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4:55 AM
@MikeFal Huffman's hot sauce packed for summit.
5:38 AM
@PaulWhite I have your green chile sauce packed up as well.
5:52 AM
@PaulWhite We still need to catch up for beers at some point. Probably a couple of weeks away yet I'd guess - when are you back?
6:16 AM
@MikeFal Awesome, thanks. When do you arrive in Seattle? And which hotel are you in?
Sunday afternoon, Sheraton
@SimonRigharts Um, well I'm going straight on to Las Vegas after the two Summits so I'll have to check ... brb
@MikeFal Ah cool, I'm in the Sheraton too, arriving Saturday night.
@PaulWhite So yeah ... sometime in the new year then? :p
Yeah, I'm doing SQL Saturday in Portland. Should be fun
@SimonRigharts Back Saturday 15 Movember
I'm much keener to get into WLG when the weather's nicer :)
Seattle's going to feel like flying back into mid-winter though :-/
4 hours later…
10:00 AM
@PaulWhite well, it was related to this answer, but before the OP added the resolution bit.
My thought was that for such simple selects the estimates could be good enough to match the actuals.
2 hours later…
11:36 AM
We have a question where at least the OP makes a valid suggestion:
Q: Overlapping indexes

StackoverflowuserI have two non-clustered indexes on one of my dbs and their definition are: CREATE NONCLUSTERED INDEX [NC_Index1] ON [dbo].[anyTable] ( [X] ASC, [Y] ASC, [Z] ASC ) INCLUDE (A , B, C) and CREATE NONCLUSTERED INDEX [NC_Index2] ON [dbo].[anyTable] ( [X] ASC, ...

Q: Improving my answer after it's been accepted

James AndersonIf my answer is accepted and then someone else adds an answer that isn't as good but has a few points that I didn't have should I add those points to my answer? Feels like I would be stealing their ideas/work.

11:57 AM
Morning all
12:08 PM
Morning @ConcernedOfTunbridgeWells
1:06 PM
It might be too early but this final result doesn't seem possible.
Q: how do i join two different tables in mysql

Vivek Kannathis is table1 id name m1 m2 m3 total 1 raj 10 10 10 30 2 ram 60 60 60 180 3 kumar 70 70 70 210 4 kanna 50 50 50 150 5 vivek 64 64 91 200 5 vivek 90 90 90 270 this is table2 id name mark1 mark2 mark3 101 vivek 78 78 ...

yeah it's not
he's matching nicknames to full names
which is turrible
1 hour later…
2:29 PM
@JNK And even if there are some hidden columns that provide order for the 2 tables, mysql does not have window functions, so joining them will have horrible efficiency.
pure nrg
anybody have a great way to convert a string formatted as 214000 into a DATETIME value 21:40:00 ? I can use SUBSTRING etc, but I'm hoping there is a nice canonical way for SQL Server to do the work for me. Much like CONVERT(DATETIME, '20141031', 112) returns a datetime of 2014-10-31 00:00:00
2:35 PM
don't believe there's a built in method for this
and you probably want the TIME datatype
if you look at the CONVERT msdn page there's no options without colons
2:52 PM
Hello All
what's up @Kin
nothing much .. just saying Hi ...
anyone coming to PASS summit ?
2:58 PM
@JNK thanks, that's the conclusion I came to.
@JNK eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
@swasheck I will see you in 5 days!
@MaxVernon doesn't 108 do that?
2:59 PM
@swasheck when do you get in?
@mmarie i'm getting there early. sunday afternoon. my wife's coming with me and leaving thursday morning early. we've never been to seattle so we're trying to take a little time to get away from kids and such.
@swasheck fun! I get there on Tuesday. But I'm going to crash an MVP party that night because Bill put me down as his + 1 :-)
well that's fun. i'm not cool enough to crash any parties
I'm not cool. I just Know People ™
and by people, i mean person.
well - i had my mvp +1 last year at summit when i got to race a car
3:05 PM
yeah, that looked pretty cool
@swasheck get checked!
> 9 out of 10 proctologist DBAs agree - TIME requires a colon.
♫ moon river ♫
Someone walked behind me and meowed. I was confused until i looked up and realized that the girl sitting across from me is dressed as a cat today, and that was just her coworker saying hello.
wtf. people are ... wow ...
3:13 PM
I am dressed as a 404 costume not found today.
user image
3:23 PM
@mmarie that's awesome

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