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12:00 AM
@MajorStackings - Yeah, I know animal rights activists would be disgusted by it, but I would love it if someone came to my house every day with a bottle of booze and 4 Cuban cigars.
@WadCheber I bet somebody says that every hundred years or so.
And they're always right.
@WadCheber I'm boring. I'd settle for Haribo Gold Gummi Bears and a six pack of Coca-Cola.
Does anyone know why Edward Furlong didn't do more Terminator movies? Is he just one of those too cool for the room actors who hates the only thing anyone remembers him from?
The poop flinging is an evidence of the ability of other primates to plan for the future. I remember reading about a chimp in a zoo who didn't like summer visitors pestering him. All winter, he saved up his hardened feces. The following summer, he flung it all, day by day at the visitors.
Zoologists found it fascinating and didn't immediately take his stockpile of feces away.
12:03 AM
@Praxis I did that yesterday on Facebook.
@WadCheber : I thought Furlong went off the rails. He wasn't really acting material anymore, and he looked pretty grubby.
@MajorStackings : hehe
He made a couple of movies. One about him being a misunderstood photographer.
@Praxis - Actually, I read somewhere that chimps don't fling poop in the wild unless they are frequently around people. Chimps in zoos only fling poop when people are around. They do it because they like to see the expressions of disgust on people's faces
@MajorStackings Yeah, Pecker.
I mean the movie is called Pecker, not that you're a pecker
WTF? Say that to my face!
reminds me of the claim that cats only meow to talk to humans
12:05 AM
Flinging shite is the way to the future! Brother primates, join us in our quest to glorify the projection of faeces!
Cats meow to show us that they are terrible and should not exist.
Ed Furlong:
Why won't that embed?
@Praxis Hmmmm. I may have stopped by that guys house for some contraband way back in the day.
I just started volunteering at an animal shelter, but I didn't tell them that I want to free up some space by killing the cats and feeding them to the dogs. It would have the added benefit of reducing expenditures on dog food.
12:08 AM
@MajorStackings : And you managed to leave his house alive. Kudos.
@WadCheber : That is some morbid stuff you got going on there, my friend.
@WadCheber Animal cruelty. That's a nice way to make friends.
I like dogs and cats.
@WadCheber Isn't there enough love to go round?
I like pretty much any animal
I have only met one cat that I didn't hate. He had profound brain injuries from being run over by a car. His right front leg had healed the wrong way, so the paw stuck out to one side. He barked. He lived in my brother's house, with a pot belly pig, and there was a huge piggy door three times bigger than a doggy door, but the cat was so messed up that he couldn't find the enormous door, and would just walk into the wall. If you started petting him, then stopped, he would bark, then bite you
@Ixrec Me too. The ones that try to bite me? Not so much.
12:11 AM
I'm one of those people who can't kill bugs, only shoo them away
I'm mostly kidding. I don't like cats, but I don't want them to be hurt or killed. I just don't want them near me.
I'm not kidding about the brain damaged cat though. He was awesome and weird.
Awesome = weird, right?
His head had a big dent in it from when he was run over.
Poor thing...
@randal'thor - Always
No, he didn't care. He was the happiest cat ever.
He used to pick fights with the llamas in the yard.
When my brother was rehabilitating a moose, the cat picked fights with her, too.
12:14 AM
Had a cat named Smudge. Got ran over by a city bus. Moral of the story: Don't name your pet after a stain.
I think this cat's name was Pumpkin.
He was my buddy.
Q: Why can Picard still hear the Borg?

PraxisTowards the end of "The Best of Both Worlds (Part 2)", we have the following exchange: CRUSHER: Life signs are stable. The DNA around the microcircuit fibre implants is returning to normal. TROI: How do you feel? PICARD: Almost human. With just a bit of a headache. CRUSHER: We'...

