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Q: Young Avengers / Childrens Crusade what to read?

user30881So years ago I've read YOUNG AVENGERS (2005 - 2006). Thanks to the ComiCon Discount I've subscribed to Marvel Unlimited and I just found this comic again and saw that there are a lot more, like Young Avengers Presents (2008); Avengers: The Childrens Crusade (2010 - 2012); Avengers Academy (2010...


So what was the Cracked article about? I've posted additions to that answer, but the poster for the question has never noticed. I really think my answer is much better than the one that was picked, but that person hasn't been back (as best I can tell) to notice there's an improvement.
12:53 AM
@Tango See #14: cracked.com/…
@Izkata I don't have an account on Cracked, but as someone who grew up watching the Jetsons and saw every episode multiple times, I would challenge GnatFree, who disagrees, to cite the episodes where they state they are moving to get away from the smog. The only time they raise a building is to get above the rain.
@Tango I was just looking over it again and from the comments on Jeff's answer it might have been from a movie?
@Izkata Possibly. My bet, if they give explanations, would be Flintstones Meet the Jetsons.
But the times they show the ground, there's no drive or need to show the ground (other than one time - when George measures a building height), so I question about them being "forced" to show the ground.
@Tango Ah, see the later answer by HellothisisMary
1:10 AM
Q: Why is it that the Elf race are deamed as servents to Wizards?

liam tomkinsHow come they have been branded the status of servent?

I love answering a for a comic I love: scifi.stackexchange.com/a/64205/1027
@Richard AFAIK, nothing special, which is why I ask them all the time.
This ended up being kind of a wash. End result, they're not off-topic, or particularly celebrated, but they're accepted.
Q: what would happen if muggle weaponry was used against Voldemort? Would he die or stay alive?

liam tomkinsI was just thinking if a nuke hit him would he be completely unharmed due to his horcruxes making him immortal or would he turn to ash?

1:34 AM
@Izkata I don't see any answers by that user name.
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Q: Did Gary Mitchell require food and water?

T-1000After Gary Mitchell was transformed into a superhuman matter manipulator ("Where No Man Has Gone Before"), is there any evidence that he still required physical food and water to survive? The idea of that souped-up version of Mitchell having to take in nourishment seems strange to me.

2:11 AM
A: Why did the people on the Jetsons live in the sky?

HellothisisMaryIn the 1990s Jetsons Movie, Rosie, their resident robot, hits a button on the wall of their house that makes it rise out of a layer of smog. They may live in the sky to escape pollution below. This is a much more modern concept, however. In the original Jetsons of the 60s there is no real reaso...

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@Izkata: I thought you meant an answer on Cracked - got it now.
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Q: Who put the dragonglass at the Fist?

Lord SnowIn the second season of Game of Thrones, Sam finds a stash of dragonglass hidden inside a Night Watch cape (I am given to understand that in the books Jon and Ghost find it, and give it to Sam). If Sam didn't know that these kill White Walkers/Others, this means that someone quite old put it the...

Q: Do Animals Transfigured to Objects retain the ability to feel anything?

ShisaThis question is based on the idea that Slughorn's impersonation of an armchair in HBP might be a transfiguration, as is listed in the HP wiki, and was also considered to be so in the highest rated answer to the recent Can you transfigure a human into an inanimate object? In Slughorn's stint as ...

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Q: I would like to Identify a story I read in 1980

user30884I did a quick search here and could not find a citing for this story. So I would like to ask here if anyone has read this story: It is a short story and may have been in one of Asimov's or Bradbury's collections. It was about a man looking for a job. He goes into an office with I believe a hel...

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6:47 AM
Q: Why the size and ALT-mode of Dinobots?

ash_k29So, 2 questions here, As shown in Age of Extinction, Why were the Dinobots SO much larger than the Autobots? They were nearly 5 times that of Optimus Prime, and Prime himself is almost 1.5 times the rest of the Autobots. Why were they so gigantic? Is it something referring back to the comic/an...

