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12:01 AM
@Phil I thought it was you ;)
1:01 AM
It's gone up to 59 now. Nonsense. Whoever it is needs to stop! @Aaron can spank them :P
@billnkc - your items have been dispatched. Thanks to @PaulWhite for his assistnace. Tracking number is ED409360801NZ (www.courierpost.co.nz).
1:23 AM
@ConcernedOfTunbridgeWells thanks for the present!
@Phil sadly I don't even know how to get to review or any mod tools from the mobile app
7 hours later…
8:04 AM
@AaronBertrand Did both items arrive?
9:01 AM
This is for random chat?
9:22 AM
@Gel this is the chat room for dba.stackexchange.com so it's primarily for database chat
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12:50 PM
Q: why is xml not displayed when I format is as code?

jaoI copied some xml to an answer, and I formatted it as code, but it hides everything between the < and > braces. Answer is here. What did I do wrong?

Q: Are there any good tools for monitoring postgresql databases

MinimeDJI am planing to have very soon few highly loaded postgresql databases. I have some expirience managing mysql databases with high load, but now we have to use postgresql. I want to know what are the best tools for day-to-day database management and status reporting. (Of course console is the best...

should we keep the most popular shopping list questions open?
1:26 PM
@ConcernedOfTunbridgeWells just one so far - don't ask me to keep calm
@dezso not if they're sufficiently answered - do they need new answers? That'd be the only reason to keep it open. The C++ book model on SO has a community wiki answer that everyone keeps updated, rather than invite new answers or keep different sets of resources separate. The other thing I like about closing them is that they can't be used as "but this person asked a similar question, and it's not closed!"
@AaronBertrand fair enough - should we come up with such a canonical/aggregate answer in these cases?
at the same time, I don't know what happens when someone votes 'Leave open' - is it one vote less for closing?
@dezso unsure, if we combine them and then delete the others, that will probably create a different uproar ("You stole me 20 rep!")
@dezso I think it means "I am not going to pile on"
1:48 PM
morning heapers
@AaronBertrand are you prepared for the blizzard?
and @JNK
yeah I'm ready
I went kind of nuts yesterday my wife was making fun of me
But my generator is filled and tested, I got plenty of food, all cars are full of gas and I have a backup tank for generator, firewood stocked etc
at least you are hibernating for a good reason
potential power outage where I am is no joke
We're being bombarded by super bowl
when you have well water its a problem
1:50 PM
sorry, hopefully it won't be that bad
I know my folks are happy they've moved out of the weather you get
@bluefeet yeah, need to grab a few things today (out of dog treats, for example) but food etc. we're all set.
grocery store was bananas yesterday
@JNK did you move to the countryside?
@JNK yeah same here. I picked up a few things, placed one deli order for cheese, it took them 35 MINUTES.
@dezso a lot of towns where I am don't have centralized services
1:54 PM
Played chicken with all the carts running around
It's mainly as function of housing density
The homes where I am are pretty far apart and there's a lot of road (it's pretty rural)
so we have city water and sewer for like 20 houses on main street and thats it
@AaronBertrand I can imagine. I took the 4yo and we had to go back outside to get a cart b/c there were zero in the store
@JNK one would call that countryside around here :)
@dezso then yes
2:20 PM
The review queue is still massive if you all want to do your bit....
> come back in 9 hours to continue reviewing.
@Phil who went thru and kicked all those posts to the queue?
> Thank you for reviewing 20 close votes today; come back in 9 hours to continue reviewing.
I'm done
2:36 PM
@blue dunno. Lots of Shopping List Question flags :/
@bluefeet possibly someone p.o.'d because they had their question closed.
@AaronBertrand one could check the already closed ones for suspects :)
it must have been @PaulWhite
@dezso I suspect that will be a long list - and I don't know if there's an easy way to see when this trend started, or how long the user may have waited to exact their revenge. It'd all be speculation.
@AaronBertrand but they should turn up among the voters, shouldn't they?
I mean, eh?
2:45 PM
@dezso you can also flag
But yeah, you should be able to observe a pattern in these. I'm not going to do that, though.
@AaronBertrand never knew that
Flagging is actually more likely, at least in my few run-ins with this on SO, the reason is that the scorned user pissed off is a new user who doesn't understand how the site works, thinks that closing their question is abuse, and doesn't have the rep required to VtC.
TBH, most of these seem shopping list questions
some of them are quite important, though
@phil note that sometimes I will vote to leave a question open if the vote is to move it somewhere else and the question itself is craptastic
@dezso doesn't make them on-topic. If they have good answers that haven't become obsolete I'm ok with leaving the question up on the site, but don't want to encourage more answers or use them as examples of questions to be asked here.
@AaronBertrand totally agreed
