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8:05 AM
I want that lawyer
In the time it takes t hire her I'll have a case she can fight
People are always confusing Kryptonians X-ray vision and laser vision
Including the comic books some of the time, probably.
@rand al tory mandathor ping
@Randatory mandalthor ping?
8:20 AM
@Jonah I did
The worst was telekinesis in Superman IV
What was that time travelling superman film
He reversed the time by rotating earth
Q: How did Superman turn back time in the first movie?

DavRob60In this what-if xkcd there is this question and answer about Superman: In the first Superman movie, Superman flies around Earth so fast that it begins turning in the opposite direction. This somehow turns back time [... ] How much energy would someone flying around the Earth have to exert in ...

@Jonah dumb plot......
8:28 AM
He goes from nuclear disarmament to repairing tourist attractions faster than a speeding bullet.
More As powerful than as a speeding locomotive Chinese stonemason on a scaffold!
Able to leap tall buildings in replace several bricks with a single bound glance!
@AnkitSharma that was the first of Christopher Reeve's Superman movies
I never liked old sueprman
I think Wad's gif is from Superman IV: The Quest For Peace in that same series, since that's the one about nukes
8:34 AM
Never got attached to him, except DCAU and Man of steel
@Ixrec Superman IV: The Quest for Peace and Nice Walls
it did kill the franchise for a reason
I still find it funny that Superman: The Movie has Superman literally getting a cat out of a tree
Anyone watch Supergirl?
I was watching it for a while but then the cbs site broke one week and I never got around to checking if it's fixed
There was a Flash crossover
8:40 AM
that was the last episode I did see
Now I need to watch Flash
And then Arrow
And Legends of Tomorrow
and then the whole DCAU just to be thorough
@Jonah pilot and crossover episode only
@Jonah no need for that to understand that episode, episode is self contained and flash is complete useless to the outcome
8:44 AM
@AnkitSharma So is Supergirl, in fairness.
Weird ending.
A: Originator of the "Gods Require Belief" Trope

WallnutGilbert and Sullivan's first opera, "Thespis", written in 1871, had the sub-title "The Gods Grown Old", and was based around the premise that the Greek/Roman gods of Olympus had become old and decrepit because no-one believed in them anymore.

Look here.
@Jonah I don't like supergirl and now i have to see it because it's shifting to CW and next year there will be 4 way crossover between all 4 shows
@AnkitSharma what
Enough is enough
Supergirl is not a hit according to CBS but for CW it's enough
So it's shifting to CW and there is more bigger crossover announced
Q: Wouldn't this sound kill or serious maim everyone within reasonably close radius to Superman?

KyloRenIn Man of Steel, when Clark an this character, He lets out an almighty scream and what seems to me is done with all his effort. Would this have not killed or maimed all the people in close vicinity. We know that Superman has a lot of powers that are far more powerful than humans. Below is a ...

