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Q: Novel Identification - Prince framed for death of the king by the king's advisor using a rare deadly poison

S. FruggieroI read this novel in the late 80’s. I do not recall the cover at all nor any part of the title, but it was paperback. I believe the author was writing completely out of his normal genre. I thought it was maybe James Patterson or John Grisham, but my own search didn’t reveal anything that felt rig...

Q: What's the 60's b&w movie where aliens have needles grow out of fingers and victims disappear in a funnel of sand?

RickWhite thin-skinned aliens with large heads have needles grow out of their fingers just before stabbing their victims, then retract. Drops of 'venom' fall from the tips. They (victims) and/or aliens (can't remember) disappear when the dirt/sand opens up bigger and bigger; reminds me of the funnel...

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Q: Why aren't baby Leia and baby Luke trained in the force?

yrodroWe know that force training is supposed to begin at an early age. And we know that Yoda and Ben envision Padme's children as the only hope to bring balance back to the force. Why then are baby Leia and baby Luke handed over to non-force sensitive households, and allowed to grow up without exposu...

2:48 AM
Q: His Dark Materials - Mythology and Symbolism Behind Dæmon Forms

DogbertHas Philip Pullman or any canon source with respect to the series provided any background information on how a character's personality "maps" (ie: in a computing/logical sense) to a particular animal? My initial guess was that dæmon forms mapped to the personality of the human based on some offs...

3:27 AM
Q: Summoning Snape at the top of Astronomy tower

voldemortTowards the end of HP6 (Half Blood Prince), we see Dumbledore atop the Astronomy Tower, together with Harry. His condition was rather pitiable from drinking the potion, and he asks Harry to call Snape. Now, why didn't Dumbledore simply use the "patronus" method to call Snape? (We have seen that ...

3:52 AM
Q: Looking for an old (50s?) story about a better mousetrap

MT_HeadWhen I was a kid, my parents had a bunch of old SF short-story anthologies. The story I'm trying to track down was featured in one of them, but I don't remember the title, the author, or the year... (One of the collections was "SF '59: The Year's Greatest Science Fiction and Fantasy", but I hav...

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Q: The separtist leaders lack of questioning as to why Jango fett, the template of their enemy was working along side them

Cocojust hoping for some clarification as to why nute gurnay especially did not question the fact that Jango Fett, the key clone template of his enemies army (the Republic) was standing right next to him in the Geonosian battle arena, and not so much as a simple comment on this fact is made to Dooku ...

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Q: What battle/battles were the separatist leaders viewing inside the mustafar war room?

CocoJust wondering as to what was the battle that nute gunray and the other separtist leaders were viewing inside the mustafar war room as darth vader was near. I saw at-ap's on the table so I am guessing it was perhaps kashyyyk, but I'm not too sure.

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Q: How was commander cody's full body being projected on darth sidious' office table? When there was no camera?

CocoThis might come across as foolish question, but how was commander cody's full body being projected to Sidious and vice versa when neither of the two had space age film crews or intergalactic iPhones filming themselves. I imagine hand held holo projectors have a way of doing a full body scan of in...

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Q: Who is this mace windu imposter from the phantom menace?

Coco I watched the phantom menace almost a year ago and found the picture to prove it ;) and when I was watching- towards the end of the film where everyone gathers around, I noticed that Samuel L jackson, or an imposter may I say took his place! :D I was wondering as to some insight as to who and w...

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Q: What is "Robo-reviewing"?

MoogleCurrently on the review page it says: Robo-reviewing plagiarized content. Come back in 7 days to continue reviewing. What does this mean? Are posts safe from being voted-to-close for the next 7 days?

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Q: What do we know about the automatical teaching of brains in Matrix?

d33tahIn the first part of Matrix, Neo's brain is being "fed" with all the suddenly extremely important information about Matrix shortly after he is freed from the virtual world. Why wouldn't all the characters in Matrix just teach themselves all the possible knowledge in the world? This would definite...

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Q: Why does General Grievous' face mask have 3 audio holes at the beginning of the clone wars, then at the end of the clone wars have 4?

CocoFrom the first picture wee see grievous with 3 voice receptors (whatever the proper terminology is) and then towards the end of the clone wars, grievous seems to have developed a 4th one? as seen in the last two pictures.

