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12:09 AM
It's not wrong to really want to win.
12:20 AM
@Richard (So Slytherin)
@Slytherincess - I'm sorely tempted into doing the sorting quiz again...
I saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw that :>
@Richard Hopefully "really want to win" means "really want the opportunity to give-back to and improve this community". Then yes, I think it's perfectly fine that you want to win.
@Richard Surely it's between Ravenclaw and Slytherin, but you are so ambitious!
@Slytherincess My least favourite feature of a keyboard is the " being right next to the Enter key
12:25 AM
@Mooz - Oh yeah. The community thing. That.
@Mooz I shouldn't heckle you (although heckling is another Slytherin trait) because you are a nice guy :)
@Richard :p
@Slytherincess Lol, on here... :D
@Mooz Aren't we all? ;)
@Slytherincess The Jesus & Mary Chain just announced a tour.
@alexwlchan Haha.. Fine.
12:30 AM
Q: Young Adult novel - Brother and Sister go back in time and meet Cuchulain

Sean DugganThis is probably an easy one, but I can't think of the right combination of keywords. I read it as a hardback around the late 1980s to the early 1990s. It involved a brother and sister who someone wound up back in early ages of Celtic Ireland. They meet a young man who turns out to be Cuchulain, ...

@phantom42 Wow. Seriously. Although, you know, I'm actually not overly familiar with their music. I want to say they sang a song called Honey or it had the word "Honey" in it ... ?
@phantom42 Candy! Well, I was sort of close :D
@Slytherincess Actually, it's "Just Like Honey".
@phantom42 I was just going to say, yeah. Candy is the name of the album.
I know this song.
12:34 AM
Psycho Candy, actually.
The new tour is the 30th anniversary for that album.
Okay, that's more familiar than just Candy, but I'm still not super familiar with their work. If they come to Denver I might see them for posterity.
I did that with OMD a few years ago and it ended up being one of the best shows I've ever seen/heard.
Yeah, I'm not a big fan, but I like most of the stuff I've heard.
Of JaMC? Or OMD? (I wrote OMG ... )
@Slytherincess Both, really - but I was referring to JaMC.
OMD is just two guys with a bass guitar and a lot of synthesizers, but they really have some interesting/funky tunes on their most recent two albums, which are both modern. They also sang If You Leave from Pretty in Pink -- nice blast from the past!
They sang it at the show, I mean.
New OMD. Sister Marie Says. It's like modernized 80s music. I like this song.
1:13 AM
Q: Novel about a mission to restablish contact with Earth

RadhilLooking for a novel I read in the early 90s; came from a local library so it may be quite a bit older. Might've been a YA novel, as it was in the same shelf as a bunch of William Sleator novels. All my memory detailed below. A spacefaring civilization sends a mission to re-establish contact a...

1:49 AM
Now that it's time to vote, I bet @JackBNimble is going to regret how many of us are dead to him.
@Tango - I think he's counting on a zombie army.
@Richard H
He's said I'm dead to him so often I think I'm 50% of his zombie voting army.
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3:22 AM
Q: In Predestination, why does the bartender pull John away from Jane?

FizzlerWhy does the bartender pull John away from Jane? Having the ability to time travel means that you're not bound to the current time - you can set out to travel later and still get to the same point in time in the future/past. So when the barkeeper explains to John that he must time travel to sto...

4:19 AM
Q: 90s fantasy book need id

Joshua TempletonI read a book in my high school library back in the late 90s and pretty sure it was written in the mid 90s. i can't remember the author or title. The setting is current to the 90s mid west. but also takes place in an alternate medieval style fantasy world that only certain individuals can go to ...

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5:45 AM
Q: 90s book need id may have sleeping dragon in title

Joshua Templetonthe book is about random people being transported to an alternate world. in the instance of the book it's a neighborhood that transported. when the people come out side after they realize they been transported, they are met by a guy peddling ice cream and he tells them some info. if i remember...

Q: YA book about paper mâché dragons coming to life

DanJi remember reading a young adult book about a teen in modern times (1980-1990) who makes a bunch of paper mâché dragons as a hobby and they end up coming to life and attacking him in his home. I have no idea the title or author but I recollect the cover drawn as the main protagonist in a chair...

Hiya. Election hey, exciting! I've read 'em over and done my civic duty.
6:01 AM
Elections are fun (I don't think I have the rep to vote. Maybe next time)
6:12 AM
Q: Old japanese sci-fi

zzzzJapanes sci-fi from 1970-1990. an alien is trying to reach earth but a group of heroes created or duplicated a fake earth to crash land into. the alien had a flat or disc like head. he had more than one form and had too be killed numerous times. I remember seeing it on VHS, way back in the 90's. ...

Q: What were vehicles and society in general powered by in Avatar LOK

Journeyman GeekOne of the things I found striking in the Legend of Korra was how society went from what was essentially a pre-industrial society (with minor exceptions) with some use of bending, to a society which was roughly at par with the 1920s. There's references to Mako working at a power generator full o...

