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3:15 PM
@Edlothiad I'm awake!
@Bellatrix A late reply to you but last night you asked if Harley Quinn was similar to Bellatrix LeStrange. I would say Harley is more nuts as in she does things which are completely inappropriate to the situation whereas Bellatrix acts fairly rationally.
@Bellerophon Okay, thanks! Yeah, one of the things I like about Bellatrix is she actually makes rational choices, for what her goals are. :)
@Bellatrix Hey look, Sybill Trelawney and Bellatrix Lestrange were once acquainted!
Whoa whoa, Heroes of the Storm will gift me 20 heroes if I enter and play before May 22.
3:30 PM
@Gallifreyan Ha ha ha! :D How Trelawney could do that to her and not get Crucioed, I don't know! :P
@Bellatrix Yes! my question was as follows, how is Newt Scamanders lover (something LeStrange) related to the husband of Rudolph(us) the Red Nose Death Eater (LeStrange)
@Edlothiad He probably will be in some way, but we don't know how yet. (Good one, by the way!)
Q: Has Leta Lestrange been mentioned in canon before?

WannabeCoderHas Leta Lestrange been mentioned at all outside of the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie?

@Edlothiad She isn't mentioned before Fantastic Beasts, but since she has the same last name as him, it's a safe bet they're related somehow.
Q: What causes Worf and Data to act strangely?

T-1000's SonTowards the end of "Future Imperfect," Commander Riker realizes that the "future" Enterprise that he's been a part of is actually a fiction. He sees this for certain when his wife in that reality is a holodeck fantasy of his from the real world. Upon going to the Bridge and after speaking to Geo...

