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@swasheck @bluefeet I agree. @swasheck couldn't even spark activity with his cat quip.
@ConcernedOfTunbridgeWells What is Stage 2? Is that like a Master's degree, sophomore year, or something else?
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Q: Need your assistance to upload text file automatically in MySQL

AnandaI am having some difficulties while inserting a text file automatically into a MySQL database.

IMO that should be nuked from orbit with extreme prejudice.
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@Kin of course it will (it's an independent product). I have it and it's great.
3 hours later…
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Q: Why is it taking longer to create an index after column size increases?

Daniel MillerOur vendor changed column widths on almost every column in the entire database. The database is around 7TB, 9000+ tables. We are trying to create an index on a table that has 5.5billion rows. Before the vendor's upgrade we could create the index in 2 hours. Now it takes days. What they have done...

> Now after the upgrade, the primary key is 1283 characters which violates SQL Servers limit of 900 characters
Is this possible?
7:49 AM
Oh, I guess they mean the defined size of the columns add to 1283.
If the actual data are all less than 900, it's still allowed to make an index and use it as PK.
It's unclear whether they actually recreated the PK.
Would there be a difference, in terms of duration, if an NCI was created after the CI vs before?
@AndriyM I assume they have already done that ("upgrade").
8:10 AM
@ypercube The OP only says that the vendor changed the column sizes and it looks like the party who has to (re)create the indices is the OP (or their company). (I'm assuming that includes clustered indices as well.)
but if the columns changed include the PK columns, then the clustered index was "changed" with all the other indexes when the columns changed (not sure if there was an actual change in any of the indexes or it was a metadata only change).
My guess would be (but only a guess) that A) the column sizes changed but this was only a metadata change. Somehow when they want to create a new index after that, it involves some not metadata changes.
or B) the increased column sizes make the index creation much slower because the server assumes it has to use much more memory.
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@ypercube Yes. I assume the question exposes some deep dark internal thing where the possibility of exceeding the limit disables some crucial optimization. Not something I know offhand. Also, 50 bounty seems stingy.
it's not from the OP
@ypercube I know. Given Geoff's rep, it seems stingy.
50 unicorns = 5 upvotes.
This question would benefit from some code for creating the table and indexes, and a specific example of an operation that now takes an unreasonable length of time. Also, be specific about the version and build of SQL Server. It seems perfectly possible that the potential for exceeding the maximum key length results in a much less efficient codepath. My feeling is that this question went unanswered originally because it is an edge case that would require a significant time investment to investigate. — Paul White ♦ 4 mins ago
Honestly, the first time I saw it I was tempted to close it - broad, unclear, localized, iceberg - take your pick. I must have been distracted, because I didn't comment at the time.
> What they have done is increase any varchar(xx) size to varchar(256).
This is stupid.
8:58 AM
yeah, even more when the clustered key is 6 columns, with 5 of them changed to varchar(256).
But hey, they called it an "upgrade".
Solution: 1. downgrade 2. change vendors
9000+ tables is very interesting in itself
@dezso Kind of explains why they might not have wanted to take the time to decide which tables/columns actually needed the change and which ones didn't. ("Oh, it'll take too long, let's just increase all of them and be done with it.")
Wouldn't really make the decision less stupid, though.
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@Erik Second year
@AndriyM apparently, nobody had the idea of running some regression tests
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Hello @Aaron, can you please check this link? dba.stackexchange.com/questions/117360/… - I posted it a while ago. Thanks. :) — KMT 2 hours ago
"a while". Like 2 hours earlier.
@ypercube That means that the current question, which was posted 2 hours before the linked one, was posted a long while ago.
Please read this carefully: dba.stackexchange.com/help/on-topic I'd suggest you to pick and work on a SQL tutorial or a book. — dezso 11 secs ago
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@MikaelEriksson I checked our biggest SQL Server DB today. Full back backup; both mdf and bak on SAN; 7TB in 7hr.
so my ballpark estimate of 16 hours was not that far off ;)
@ypercube Break out the garlic.
Q: The Help Vampire problem

Barry KellyWhat is Stack Overflow's long-term solution for the Help Vampire problem? Quote from article follows: Identifying Help Vampires can be tricky, because they look like any ordinary person (or Internet user, whichever is lesser). But by closely observing an individual's behavior using this hand...

ah, I must be slow today.
I didn't get that, I didn't get Andriy's comments ...
10:11 AM
S'ok I was like that yesterday.
10:56 AM
Are my comments usually so clear that not getting them is a sign of slowness? What a flattering idea.
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@AndriyM What do you mean? ;)
@PaulWhite I thought you said you were slow yesterday :)
It's still yesterday where you are.
Indeed. I'm slow.
@PaulWhite I guess it was you who removed my interchange with tinka. I was about to ask whether you meant to let the last two comments stay long.
@AndriyM Yeah, they'd served their purpose.
@PaulWhite That's what I thought too. Thanks.
Seems appropriate.
Q: MongoDB very poor query performance vs Oracle

carmelloseI'm a MongoDB noob and trying to import data from an Oracle table. My Oracle table has 1 unique index on a single column, which is an id (a number - primary key). I successfuly imported data to MongoDB and added a unique index on the same column, so as to have the 'same' structure. Now, when I...

