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Q: What is the name of this anime movie set in the 1960 with an alterantive history plot?

Frosty The DopeManOkay, I remember seeing this movie on the TV in some channel back in 2000 on a Saturday night. The anime movie is basically set somewhere during 60's. But, it has an alternative history plot than our real world history. In this movie it is revealed that the Space Race was used as a cover up by bo...

12:58 AM
@Slytherincess: Your lawyer probably gave you the best advice, but I'll take a look and see.
1:20 AM
Welcome back @Gideon
A: In what order should I watch Flash and Arrow TV Shows?

KutuluMikeIdeally, you should watch them in the order they aired. That is, if you want to get the most coherent story from both shows, you should watch Arrow up through the end of Season 2, then watch alternate episodes of The Flash Season 1 and Arrow Season 3. There is only one time when the shows seem to...

Still handy ^
it's gonna get messy this year, if I keep it updated.
Also on the subject of scraping I've managed to set up scrapping on this site:
@KutuluMike I'm just finishing Arrow S3
Q: Why wasn't Dr. Timicin's final work accepted?

T-1000's SonIn "Half a Life," Dr. Timicin (played by the fantastic actor David Ogden Stiers) tries to help save Kaelon II, his homeworld. On the Enterprise, he works with Data and Geordi. The Kaelons have a law on their world that once a person reaches the age of 60, he or she must be put to death. Once Dr...

@KutuluMike Arrow is getting really complicated
1:36 AM
I didn't even bother with editing in Legends of Tomorrow so I guess I don't need to include Supergirl either.
I think I added Supergirl to some tag wiki....
Ah, yeah,
Q: Did any Jedi ever have an orbalisk?

Hack-ROrbalisks made Bane and other Siths extra powerful in the Force and gave them incredible armor, at some costs such as chronic pain. Did any Jedi ever have an orbalisk? This question concerns Jedi in both Legends and Canon.

1:54 AM
Q: How did the Borg collective gain information about Voyager's weapons inventory?

ThunderforgeIn "Scorpion, Part 2", the Borg reveal that they know Voyager's weapons inventory, but give an evasive answer as to how they got it: Seven of Nine: Voyager's weapons inventory. Photon torpedo complement thirty two. Class six warhead. Explosive yield two hundred isotons. Tuvok: How did yo...

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@WadCheber ...you want this, don't you?
How could anyone NOT want it?
@WadCheber Well, one has to sleep sometime.
2:38 AM
@Politank-Z Do it.
Q: Was "Cypher´s" real name inspired in Ronald Regan? Did The Wachowskis recognized this?

FeuergeistAs we know (spoiler alert) Cypher is a traitor, and he wanted to be someone importan he said "like an actor" and his name it appears to be Regan. Ronal Regan was consider by many in Hollywood a traitor also (remember, before becoming a president he was an actor). "During the late 1940s, Reagan an...

2:57 AM
@WadCheber Are you around?
@Himarm Are you here?
@steelershark Um... NO!
< puts box on head so no one will see him >
I just wanted to say goodbye to you guys since I will be gone for a week :'(
I am sad. I will miss you guys :(
I will think of all of you while I am in Vegas!!! :))
Oh, and Capy too of course!
3:04 AM
Holy Hell! Why are there so many taco pics? Maybe I don't wanna know ;)
<sigh> Yeah, I don't wanna know.
is a safe-space taco
shielding the room from the evil of uncomfortable conversations
3:09 AM
So, do you guys think that asking a question about The Wrestler on if Randy the Ram died at the end would be a good idea? I feel that I might just get arguments from all of the theories floating around on the internet.
Do it.
well, not on sf/f, for starters, but otherwise go for it.
Ask for references.
just make sure you ask for evidence, not just opinion
3:12 AM
Yeah, I will on M&TV. I was just asking both of you since you were both in here :)
I will be sure to ask for evidence. Thanks Mike :)
i have been on this acid reflux medicine for about a week and my acid reflux is 1000% worse
What medication is it?
@steelershark im hurr
@Himarm Woohoo!!
some PPI
3:15 AM
im heading to bed though i hope u have fun on your trip!
also of interest: the drug info pamphlet warns that long-term use leads to random abrupt muscle tears. so yay
@steelershark and make sure to do tons of crazy things, but crazy things that involve mostly sitting, and not falling down a flight of stairs and breakig your leg :p
@Himarm You're off to bed? Awwww. Well, have a good week and I will fill you in on my trip when I get back :)
@KutuluMike What mg is it? 20 or 40?
Q: First Story which Featured a Generational Ship where the Crew Have Forgotten

Jonathon WisnoskiIs Heinlein's 1941 story Orphan's of the Sky the first instance of a generation ship where the current inhabitants have almost completely forgotten how to run the ship, and are mostly unaware of anything outside of this ship? If not, where does this idea come from? Note: Asimov's short story Re...