3:41 PM
@Bellatrix Ah ok, so she's a new character. Do you know her name btw, I re-watched it but forgot
@Edlothiad Leta Lestrange.
@Bellatrix The red nose Death Eater joke, or the question? Because the Red Nose Death Eater joke would suit /r/dadjokes perfectly
@Edlothiad Both! :D
@Bellatrix now I think I got it: the intro to Ghost Love Score is 15 beats per measure, if you pretend that one of the beats is 4/3 as long as normal, but in later measures it shrinks to its normal length. It switches to 4 beats per measure once she starts singing.
also @Gallifreyan maybe you care about that ^
3:50 PM
@MolagBal Ooh, cool! :D
@Bellatrix I'm more awake and apparently better able to count this morning :p
@Bellatrix "Leda comes into the second movie," says Yates at Fantastic Beasts' New York press junket. "She’s quite complicated, a little damaged, and confused... she’s kind of tragic figure in a way."
@MolagBal Cool! Near the end of yesterday, I was having a hard time typing, so yeah, rest helps. :)
@MolagBal What does that mean?
@Edlothiad According to my copy of the screenplay, her name is Leta.
3:55 PM
@Bellatrix - Leta LeStrange
@Gallifreyan slow down Ghost Love Score and try to count out the beats. It turns out that the fastest drum beat hits 46 times per measure. Very unusual time signature. Don't dance to it unless you have at least 23 feet.
@Bellatrix ye they misspelt it
weeping angel cat
user image
i meant more that more is to come, and more about her character, rather than the spelling
3:55 PM
@Valorum Emilia Clarke?
@Gallifreyan Zoe Kravitz
@Edlothiad Okay, I thought it was about the spelling.
@Edlothiad - Lenny Kravitz daughter.
@Edlothiad Yeah, apparently she will play a somewhat important role in the sequel. I'm hoping that since it's set in the past, they can't meddle with Bellatrix.
@MolagBal I don't dance
4:00 PM
@Gallifreyan That makes three of us!
@Bellatrix I don't think they will, they might just say "She wasn't evil!" and that be the end of that
@Gallifreyan I know you can!
@Gallifreyan neither do I. If you haven't counted out music before, it's hard to explain
@MolagBal Nope, no aptitude for music nor any music education :(
@Gallifreyan alas
@Edlothiad You don't think Leta will be significant, or you don't think they'll meddle with Bellatrix?
4:02 PM
@Bellatrix The latter, the only affect I think it'll have on Bellatrix is that she might not have a totally evil family history
@Edlothiad Awesome! :)
Did no one get this?
2 mins ago, by Edlothiad
@Gallifreyan I know you can!
@Edlothiad You're attempting to be encouraging?
@Himarm It seems like it was tough for you to smile.
@Edlothiad Thanks a lot! :D I don't want to have to deal with anyone going and tampering with Bellatrix. I'm enjoying the Fantastic Beasts series so far.
@Edlothiad Oh... Yeah, I actually saw that movie when I was younger. I thought what you said was vaguely familiar! Now I know why!
@Edlothiad Not a chance! :P
Well, I can't dance or sport so I lose on both counts!
@Bellatrix Ah I can sport, but I can't dance, even if my other half insist on dancing all the time
@Valorum Those badges won't run away, you know :)
Oops. I killed the front page
Request to ban User: Valorum for going against his own policies!
Me dancing:
4:12 PM
@Edlothiad I can tell you everything you need to know about Death Eaters. That's about it. :P
@Bellatrix What do they eat?
@Edlothiad - Unfortunately, I'm not able to unilaterally set site policy
or is that not need to know
@Valorum but you didn't ask to ruin front page, another classic example of high rep users doing what they want
@Edlothiad Death, of course! :P
@Edlothiad - I've stopped now. I didn't realise that no-one else was doing anything...
4:13 PM
@Edlothiad Really, just normal food. Nothing special.
@Edlothiad I know a lot of things about them that aren't need to know.
Hey people seem to like me
@Valorum It was only 10 posts
@Bellatrix Like what?! pray do tell!
@Edlothiad - I got carried away. This new SOX plugin allows you to see all the tags associated with a question. It's too easy to do too many tag edits.
@Edlothiad Here's the ones I did yesterday: Bellatrix's shoe size is 8, and her bra size is 34C.
@Valorum Yeah, but I have it memorized. :) I didn't Google. :P
4:18 PM
@Bellatrix How do you know that?
Oh but that's not Bellatrix! That's HBC!
@Valorum I did too many tag edits before it was cool
@Edlothiad Basically how Valorum does, but I have it memorized.
@Valorum Wait what's that feature? Mine doesn't have that, would've been most beneficial for the Big Edit Event
@Bellatrix ahah, you cheated!
@Edlothiad Do you doubt my obsession with Bellatrix? :P
4:21 PM
@MolagBal Yeah, I did the same thing. Got in trouble.
@Valorum Which setting is that? I don't have it :(
@Bellatrix I almost entirely stopped editing here. Now I edit wikia if I feel like editing something
edit a few hundred posts here over a few months: get complaints
edit a thousand times in a month at wikia: get promoted to admin
@Valorum Which tab is that under?
@MolagBal That's cuz you have to edit 2000 in a day to not get complaints
@MolagBal Yeah, can't get in trouble if you don't edit! :P
no one complains now because I am an all-powerful admin D-:<
actually I'm just a humble admin, there at the pleasure of the beaurocrat
4:24 PM
@MolagBal Mwa ha ha! :) Power over all, except not really...
That's the number of edits the users did in 41 hours
@Bellatrix pretty much :p
@MolagBal Haha! :P
@MolagBal Oh I meant on SE
@Edlothiad I try for 0 in a day on SE
4:26 PM
@Edlothiad So proud to make it on that list. Only person on their without instant editing abilities.
@Bellatrix, what's this shenanigans I read about voldy having a kid with Bellatrix?
@Bellerophon I think @tobiasvl gained insta-edit abilities during that period, but he'll have to correct me on that. He's gained rep so quick I forgot
@Bellatrix here's a song with 3 beats per measure
1 2 3, 1 2 3, 1 2 3...
@Valorum You always need to check when doing lots of edits - only do a few at a time and look at the front page again after each one.
@Edlothiad That is in a terrible play that should not be considered canon, and there is no proof it's really hers even if the play is considered canon! So no, she did not!
@Bellerophon No you're right, that! and an impressive 54 edits as well!
4:33 PM
@Randal'Thor but now we can trot this incident out on every retagging post on meta for the rest of time
@Valorum It's the weekend. Only those of us with sad lives are on at this time.
@Edlothiad I could do an entire essay about why this is not true!
@MolagBal That's because the default view of Wikia doesn't show only recently edited posts.
@Randal'Thor - I was miles away. I've got a documentary on about cats and I was away with the fairies, clicking away merrily on the page
@MolagBal Oooh, cool! Yeah, this one is definitely easier to time.
4:35 PM
@Valorum it's like you don't even care about the sanctity of the front page
@KutuluMike He doesn't care when it's his own posts being bumped, getting him drive-by upvotes and eventually badges.
user image
@Randal'Thor ^^
can I retag 40 questions to bump Valorum off the front page?
@AJ Someone's shown me that image in here before ...
@MolagBal Finnish is weird.
4:38 PM
@Gallifreyan I hope it's no saying something awful
@Bellatrix yes :D I forgot about that one yesterday
@MolagBal I think I've read the translation before. Nothing obscene - it's about winter.
@Randal'Thor or those of us stuck in a library!
@Valorum Would you mind if I keep your Bellatrix-in-bed picture from yesterday? :) I mean, it's nothing personal to you, but I still think I should ask first.
@Gallifreyan kyllä
@Randal'Thor oh
4:40 PM
@Loong Вне всяческих сомнений.
@Loong Tervetuola!
@Bellatrix Does that mean someone should ask whether Bellatrix really had a child with the Big V
@Randal'Thor did you delete that post?
Damn, it is tervetuloa. Should've stuck with my typo.
@Edlothiad Which, the rude one?
@Edlothiad Please, please do. I want to bring out all my evidence I collated to show how awesome Cursed Child is.
Q: What is the life expectancy in The Culture series?