7:24 AM
Q: Does age affectr Transformers as well?

ash_k29In humans, the younger have a faster healing capacity than the elderly. Is this also the case with Transformers? Is there any evidence that younger Autobots/Decpticons heal(repair?!) quicker than their older friends? I came up with this question from this post on a discussion regarding Bumbleb...

Q: What's the reading order for Age of Apocalypse?

mrjayviperbeen looking around and many many conflicting topics. Can you help? thanks

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Q: Factors that influence system sand machine production capacity

dong fangSystem sand machine production capacity refers to the number in unit time, sand making machine broken material, jigging gold machine the unit is commonly used: tons / hours. Therefore, to improve the system sand machine production capacity of sand production process priority among priorities. Fir...

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Guys, scifi.stackexchange.com/q/64163/4918 , isn't a bad question, don't let it stay in negative rep.
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Q: Are dwarves emotionally constricted?

leaThe basic premise of magic in Dragon Age is that it relies on a connection to "the Fade" -- an otherworldly realm where mortal logic doesn't hold sway. Humans and all the other sapient peoples have access to the Fade, which is evidenced by their ability to dream, and also by a small proportion of...

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Q: Short story same as the Lucy movie

EmmanuelI am trying to remember the name and the author of a short story that seems to have a similar plot to the Besson's movie "Lucy". I read that stories more that 30 years ago: A scientific made an evolution experience on a man and a woman. The man de-volute to a beast and the woman evolute to have...

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12:25 PM
Q: 19th Century Children's TV Drama

DreamwalkerI was watching "The Secret Garden" film yesterday and it made me remember a TV fantasy drama I watched when I was young. I would have watched this mid 80's but the program could have been a repeat. I can barely remember what it was about but it definitely had a group of children and teenagers...

Greetings, programs.
Salutations, He-Who-Is-Not-A-Program-Or-Maybe-He-Is-Whoa-Mind-Blown.
@lisardggY LOL
12:59 PM
Q: What happened to Cornelius Fudge after he resigned from his post of Minister for Magic?

liam tomkinsIs there any reference to say where he went or what he did after leaving his post? What actually happened during his life from that point?

2:06 PM
Q: How was Grievous able to defeat Jedi?

JackSince Grievous could not use the force, wouldn't a simple force push always eliminate the danger to a Jedi?

Q: Movie about a mad scientist stealing life/talent/enthusiasm from unsuspecting teen girl or girls. Black guy hero

SethIt was an older movie, probably 80's-ish era. Medium budget. Scientist was trying to defy the aging process. Girls he used were young teens, and the process killed them, I think. I only caught the end, when the hero, a black guy, was trying to stop the scientist from draining the youth and/or s...

2:40 PM
Q: Need book title - at intersection of 3 empires a planet with a warlike race

BlinddogAt the intersection of 3 galactic empires (one of which is human) There is a planet guarded by all 3 because that race is too warlike