I'm definitely not a cat person though. Toxoplasmosis, cat scratch fever, selfishness, claws and fangs... Not my cup of tea.
Plus, the Audobon Society did a study and found that cats in the U.S. kill at LEAST two billion birds and small animals every year.
most animals kill other animals
We were talking about this another time. Wad came out on the side of the animals who kill other animals.
12:20 AM
My dog has been in two fights: With a groundhog and with a praying mantis. She lost both of them.
@WadCheber : But at least she can say that she fought them.
Actually, she never even got a bite in. She just assumed that they wanted to be her friends, tried to sniff them, and got chased away (by the groundhog) and stabbed in the nose (by the mantis).
On that note, gotta run folks....see y'all later. (Hi and bye, @lxrec)
She had better luck with a toad. She licked him and he just sat there and let her.
@Praxis - see ya.
Seeya @Praxis
@WadCheber Toad skin is poisonous!
12:22 AM
I'm on the side of animals who kill for food. Cats and humans are among the only species that kill for fun.
@randal'thor Not this one, apparently.
Maybe you have different toads over there
Maybe it was actually a frog
On another note, why do some people say @lxrec instead of @Ixrec?
I think we have some poisonous toads, but mostly nonpoisonous toads.
Is there an in-joke I'm missing there?
@randal'thor I keep meaning to ask him that, I can only assume it has something to do with the fact that only the latter pings me
but I think it's only Praxis doing it so maybe he has a funny story about his keyboard
Capy did eat two bees, but I don't let her do it anymore because I've seen pictures of dogs with adorably sad swollen muzzles from getting stung by bees they've tried to eat.
12:26 AM
@Ixrec Maybe things come up in sans-serif for him and he actually thinks it's lxrec?
@WadCheber My dog once got four wasps trying to use her fur as their winter nest.
Q: Short story - glass man assassinated?

GStefaniukDoes anyone know the title or author of a short story that was published in Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction magazine, 1981 (not sure of month), where a man is turned into glass/mirror and is assassinated in the end?

Aww. Poor baby.
I only found out when she started yelping and running around trying to bite her rump. One of them must've stung her.
My cousin was living with me for a while, and I had two ferrets at the time. I went away for a weekend and left him with the ferrets. He brought home a hamster or gerbil (I forget which), locked the ferrets in their room, and left the hamster in a shoebox on the floor in the kitchen. I knew nothing about this. I came home, let the ferrets out, and within seconds, saw the older one running towards me with a ball of fur in her mouth.
We had a quiet funeral later that day.
the casket was a Pringles can cut in half.
Yes, my ferrets had their own bedroom. My cousin lived on the couch at first, then moved into the walk in closet.
He never complained, for some reason.
Never complained about living on the couch, or never complained about having his hamster killed?
12:34 AM
The ferret was totally bent on keeping the dead hamster. She saw me blocking the door to her room, and tried to jook left and right like a basketball player. I had to throw myself on the floor and grab her, then wrestle the dead hamster out of her mouth.
@randal'thor - Never complained about sleeping in the couch and then on the floor of the closet.
That hamster must have been so important for the ferret's diet :-P
he was sad about the hamster, but it was pretty much his fault for not telling me that there was a living ferret treat in the kitchen.
Better add ferrets to your list with cats and humans
She would have eaten it if I let her.
Ah, but did she need to?
12:36 AM
I would occasionally get these huge crickets that would sneak into my house, and she would tear them apart and gobble them down.
@randal'thor - I'm not going to try and get inside the mind of a ferret. That's god's work.
(I stole that line from Always Sunny in Philadelphia)
@WadCheber Well, you're a god now, so ...
@randal'thor Nah, I quit.
I realized that, as an atheist, being a god meant that I no longer believed in myself.
That was a problem I couldn't solve.
I'm the Dragon Reborn, which is as close to a god as I care for ;-)
Oh, and the god of Puzzling.SE. More than 3 times as many profile views there as anyone else (more even than @Slytherincess here) - beat that, @Richard!
@WadCheber Maybe you made yourself up for a laugh?
It's a good laugh, though.
And on that note, I'm off to bed.
Goodnight, @WadCheber and lurkers!
1:07 AM
Q: How does Kyle Reese get hooked up with Sarah Connor?

CodeMedIn Terminator Genisys, Kyle Reese goes back in time and we find out that Kyle is Sarah Connors' "mate" and John Connors'father even though Kyle was born 30 or 40 years after Sarah Connors. A similar trip by Kyle to the past caused the birth of John Connors in an earlier movie. ... So there is a p...

Q: How do Terminators speak?

Wad CheberIt seems obvious that Terminators don't have vocal cords, and their speech is probably generated by some kind of speaker assembly linked to a speech processor. However, every time we see a Terminator speaking, it moves its mouth just like a human would. In most cases, this is presumably because...

@randal'thor - see ya
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2:49 AM
Q: What exactly is this procedure involving orange cases and slits beneath the eyes?