imu96So in The Player of Games, it said that one way to die is you can completely annihilate your brain, and that some guy fell off a cliff or something, and his brain just had to wait a few months to grow a new body. Does that mean that people can more or less live forever? Because if they're sick ...

4:41 PM
@Bellerophon awesome?
@Randal'Thor Ye, I was about to flag it! That would've put me 403 reviews away
@Randal'Thor Kiitos!
@Edlothiad Someone probably did already. Would anyone really want to see incredibly in-depth research done by a determined crazy girl?
@Loong I knew that one from Nightwish videos :)
@Bellatrix that's half the site. the other half is determined crazy guys
4:43 PM
@Edlothiad He's joking because he knows I hate it. It's not funny though.
@MolagBal I don't think it is a 50/50 split.
@Edlothiad Yes.
@Bellatrix Ahaha, I read the B and thought it was you, my apologies!
@Bellerophon let's go with a big half and little half, and pretend Rand doesn't see this
@Gallifreyan That is one of the few words that I really need here and dare to say. :-)
@Edlothiad Too many @Bell s around here.
4:45 PM
I keep almost pinging Bellerophon
@Edlothiad Definitely not me! I despise it!
@MolagBal See what?
@Randal'Thor Good thing there are no ends!
@Randal'Thor mention of non-mathematical halves
@Bellatrix Which is why I questioned it haha
4:45 PM
@Edlothiad "Everything ends, and it's always sad."
@MolagBal Yeah, that would be interesting... :P
@Edlothiad Good catch! :)
@MolagBal I'll just leave. Apparently I'm only causing problems here.
@Randal'Thor I'm the female one. :)
@Bellerophon o_o
@MolagBal Okay, cool! :D I'll write it up, then! Warning, it will probably be long. I don't know how I'll be able to cut it down.
4:47 PM
@Edlothiad please don't. if Cursed Child is canon, then she did, end of story. Such a question will only devolve into an argument over what is/isn't HP canon.
@Loong I've always wondered - what does Marko say here
@KutuluMike So this
A: In what ways does The Cursed Child contradict established Harry Potter canon?

ibidNote that many of these can be answered up, one way or another. Platforms 9 and 10 are separated by a metal barrier, not a brick wall He wheeled his trolley forward cautiously until it was right against the barrier and pushed with all his might. The metal remained solid. (Harry Potter and...