3:17 PM
@ScienceFiction&Fantasy Not a great question, but opinon-based? Come on.
Either they were, weren't, or there was no evidence of either case.
@phantom42 If you see things closed with non-sensical reasons, flag it. It's getting tiring seeing the community close stuff they personally don't want to answer.
@Keen Flag with custom reason? I thought we were only supposed to flag to get things closed/deleted.
@phantom42 Flag stuff that needs mod attention. Things that need reopening would be part of that.
So far, it's just in VTC stage, so hopefully it doesn't get to that.
I'd figure just a normal reopen vote would be standard protocol there.
The built-in flag reasons deal with the more common 'this is crap' cases, but flags can and should be used to point out stuff that needs to be saved.
3:23 PM
Though, the VTC/Reopen war on the Terminator question is getting a little ridiculous.
Thanks. I'll keep it in mind in the future. Hopefully enough people step up and vote to keep this one open.
@phantom42 I really hope that's over.
3:39 PM
@Beofett It's never over. Skynet will just send back more Terminators to vote more!
@Keen and John Connor will retaliate with a herd of elephants!
@Beofett I would be interested in seeing a keyboard for an elephant.
@Donald.McLean Technically, all the elephants would need would be a mouse... which might be problematic if the myth about elephants being afraid of mice is true.
Oh my God, I feel so hungover .... despite not drinkinig. Ever have this happen? Happy Monday indeed :P
@Beofett Keyboard-free input would be even more cumbersome than an elephant rated keyboard.
3:54 PM
@Donald.McLean Not for Vote-to-Reopen
(assuming someone creates the account and logs in for them... which would presumably be John Connor's responsibility as leader of the Resistance)
re: the "primarily-opinon-based" votes on all these questions:
@Beofett Yeah, but how much fun is that. If you're going to get onto SE, you at least want to check out the other questions relating to intelligent elephants.
Q: How many elephants would John Connor need to defeat Skynet?
@phantom42 I am really starting to wish there was a review option of "This close vote is primarily opinion based"
@Beofett At least as many as Carthage threw against Rome
Starfleet captains are like children. They want everything right now and they want it their way. But the secret is to give them only what they need, not what they want. - M. Scott
4:00 PM
Anyone see a screening of Guardians of the Galaxy this weekend?
@phantom42 This past weekend? Nope. This coming weekend? Hell yes.
@Keen We'll be going on Sunday, I think. I'm curious/hoping that we may get some more clues into the infamous "blue alien" from AoS.
I've got a few friends who got into screenings and have been raving about it.
@phantom42 Yeah, that's been my assumption too. We know Kree will be in the film, so I'm hoping to see one that looks just like the AoS person.
Did you see the news out of SDCC? Mockingjay and Lucy Lawless!
@phantom42 That is a very confusing typo. It's Mocking**bird**.
I was wondering what Lucy Lawless had to do with the Hunger Games.
4:05 PM
@Keen Whoops, yes. Just finished watching the Mockingjay trailer.
Also yes, I heard that news and was overjoyed
I'm very curious if Mockingbird will be romantically involved with Hawkeye. It's not like they can afford to have Jeremy Renner show up on the show, and name-checking the MCU big names frequently gets tedious fast.
4:21 PM
Q: What does the TARDIS pump?

Sachin ShekharThe interior design of TARDIS changes over time, but one thing remains common among all designs: A transparent vertical tube in the center (around which controls exist). The interior of tube also changes whenever TARDIS renews it's design, but it always feels like something is pumped whenever TA...

4:56 PM
Q: Why is Jack Sparrow looking for the drawing of the key?

user30903At the start of Dead Man's Chest, Jack Sparrow escapes the Turkish prison with the drawing of the key to the chest. But this happens before Bootstrap Bill comes to warn Jack that Davy Jones is out to make good on their deal. Sure, Jack knew this day would come, but he seems surprised and tries to...

Watch it before it gets pulled (again). Leaked Deadpool test footage. io9.com/…
It looks CG, so it may just be something done to shop to the studio.
@phantom42 What would a Deadpool movie be though, 2 hours of him talking to the camera while he was murdering people?
@JackBNimble And eating burritos.
I am amused that movies.SE was blocked at work, but not any of the other sites.
5:12 PM
The Movies.SE folks have also been guilty of "closing as opinion based" perfectly legitimate questions.
I meant is, not was
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Q: it's dormammu as strong as shuma gorath?

cidricin the journey into mystery on the event fear itself we have a number about mephisto talking to a bartender in the convesation he says that the demons meet in the throne of satan where the more powerfull are closer to the satan throne the closest are mephisto, dormammu and cyttorak and i noticed ...

