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@Valorum the number of and size of container ships disagrees with you.... they may not be "steamers" but they are certainly not them new-fangled metal sky terrors you call aeroplanes either.
although for small packages I agree
@Skooba I sense a "get off my lawn" approaching ...
I just wanted to use "metal sky terrors" in a sentence
@Randal'Thor yarn darn Tories, stay on your side of the pond
@Skooba I'm not a bloody Tory.
I've never been so insulted.
What that be like calling me a "Democrat" when I would never be associated with such lunacy?
Probably, yes.
3:06 PM
I think we Americans only retain that term when we refer to the Loyalists during the American Revolution... Yankees vs Tories
@Randal'Thor nah that was the Civil War.
Oh, sorry. I often get those two mixed up, for some reason.
Colonists who supported the British cause in the American Revolution were Loyalists, often called Tories, or, occasionally, Royalists or King's Men, or the King's Loyal Americans. Those Loyalists who moved to Canada after the war began to call themselves United Empire Loyalists. George Washington's winning side, in the war, called themselves "Patriots", a term of ridicule in Britain, and in this article Americans on the revolutionary side are called Patriots. For a detailed analysis of the psychology and social origins of the Loyalists, see Loyalist (American Revolution). This article is an overview...
Makes more sense now.
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ah, I was a bit off. We were Patriots
@Skooba Right, well, patriotic queen-and-country types are quite likely to be Tories.
But I'm more of a "down with the monarchy, down with the Tories" type.
@Randal'Thor makes sense
@Randal'Thor are you being repressed
@Skooba Aren't we all.
@Randal'Thor no doubt, that is what laws are at a base level. A certain level of repression is to be expected. Now, arguing now far past the expectation we have gone or yet to go is called politics.
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@Randal'Thor - The problem with being a "down with the Monarchy" sort is that you have to accept the idea of this shifty bastard (or someone like him) being President of Britain
@Valorum Would you prefer this ... person to be the king?
@Slytherincess Nice! Congrats for reaching 100000
I'm not saying any of the possibilities are ideal, just that some would be better than others.
So, um, I know this is a bit of a provocation, but if our habit is to close questions that ask about not yet released works, then shouldn't scifi.stackexchange.com/q/111072/4918 "Rey's familial ties in “The Force Awakens”" get closed since the answers say the gods' word is that they don't want to answer that yet?
@Randal'Thor Would being called a Tory be like being called a Democrat?
3:38 PM
Though of course, we also didn't close scifi.stackexchange.com/q/6974/4918 "What evidence is there supporting an alternative parentage for Jon Snow?"
@Edlothiad No, but calling me a Tory might be like calling Skooba a Democrat, in terms of level of offensiveness.
@Randal'Thor - Compared to President Jade Goodie?
Ah yes, I thought so
@Randal'Thor Charles isn't going to last long, and then we'll have William!
@b_jonas - I've edited it to make it clear that it's not speculative. They're asking if there is (at present) any evidence one way or another.
@Valorum Good. And I've linked it to the Movies pair.
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@Valorum I imagine a president would have less personal power than a monarch, which IMO is a good thing.
@Randal'Thor Wait, even compared to the sort of monarch the UK has?
@Randal'Thor - Ultimate power needs to be vested somewhere, whether that's in a person or a constitution. I'd rather we kept the monarchy thanks.
You know, the one who perhaps can't even abdicate or change her regnal name without approval from the parliment?
I know there are monarchs out there with real power, but this is the UK we're talking about!
She might have comfort, but I'm not sure if she has that much personal power.
The President would be de jure less powerful but de facto vastly more likely to use the powers they have
@Valorum Now that might be possible.
3:44 PM
@b_jonas A lot of people think the British monarch is just a figurehead, but it's rubbish. IIRC she has the power to veto any Act of Parliament, or any Prime Minister, and she's one of the wealthiest people in the country in her own right.
@Randal'Thor - The ultimate backstop
People have been making jokes about Orbán and the crown since at least 1998, but the truth is, he doesn't need to become a king, because it's being president that gives him power, and trying to make him a king would just make everyone oppose him.
@b_jonas - Power flows from her; Her Majesty's govt, Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition, Her Majesty's Court Service, Her Majesty's Armed Forces, etc.
@Randal'Thor And also head of the army?