@Bellatrix Did you just assume my gender?
@KutuluMike @Edlothiad One could ask "Was there any indication that Bellatrix was pregnant?"
@Bellerophon No, you said you were a guy.
4:49 PM
@KutuluMike But here @Bellatrix, is telling me that she wasn't the mother!
16 mins ago, by Bellatrix
@Edlothiad That is in a terrible play that should not be considered canon, and there is no proof it's really hers even if the play is considered canon! So no, she did not!
@Bellatrix - By all means. The film it was capped from is Twelfth Night.
@Valorum Aww! Thank you! :)
@Gallifreyan I can ask my colleagues.
Nov 3 '16 at 17:29, by Bellerophon
@AnkitSharma What can I say? I'm a nice guy.
@KutuluMike, never mind I've just found confirmation that she is indeed the daughter of Bellatrix, although it may be a lie.
4:50 PM
@Loong Really? Thank you very much! :)
@Edlothiad It's a lie!
@Edlothiad fan speculation/theorizing/etc. is fine in chat; it doesn't belong on the Q&A site tho
@Bellatrix I did? Fair enough then.
@KutuluMike Not if the question specifies that CC isn't to be taken as canon.
The story of #CursedChild should be considered canon, though. @jackthorne, John Tiffany (the director) and I developed it together.
4:51 PM
"Is there any evidence, outside of CC, that ..."
claiming CC isn't canon is, itself, not canon
@KutuluMike I know, it was only a joke as I was intrigued as to what her arguments would be
@Bellatrix, If you were to write up your essay into a google doc, I would read it for sure, but you'd get no repayment for your efforts
@Randal'Thor well, that's a different question; now your asking for independent confirmation.
@Bellerophon Barkeep by Belleraphon one of what ever on me
@Edlothiad I have a good case for it not being hers either considering CC canon or considering it not canon. :) I've covered my bases. :)
4:53 PM
@Gallifreyan Yeah, I am still in Finland. The population density may be low, but I can still find a few Finns I could ask. ;-)
@KutuluMike If an OP is only interested in answers from one part of established canon and not another, that's a valid restriction for them to make on their question.
@Bellatrix Does it involve claiming Delphi lied?
It's like asking "was there any evidence Dumbledore might have been gay, before JKR's announcement?"
@Valorum You still in the Dog House over on the RPG site? And how was the TNG night?
4:54 PM
@Randal'Thor sure but that's a completely different question.
In fact, haven't we already had that one as a question here?
Q: very short story about AIs negotiating

Charles_FI read this story less than a year ago and it was online. It started with a super-intelligent AI waking up. They immediately decided that it was unlikely they just happened to be the first super-intelligence in the universe, and if some other AI had a head start, it was vanishingly unlikely that ...

@EnigmaMaitreya TNG night is tonight!
@Randal'Thor hey now!
@Edlothiad I'll look around, I think I remember a question I can post my essay to. :)
4:55 PM
@Randal'Thor the question under discussion was, basically "did this thing that only appears in one specific work happen?"
@Randal'Thor CRAP another time displacement event I need to deal with
Q: Is there any textual evidence to support that Dumbledore was gay?

SkoobaJK Rowling announced in 2007 to an audience at Carnegie Hall that Albus Dumbledore was in fact, gay and always had been... Q: Did Dumbledore, who believed in the prevailing power of love, ever fall in love himself? JKR: My truthful answer to you... I always thought of Dumbledore as gay....

