch's seconds hand on Murph's bookshelf. However, the subsequent scene shows that Murph is decoding the watch signal in her NASA office....

4:11 PM
Q: Why did the protection spell work for Harry?

LepelLeLamaI'm new here(actually posting at least) so forgive me if I'm doing this wrong. I am a little confused as to why Harry's sacrifice in the forest gave the same protection to the people he loved as what he got from his mother.(If that is indeed what happened?) The way I understand it his father di...

I've asked this before, but for fun I'll ask it again. What do you reflex-type when you fake-type?
Personally, I type: "this is, this is the fish"
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Q: What's the name of that werewolf movie?

user3342215For years I've been trying to find this movie I saw on TV once. I only saw the end. It featured a teenage boy (about 18 years old) and his family hiding out in a cabin. The kid is making molotov cocktails and preparing for something. Sure enough two bad guys show up and I think one of them ha...

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@GorchestopherH - sldkfjlskdjfls kdjfls dflskjdfl kjFKSLDKFJLSKDJFLklkj lksjf lkjdflksjdlfkj
Is the answer to that one.
@ScienceFiction&Fantasy - I'm sure this is a dupe.
Q: What's the deal with Chas?

RobertI've very briefly done research on the character of Chas in the Hellblazer books, nothing in depth really, but I haven't found anything that references his seeming immortality. His survival skills are possibly supernatural but this doesn't equate to him being able to survive deadly attacks. ...

5:19 PM
Why is it that cell phones support video calls, GPS, and function as flashlights, yet they still don't have any standard implementation of Caller ID by name (CNAM), something land-line phones had since the 80s.
@GorchestopherH - Because it costs money and most phone carriers haven't opted in to something that most consumers don't care about; electronics.howstuffworks.com/question409.htm
Q: Any basis for the Solanum virus in classic zombie movies?

pacoverflowMax Brooks's The Zombie Survival Guide (2003) says that zombies are caused by the Solanum virus. Did Max Brooks completely make that up, or did any of the classic zombie movies (such as the Romero films) suggest that a virus was the cause of zombies? If a virus was an original idea from Brooks,...

Q: How could Saruman lose the battle of Helm's Deep?

DunnoI'm sorry but I just can't buy it. Saruman isn't stupid. In fact, he's called Saruman the Wise, so he must have known a thing or two about strategy. In the battle of Helm's Deep/Hornburk, according to this wiki, 10 000 Uruk-Hai, 5 000 Orcs and 5 000 Dunlendings fought against around 2 000 soldier...


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