@b_jonas - Yes, but that doesn't mean she can order troops to invade Belgium if she goes off her rocker
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@b_jonas Oh yeah, and that.
@Valorum Nah, things labelled "Her Majesty's" doesn't show anything about his power. We've had institutions called "Császári és Királyi" even when there was no king. Later they got changed to "Népköztársasági", then "Köztársasági", and these days they're calling everything "Nemzeti" or "Széchenyi". That doesn't mean that the dead Széchenyi actually has any sort of power. If anything, that just shows his name is abused as a figurehead.
@Valorum Sure, but it's still an important power.
@b_jonas - I'd still rather have a known quantity as Head of State rather than whichever oily slimebag has managed to scratch together 50.1% of the population to vote for them.
@Randal'Thor Ye but she's not stupid, she's knows that the people can also overthrow her, as her personal guard now belong to the Government, not her
@Edlothiad The people can overthrow her? Pfft. Yeah, right.
Last time that happened, they dug up the guy who became non-royal head of state just so they could chop his head off.
@Edlothiad - Why would the public want to overthrow her? More than 70% of the population think the Monarchy is good for the country and over 80% of the population said that they'd vote for her as Head of State if there was an election.
She's more popular than any politician in the country
3:54 PM
Would it still count as treason to call for overthrowing the monarchy?
I wouldn't be surprised.
@Randal'Thor - No. Not since 1998
You have to actually plot now.
@Valorum As recent events have shown, polls aren't always accurate.
I have a photo from 2013 Budapest of a manhole cover that still says "Magy. Kir. Távbeszélő Hálózat" by the way. ("Kir." stands for "Királyi", meaning royal.) Obviously it's the metal combined with concrete type. Pure metal manhole covers don't survive that long without getting stolen.
@Randal'Thor - They're pretty accurate. Within a few percents.
No recent major poll series has been more than 3-4% off of reality
@Valorum 'Plot' meaning what? Actually try to overthrow the monarchy, or make a plan of action for doing so?
3:56 PM
@Randal'Thor - Plan of action with serious intent.
@Valorum Well, there you go, @Edlothiad.
Step 3: ?
Step 4: Profit
Writing a flowchart isn't enough, you have to google "Where can I buy Kalashnikovs"
@Valorum If someone does want to overthrow the monarchy and I know about it and don't report it, can I still get punished for that?
(Hmm, what does our new constitution say about that actually?)
@b_jonas - It's not illegal to not report a crime.
Never has been
3:58 PM
@Valorum Usually not, but I think there were some exceptions for some specific crimes, weren't there?
Or maybe I'm confusing this with something.
@Valorum If I want to know the result of an election, I'll just look at what the Sun says immediately before it.
@Valorum Doesn't that make you an 'accessory', at least for certain crimes?
@b_jonas - The exceptions are where you're a therapist or Doctor
If you know someone's going to commit murder, and you don't report them or try to stop them, won't you become an accessory to murder?
@Valorum What? The Doctor has to report crimes? No way
@b_jonas depends. here in the State you might get slammed with aiding and abetting or collusion
3:58 PM
@Randal'Thor - No. To accessorise, you need to have taken part. "Providing succour" is the technical term
@b_jonas - If someone reports that they have criminal intent related to their mental health
@Skooba The State? Any particular one?
@Randal'Thor No, I think you usually don't.
@Randal'Thor - I'm against Nebraska
@Randal'Thor Probably all 50 of them
or rather 46
@Skooba 46?
4:00 PM
since 4 are Commonwealths
@Skooba What now?
some people make a big deal about it
@b_jonas They chucked four into the sea when the new president took over.
Or gave them to Mexico, or something.
Commonwealth is a designation used by four of the 50 states of the United States in their full official state names: the Commonwealth of Kentucky, (Kentucky was originally part of the land grant of the Colony of Virginia), Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and the Commonwealth of Virginia. Each was, prior to 1776, a British colony, or parts thereof, and share a strong influence of English common law in some of their laws and institutions. The term "Commonwealth" does not describe or provide for any specific political status or legal relationship when used by a state....
I live in one of them
@Randal'Thor - Four of them attached motors and set off into the Pacific
4:01 PM
gosh reading up on it makes it sound if we are somehow more British
@Skooba Wtf. Is that like where they took the Margitsziget away from district 13 so it's now technically not part of any district?