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11:55 AM
@Slytherincess - I'm just wondering why she needs a boob hole that big. Why would anyone need to get access to them that easily?
@ScienceFiction&Fantasy - Today I learned that all black people in Star Wars are Mace Windu impersonators.
Q: Why did Tyrion pour away the remaining wine from Joffrey's cup at the wedding feast?

TheMathemagicianHe deliberately pours away the residue which could have been analysed for poisons. This in turn could have helped his case. So why did he throw it away?

12:46 PM
@Richard I can think of several uses for the boob hole, none of which are appropriate for chat.
1:00 PM
Yes, please, don't taunt the guy at work.
I finally went to my first Ren Faire this weekend. I was largely disappointed. I don't know exactly what I was expecting, but it wasn't that.
Granted, there was no falconry (apparently, they only did it one weekend out of like.. 8?) and we couldn't get close enough to see the jousting due to crowds.
The crowd felt like Dragon*Con with less Star Wars costumes (though, I spotted a few) and less drunk people.
Fewer drunk people is usually a good thing.
@Donald.McLean Yeah, not necessarily complaining about the fewer drunk people - just making the comparison.
It just felt like at least 60% of the stands were food related.
1:37 PM
@phantom42 - I suspect that's very much like a real medieval village.
@Richard I'm not sure how prevalent funnel cakes, buffalo chicken and cheese empanadas or fried pickles were back in medieval villages.
2:04 PM
this user is making some vandalizing edits, including to his own posts
@phantom42 I see 2 of them, one suggested edit, and one edit to his own question.
See anything else?
@Keen That was all I saw at the time, but wasn't sure if they were in the middle of doing anything else.
2:19 PM
@phantom42 Cool, thanks.
3:16 PM
@Slytherincess I found a Glee song in my unsorted list. The list is now below 170.
3:28 PM
Just dealt with a user who needed help figuring out how to fill out the "to" field in an email. I'm foreseeing a lot of support calls from this person.
@phantom42 Sounds like a pretty ambiguous field to me.
@JackBNimble My co-worker was on the phone telling her exactly what to type. Letter for letter. The user still had to have someone else come over and help her.
Q: Where do we draw the line on "opinion-based" questions?

BeofettThere's been a lot of discussion on whether certain types of questions should be closed or not. In particular, it seems there's some disagreement as to what, exactly, constitutes a question that should be closed as "primarily opinion based". Some related discussions are: - Blind Close Voting? ...

4:29 PM
Q: Why didn't Toph teach Aang metalbending?

Thunderforge "What I'd give to be a metalbender." —Aang, in Avatar: The Last Airbender Book 2: Episode 13, "The Drill" In the The Legend of Korra* Book 3 episode "Old Wounds", Su Yin, one of Toph's daughters, is surprised to find that Korra has never been taught how to metalbend and takes the time t...

Q: Does the character of the Architect in the Matrix movie trilogy reflect thatof UG Krishnamurti

bhrt93Does the character of the Architect in the Matrix movie trilogy seem influenced by the philosophy of Indian-American philosopher UG Krishnamurti?

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5:51 PM
@Donald.McLean Ooo, which song?!?!
@Slytherincess Don't Stop Believin' (Regionals Version)
@phantom42 Okay, this is terrible because we should all support each other (I mean the collective "we", not anyone here) if we're in the geek culture or whatever, but I have never had the desire to see a Ren Fair. It crosses the line from nerdy (which I'm comfortable with) to dorky, which I try and avoid. The medieval experience would cause me to drink. I feel like a b*tch for saying this, but it's true :/
@Donald.McLean I love that song and sing it regularly when I'm doing housework :D The Glee version, yes. The original is awesome too.
@Slytherincess Fortunately, many ren faires combine plentiful and readily accessible alcoholic beverages with the dorkery :)
@Slytherincess The original also gets 4 stars. This version has some beautiful background vocals.
@Beofett I just can't do it. I would probably end up wasted, then sick, and vomiting on an adorned donkey while being shot with an arrow. It would be LARPing of the very worst kind.
6:04 PM
@Slytherincess lol that actually sounds a lot like my sole attempt at LARPing
Q: Which is the most famous Batman logo

1336087Over the years the bat logo has changed (in terms of design). So I would like to know which is the most famous batman logo?

