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12:06 AM
Q: What is docelerite?

N.SoongI've just finished reading the novel Star Trek: The Next Generation 'Cold Equations: The Persistence of Memory' (great book by the way). On page 358 of my edition (the start of Chapter 31), Picard says the following: Picard resisted the urge to curse the docelerite that kept his ship mired a...

Q: Does Beck have a User?

user46173Beck the main protagonist in the Tron:Uprising animated TV series. It is known Clu, Clu2, and Tron all mirror their user/creator. But who created Beck? Does he mirror a user or simple randomly generated?

12:18 AM
ok. i just watched the trailer for a movie that was basically: Jason Bourne if he got high and forget he was Jason Bourne, starring Mark Zuckerberg and Bella Swann,
and it looked awesome.
(warning: red-band trailer)
12:44 AM
Q: Does a transcription of Tolkien's handwriting in this image exist?

Wad CheberIn his answer to another question I asked here, Jason Baker included the following image, taken from a page of Tolkien's "Synoptic Time Scheme for The Lord of the Rings". We had some difficulty deciphering Tolkien's scrawling handwriting, and I was wondering if a transcription exists. A slightl...

Q: Is the weather controlled in Back to the Future II?

N.SoongIn Back to the Future II, it starts out as pouring with rain when they arrive in 2015. When they land, Doc goes to get out but Marty protests, saying it's raining too much. Doc then looks at his watch and times perfectly the stop of the rain. Doc then attributes it to the excellence of the Wea...

1:37 AM
Q: How long has Romanov been pacifying Hulk?

CodeMedIn the Age of Ultron, Natasha Romanov gets Hulk to relax back into David Banner at the end of each action scene. I do not recall her doing this in the first Avengers movie, or in any of the prior Hulk movies. In Age of Ultron, they call it a Lullaby. When did Romanov start pacifying Hulk? W...

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3:51 AM
Q: Does Jorah Mormont "LOVE" Daenerys Targaryan?

KharoBangdoJorah has been crowned as Lord Friendzone of the Meme-esteros since the beginning. Lots of jokes have been made about his alleged love for Dany while Dany only considers him as a trusted friend & derives sexual pleasures from others, thus friendzoning him. Jorah is 50, show Dany is early 20's(...

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5:28 AM
6:12 AM
Q: Looking for a book about a genetically engineered person

AequitasThis was a while ago and I can't remember very much, but I really loved this book but it was lost in a car crash :( Anyway, so the main character was grown and genetically engineered. At one stage he is walking along train tracks with another character deep in thought but never loses his balance...

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8:08 AM
Michael Edenfield on May 29, 2015

As seems to be the trend these days, the first episode of an upcoming show has been released a bit early, though this time officially. The show is Stichers, and it’s a summer show for the ABC Family network. The full episode can be found as an exclusive on the EW website.

Here is a short, spoiler-free review of this new sci-fi show.

The basic premise of the show is a strange mash-up of Inception, Source Code, and iZombie. A top secret, unnamed government agency has developed technology that lets them inject the mind of a living person into the memories of a recently-deceased one, to extrac …

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11:30 AM
Q: Death in Christmas Special not a fixed point in time?

MichalIn The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe she saves her husband, but with that she modifies a fixed point in time, how is this possible? Is it a slight/tolerable nuance of a Christmas Special?

Q: In the world of The Hunger Games, can people move to a different district?

Kamil LapkaThe Hunger Games take place in an area of the world that is divided into 13 districts, all of them subserviant to the Capitol. Each of these districts offer a different "service" to the Capitol, whether that be coal or fish. Is there any information on citizens of the Districts moving from one D...

12:19 PM
Q: Where can places like Xandar,Kree empire fit in Marvel universe

rksI have got a confusion regarding where the places mentioned in Guardians of the Galaxy can be fit within the 9 realms described in Thor movie.Is the entire universe contained within the 9 realms or the places like Xandar, Knowhere situated somewhere outside the tree of yggdrasil?

12:43 PM
Q: Why is Thanos called The "Mad" Titan?

