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@Richard Weird - when I clicked on the notification, it said you posted that at 9:45, so I guess when it pulled up the page, it didn't adjust for time zones.
Q: Alien/human love scene.. Movie title?

Prodigy123I randomly remebered a couple scenes from a film that I believe, was released in the early 2000's and involved a murderous womanlike-alien being, that used some kind of swords or blades to kill people. The film was set on like a farm or ranch, that had lots of cows and sheep which i remember th...

12:41 AM
Q: Is the Kree Stone the moonstone?

kenthuskerIn the Agents of SHIELD episode Scars (S02E20), And the discussion about the stone possibly being the Moonstone would actually fit with this. The moonstone was a Kree creation. So does anyone else suspect the Kree stone is the Moonstone, or something else?

1:06 AM
Q: Why didn't the fishes which come in contact with liquid crystal in S02E22 die under sea?

AdityaBlazeIn the climax, when Skye pushes the crystals into water they show that the fishes which come in contact will be caught and be changed into canned food. Why didn't the fishes die?

Q: Movie ID: Mad max styled sci fi where rowed identical men touch shiny object and disappear

DanielI remember watching this as a kid must be from the 80's Well I remember a desert scene, there was a kind of camp. I have the feeling it was kind of post apocalyptical (like mad max) of some sort. There was a row of identical men which where kind of stupid/ignorant and touched (i believe) a shiny...

I have Hava Nagila stuck in my head and I need someone to kill me.
Q: Need help finding a book called something like 'Kirlian Aura'

RaivanI read this book sometime around 1985, it was about an agent that was capable of projecting his mind into other bodies, the stronger an aura such a person has will enable them to stay longer in their borrowed body. I do not remember the plot, but I do recall that at the end the hero in a borrowed...

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that many youtube links - i'm just going to assume one of them is a rickroll.
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@WadCheber It could be worse. Last week my earworm was The Pina Colada song by Rupert Holmes. >.<
Q: What does this elvish text from UC Irvine say?

Mary MLUC Irvine has an area where all the buildings are named after Middle earth stuff (squeee!) Those buildings have pretty tile signs, some of which have an elvish script around the edges. As far as I could tell, they all said the same thing: What does it mean?

@Passerby -- Wow, you scored a nice set of tickets. You know, I actually don't know the Smashing Pumpkins's music very well. Just a few songs. I'd say I know a bit more Marilyn Manson. When's the show(s)?
2:56 AM
Q: Why did Anakin Skywalker ask Padme if she was angel? Are there Christians in the Star Wars universe?

Josh SchwarzzeskywalkerWell were there? How would he know what an angel was? Did he practice a religion before he became a Jedi?

3:10 AM
Q: Would a red giant really help power Atlantis' shields in The Last Man

Luke skywalkerIn the Stargate: Atlantis episode, The Last Man, Sheppard is transported 40,000 years into the future. A hologram/computerized version of McKay meets him there with a plan to send Sheppard back to the present. However, they quickly realize that the star in the system they are is becoming a red ...

@Slytherincess Yesterday. Last minute. Twas very fun
3:44 AM
Q: SciFi book from 95-05 with merchant theme and a pair of young humans as insignificant passengers

alan lairdI think I must have read this between 2003 and 2005 and it was most likely a recent used paperback. I've searched through my collection and Goodreads without luck. I recall that the book had a pair of young humans on a non-human merchant ship. They may have docked at a merchant hub or network ...

4:34 AM
Q: How did Walter send back the Machine in the Amber Timeline?

Keshav SrinivasanOne of the main plot points in Season 3 of Fringe was the Machine. In the Original Timeline, i.e. the timeline shown in the first three seasons of the show, in 2011 Peter uses the Machine to destroy the Alternate Universe, which would ultimately lead to the destruction of our Universe some time ...

Q: Something about a girl and an alien in her backpack in an animated maze

Ben HudsonIn the first episode 2 boys watch a girl with a backpack go into a virtual world like a maze and they follow her in and there are guys that want them dead (I think) and the virtual world is a lot like a game with power ups but I think if you die there you die in real life. The boys end up joining...

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Think Geek

Canned Dragon Meat
Dragon trumps unicorn in canned meat war.
Darn, it won't load the picture. It's the front part of a massive ship, and the name of the book is How To Avoid Huge Ships ... Just in case, y'know.
5:44 AM
Zombie events are always inconvenient. They happen at awkward times.
Hello @SQB
@WadCheber try this:
It's an earworm killer.
@SQB A Wrath of Kahn earworm killer? No thanks.
That would be a killer earworm.
Another cure against earworms is breaking out the lyrics, looking it up on YouTube, iTunes, or wherever you want, and singing along from begin to end.
@SQB For some odd reason, that made me wonder if alien facehuggers were picky, or if an ear would do.
Usually an earworm gets stuck because the pattern is unfinished.
I imagine some weren't and the other facehuggers would gossip about them behind their backs.
5:53 AM
The Sweet- Love is like oxygen Glam rock earworm.
I've read a SF story about earworms once. A scientist tried to create to ultimate earworm. When he heard it, his brain locked up. The only survivor was his deaf assistant.
A deaf assistant and a dumb scientist. Makes sense to me.
(It wasn't The Demolished Man).
Fun horror/scifi movie recommendation: Odd Thomas. image.tmdb.org/t/p/original/igAEuA5pfaHz1W0Xkuv0kWf9jE9.jpg
With a character named Fungus Bob, you know you can't go wrong.
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Q: Animagi (Sirus specifically) and wands?

user13267I have 3 questions about animagus transformation and wands Does animagus transformation require the use of a wand? If yes, where does the wand go after the wizard transforms? Again, if 1 is yes, how did Sirius transform into a dog in Azkaban? Note that 2 and 3 are invalidated if the ...

7:32 AM
Hmm. I haven't seen a lot of questions this week that I want to answer
Very disappointing
7:56 AM
Q: Short story about time travel

mukhujjeI want to identify a short story about a man who wants to create a better human race by pushing the ancient Greek intellectuals a little further. He builds a time machine goes back and tells the Greek intellectuals that the eastern intellectuals have created these amazing science and mathematics....

Q: how small a thinking brain could be

mukhujjeIn the short story "surface tension" the seeded humans of the watery planet are about the same size as a protozoa. And yet they have a thinking brain with which they hope to conquer the hostilities of their new planet and become one with the human race. Is it possible to have a thinking brain in ...

Q: Looking for name of sci fi novel

GrahamRead a sci fi novel years ago, set on an alien plannet that featured a giant statue of a naked human woman lying on the ground. If I remember, the statue was hundreds if not thousands of kilometers long. Possibly her belly button was a lake. Seem to remember the story started with the protagonis...

8:35 AM
Q: did star trek invent the holodeck?

CodeMedI first saw the holodeck in star trek the next generation. Had any other science fiction used computer programmable virtual recreation before star trek? Where was it first used in sci-fi?

8:50 AM
@N_Soong : How are you?! :-)
9:14 AM
Q: A science fiction series with a pilot merged with the ship

AJFaradayI have a vague memory of a science fiction series I saw when I was a child (probably late 90's). The main thing that I remember about it is a space-ship which was partly organic and the pilot was in some way grafted to the ship, essentially becoming one organism. I also have a vague memory of bl...


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