The Ren Faire is far less painful, imho
Where else can you buy "Steak on a Stake", mutton, real mead, and smoked turkey legs out of a plastic cooler?
@Donald.McLean I also like Glee's rendition of Faithfully (a song, believe it or not, that did not break the Top Ten back in the day).
My wife and I went every year for a while. I still go almost every year with some friends who come in from town for the Octoberfest celebrations. Oddly enough, I have never actually watched the Jousting (the primary attraction) in all the years of attendance.
@Beofett Mmmm, steak on a stick!
6:08 PM
Stake! It sounds more medieval that way :P
@Beofett It does, you're right! It's also kind of like Snakes on a Plane.
@Slytherincess Very appropriate :) Homer would definitely approve of the Ren Fair. Ours serves most things deep fried, including oreos and twinkies (although probably not t-shirts)
Dang. Now I want chocolate :(
@Beofett - My husband has a huge phobia of costumes, particularly adults in costume. The Ren Fair would kill him dead.
@Slytherincess Oh, yeah. That could be bad. Ren Fairs at Halloween are particularly... wrong. It seems like 80% of the people in costume are actually dressed in Doctor Who costumes.
@Slytherincess I also have the Journey and Glee versions of Faithfully.
6:25 PM
@Beofett "readily accessible" at this RF meant about a 30 minute wait in line. The only lines that were worse were the ones for the ATMs
@Beofett The state fair. All of that, plus rides and carnies.
@Beofett I saw at least one person wearing the Tardis dress. I didn't notice anything more elaborate that was Dr Who themed though. I saw at least one viking/storm trooper, though.
@phantom42 Unacceptable! I've only been to two different Ren Fairs: PA and NY. I don't remember much about NY's, but in PA, even at the worst, you're not waiting more than 10 minutes for a beer (less if you go to the actual bar, instead of one of the "taverns")
@Beofett They had "steak on a stake" there.
@Beofett Yeah, we wanted beers, but we weren't going to wait that long for what was ultimately a crappy selection.
@phantom42 Love our county fair, but it lacks the turkey legs and costumes
@Beofett In Florida, we annually went to the "Strawberry Festival" which didn't really have costumes unless you just counted "rednecks". Among the programming/activities are things like pig races and tractor pulls.
@phantom42 2 years ago, I counted (iirc) 6 TARDIS dresses, 8 Matt Smiths, 3 Tom Bakers, and 1 K-9.
6:30 PM
@Donald.McLean What do you think oof the soong Open Arms? It's theirbiggest hit, I'd argue, but it's definitely not my favorite Journey song. It's a bit schmaltzy, IMO.
@Beofett There was lots of steampunk, which is at least arguably RF related.
We didn't go with them, but some of our friends went dressed as fauns.
@phantom42 Our county fair has tractor pulls, pigs, and races, but I'm not sure if there are specifically pig races. However, we have goat races in Falmouth every year, and you can rent a goat. They also apparently drop a goat from a flag pole to celebrate New Year (hopefully not a REAL goat!)
@Slytherincess Well, perhaps you didn't know, but I have a fairly high tolerance for schmaltz.
@Beofett Rent a goat? That just sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. To be fair, I may have played too much Goat Simulator.
6:33 PM
Also, I've definitely spent too much time around furries.
I've only been once (this year), but I saw no goats harmed or subject to unspeakable indignities.
Mostly it was kids leading goats around on leashes.
Now I'm below 150 songs.
6:49 PM
@Slytherincess I really had very little interest. Mrs. 42 used to go to the MD one growing up, and loved it, so she wanted to go again while we are still here. I was certainly curious, but if we had never gone, I wouldn't have ever complained.
@Slytherincess To what extent? Many of the "costumes" are just women in corsets. Being married to a goth, one would expect that he's at least OK with that.
7:08 PM
Q: In Star Wars: The Clone Wars are clones allowed to be in romantic relationships?

DevinI understand that they're soldiers for life. But I don't recall them taking an oath that bans this type of relationship. We were shown that they do have free time when Fives visits the clone bar.