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@Randal'Thor I will see you next week! I have to be back at work at 3pm PST on 8/2. I am going straight to work after I drop Napoleon off at the airport in Portland. So, have a great week and I will talk to you then!! :))
3:48 AM
Q: What is the time span of the Original Trilogy?

AogiriCan someone provide a time table or timeline image of the Original Trilogy? I would appreciate if the Prequels timeline will be posted as well. All I know is that TFA happened 30 years after RotJ.

Q: How did the Hirogen get ahead of voyager?

Avi TurnerIn the fourth season, in the The Killing Game episode, Captain Janeway shares the holodeck technology with the Hirogen. Three years later, in the Flesh and Blood episode, Voyager encounters again the Hirogen with Holodeck the technology. My question is, How did the Hirogen get ahead of Voyager...

3:59 AM
Q: Please reopen this "on hold" question

QuuxplusoneWhat can we infer about the programming language used in "Jurassic Park" (the book, not the movie)? It seems that putting a question "on hold" disables the ability to post answers, so that an "on hold" question by definition can never attract good answers (because it cannot attract any answers).

Q: Was Kirk and Uhura's kiss really the first interracial kiss on TV?

ThunderforgeIt's been widely stated (for instance, by Huffington Post) that the Star Trek episode "Plato's Stepchildren", airing on 22 November 1968, had the first interracial kiss on TV, which was between Kirk (William Shatner) and Uhura (Nichelle Nichols). Was this really TV's first interracial kiss? We...

4:24 AM
Q: YA (?) books about a girl and magical powers/auras

Courtney Contardii read a few books from a series when I was in fourth grade and i havent been able to find them again of remember the title! it was about a teenage girl in a world where people got powers when they turned a certain age. The protagonist did not get her powers when her peers did, and I believe ende...

4:40 AM
Hey lady.
And anyone else in the room.
Q: What anime appears a boy with a gem or crystal that gives him powers to transfrom into an organic robot of somesort?

IMSENTRYHello I was just wondering if you guys would know because when I was younger I seen the anime/show and I thought it was cool but I didnt had the chance to know the name of it.

4:59 AM
Q: How is the Avatar cycle maintained even after Aang severs his connection with Roku?

Sidharth SamantIf Aang broke off his connection with Roku, then how is the Avatar cycle maintained? Even if we assume that breaking the connection doesn't actually affect the reincarnation cycle, Korra still shouldn't be able to connect with her past lives? EVEN if we assume Korra can connect with all the other...