I guess waking up feeling hungover, although having not consumed any substances, simply means one needs to sleep for two more hours. :P
@ScienceFiction&Fantasy Trying to decipher this question is giving me a headache.
Is everyone upset over the elephant question?
@Slytherincess - It's open again, this time with a slightly less contentious focus. I'll update my answer at some point in the next couple of days.
@phantom42 - I was going to edit it but then I realised it's just a straight "Gorilla vs. Shark" question.
I don't think I thought through that one very well, you know? I kinda autosharked it.
6:59 PM
@Richard Well, the body of the question pretty much lays out that they are more powerful than the other, by virtue of their placement in the throne room.
So, it really boils down to asking for examples of if/when they've shown that sort of power
I was thiinking of the oliphants in the LOTR and that was some serious elephant weaponage.
@phantom42 - If I could be arsed. I'd just link the "power graphs" on the Marvel website.
I don't remember if I did a VTC on the elephant question, but I remember the meta discussions.
@phantom42 - Inconceivable!
@phantom42 I cleaned it up. Thankfully I'm familiar with some of the comics the question references.
7:05 PM
@Slytherincess The Terminator/Elephant one is really just another instance of what feels like a recent wave of questions being closed for questionable reasons.
@SQB Great, now we're all insane
So let's dance!
Are these elephants? Would they win from a T-1000?
7:09 PM
Someone needs to draw/photoshop a Terminator riding an elephant, a la Optimus on Grimlock.
After all, anything not related to elephants is ...
'Peace' essentially is a terminator riding a... steed.
@JackBNimble Why would he be riding a Steed instead of a Peel?
@Slytherincess: Are you still there?
@Tango I do not understand the question
@JackBNimble A Steed or a Peel?
7:23 PM
Q: Which order to read the IDW comics?

MarioI've purchased the following comics as part of the Humble Transformers Bundle offer and now wonder whether I should read them in some specific chronological order or not: Transformers Classics, Vol. 1-4 Transformers: All Hail Megatron, Vol. 1-4 Transformers: Autocracy, Issues 1-12 Transformers:...

7:38 PM
@ScienceFiction&Fantasy May this user's keyboard implode.
Q: Third-person point-of-view of Pensieve

Kushtrim P.If you view one person's memories in a Pensieve, then how use it in a third-person point-of-view ? I mean, since a person can't see what's happening behind him, how can that the person watching the said memory can ?

@JackBNimble You mean you don't know about John Steed and Emma Peel? The real Avengers?
@Tango I never saw the movie with Uma
@JackBNimble The movie was bupkis.
The originals, with Patrick MacNee and Diana Rigg is the good stuff.
@Slytherincess Don't we have some solid category to close dumb "what-if" questions like that?
@Tango No, unfortunately. I looked last night b/c it's been 24 hours of consistent "dumb" questions. Dude needs to cool it.
7:45 PM
@Slytherincess Yeah, ya gotta wonder how such a person learned to use a keyboard and log on to the internet.
Makes me wish for the days before DNS when you needed a measurable IQ to get on the internet.
@Slytherincess since I'm on mobile until I get my internet sorted out, which users keyboard do you want to implode?
It's a shame, having to use 'opinion based' when one wants to express 'you're asking for pure, unadulterated speculation, are you nuts?'
I'm guessing the user that asked where ghosts go when the world ends.
@alexwlchan - scifi.stackexchange.com/users/30729/… liam tomkins keeps asking Harry Potter questions. Some quite interesting but also a fair few duplicates and "opinion-based"
Consider his picture to be recent. That's the only thing that makes sense.
@Keen - The last question I flagged as "closed for spurious reason" got rejected. The question was subsequently re-opened.
7:57 PM
@Richard Sorry, I didn't handle that one.
@JackBNimble, who's the artist of that picture of 'a terminator riding a... steed'? It looks familiar, but I can't place it.
@SQB I don't know, it is from the 1977 animated movie Wizards.
@Richard If, by "opinion based," you mean "questions that could only originate from a drug-induced state," then I agree with you.
@Richard ah yes. I'd been a bit annoyed by him too
Do we have the 50 question/month limit or is that just the trilogy sites? I rather suspect he will hit it if we do.
8:15 PM
@alexwlchan That wouldn't be the most terrible thing in the world, would it?
Q: The Complete Rate-Limiting Guide

Lance RobertsI noticed that I can only perform certain actions such as commenting a finite number of times in a given period of time. Obviously, rate limiting is in place to prevent accidental misuse or intentional abuse of certain features. Where else is rate limiting applied on Stack Exchange sites, and wh...