Is anyone aware of any real world religion/belief system where a reincarnated soul may be able to communicate with a previous incarnation?
@phantom42 "New Age" spirituality is pretty loosely defined, but channeling previous incarnations is (was?) a fairly common belief among practitioners, iirc.
although I guess the current incarnation doesn't directly communicate with the previous incarnation, and instead relies upon a medium....
7:24 PM
@Beofett Exactly what I was trying to formulate into words just now.
An idea just dawned on me re: Avatar: The Last Airbender questioning whether or not "The Avatar" is ever actually technically reincarnated, or if Raava is just choosing a new host and linking the spirits.
@phantom42 I'm not sure how pervasive use of Ouija boards was in the context of New Age spiritualism, but that could arguably be a means of direct communication, since it doesn't necessitate the current incarnation being unconscious or in a hypnotic state
To my knowledge, no other belief system mentions a person being able to speak directly, or through a medium, to a previous incarnation of themselves.
@phantom42 its right out of Dune, though.
Q: What are the good ways of avoiding a "promotes a pet theory" question?

DVK"Where do we draw the line on "opinion-based" questions?" lists several likely ways for a question to go astray and become "bad subjective". One of the main ones listed is: "promote a pet theory". Q: What exactly are the good approaches for an OP to take for their question to avoid that specifi...

@Beofett Is it? I haven't watched Dune in probably 20 years. I need to get around to that one of these days.
7:33 PM
@phantom42 It is delved into much more deeply in the later books, but the idea is that an ordeal induced by consumption of the Water of Life can give one access to their genetic memory, in the form of being able to consult any of the personas of their ancestors.
The Bene Gesserit with the ability can only confer with their female ancestors. Paul and his descendents could confer with both male and female ancestors, which was part of what set them apart.
7:49 PM
Q: what architectural style would Ilmarin would be build in?

user3032715From my other questions you can make up I am searching for a palace/great building to re-create in a 3D model with blender. I have chosen one now, Ilmarin which is the Mansion of Varda and Manwë atop of the Taniquetil mountain in Valinor. As reference I use this art, but this isn't enough to ma...

@phantom42 That makes sense -- I've been in situations exactly like that, where it was a "Oh, sure, why not?" thing only because the event was close or convenient. Sorry it wasn't more fun.
@Slytherincess It was fine. I enjoyed myself alright, just one of those things that I can now say I've done and don't have to ever do again.
I like people watching, so any time that it's not oppressively crowded, I enjoy an opportunity.
@phantom42 To a HUGE degree. I have a lot of eclectic clothes and I also wear a lot of black, but he's not down with my full on goth outfits. And it's not like he's trying to controlling or a jerk -- it truly makes him highly uncomfortable and he can't explain it. Same goes for face paint (like a clown) and heavy makeup (which has never been my gig, so no problems there).
@phantom42 I really like people watching too and taking pictures.
@Slytherincess Gotcha. I was just curious what sort of line there was.
@phantom42 He can't explain it -- it's a very odd phobia. He's had it since he was a kid.
7:58 PM
Like, would someone dressed up as Power Girl, complete with boob window freak him out, or is it something about large imposing costumes, or something about masks, etc?
I apologize if I sound mocking, I'm genuinely curious.
It's adults in costumes. Any kind, really. Even a really good looking ones. No, you don't sound mocking at all! It extends to body modification as well. We've been going around and around about our son wanting an eyebrow piercing.
Q: Do Borg Drones dream while regenerating?

T-1000We know that Seven of Nine had dreams, but she wasn't fully Borg. I'm curious whether anything in the canon answers the question of whether Borgs dream while regenerating.

Q: Use Metalbending in the way Magneto did to escape his Plastic Prison?

The Glis JackelAlthough it would require intense training and concentration to perform, would it be possible to extract the minerals from within someone's body through metalbending in the way Magneto did to escape his plastic prison in X-Men II?

@phantom42 Thanks for that, now I feel like some fries!
8:38 PM
Q: Solomon Grundy and Nursery Rhyme

MathematicianDoes the DC villian Solomon Grundy have anything in common with the nursery rhyme of the same name? Was he named after the rhyme for a specific reason in his origin or is that happenstance?

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9:46 PM
@Mooz - And a burger. Mmm
@Mooz - At the double-meat palace? Why not?
And check out the new avatar :-)
@Richard Mmm, double-meat, arglhhghglhlhhllggh
@Richard Hahaha! Nice one! Now all you need is a fem-bot version which serves you burgers and other things...
@Mooz - I'll be in my bunk.

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