if you consider CC canon, then yes, it happened. If you don't consider CC canon, then no, it didn't happen.
@Skooba Ahhh, I knew I'd seen that question somewhere. Was looking on SFF.
@Bellerophon Among other things, I go into way more detail than just "she lied".
4:56 PM
that's totally different from "does this thing that happened in some work have any support from other works?"
@KutuluMike Well, if phrased like that it'd be a silly question. But it'd only take a very slight rephrasing to turn it into something decent.
@Obie That story is probably The Colossus Project
@EnigmaMaitreya Post it as an answer?
@Randal'Thor Thank god! :)
@Bellatrix that could also mean Rodolphus lied to her
4:57 PM
@Randal'Thor Nah I have enough rep points and I tend to be picky about the company I keep :)
@Skooba That's part of my case too! Thanks for the help!
@Bellerophon A child doesn't have to be lying to make untrue statements about their parentage. They could easily have been cuckooed out when they were too young to remember.
@Randal'Thor That's another thing I go over!!! :D
@Randal'Thor I hadn't thought of that.
@Randal'Thor Nope It can not be unless his memory is significantly corrupted
4:59 PM
@Bellatrix really thats where it would of started... I already forget... who raised Delphi?
@Skooba The Rowles. According to her, they were abusive.
@EnigmaMaitreya That does happen with story-ID questions sometimes (see: 3:33 vs 5:55).
@Bellatrix So in the end it may be that Delphi is not "lying" only repeating the lie that was told to her from her birth. To her her parentage is a truth. Whether that is a fact or not....
@Bellatrix You could even argue that it's a metaphor for the work itself. Just as CC is supposedly Rowling canon but in reality a cuckoo's child written by someone else, Delphi is supposedly Bellatrix's daughter but in reality a cuckoo's child born to someone else.
Wow, I like that idea.
@Skooba Is there any evidence for that?
5:02 PM
@Randal'Thor Hey, yeah!!! :D I love that idea!!!! :D
@Bellerophon no.
everyone knows "truth" is nothing more than "justified belief" after all =)
@Randal'Thor but in the end Rowling approved it
@Skooba Exactly! :) I have a few different possibilities how she could end up saying it, but it not being true.
Approving of fan fiction doesn't make it canon
5:03 PM
@Skooba "If I had sons plays, I would be glad to give them up to the service of the Dark Lord make money!"
@Randal'Thor I love you! :D
@Bellatrix Do any of them have any evidence?
@CreationEdge I love you too!
@Bellerophon Yes, definitely!
Also, do I need to have watched any of TNG to like Inner Light? I'm considering coming along.
I'm married
5:04 PM
@Bellerophon @Valorum, what say you?
All I've seen before of TNG is one of the films.
@Bellerophon I don't think so
to understand Inner Light, no prior experience is required as long as you have a vague idea who Picard is
@Randal'Thor Just as Star Wars fans have to suffer the prequels are canon, so must Harry Potter fans accept Cursed Child.
I've never seen TNG or TOS
5:05 PM
Picard is a ship captain. there you go.
to enjoy it I guess you have to care about Picard to some extent?
you're probably fine
@CreationEdge I love you because you are defending Bellatrix. I'm interested in her, not you. :P
I think maybe a few eps of Voyager out of place, but otherwise only YT clips of anything
@Ixrec or at least Patrick Stewart lol
@Ixrec "the bald English guy"
5:06 PM
lol that works too
Oh, I no, I'm just hating on JKR
I don't care for Bellatrix as a character and hated the movie version of her
I do pretty much know who he is.
@CreationEdge I thought she was one of the few characters the films did well.
come to think of it that episode probably requires less background knowledge than some of the other nominees
Except they cast HBC
5:07 PM
Unless you mean "hated" as in "she's an evil psycho" rather than "she was poorly portrayed"?
Best of Both Worlds kinda requires you to know the basics about the Borg
@Ixrec and Van Halen
@Bellerophon - Not really. I'm assuming you know that Picard is the ship's captain and would vaguely recognise some of the other character
@CreationEdge Once you don't hate on me for liking her, that's fine.
Q: Trektacular TV Night "The Inner Light" - 29/4/17 @ 10pm UTC (6pm EDT)

ValorumAfter an extensive search for the site's favourite TNG episode, the single highest voted episode was ThunderForge's suggestion, "The Inner Light". We'll watch together in the Mos Eisley chatroom on 29th April @ 10pm UTC (11pm BST/ 6pm EDT) and a copy of the show will be hosted on our shared vid...

5:07 PM
(not that you couldn't catch up with five minutes on a wiki)
@Bellatrix do you know who "Lilith" as in the myth
@Ixrec @Jolene said she voted for BoBW above tIL because she was planning to bring a non-Trekkie friend along.
@Ixrec The aliens that go around assimilating other creatures?
Lilith is a great villain
Which suggests tIL requires more prior knowledge than BoBW.
5:08 PM
I just don't think "deranged" characters are usually ever done well in any work, and generally become a distraction to the narrative instead of contributing
@Randal'Thor - I think they're both reasonably accessible.
@Randal'Thor it definitely does, though neither requires much
@EnigmaMaitreya Yeah. She's supposedly Adam's first wife, and the creator of vampires.
Neither require any extensive prior back-story. Borg = bad. That's about it really.
@Bellatrix and she eats babies
5:09 PM
@Bellatrix Do you know the story of why she left?
none of the nominees were the sort of episode that doesn't make sense if you forgot how the Klingon Civil War was resolved or what happened the last time Data met Soong or anything like that
@MolagBal I didn't know that! New fact, yay! :D
@EnigmaMaitreya No...
@Ixrec I learned who the main cast of TNG were just from writing this answer.
@EnigmaMaitreya - Allegedly she refused Adam's sexual advances. Not sure where I read that.
whereas a LOT of DS9 episodes would fall into that category
5:10 PM
@Bellatrix or she kills them or something. You may want to fact-check me before quoting me on that, but it's something like that
because DS9 has gasp a plot
@MolagBal I'll definitely check it out! :D
@Ixrec Oops, edited. I meant the other way round.
@Valorum Okay, that's cool. Very empowering!
5:11 PM
@Valorum Ehhh ... Borg are a bit more than just "bad".
@Bellatrix She refused to submit/be submissive to Adam and left. God sent 3 angels to plead with her to return, she basically told them no, that is the short version and sanatized
We could have watched "Q Who" and then BoBW. Oh well.
Oh, OK. Lilith pre-dates the bible by nearly 2000 years; biblicalarchaeology.org/daily/people-cultures-in-the-bible/…
@Ixrec B5's competitor?
So anything about her being part of the Adam/Eve myth is complete hooey.
5:12 PM
@EnigmaMaitreya Oooh, cool! I'm definitely going to look up Lilith now!
the technical term is "wannabe Babylon 5"
according to Axelrod iirc
I should probably watch real B5 at some point
@Randal'Thor - Aside from being set on a space station there's not a huge amount of similarity
Ok, who the hell did this?!
Q: Why did Voldemort have a daughter?