9:00 AM
@Jonah I have two potential answers but I'm not sure they'd be acceptable.
@WadCheber We already have pretty early one.
Plutarch's On the Failure of Oracles and apologist stories about the Celtic Tuatha de Danann becoming faeries because people no longer believed in them.
@WadCheber Those sound too factual to me.
@Jonah Not as early as mine.
But they do show that the concept is old.
9:04 AM
@AncientSwordRage my old proposal - creating a Sugarcube Corner chat room on this site - still stands...
The Epic of Gilgamesh plays with the idea too.
So, the idea is as old as fictional writing is.
@WadCheber Well, I think The Epic of Gilgamesh is considered fiction, so you might use that.
One of the earliest works of fiction, the Epic of Gilgamesh, plays with this idea. After humanity is drowned, the gods are starved for sacrifices and begin to whither away. So the idea is pretty much as old as fictional writing is. — Wad Cheber 36 secs ago
Added as a comment. I might write a real answer tomorrow
@Jonah But if Gilgamesh is fictional, so is Noah! :o
The gods flooded the world in Gilgamesh because they were sick of arguing about whether the name was pronounced "Gilgamesh", "Jilgamesh", "Jiljamesh", or "Giljamesh".
9:28 AM
So M&TV doesn't have a "don't flood the front page with edits" rule?
1 hour later…
10:35 AM
Hello Rincewind
@NSNoob How are you today!
I'm Alright thanks. How are you doing?
I'm good. Bored.... But that really is my own fault
Tell me about it. There aren't even any new questions here from a fantasy series that I follow
11:03 AM
@NSNoob It has been very slow of late! Maybe people have started using Google more?!
@Rincewind lol
@AnkitSharma Hello you are here to!
I was here form morning (8-9 hours)
You cheer me not. :D All new questions seem to be from Harry Potter or Star-wars. I like harry potter but not quite so much. And I have never watched Star Wars so (Hope no one asks me to get on the donkey of shame), sad story really.
Hey Ankit. How are you doing?
@NSNoob doing good just talking to @Rincewind on two different SE sites :D
11:10 AM
@AnkitSharma Well I didn't see you!
@NSNoob Donkey!
Hi everyone.
@NSNoob Star Wars is a classic!
@BalarkaSen hello!
@BalarkaSen hi
@BalarkaSen Hello
A rather welcoming chat, unlike where I live.
11:13 AM
@BalarkaSen Not feeling the love?
Yeah, as I said, weird crowd. Who on earth greets random people on the internet back? ;)
@BalarkaSen psycho killers and weird people do
pick your poison ;p
We don't have any psycho killers here, do we?
@BalarkaSen We are all weird together so we all know eath other!
@AnkitSharma I pick potassium cyanide.
11:18 AM
@BalarkaSen No just kidnappers wife killers and some part time killers
Is it better to have a killer or a psycho around instead of a psycho-killer?
It is better to have a psycho around than a psycho-killer, for sure.
Anyone a little of the center, around the bend, fruitier than a fruit cake and nuttier then a nutbar is a little to much for me
I don't like the competition! :p
Although I would like to note I am not a psycho!
Just eccentric
People from the chat I live are in some sense nutty.
Or, yeah, "eccentric" is the right word.
Most, but of course not all, of them.
Every psycho denies being a psycho :3
11:28 AM
@NSNoob Is that a hydra on your avatar? Hail hydra, then.
Now that Captain America is a Hydra, I think we are all allowed to support Hydra publicly.
No it's sigil of House Targaryen; A three headed dragon. From George R.R. Martin's A song of Ice and fire.
Ah, the legs look like extra heads.
@NSNoob agree but if someone accepts then how to know if he/she is not liar?
Being eccentric has it's perks but at the same time few people get you... which can make for awkward moments
@BalarkaSen Since when is CA hidra?
@BalarkaSen When????
Fair point Ankit. Suppose that's the trick.
@Rincewind after he become young , he is sleeper agent of hydra
@AnkitSharma Is this in some comic?
11:40 AM
@Rincewind yes
@AnkitSharma Ah! That would explain why I know nothing about it....
In comics his power gone and he become older, then falcon become new captain america and now he is back and as a sleeper agent
@AnkitSharma ..... Okkkkaaayyyy
"I acknowledge that the Marvel comics have made this decision, but given that it's a stupid-ass decision, I have decided to ignore it."
@BalarkaSen Sounds good! The Captain America that I know would never work for Hidra!
11:46 AM
Marvel and DC comics takes turns in stupidity, this time its marvel's turn
Hello @AncientSwordRage
@Derpy a what now?
I really do hope people got the reference there.
That said, I think someone should make a meme to that effect.
@AncientSwordRage Is it SFF?
@BalarkaSen It sounds almost familiar....
11:48 AM
@BalarkaSen there are so many meme for cap and hydra due to current situation
It's what Nick Fury said in the Avengers when the council decided to nuke New York...
@BalarkaSen Well I knew I had heard it somewhere
Q: Trying to find an illustrated book with three sf stories: alien planet, underwater city, intelligent rocks

MatthewI'm trying to find a book that had three illustrated science fiction stories in it. The first was about explorers on an alien planet. They found a forest of trees with 'horns' or 'wires', and creatures like delta-winged (triangular) aeroplanes, in different colours, with hollow sockets that the...