@Valorum Better than the Atlantic. At least we won't have them showing up here.
@Randal'Thor - We'd push 'em back
We might keep New Jersey
@Valorum If only California would do that
@Valorum HAHA that has like 4 of the top 10 murder cities in the US
4:02 PM
Isn't that where @Wad lives?
I was born in NJ, it does have it good sides, but murder is probably its #1 detraction.
I thought Wad lived in NYC
or did he move
@Skooba - That wouldn't be a problem if they moved it to the UK.
I know he linked a restaurant that wanted to hire him. One I'd been to.
I think he did live in NY but he's been in NJ for the last few years.
@Valorum the guns magically fall into the ocean?
or did just a buy-back program
4:04 PM
@Skooba - No. You make them illegal and eventually people stop having them
Dec 8 '15 at 21:29, by Wad Cheber
There have been two shootings within a mile of my last house this year, and two shootings within ten miles of my current house this year. Part of the reason I moved. In the 6 months before I left, there were something like 7 murders within a half mile of my house.
@Skooba - Gun Amnesties are often quite successful
@Valorum not here they aren't
Manchester did one and they had 100+ guns handed in
Britain is an easy country in which to enforce gun control.
4:05 PM
It's an island, ffs.
The State of New York tried to make AR-15s illegal and offered a buy-back. of the 100,000 registered, 4 were turned in. (my numbers may be exaggerated)
@Valorum Every well-bred petty crook knows that the small, concealable weapons always go to the far left of the place setting.
Camden, NJ got like 2,600 back, but found the people were just using that cash to buy new guns.
although they did get 1 rocket launcher
I never understood how guns work in the US.
It's one of those big cultural differences.
4:10 PM
from the "lead researcher" here on the effectiveness of buy-backs “They have intangible value that we have really been underestimating,” he says. “They never will reduce rates of violent crime, but that may have been the wrong parameter to look at.”
And sure, the difference is actually in the people's culture, not in the guns.
My question is WTF parameter are looking to measure?
@Skooba "lead researcher"? researches leaden bullets?
@b_jonas "The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government."
@Skooba Yeah, but do arms really help against tank? I hear it's local knowledge and immigrating early and stuff like that that helps against tyranny instead.
I mean, what would you do with your handguns against the soviet tanks rolling on the street?
4:17 PM
@b_jonas IMO if the government is using the military to slaughter its own people, some if not most of the military will defect.
@b_jonas what did the Vietcong do against the same?
@Skooba Of course! That's why if they want to use it against people, they usually deploy the military far from their own home. I think people figured that out in ancient Rome already, and have been using it consistently since.
@b_jonas - Well, you start out by imagining that a small, well-armed militia will help to protect you against the British. Then you enshrine those rights in a constitution, then you extend those rights to young men who want to buy guns so they can commit crimes.
You use the military at home for stuff when you need lots of urgent uneducated work and you don't want to pay for it, like at natural catastrophes like the flood gates predictably breaking each big flood after you weren't willing to pay a cent to repair them in the last two decades; but there's no conflict against other people.
@Valorum most crimes are committed by guns obtained in an illegal manner anyways.
@Skooba - Most suicides are committed with legally owned handguns. Also most in-home shootings.
4:20 PM
@Valorum Yes, it may have made sense back when they wrote that constitution and they didn't yet have tanks and aircraft and easy remote controlled bombs and stuff like that.
@Valorum Only in the US, where they have a lot of guns. I think suicides here use other methods.
@Valorum suicide is whole different issue. please define "in-home"
@Valorum I'm not saying she isn't popular. That's not at all what I said. I'm saying if she started vetoing acts of Parliament or Prime Ministers (that the people voted it) she's going to start losing popularity
@Valorum And as for "in-home shootings", well duh, you do shootings with guns. And if you don't have guns, like here in Europe, then people do in-home violence without guns, with their bare hands. It's easy to make up statistics like that.
@Skooba - Inside a home. As opposed to outside it, for example at a place of business or public place.
4:22 PM
@b_jonas Switzerland has the highest suicide rate by handgun in 18-25 year olds. So possession of guns doesn't do much
@Valorum but who is being shot?
an intruder, or a family member?
@Skooba Charlie Sheen's Girlfriend
@Skooba - Intruders are almost never shot.