GauthamWhy is Thanos called "mad"? He is a master in strategy, adept in sciences far beyond Earth technology. In Age of Ultron, Thor happens to mention that someone is making things happen involving soul gems and it is understood that Thanos is the brains behind this. Of course he has this hunger for po...

12:56 PM
Q: Alternative Universe vs Different Dimension

SildorethIs there a difference between an "alternate/parallel universe" and a "different/alternate dimension"? Or are these synonyms?

1:20 PM
Q: Do Kryptonians know about the effect of yellow suns and how did they use it?

TaladrisKal-El/Superman has been sent to Earth by his parents to protect him from Krypton's destrucion. On Earth, he develops superpowers and become the Eath's protector. Kryptonians don't have superpowers on her native world (Krypton would be a complete mess otherwise). This is explained by the fact tha...

2:09 PM
Q: Aging in Tomorrowland

TlozWarning, this contains spoilers if you haven't seen the movie Hello everyone. There's something that keeps bothering me since I've watched Tomorrowland. When Frank Walker arrives in Tomorrowland with Cassie Newton, David Nix says to him something like "Age goes well on you" (sorry I'm French an...

2:20 PM
@ScienceFiction&Fantasy I think we got some redundant tags here but I'm not sure.
the way they it's explained in the wiki, is really but with a pinch of thrown in.
Q: Was Eddard Stark as good a/better swordsman than Jamie Lannister?

USFBSI have a group of friends that all have read the books (not so solid on the show though), and one of them brought up that Ned (Eddard) Stark was one of the best swordsmen in Westeros. At the time, he couldn't remember what the evidence to back this claim up was, just that he had "read it on the...

@MichaelEdenfield I'd say alt-reality could mean things like universes (or space between universes) where our physics don't even apply. Things like in Lovecraft's work.
2:42 PM
I think so too but I think as they're currently defined, the tags are rather nebulous
aside from the excerpt being way too long, alt-reality says:
> This normally occurs when timelines overlap and people/objects are transferred from one reality to another.
So, if we were to try to create a tag taxonomy:
"alternate-reality" would be something completely abnormal reality
"alternate-world" would be Earth but different from ours in some way
"parallel-universe" would be a completely separate universe existing along side ours
"parallel-dimension" is a synonym for "parallel-universe"
"alternate-dimension" is a synonym for "alternate-reality"
"alternate-timeline" is a separate timeline that happened within a single universe but where time was altered via time-travel?
too many tags.
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4:52 PM
Q: Why could Sauron not sense the ring?

BellaIf like 99% of Saurons' lifeforce was in the ring then why could Sauron not sense the ring wherever it were even if no one did wear it? Or how could he not sense it when Frodo was right in front of Saurons' eye in mordor? If more part of is lifeforce was in that ring then he should be able to sen...

I'd say that should cover the whole lot.
Then again, it smells like a meta tag that should be burned.
I can't really imagine a question that would be tagged with just .
The only place where meta tags are useful, is in conjunction with .
5:52 PM
that's a good point.
there's one question that has three of those meta-tags but it was also closed as too broad
Wow we actually have a question about whether or not Jorah is being friend-zoned by Dany in GoT.
Q: According to information in GoT and the ASIF books, how would the notable fighters in the series rank relative to one another?

HalThe best fighters in Game of Thrones seem to be Barristan Selmy Jamie Lanister (with both hands) Jaqen H’ghar The Mountain The Hound Syrio Forel Kahl Drogo Bronn of the Blackwater Jorah Mormont According to information from GoT and the ASIF books, if the listed fighters collectively constit...

Q: Did Elrond want and expect Aragorn to become the King of Gondor and Arnor?

Wad CheberIn the books of The Lord of the Rings, unlike the movies, Aragorn never seems to doubt that he will eventually claim the throne, and Elrond never seems to doubt it either. I got the impression that Elrond always saw Aragorn as being different from all the heirs of Isildur who had gone before him...