Q: Borg nanites prior to First Contact and "Scorpion"

PraxisAre there any references, either in the official canon or in the Extended Universe, to Borg nanites and/or nanoprobes prior to First Contact and the Voyager two-parter "Scorpion"? During TNG, the Borg are only seen to assimilate individuals "manually", that is, by having drones add implants and ...

6:37 AM
Q: Quidditch rivalries

GuruGulabKhatriLike in muggle sports there are rivalries between two teams, most of the times due to historic reasons or sometimes given rise by fans or media. Do such rivalries exist in quidditch? For example, in cricket India vs. Pakistan is considered match with intense rivalry due to ongoing border conflic...

Q: What are the various duty stations on the Enterprise D bridge?

Major StackingsI can identify the Captain's duty station, Navigation, Communications, and the Science Officers console, and there are often Security personal standing guard near the turbolift. What are the other duty stations on Enterprise NCC-1701's bridge?

7:00 AM
@JackBNimble Are you buying?
7:15 AM
Q: What's the Original example of the common fantastical trope of Dwarf vs Elf?

ShisaRelated this another recent question What's the original fictional (including) mythological example of Elves and Dwarves being set up as rival races? Is this a trope that first made it's appearance in Tolkien, or was there a precursor to this that inspired Tolkien in the first place?

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8:22 AM
Q: Why didn't grace go travleling with the doctor

doctorwhofanIn doctor who the movie How comes or why didn't grace end up traveling with the doctor after saving him from the master

@Richard Nah, and to be honest, I expect a lot of people really want you to win!
8:41 AM
Q: The Walking dead Rick's inhumanity

GoCodesWhy did rick leave the hiker in episode 12 of season 3 to die and then mercilessly without paying any respect to the mutilated hiker took off with his backpack? Rick is no hero as he is touted out to be in the series. he is just another ordianry survivor not worth the limelight of an entire TV se...

8:55 AM
Q: Has Hulk been ever defeated by a normal person with limited weaponry?

GuruGulabKhatriI am a fan of Marvel universe but don't follow much of it's comics. So please spare my ignorance. Just to elaborate what I am asking, let's take Hawkeye as subject. Hawkeye doesn't have super powers. He has been trained to achieve extreme level of accuracy, timing and precision. He relies on wea...

9:09 AM
Q: Why was Harry Potter flying on an eagle owl in his dream in Goblet of Fire?

Mermish EssenceThis is really bugging me. I've searched and searched but I could not find anything from J.K. Rowling or others giving a respectable reason as to why Harry would be on an owl in his dream flying to Voldemort with the news that the disguised Barty Crouch, Jr. fixed Wormtail's blunder by killing hi...

9:30 AM
@Tango Where have you been? Why are you not active these days?
10:05 AM
Q: Can we make it so questions regarding the Marvel Cinematic Universe are automatically tagged correctly?

Dr R DizzleThere are an awful lot of questions regarding the various MCU properties that are not tagged with the marvel-cinematic-universe tag. Is there a way we can automatically tag any questions that contain, for example, the iron-man-2 tag with the marvel-cinematic-universe tag, or at least suggest thi...

10:30 AM
Q: Does the machine intelligence reboot our genuine knowledge of A.I.?

SidharthaConsidering you saw the movie the Matrix, I beg to ask the qeustion whether the AI Machine City and the A.I. as a whole reboots the current technology available somehow. If Trinity lived in a world of basic HTML at the beginning of her life and it got so constructed such as modern day smart phone...

10:53 AM
Q: Was Neo actually born on 9/11?

SidharthaI saw a video on youtube showing the file on Agent Smith' desk talking about how Neo's birthdate was on September 11th. It's hard to read, and not sure if this was conspiracy, truth, or half truth. Was this in the original movie at theatres then edited out by machine AI after the attacks? Are the...

Q: Biological functions of Mystique when morphed

GuruGulabKhatriI have always wondered how does Mystique's transformation works. Please spare me as I don't read many Marvel comics, just those random ones which I can get. From what is seen in movie, she can instantly transform into anyone once she gets clear look at him/her. She can even replicate the targe...

11:17 AM
Q: What is the song during Neo's "Follow the White Rabbit" scene

Sidhartha What is the song that he turns off, the minute he see's "Wake Up Neo" on it. Where can I find it? I have the OST of the three movies, and fan made similar tastes. But I wan't to get my hands on as much of the films songs as I can. Would boot up the film and watch credits like I did for Animatr...

there the answer is edited to use references from a haines guide - not doing any more editing (real life takes priority)
hello @HackToHell
11:47 AM
Q: Magic In Dresden Files Universe

Liam BrownIn The Dresden Files universe is there a limit to what magic can do ? And how does it compare to other magic in different series like harry potter for example?

My moderator election questionnaire is up. Now seems the time to start making unsupportable offers and bribes so is there anything people would like to see me address? meta.scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/6502/…
12:16 PM
@Richard I remain a spectator, cheering everyone on!
@ScienceFiction&Fantasy Like dreams are always supposed to make sense?

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