> On Stack Overflow, Super User, Server Fault and Math (not active on all other sites)
> maximum of 6 questions per day
> maximum of 50 questions per 30 days
Unfortunately, no details other than "not active on all other sites"
Q: What Kept Gollum Alive After Losing the Ring?

Smeghead SevThe rings of power (or maybe just the one ring) prolongs life but does not increase it. This allowed Gollum to live way beyond a normal lifespan which is explained in the lore. However he loses the ring and it is found by Bilbo in the goblin caves during The Hobbit. Bilbo is 50 when he finds t...

He's got 9 questions stamped as being posted yesterday (even looking at the Zulu timestamps), so it looks like we don't have the 6 questions/day limit.
8:35 PM
Is that for real?
@SQB - It looks like it. I'm guessing the writers of Sabrina and Archie have actually started taking acid
“Koschei is loose, Roger. They fucking woke the thing. And now they can’t control it. Can you believe that?” I must say that I enjoyed the look on Sabrina's face.
8:53 PM
Q: How many universes about robots created Isaac Asimov?

user12287I know the Robot novels by Isaac Asimov: The Caves of Steel (1953), The Naked Sun (1955), The Robots of Dawn (1983), and Robots and Empire (1985) I also know the collection The Complete Robot (1982) and I, Robot (1950). I understand that these four novels and two collections are part of the u...

@ScienceFiction&Fantasy 8 Universes came together to make the man we call Isaac Ashimov
9:50 PM
50 questions in a 30 day limit? Well, that's been since I got on here - considering how many questions I was posting a few years ago.
Q: TV series involving a man with some electricity superpower but who suffers from severe headaches

JubobsI'm looking for the name of a TV series, probably from the 80s or early 90s, involving people with superpowers. In particular, I remember a man who has some superpower related to electricity (similar to the Emperor's Force lightning power in Star Wars, and to Elle Bishop's power in Heroes). How...

Q: Looking for a SF story I read in school

FBXThe gist of the story is that an old man is put in a retirement home where his room features a VR 'window' that featured views of various scenic points in the world. The retiree argues with his children by saying it's not the real thing, his children argue and say it's 'better'. He escapes the ho...

10:11 PM
Q: What characters have been killed on the show that haven't been killed on the books, and vice versa? (Show spoilers)

dwjohnstonIn the recent Comic Con panel, Maisie Williams mentioned that there are some characters that have been killed in the show, that haven't been killed in the books, and vice versa. What characters is she referring to? Jojen is one, he hasn't died in the books yet. Are there any others? Also, wh...

@Richard If my life centered around writing Archie comics, I'd constantly be dropping acid as well.
@phantom42 I can't help but understand. Archie = UGH. I was really ooked out when MAC did a Betty/Veronica campaign. They still can't get rid of all the cosmetics from that line. LSD is far more appealing ...
10:29 PM
@Keen @Kevin -- I was wondering if there's an app or algorithm or whatnot that keeps a mod's starred comment at the top of the queue no matter how many other comments have more stars than the mods' comment? I don't actually care if that's the case, meaning I don't mind, but it seems like that happens.
@Slytherincess Not unless I pin it, using my mod powers.
Also, from my understanding, we don't see the same list of starred posts over there -->
@Keen I like how you demonstrated your powers with an interpretive dance/pin ;)
What do you see that's different?

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