6:08 PM
so, just curious:
how many of you work in an office building where you have any idea how to get on the roof?
mine has a sufficiently non-rectangular shape that there isn't much actual roof to get onto, so not me
@MichaelEdenfield - I can get onto a balcony that has roof access. Back in the day I used to sit on the roof and have a cigarette in the sun.
Occasionally, I'd disappear up there and have my lunch in peace.
I don't even think I'd be allowed on the roof of my building.
and yet, people on TV just pop up there all the time
@MichaelEdenfield - No. Most buildings I've worked in have a separate roof access staircase.
It's positively trope-elicious
also, according to the Batman Lego video game, all building more than 6 stories high have helipads on them
6:14 PM
"This is often used in modern-day urban settings (even spreading to western productions) because it allows for a panoramic view of the character and the skyline without having to travel out of town -- which explains why it seldom appears in non-urban settings. It also happens often in Western medical dramas, for the simple reason that the rooftop is usually the most quiet place in a hospital...unless it's near the helicopter pad."
@MichaelEdenfield Knock Knock
6:45 PM
Well, the average roof during a Houston summer is very similar to a bbq grill. So no, I've never actually tried to access my building's roof.
7:31 PM
Q: what is the name of this movie?

John HI saw this movie perhaps 40 plus years ago about humans that discover a blue planet and develop a mission sending a spaceship to investigate. They have some issues during the long journey and then a mutiny breaks out from those that want to abort the mission. The crew is battling each other for c...

@Richard A couple years ago I saw official LEGO gummies. I couldn't believe they didn't realize how terrible an idea it was to teach little kids to eat LEGO bricks.
@Keen - Lego, delicious BUT DEADLY!
LEGO, the silent killer.
@Keen - When you tread on them, remaining silent is something of a challenge.
@Keen - my feet already call them the silent killer.
7:44 PM
Q: In Flashpoint Paradox, how did Flash saving his mother cause Bruce Wayne to be shot?

ZibbobzIn Flashpoint Paradox, we see an alternate timeline where Bruce Wayne is the one that was gunned down in the alleyway, and Thomas Wayne survived to become a darker, gun-toting Batman. This is explained to be the result of a "Time Boom" caused when The Flash travelled back in time to save his o...

@Keen I think we should migrate this to meta. It's an interesting question, even if it's off topic for the regular site:
Q: Alternate Universe vs Different Dimension

SildorethIs there a difference between the terms "alternate/parallel universe" and "different/alternate dimension"? Or are these synonyms? Perhaps an alternate dimension is one specific kind of alternate universe? EDIT This question is not about the scientific theories of universes. Specifically, I'm ...

7:57 PM
New tool for 10K users. Seems to be broken at the mo.
A: New 10K tool: question close statistics

KevinOn Scifi, the contents are there but the table is not formatted:

I wish there were more Futurama fans here, so my quotes would be recognized.
@Donald.McLean That's not a meta question. If someone wants to make something similar that's about tagging, that would be a meta question. But just asking for these things to be defined and compared isn't a meta question.
@Kevin - I just said that.
@Kevin We might be able to workaround this if someone can get the relevant bits of CSS from a site with the new CSS. It shouldn't be too hard to copy that CSS into a Stylish custom style.
I'm only 10k/mod on this site, so I can't get this info.
...or can i?
@Keen - Me neither.
8:11 PM
Here we go. I've got a partial fix.
@Keen - I'm an owl inspector.
Q: How did Darth Vader make it back to safety after the destruction of the first Death Star?

user151841After Luke blew up the first Death Star, Vader is shown in his T.I.E. Fighter, spinning out of control. Since earlier we learned from Han that T.I.E. Fighters need a base to launch from, how did he get back to safety?

Q: Can the Flash be held liable for Flash-related property damage?

OmegacronIn the new Flash series, we often see The Flash zooming around town, rocking cars & shattering windows for several feet around. At least one legal blog seems to think he would quickly find himself in Small Claims Court - secret identity or not. And since the Arrowverse tries to take a more realis...

Now to upload this somewhere...

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