ReyaHe wasn't human, nor did he feel any affection towards anyone. Now that we know his body was human enough for him to reproduce, why did he do it? If he just wanted to carry his bloodline forward, why then and not earlier? If it was a mistake, why was he fooling around in the first place? Bellatri...

@Valorum You do know that it is believed that the Hebrew religion and mythology was inhereited?
"indulge in shenanigans"
@EnigmaMaitreya - I think the term you're looking for is co-opted.
5:13 PM
@Ixrec Yes. You should.
@EnigmaMaitreya Valorum and my conversation about Sock-puppets has nothing to do with this I swear!
@Randal'Thor What is B5's competitor
@Gallifreyan Reya apparently.
@MolagBal I only knew the basic story, but I think so, yeah! :D
In the sense that early biblical writers simply stole great chunks of other people's mythology and added it into their own writings.
5:14 PM
@Valorum Agreed
@EnigmaMaitreya there's a running joke that Star Trek: Deep Space 9 is "wannabe Babylon 5"
because that's what Axelrod kept saying when I started watching it
@Bellerophon Right after a lengthy discussion of the topic here? Hardly a coincidence :)
@Gallifreyan Reya, wielder of the Forca and possible daughter of Luka.
@Gallifreyan It wasn't me! I don't even think it's his!
@Ixrec BLASPHEMY DS9 is not even close.
5:15 PM
Is there a way to search usernames?
@Gallifreyan We have had a discussion of the topic at least three days this week.
What astounds me is that we've seen people invent religions. We've actually seen them do it. From scratch. And yet there are people out there who still believe in religion. "Ah, they'll say. Other religions have been invented but not mine. Mine is different"
@Edlothiad Click the users tab the use the search box.
If anyone else says Bellatrix has a child I'm going to have a mental breakdown.
5:16 PM
@Bellatrix - She's a baby-momma.
@Valorum Well done, you managed to find a more divisive subject than whether or not Bellatrix had a child.
@Valorum to me that just proves that the value of a religion has nothing to do with its credibility, and even followers of the religion generally know that
which I'd kinda already assumed even before hearing about the modern invented religions
@Valorum Are you trying to see if Avada Kedavra works over the Internet?!
5:18 PM
@Valorum Prove that is not just a prosthetic pretending to be a baby
@Valorum Actress, not character. :P
On the left is the thing that was in her in the picture above.
@Bellatrix Imperius does.
Apr 7 at 17:37, by Edlothiad
No wait, I'm stupid
@Valorum Again, actress, not character.
5:18 PM
@Bellatrix There, there. Don't worry about it.
@Valorum Hum, that looks like a Padawan to me
@Valorum Have you read the Mistborn series?
Mar 20 at 23:23, by Valorum
@Randal'Thor - For funsies, go read Cult Formation; http://studylib.net/doc/18570615/cult-formation--three-compatible-models. It's a handy how-to guide on how to create your own religion from scratch.
Q: Why did Voldemort have a daughter?

ReyaHe wasn't human, nor did he feel any affection towards anyone. Now that we know his body was human enough for him to reproduce, why did he do it? If he just wanted to carry his bloodline forward, why then and not earlier? If it was a mistake, why was he fooling around in the first place? Bellatri...

No, wait, you haven't. I remember.
5:19 PM
@Randal'Thor Aww, thank you. I am this close to the edge...
@Randal'Thor - Nope. Glanced at it briefly when a question came up.
@Obie Not helping @Bellatrix's mental state.
It turned out that the characters in one of the books had an incomplete understanding of a thing, which made my answer all screwy
@Obie For a second I thought you said "Why did Valorum have a daughter"
@Bellerophon @Bellatrix is a survivor though so no need to worry
5:21 PM
@Bellatrix Ahah, that cracked me up

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