I believe the statistic is something like "you're 1000 times more likely to kill a family member with a legally purchased handgun than an intruder". Don't quote me on the actual number but it's very large
@Edlothiad - Angry girlfriends, after arguments.
@Valorum so you are saying murder, of a spouse/some other friend/relative.
Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius OIB (/pɪsˈtɔːriəs/; Afrikaans pronunciation: [pisˈtɔrjus]; born 22 November 1986) is a South African sprint runner and convicted murderer. Both of Pistorius' legs were amputated below the knee when he was 11 months old. He was the tenth athlete to compete at both the Paralympic Games and Olympic Games, competing in sprint events for below-knee amputees in Paralympic events, and in non-disabled sprint events. After becoming a Paralympic champion, Pistorius attempted to enter non-disabled international competition, over persistent objections of the IAAF and charges that...
4:24 PM
ah, yes you are
my argument usually falls back to people
@Valorum How much do the guns discourage intruders before they're shot, or even before they even try to break in? If many homeowners have guns, then will the intruders (a) just go to other cities, (b) break in when people aren't at home, or (c) don't care and break in all the same, just perhaps get a little training against how to use those guns the homeowners have, as last resort?
if a person wants to commit a crime they will find a way.
@Skooba - True, but I'd rather they didn't have a gun when they did it
Theodore John "Ted" Kaczynski (/kəˈzɪnski/; born May 22, 1942), also known as the "Unabomber", is an American anarchist and domestic terrorist. A mathematical prodigy, he abandoned a promising academic career in 1969, then between 1978 and 1995 killed three people, and injured 23 others, in a nationwide bombing campaign targeting people involved with modern technology. In conjunction with this campaign he issued a wide-ranging social critique opposing industrialization and modern technology, and advancing a nature-centered form of anarchism. Kaczynski was born and raised in Evergreen Park, Illinois...
@b_jonas - I'm not completely convinced that a teen who decides to steal your stereo necessarily deserves to be shot to death.
4:27 PM
Timothy James McVeigh (April 23, 1968 – June 11, 2001) was an American domestic terrorist convicted and executed for the detonation of an Ammonium Nitrate and Nitromethane fertilizer truck bomb in front of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995. Commonly referred to as the Oklahoma City bombing, the attack killed 168 people and injured over 600. According to the United States Government, it was the deadliest act of terrorism within the United States prior to the September 11 attacks, and remains the most significant act of domestic terrorism in United States history...
@Valorum "stereo"? are we still in the 2000s? I thought they're trying to rob me for my smartphone (I don't even have one), or still my petty cash, and the teens do it mostly on the street, not as intruders in city houses. I could be wrong though. Luckily I've never been robbed. I live in a somewhat dangerous city, but I'm probably not the target.
What I would like to know is how much the guns matter for individual crime like robbery or rape that happens on the street. Will there be more people mugging me for the very small value in my wallet in the inner city if those people have easier access to guns? Or does it not matter, because they can rob me perfectly with a kitchen knife and three people helping them?
@b_jonas - Again, I'm not convinced that someone who wants to mug someone necessarily deserves to be killed. It's a deterrent, but there's also a pretty good chance they'll take the gun off you and kill you with it. Introduce a gun into the equation and you stand a pretty good chance of turning a mugging into a murder
@Valorum It's not them getting killed. It's me getting killed by muggers who are getting carried away. That's what I'd be more afraid of than now if there were more guns. Why would I carry a gun? I'd be afraid of it to death, I'd never do that. That's the policemen's and soldier's job.
@b_jonas - It's surprisingly hard to kill someone with a knife. Much less so with a gun
@Valorum Doesn't matter. They don't have to kill me with a high success rate to threaten me with a knife.
It's not even really the knife that matters, but that I'm alone and surprised. They can mug me without a knife too if they know what they're doing.
4:33 PM
@b_jonas - I rather suspect that a lot of people who buy guns to defend themselves, if push comes to shove, would never actually do so.
And the people who would are unlikely to find themselves in a situation where they can use a gun unless they go out of their way to manufacture one.