PraxisIn the late 90s television series La Femme Nikita, subjects are interrogated by Section 1 in the so-called "White Room". When they are not immediately forthcoming or cooperative, they are sometimes subjected to a particular treatment that, to my knowledge, is not shown on screen. Two rather tac...

3:23 AM
@WadCheber : You still around? :-)
Was going to show you my (succinct) Terminator answer...but you've seen it. (And thanks!) :-)
Did anyone ever watch La Femme Nikita (the tv series)?
3:53 AM
Q: Food in the Star Wars Universe?

Leo Obsessed with Star WarsAre the foods in the Star Wars Universe the same as ours'? Do they have strawberries or potatoes or something? I know that they might have some food other than the food that we also have, but I'm wondering if they have any food like ours'.

Q: How much of a deterrent is deep and wide water to the Terminators depicted in the Terminator Universe?

Major StackingsI don't remember any of the movies dealing with deep and wide water, but I would imagine the Terminators would either have to walk along the bottom, or have to find a vehicle or something to use as a bridge. I don't think they'd be able to swim, or even know if they could withstand sustained tota...

4:09 AM
Q: Short story about a future utopian society where a man builds a train set

cb550This story appeared in an anthology published no later than the mid 90's. It is about a future society without currency, where everything is provided through requisition kiosks (although the kiosks also deny requests, hinting of Big Brother). People spend their days playing games or betting on t...

@Praxis Too funny. Valid question judging by the answer, but boom! an anonymous down vote right off the bat.
@MajorStackings : Yeah, it's annoying. That's been happening a bit lately. But not as annoying as the person who kept changing his or her mind, downvoting, upvoting, and downvoting again my answer to scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/71144/…
I think it had something to do with the bounty, which was silly, 'cause it was only 50 points.
Oh well. Anyway, I like your water question --- it's definitely legit.
@Praxis I've seen it all in my 3.5 years. Not every question can be a gem, but if no one asks questions, all these heavy reppers wouldn't have anything to do except star us in chat.
@MajorStackings : lol
I'm on a La Femme Nikita binge at the moment. The weird thing is that it was filmed in Toronto, and so its like seeing a dystopian version of streets I walk on everyday.
@Praxis I just rewatched War Games. It was set in Seattle. I didn't recognize anything outside the stock shots. A ferry on a run that doesn't exist in front of the Space Needle. But whenever you see the skyline from a distance, that's my old stomping grounds. I grew up a couple miles away.
4:23 AM
@MajorStackings : Is it possible that, apart from the stock footage, it was filmed in Vancouver?
Millennium was the same: set in Seattle, filmed in Van.
@Praxis I think so. I guess Canada gives them a discount.
Hello @PrisonMonkeys
@MajorStackings : @PrisonMonkeys missed the long discussion from earlier involving prisoners and monkeys. That's a shame.
Well, night folks, I'm off to bed! :-)
Q: Short story from the 80s - Character has to read instead of having brain programed

TeachermanI had a collection of Science-Fiction short stories back in the 80s. There was one story set in the future where everyone went through a programming process that would "teach" them how to perform the necessary skills for specific careers. The main character's brain is not programmable and is sent...

Hello @phantom42. Keeping things at an even keel?
4:34 AM
@MajorStackings hey, mostly. just catching up on the site before i head off to bed. how's it going by you?
@phantom42 I'm good. 1 kid and my wife dinged up their knees. I'm a jack of all trades these days.
howd that happen?
Wife: Old skiing injury. The repair has worn out. The kid: Sprained it jogging.
They'll heal up quick. They'll have to. Eating my food encourages it.
5:02 AM
Q: What is the limitation of J'onn J'onzz's power of intangibility?

Stark07J'onn J'onzz, AKA Martian manhunter, has the ability to go intangible. My question being, why does he not use this ability full-time whilst in battle? Are there any limitations to his intangibility, or is the answer out-of-universe?

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6:08 AM
Why does the Terminator (T-800) have a HUD?: Do we ever see any of the "bad" Terminators with a HUD?
Actually: nvm, I just remembered that the T-X displays us a HUD when she selects a replacement primary weapon when her plasma bomb gets damaged.
Was thinking it was a re-programmed thing when a Terminator gets re-programmed by the resistance. Oh well, there goes my theory...
6:45 AM
@Richard My kb has page break issues. Then I uncluttered the question, and now I'm losing a battle of wits with a cell phone. Feel free to debullet. Thanks

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