5:53 AM
@Totallyarebel So what name did you pick?
@Rincewind Lucifer
Lucy for short
@steelershark I'm squirrely. You never can tell when I might appear.
6:42 AM
@Praxis: I don't think anyone else is planning on answering, so I went on and selected your answer. Good research on that one.
7:31 AM
I'm outta here!! See you all next week! :))
7:56 AM
@steelershark Damn, sorry I missed you. Have a wonderful time in Vegas! :-)))
This is what a REAL bug on SE looks like: opensource.stackexchange.com/users?tab=moderators
Ever voted to close a user as a duplicate?
8:12 AM
One Art of Code has different badges.
Also, they appear to have been members for different periods....
He accidentally duplicated himself.
@Randal'Thor Can moderators simply create a new user associated with their account?
I suspect the devs are running around like headless chickens trying to work out how to undo it :-P
@Adamant No, it's not a super-duper mod power (after all, why would one ever want to do that?), just a bug.
And quite a bug too!
I am curious about the nature, of the bug, though.
The newer user has a handful of badges, but they were not received after the creation of the account.
What determines which badges the duplicate user has?
Also, the duplicate shows up as a new user here, but on the network profile it says both accounts joined a year ago.
8:21 AM
Anyone seen The BFG yet?
All their badges were received 10 hours ago
Also, the new one does not have a Meta profile.
The new one has probably never been logged into.
@Randal'Thor Seems likely.
Then where do the badges like Quorum come from? Hmmm.
If Art gets logged out, he'd better not log in again because who knows which account he'd be on.
8:51 AM
@DrRDizzle Nah, I rarely watch films if the book is good.
I mean, if the book was first.
What should we do with this story-id, which has quite some extra info in comments: scifi.stackexchange.com/q/135525/4918 ? Should we edit to add all the info to the question so that it'll be not such a bad question then, or ask the OP to edit instead?
Together with the info in the comments, it seems easy to identify, because it says "I watched it about 5 years ago, it was on cartoon network or adult swim." which restricts it a lot (does Cartoon Network run that many animes?).
(Disclaimer: to make the joke feel a little... "less worse" I have at least used a Lego replica. You should appreciate this)
@b_jonas Go ahead and edit it in. I've done that many times, both here and on M&TV.
Ok. Sometimes I tell posters to edit the id question when I first comment to ask for more details.
But leave them a comment saying you made the edits.
"I did such-and-such edits, feel free to revert if desired."
Also, man, he looks like a youngster. "When I was younger" then it turns out to be only like 5 years ago.
8:58 AM
@b_jonas You can ask them to edit, but if they're the kind of OP who drifts away and never comes back, you're left with a less good question on your hands.
@Randal'Thor He came back with comments so he might not drift away.
Improving other people's posts is exactly why you have the power to edit.
@Tango Thanks, I had fun working on it! :-)
By the way, here's a film question: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Reference_desk/… "What real-life plant (if any) was the stand-in for the Middle-Earth medicinal herb Athelas (kingsfoil) in the movie Lord of the Rings?"
@b_jonas We were all younger 5 years ago.
5 years younger, to be precise.
9:00 AM
"show/movie" -- does this mean he doesn't specify whether it was a TV show or TV movie or feature movie?
I can edit, but will probably have to complete rewrite his text.
When he says "cartoon network or adult swim", IIRC Cartoon Network is the channel and "Adult Swim" is a block of programs on Cartoon Network, right?
Ah no, it only was
It is separate now or something
Ah yes, Adamant already told him to edit the question body, but he didn't. In that case it's definitely right that I edit.
Oh great, finally there's no longer only one featured question.
Pro-tip: if you write [edit] in a comment, the system will convert that word to a hyperlink to the edit page for that post.
@Randal'Thor hehe
I'll promptly forget that. It's a pity I can't use citation-list style bracket links explicitly in comments or chat.
Meanwhile, I bought a compact camera for myself yesterday. I'm so happy.
I'll still have to buy a tripod, plus I'll buy a new soft case because the one I bought turns out to be too small.
9:16 AM
@b_jonas That's a shame.
There are a lot of films that are better than the books they are based on.
(There are a lot that are significantly worse too, but that's neither hither nor thither.)
@DrRDizzle Can you give examples?
I haven't seen many, so I don't know.
Does Phantom of the Opera, where the film is strongly based on the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, count?
As in, is it better than the book? I never tried to read the book there, because it's the musical that was so famous.
@b_jonas All of the Lord of the Rings films, for a start.
@b_jonas I haven't seen the film or the musical, or read the book, so I couldn't say.
I like musicals. The Dés--Geszti--Békés musical made from the Jungle Book is great, I really like it, and I like the book too, though there are a lot of differences. The good actors and direction matters a lot there too.
I think they had to differ because the way Shere Khan is killed in the book was basically impossible to show on stage with these resources.
You know what else is pretty great? Both of the Disney Jungle Book films too.
And Robin Hood.
Well, unless perhaps you wanted to do an Ancient Greek Drama version where he just dies off-screen and then someone tells the tale about it.
9:24 AM
The only stage musical I've ever seen is Fame.
@DrRDizzle Lord of the Rings is a good example, the film is quite good, although I'm not sure if it's better than the book. I like the book too. I haven't seen the new Jungle Book film yet.
@b_jonas I can't stomach the Lord of the Rings books. So much nonsense.
@DrRDizzle If you don't want to go to a theatre, you could try to watch film adaptations of musicals. They're often faithful. There's a film of the Cats musical (also by Andrew Lloyd Webber). Or just listen to soundtracks of musicals. But watching them in theater is great, when there are good actors and director.
@DrRDizzle You are dead to me.
"mark of the nine dragons"
9:38 AM
@Randal'Thor Did you kill me with the rock you live under?
@b_jonas I don't mind going to the theatre, but in my opinion it's very much a thing of the past. I have little interest in it in comparison to my interest in basically every other form of storytelling. Not that I'm knocking it as a form of storytelling, of course.
@b_jonas The "20 years later" gag in the hidden panel is literally me_irl.
@DrRDizzle Hey, I don't join the "Dizzle hates everything" squad - it might be nice if you repaid the favour by not joining the "Rand doesn't know anything" squad :-)
@DrRDizzle Somehow actors turn out to be active for a very long time, even when they're old. As a result, the legendary actors of my childhood are still active, and doing the same things, sometimes even performing in the same plays and musicals than in my childhood.
Maybe this is true for actor-singers only, I'm not sure.
@Randal'Thor It was meant to be a dig at your... old-fashioned? view of entertainment forms more than anything else. Sorry if it came off the wrong way.
@DrRDizzle Oh yes, I'm definitely old-fashioned. Doesn't mean I live under a rock :-) I'm sure I've read lots of fantasy novels that most of you have never even heard of.
In any case, the two most famous legendary actor-singers Halász Judit and Esztergályos Cecília, who were already very famous when I was a child (seriously, we've had songs of Halász Judit on tape casette when I was like 2 year old, probably before that) are still doing the same thing they were good at back then.
9:44 AM
@Randal'Thor Maybe living in a cave would have been a more accurate joke. Or living in an exquisite 19th Century boarding school.
@b_jonas That's mental.
@DrRDizzle Well, some older people could respond that I'm simply young.
@DrRDizzle I'm not posh enough to go to an exquisite 19th century boarding school, or any other kind of boarding school.
Q: Can superman break captain america's vibranium shield?