@Valorum States with open carry laws tend to have lower crime rates
What does help is that (a) again, I'm not their target group, they're way more likely to attack young people, especially children, or the elderly, who they think are less likely to be able to protect themselves, and
(b) I usually don't carry too much valuables, the most valuable thing they can steal off me are the IDs and the home keys and glasses, which can still cause problems if they steal it, but the muggers usually prefer cash and credit cards and mobile phones, which have higher value for them.
some argue correlation though...
@Skooba - Do those states have more gun crimes than most of Western Europe combined?
Answer, yes they do.
It's almost like people having guns leads to gun crime.
@Valorum well its not like having a bar of soap would lead to a gun crime
4:38 PM
Official Release Date for Star Wars is December 15, 2017.
@Valorum And when is the han solo movie released/
The title has been confirmed to mean "the final Jedi". e.g. Luke and/or Rey will be the last Jedi ever
@Valorum I'm not sure that's what "The final Jedi" has to mean
Is it confirmed whether Sith Lord Jar Jar appears yet?
Spanish title is "Los últimos Jedi", with the word Jedi being in the plural.
The Final Jedi(s)
Interestingly, Walt Simonson wrote a comic with the same title a few years back. They're confirmed not to be connected thematically
@Valorum and a few other languages
4:45 PM
@Skooba - Yes, and German and Portuguese.
@Valorum even in that tweet Jedi could be plural, there could could more "last jedi" than the few we see
Or maybe the Sith Lord Jar Jar will be revealed only in Episode IX: Return of the Sith.
@b_jonas - Jar jar confirmed not in Star Wars VIII
I'm gonna get a T-Shirt made up that says "is Binks Snoke?"
20th Century Fox confirms that they're remaking Escape from New York.
There's no word on whether it'll be a soulless pile of crap, devoid of new ideas and toned down to a PG-13, but I think we can be reasonably sure that it will be.
@Valorum Ok, so he's going to be revealed in IX then.
I bet the Empire want to disarm the rebels:P
4:52 PM
Q: Looking for movie/anime with the theme : post-apocalyptic world, war academy, sci-fi (more info inside)

Ioannis DuffAs the title suggests, I'm obsessed with movies or anime that follow the main character as he fights to survive in a post-apocalyptic sci-fi world, undertakes military training and ends up being special/overpowered. Or even something along the lines of a group survival experiment or life-threaten...

Area 51 proposal for Housework SE still needs 90 more commiters: area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/94962/housework
@Skooba - The Empire is big on gun control
5:06 PM
I was hoping Housework would be more popular, since so many people here have to deal with at least parts of it non-professionally.
@Valorum I'm sure you've seen the whole "is Jar Jar Snoke" thing on reddit and how Jar Jar was the mastermind behind it all
@Edlothiad How would that work? scifi.stackexchange.com/a/125004/4918 says Snoke is probably not a Sith lord, so he can't be Sith Lord Jar Jar.
@b_jonas Let me find it
In other movie news: Despicable Me 3 film is coming 2017-06, and I hope it will be as awesome as the Minions film, as opposed to good but disappointing like the Despicable Me 2 film; Lego Batman is out but was barely shown in original dubbing, so I'll have to wait for a home media release till I can watch it; Logan is out and has mixed love-it-or-hate-it reviews, so I'll probably pass, what with so many other superhero films produced these days;
MLP:FiM TV show episodes continue with the start of season 7 (the season that will ruin MLP forever) at Easter (in three weeks), the feature film will be out in 2017-10, and three Equestria Girls short TV films (called "specials", 30 minutes long each) will be released at some unknown time.
@b_jonas How did you transition from Logan to MLP?
a film with decades of background material and one awesomely massive human being, to a show about ponies?
@Edlothiad I was just listing all the fresh movie stuff that interest me and came into my mind. I may have missed a few others.
But ye, above is the reddit thread
@Edlothiad Oh, you say that backwards too. A TV show that managed to keep consistently good quality for over a hundred episodes, without falling into the trap where they produce boring run-on-the-mill episodes, from another film about mutants.
It's not "decades", that's true, but most TV shows don't get there.
5:34 PM
@b_jonas oh no logan is not just another film about mutants
it is a film about Logan
Why is this movie night on a weekday too? (On the night between Thursday and Friday.)
@Skooba - I've not seen it yet. I'm intrigued to find out where all the mutants went.
@b_jonas Thursty Thursdays. When you go out with your work mates and drink. Classic night to be awake late on
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