I see that you put an end to (most of) them
which is good, since I've changed my mind because of you :D
2:59 PM
@dezso I think it means that if there are enough LeaveOpen votes (without any Close), then it is removed from the queue. Not really sure though, and no idea if there are rules when both close and leave open votes are placed.
@ypercube oh that may be true. I do know though that a leave open vote by a moderator is not binding (the close votes are still there, though I don't know if it's in the queue still because the queue knows I've already seen it so doesn't show it to me).
@AaronBertrand Lets check something. Can you see this? dba.stackexchange.com/review/close/39861
I just placed a Leave Open vote, so it has 2 Close, 2 Leave now.
I can see it, but I can't act on it. "This item is not reviewable."
Anyone else finding that KB articles from support.microsoft.com are taking a minute or more to finish loading lately? I'm not yet sure if it's just the BlueCoat proxy that's been installed here or something else.
@AaronBertrand I then guess it has been removed form the queue.
3:05 PM
@JamesLupolt I saw someone tweeting about how MS had issues with this over the weekend
Been saving. Don't know whether to go Mac Pro or new PC Hackintosh
@JamesLupolt try support2.microsoft.com instead of support.microsoft.com - the latter was showing blank articles for 48 hours last week so this is probably still residual from that.
@Phil Save a few bucks with the latter but IMHO not worth it
Mac Pro is a sexy beast. Hackintosh not so much
@Phil i like pc's
@Kermit PC <> PC Hackintosh
@AaronBertrand don't believe a word you say
3:36 PM
@Phil cheaper hardware, similar performance, same great OS
3:52 PM
Running a h'tosh at the moment and it's perfect
So why are you considering a new one?
(Not being a smartass, legitimately curious)
@AaronBertrand There's one more still to arrive then.
@Phil Ebay, Grasshopper.
4:16 PM
@ConcernedOfTunbridgeWells some proper steals on there
@Phil Since the new dustbins came out they just aren't in demand anymore.
@Phil, apropos of nothing at all, get one of at least Nelahem generation. At that point Xeons went from FSB to Quickpath (and were thus much, much faster). You might have to do your homework about which models had this architecture.
(That's 35xx/55xx and later series Xeons FWIW)
4:36 PM
I had one when I lived in Poland, one of the first Intel ones, but postage back was ridiculous so I sold it. Still love the cases :)
I suppose if I wasn't heavily involved with SQL Server I might go with a mac pro. I've got a lot of MS-specific baggage in my work though.
@ConcernedOfTunbridgeWells you know you can boot a Mac into Windows (I do when I need to)
Most of the time though a VM is more than sufficient
@AaronBertrand Yes. Sort of defeats the purpose of getting a mac though.
@ConcernedOfTunbridgeWells my faith is in the hardware outlasting an equivalent PC by a factor of 2 or 3.
So no, to me, you're buying the hardware, not Mac OS.
@AaronBertrand My XW9300s are 7 or 8 years old and still trucking along.
However, they were just as dear as a mac pro when they were new - if not more so.
4:42 PM
@ConcernedOfTunbridgeWells my uncle still has a 1964 Cadillac. That doesn't mean it's the norm. I had two $5000+ Dells that limped past the warranty date and died.
Dude - you bought a Dell.
@ConcernedOfTunbridgeWells at the time there really weren't any good alternatives for workstations.
My next machine was a 2008 Mac Pro
Which I would still be using if they hadn't come out with the new form factor last year.
@AaronBertrand I would still use the XW9300s if I hadn't needed a laptop a couple of years ago.
I've got one that I keep preserved for a build that's on it - it's resisted a couple of attempts to move it off to a VM.
Now I can do pretty much all I need on the laptop with SSDs.
I was also kind of coerced toward Dell because I bought them through work and we had a corporate account.
So I got a teensy discount.
Go Pats!
4:47 PM
I think Dell workstations might be better now than then. The HP workstations feel like old-school Compaq machines - the fit and finish is the best I've seen on a PC in about 15 years.
However, new ones are buttock-clenchingly expensive
If you're going to spend 4000-5000 pounds on a workstation, it better come with free hummers, dancing girls or something that makes it a lot more compelling than a Mac Pro
Especially since you have to regain trust from people like me who don't believe they will last as long.
And who have time to invest in reformatting Windows 8.yuck off of there...
@AaronBertrand Who spends 4 grand on a workstation?
That link goes to about.blank soooo.
IIRC the older Dell workstations were actually considered a bit cheap and nasty but I think they are a bit better these days.
So many people get hung up on the "I need to use Windows" bit, and think that makes Macs a non-starter. My job revolves solely around Windows + SQL Server and I haven't owned a PC in 7 years.
@Zane I did. Multiple times.
@Zane is imgur blocked too?
No not normally.
^ Saw that.
4:57 PM
Yes. It was extremely helpful
@Zane Actually, I didn't. They're much, much cheaper if you buy ex-demo or ex-lease ones off Ebay.
What are the specs of this beast.
I was thinkin of a 5 k dell.
4:58 PM
@Zane Varies. They're two socket boxes with a server chipset on the motherboard. The main claim to fame is that you can put a shit-load of memory on them.