MRND45PD HKL_4_LEAFYEveryone know that vibranium is the unbreakable materials in marvel universe,and superman is one of the most powerful comic characters,so I wonder how it will end up?

Q: Do we need country tags?

Rand al'Thor The tag japan is used on 13 questions: some story-ID questions seeking a Japanese book or film, some questions about Japanese culture or folklore, and some questions about manga or Godzilla which are only tangentially related to Japan. The tag wiki and tag wiki excerpt are both merely descriptio...

@Randal'Thor that's because you aren't a pony everypony should known. Otherwise, you could just stay at the castle.
9:51 AM
The Jungle Book musical is still performing in Vígszínház (Budapest), and it has had over a 1100 performances just there. Some of the actors are still the same, although apparently my favourite, Kútvölgyi Erzsébet is not currently in it (but she's still in Vígszínház). It's also being shown in other cities by other directors and actors. Padlás is still performing in Vígszínház too.
This is why basically I can't consider musicals in theatre a thing of the past.
@b_jonas Really? 1100 performances of something using the same cast is evidence of a lack of innovation and progress as far as I'm concerned.
10:11 AM
Q: What would happen if Romulus Thread killed the District 12 victors?

STARWARSFANIn Hunger Games, Catching fire, Romulus Thread had threatened to kill the District 12 victors. In the end, he instead imposed martial law. However, what if he'd actually killed the victors? Will he be rewarded or will he be executed?

1 hour later…
11:25 AM
A: When did Morpheus find out the Oracle is a program?

NerrolkenMy understanding was always that Morpheus believed the Oracle to be human until Neo told him otherwise. If he hadn't, his crisis of faith upon learning the truth would make no sense. And as you yourself pointed out, his complete trust in a machine would be out of character. But that "100 years...

^ nice well-written answer
11:35 AM
Q: life span of a dalek and davros?

jimDo Daleks live forever, barring any chance the Doctor gets to destroy them? Giving Davros an age is going to be difficult, if only because he was left for dead at the end of Genesis of the Daleks but was resurrected in Destiny of the Daleks. As well, their are issues if he is presumably able to t...

12:06 PM
Rincewind on July 27, 2016

After seeing the movie was I was all hyped to read the novel, I thought that it would be great! I was wrong. Here follows why and yes there is going to be mentions about the movie throughout because I just can’t help be compare the two. They are joined in my mind and the movie is what got me reading this novel.

It was a perfect example of why the first person does not work for a whole novel. In places maybe but for a whole novel? Nope. The characters were cold and besides the many and long rants about how much of what and science stuff (more than there needed to be) there was little to en …

New Hot Network Question(s) detected:
Q: Can Superman break Captain America's vibranium shield?

MRND45PD HKL_4_LEAFYEveryone knows that vibranium is the unbreakable material in the Marvel Universe, but Superman is one of the most powerful comic characters. Given that the Marvel and DC universes have crossed over on several occasions, is there any evidence indicating whether Superman could break Captain Ameri...

Q: In the view at the end of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, where is Mordor?

lamwaiman1988This is a screenshot near the end of the movie Fellowship of the Ring: Frodo said: "Mordor...". I think he was talking about the area in front of him. Was the mountains area in front Mordor? Was Mordor at the back of the screenshot, separated by a sea?

^ nice question with two answers complementing each other
Q: Did the facial features of characters change in the new dc rebirth?

user20962I've been noticing a few facial features of characters change, most noticeably wonder woman in a few comic book panels. But in some panels there seems to be no change when compared to the new 52, they look exactly as they did in the 52 reboot. Is there a definite change or is it just sloppy artwo...