Q: Origin of "giveaway eyes for shapeshifters" trope

sequoiadThis use of giveaway eye flashes, changes in colour or iris seems to be a common trope in several series as a way of informing the viewer when a nearby shapeshifter is listening/watching/involved. Examples include: Mystique (Xmen), Changeling (Shannara Chronicles), Dragons in human form (Warcra...

@Rincewind Heya
@AncientSwordRage How you?
11:52 AM
@Rincewind I good
@AnkitSharma Evil Captain!
On quick lunch break so can't chat long
@AncientSwordRage Good! :)
@AncientSwordRage Lunch good...
@Rincewind fan made
But it can me my next profile picture
need some croping
11:54 AM
@AnkitSharma higher res
@AnkitSharma Does not mean not good! Although it does sometimes...
@AnkitSharma To get the text off?
@Rincewind to reduce length to fit into SE format
@AnkitSharma Ah!!! Forgot about that :)
12:00 PM
Yin and yang
monday tuesdays suck
@Himarm That they do!
It's just a far-fetched idea. How can a pacifist superhero like Captain America who is genuinely good be an agent, even in an alternate universe if that's what it is, of a Nazi terrorist community like Hydra? That breaks all the symbols and the moral standpoints the character ever stood for, it's a massive nonsense.
12:10 PM
well, not to mention captain has foiled hydra far to often for there to be a benefit of him actually being an agent
If on the other hand some antihero like Deadpool was revealed to be a Hydra, that would have been more acceptable, although stupid.
@Rincewind cant wait for startrek
@BalarkaSen It makes no sense in terms of the character
@Himarm I actually enjoyed the first one! I was surprised so I am waiting to see if the second one hold up
@Rincewind but this is the third one :P
@BalarkaSen Still stupid because although he is a bad guy he is not a Bad Guy
@Himarm Oh.... Oh! thats right...
12:12 PM
@Himarm Fair technical point.
@Himarm Haven't see the second one yet
@Rincewind It'd be silly, sure. But this is ridiculous.
@BalarkaSen CA as a bad guy just does not work
stupid marvel people!
they should know there own characters!
well they kill everyone so many times
its probably clone CA from the 2567383834 universe on a monday
keeping up with comics like that are hard
@Himarm Which is why I have never really gotten into comics
12:17 PM
i just read manga, they have distinct start and stoping points, and watch marvel stuff, lol
@Himarm Manga is a bit weird for me... I just watch Marvel stuff...
Hail Hydra
Uh oh
@AnkitSharma I will call Iron Man, Superman, Spiderman, Batman.... for help!
Just warning you!
Batman IS DC and superman too
12:25 PM
So is Superman
what do they all have in common
theirs dads are dead
@AnkitSharma Who cares I will still call them!
wump wump
@Himarm What else do the have in common?
@Himarm even spider-man's uncle is dead
12:26 PM
They all wear their undies outside
ironman doesnt really have undies outside
and batmans newer suits are all body armor instead of the older spandexy suits
@Himarm I rather like the old spandex suits...
is just as bad
"irnoman, batman, spiderman, superman": three out of fours superheroes agree that money is a better superpower than dead parents.
oops, miscount. should be two.
i think spiderman does become rich later on though. parker industries, etc.
@BalarkaSen No idea.. never even seen one of the comics in the flesh
1:09 PM
@Rincewind ohh that holly costume
@BalarkaSen I know he is rich now but is there hand of superior spider-man in it?
@Himarm what about his legs, thEy can get cold ;O
1:24 PM
@AnkitSharma hes already cold blooded he doesnt mind
Fair enough
2:10 PM
Q: Is Clash of the Titans considered considered Science Fiction and Fantasy

KyloRenDoes not seem to be any tags on it here and it seems to be in the Fantasy realm, but I don't want to post an off topic question. Is Clash of the Titans considered considered Fantasy

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