@Zane Look at the Dell T3600 in my chart, $4,937.54
Data is a year old of course, and I haven't revisited it.
I was thinking just build your own at that point.
I used to start with a chassis (an XW9300 in those days) and build it out myself. You could do something similar with a HP or Dell barebones unit.
@Zane I talked about that too. To get the same components you're not saving any money.
Or it's just offset by time, lack of support, etc.
I feel like DIY is something an engineering student on a budget does, but someone who actually earns an engineering salary shouldn't have to do.
5:02 PM
Having said that, the ones I built were in a fairly pimped configuration for doing ETL development - 3rd party RAID controller and 6x15k U320 drives.
But I also argue with people like Kendal who brag all year about how much money they save on cutting their cable TV cord, then bitch every time they try to watch live sports
I suppose you've got the fact that most of these are dual machines and if what you're using it for isn't processor bound you can save tons of cash cutting back on that.
@Zane Well yeah, I think I make several points in the article that if you're doing e-mail and sudoku you don't need these specs.
@ConcernedOfTunbridgeWells You mean you weren't using a Chromebook and doing all of your dev in The Cloud™©®? How dare you! :)
@AaronBertrand I'm building a PC that I'm going to use for all of my home SQL Server stuff and I'll also use it for games and personal use.
5:04 PM
@Zane but remember that cheaper CPUs support less RAM and have less cache, so you're taking a hit on that side too.
@Phil I'm not even sure if EC2 was available when I built the HPs. Azure certainly wasn't.
@Zane Note that these days I can achieve the same goal with a laptop and SSDs.
Hey man, to each his own. If you want a screaming machine, you're likely spending about the same amount of money regardless of which vendor you go through. If you just need to get by, you're not. Some people are happy with an '82 Tercel that still runs, or an '11 Civic. Some people aren't. There's no universal right answer for what computer to by. It's how much are you willing to spend and how much performance do you need.
I've ways wondered how they made a cloud out of elastic
These days I think the main claim to fame of something like a Z820 is the memory capacity. If you wanted something memory heavy (maybe an in-memory server like Tabular Model or Qlikview) then it might be useful.
holy carp - zero review tasks!
5:15 PM
Might just upgrade my socket 1156 i7+mobo, shove loads of memory in and get a gtx 970, then use the old bits for a "new" server. Will ponder.
@Phil Still planning to hackintosh it?
@ConcernedOfTunbridgeWells yes, dual boot just for the odd game or two. I've no need for windows otherwise, as I have a VMware Fusion licence (and parallels, was hard to choose between them at one point).
@Phil It's quite a few years since I scratch-built a PC, although I put new CPUs, fans, memory and disks on all the 9300s I built so they might as well be.
@Phil Is there anything wrong with the performance of the machine you've got at the moment? The cheapest upgrade is none at all, and an i7 ought to be pretty quick.
I need loads more memory for VMs, and I think my mobo tops out at 16 Gig. Definitely need a GPU :D
That one's new and has both sockets filled. You could put 48GB on it for about £200.
It's also located in the UK according to the listing.
Anyway, time for tubby bye-bye. Gotta go catch a train.
6:11 PM
This is the rig I'm building and then I'll add a few high capacity SSD's specificially for SQL Server.
Which for me is a pretty beastly rig. However I also own a TDI Jetta to your Mercedes so our definitions of beastly are a little different.
@Zane you're going to go with 8GB? Why not max out at 32GB?
@AaronBertrand That's just the base.
Oh ok I thought those were your specs.
You can add onto it. Each part of that list has the ability to go bigger. So I'm going to start with 16 with space for 32
> You wouldn't think (the ham sandwich) has an enemy, but I can assure you, it does. Its name is mustard pee.
6:24 PM
I don't have the cash to just outright buy the machine. I'm picking it up piece by piece.
@Phil @ConcernedOfTunbridgeWells I've been thinking about one of these. 32 GB of RAM so it's probably decent for a home lab, plus has a decent GPU if I want to play games or crack passwords. Anything other than a laptop isn't really a good option for me since I have a very small apartment.
6:54 PM
@JamesLupolt each to their own, but I prefer a nice fat tower to do the grunt work, then a nice MacBook Air as a very portable client :)
@Phil Yep -- a tower would probably make more sense if I had more space here
7:53 PM
8:18 PM
@JamesLupolt Is it a rebadged Clevo?
@JamesLupolt I had a cow-orker who had a shiny new Clevo that overheated and died. My thinkpad was quite a bit more expensive but still keeps trucking. As an alternative to a laptop, you could look at something like this: www8.hp.com/us/en/campaigns/workstations/z230.html
They're about the size of little corporate desktop machines and you can get them off ebay quite cheaply (especially older models).
Any suggestions on creating and into to SQL class?

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