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1:52 PM
jimmy johns, or a salad hrmmm
no question there
next question, unwich, or big one with bacon
not familiar with the unwich but it sounds healthy, have to take the side of anything with bacon.
lettace wrap instead of bread
if it still has bacon that may be okay... bread can be overrated. just depends on much you like lettuce.
2:00 PM
hrm its 780 with bread, or 370 with no bread
the breads amazing tho.
i want half of it on bread half lettace wrap
sounds like a nice compromise.
oo or i can have them cut off 4 inches of the bread
and add 1 piece of bacon
and easy on the mayo
sounds like you going to need a slide rule now, or perhaps an abacus.
there website has all of this
ill get it and theyll have just dumped 3x the normal mayo on it
ruining everything
did you see what the internet did with the McDonald's build your burger thing
2:08 PM
i linked some in here
figured you did. those were hilarious
2:33 PM
Q: In Good Omens, are the Them analogues of the Four Horsemen?

RincewindI'm going through another read of Terry Pratchett's and Neil Gaiman's ever-popular book Good Omens and I was wondering if Adam Youngs friends, the Them, collectively, were analogues of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse? It's readily available and easy enough to see similarities between Red (Wa...

why am I watching a GIF of someone making cookies?
eggs of a dinosaur, ontopic
i watched the whole thing waiting for the payoff. I want my 5 minutes back
those are good looking cookies tho
I'm angry because I don't have them in my belly
2:59 PM
okay this ones worth it
watchit all the way through
new user having a field day with Ankit's grammar.... I wonder if they get to Himarm?
@ragingasiancoder I notice you've made a lot of edits here today. It might be time to give it a break for a while, please; we have a guideline on this site not to edit too many posts in one go and fill up the site's front page with edits by a single user. Thanks :-)
@Skooba na people get my stuff right after i finish typing it up
(To be clear: most of your edits are constructive and welcome. Just not too many in one go, please.)
@Randal'Thor Should I stop approving his edits for now?
3:06 PM
@Himarm Aside from the Grand Theft Auto bits, this was true to my experience with that game.
that guy punching toad out of his cart made me die
@Skooba Hmm, good question. If he gets too many edits rejected, he may find himself automatically banned from suggesting edits, which he doesn't deserve if they're good edits. On the other hand ...
@Randal'Thor showing no sign of slowing down..
@Skooba Really? I can't see any in the queue right now, but that could be a caching problem.
if I put a message in the "causes harm" and give the reason you gave here will the user see that?
and would it be appropriate?
3:12 PM
If you do start rejecting them, then yes, please do so with a custom reason and a link to my chat message.
Unfortunately edit rejections don't message the user or anything, so it's unlikely they'll even see the rejection reason.
@Randal'Thor so probably not effective.
Obviously I'm biased, but I think this question is objectively answerable enough to be reopened.
Why would you reject a correct edit?
yes, he's doing to many, but the alternative is to leave the questions in worse condition?
IMO that's not helpful
No need to reject edits. You won't see any more edits from that user for a little while.
@Null What happened?
3:18 PM
@Axelrod We're just preventing that user from suggesting edits for a little while.
I am agree with you conjecture
@Null Makes sense. Why isn't there a timer on edits, like there is for posts?
scifi.stackexchange.com/help/badges/138/illuminator because how else are you going to answer edit 500 questions in 12 hours if theirs a timer
thats 41 edits an hour
@Himarm I think you've misinterpreted the meaning of that badge.
Sorry. I didn't that and I'll make note of it now. Does that happen on all SE sites?
And to justify my editing - it's an easy way to gain rep in the community (and also to read some interesting articles about old movies that I've watched!)
3:22 PM
@Randal'Thor your answer does make we want to VTRO... whats the meta on that? can answer be the reason a question is ROed?
@ragingasiancoder No, it's an SFF-specific policy. You can keep on editing as much as you like on SO, because they don't care about their front page :-)
@Randal'Thor Haha that's funny. I'll stop for now, and come back maybe once in a while. Thanks for letting me know without banning me!
@Himarm ... you don't have to edit and answer all 500 questions in 12 hours.
%%badge Illuminator
@KutuluMike illuminator is not a valid badge name.
@KutuluMike gold badge Illuminator has been awarded 1 times; most recently to Valorum.
i hate you.
3:25 PM
who makes these shit badge tags
since I have no real work to do I'll just fix it.
@Himarm they work better on higher volume sites
@ragingasiancoder Your edits are good, but they're just taking up the front page. Feel free to continue making edits (for rep, interesting reading, etc.) once the front page has cleared up.

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