Hi, Can we add answer to 2 months old question dba.stackexchange.com/questions/108457/… I dont find answer given is correct ...or we can leave it as it is. Any recommendation on how to deal with Old thread if you see unanswered
@Shanky Age is not a factor. Answer away.
There are even badges to encourage you to do that.
@Paul White thank you :)
11:29 AM
Or discourage, if you hate badges.
@AndriyM We don't need no steeenkin badges ...
@AndriyM Everyone loves badges. We wear them with pride.
Whatever reason one choose at the end they are just Virtual badges, but it does gives happy face when you see one
The latest from Amazon Web Services: sneakernet!
@Colin'tHart Never underestimate the bandwidth of a station wagon full of tapes.
11:35 AM
@ConcernedOfTunbridgeWells I never have since our university professor hammered it into us. Bandwidth vs Speed etc
Surprised? That a relatively new framework (I wouldn't even call Mongo a database), based on no sound foundations is not as efficient as an old product (Oracle), designed to store and retrieve data efficiently and had decades to improve and is based on a sound theoretical foundation (that is relational theory)? — ypercube 1 min ago
@ypercube an 'is' seems to be at the wrong place
and I guess there might be a 'schema' design which helps that query
or index
or whatever
i don't even want to know exactly which :)
@dezso Or you risk becoming known as a MongoDB expert.
11:53 AM
@AndriyM Well, we all know it's web scale and scales automatically when you deploy it - plus it's high-performance because it doesn't have joins. What else is there?
"AWS Import/Export Snowball" -- Obviously named after Edward Snowden
@Shanky Could you check your last paragraph? I cannot get the intended meaning of its first sentence - something might be missing (or too much)
@ConcernedOfTunbridgeWells Exactly, that's what everyone knows and that doesn't make us experts (I hope). But what @dezso was talking about above looked borderline expert.
@dezso Are you referring to this?
> An other point to note is the task manager shows memory used by all OS processes so why are you even referring to it and making wrong conclusion about SQL Server. Remember, Task Manager is a Windows tool, not a SQL Server tool.
@PaulWhite I am
11:59 AM
I would just remove it. It adds nothing to the answer and reads a bit too much like a "telling off".
@Phil Also noting the significant amount of verbiage dedicated to security.
@AndriyM In practice, I've seen a man who could make MongoDB working - he still was very happy when we could finally burninate it (which happened because with the proper design and indexes PostrgeSQL could do the same task much faster)
Kokizzu, Cikarang, Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia
206 1 12
> Ask me any programming question, I'm available at your service for $10/hour, just chat me the question first on Skype (kiswono.prayogo), if I confident to answer, transfer the payment to my PayPal, then I'll try my best to answer.

A polyglot newbie programmer
@Dezso I guess its clear now, or anything else needs to be done ?
stopped being a Deplhi fan in January 2008
@Shanky I'm with @PaulWhite about the necessity of that entire paragraph
@Shanky Also, to what does, "some other relevant tools" refer?
Also, also, if the self-answer is incorrect it should probably be down-voted, no?
12:06 PM
RAMMAP and procexp are the tools I was referring
That's not clear right now.
so I guess I should remove that part ?
@dezso impressive
@Shanky Might be best.
@dezso Or maybe they are talking about possessing fans like this one:
Some kind of award, perhaps, like MVP or something.
I'm talking rubbish, sorry
12:10 PM
@All done...
@Shanky Great, thanks.
And to add fun...I got Revival badge :D
Yay. Two more votes and you'll be a Necromancer.
I already have one of thoes....but yes you can get it multiple times
I have ten.
12:20 PM
Yes Yes ....Your are seasoned campainer ,veteran..
And a show-off :)
Yes you show off when you right articles....specially on Optimizer ...
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SSIS Package running on a schedule is apparently just stuck at "Created Execution". Execution log has no messages. Thought? SQL Server 2012 if that matters. Only thing I found is stackoverflow.com/questions/30899054/… but that doesn't seem to be the issue here.
@AndriyM if he was a real PostgreSQL fan as he states, he would come up with this answer instead of me:
A: Is PostgreSQL JSONB @> operator equal to ->''=?

dezsoI have created a small test for checking this: CREATE TABLE jsonb_test (id serial, data jsonb); Then inserted some generated data: INSERT INTO jsonb_test (data) SELECT row_to_json(x.*)::jsonb FROM (SELECT i AS bla, ARRAY[i, i+1, i+2] AS foo, ARRAY[('v' || ...

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@JNK morning!
A: Understanding Disk Partition Alignment for Windows Server 2012 and SQL Server 2014

ChambrlnCheck out the SQL Server Setup Checklist from Brent Ozar. Section 4.1 covers drive formatting and block sizes. SQL Server Setup Checklist from BrentOzar.com

Okay, turns out that SO question was the issue but it had nothing to do with SMTP - apparently this is out SSIS reacts if you don't provide required parameters.
Gee, let's copy and paste content from a blog. As an image.
Which, in my humble opinion, is fucking stupid.
@Colin'tHart Make sure it's pasted into a Word document too
1:48 PM
Print it out and take a picture on a wooden table.
@Colin'tHart at least it matches the question in that regard
@dezso Why, they are a fan since only 2009. You probably "outfan" them by 5-10 years :)
@Colin'tHart That is stupid, but I'm not sure anything more should be done than down-voting. It is correctly attributed, and seems like a valid answer?
@mikeTheLiar I have always found SSIS to be entirely intuitive. And it's error messages super-helpful.
Q: MariaDB installation issues

tesla747This is my linux version Linux ArRac1 2.6.32-358.el6.x86_64 #1 SMP Tue Jan 29 11:47:41 EST 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux I'm trying to install MariaDB from this link using the RPMs since I do not have internet access http://mariadb.biz.net.id/mariadb-10.0.21/yum/rhel6-x86/rpms/ Since I ...

The answer to that really is "internet access"
2:03 PM
@Phil Wow.
Just "wow" really.
So I guess that counts as "sincere"?
In this very specific instance I would respectfully disagree. The package just...sat there. "Created Execution" and that's it. Silent failure is one of the worst kinds of failure.
@mikeTheLiar Oh, w.r.t that I was at the far edge of the sarcasm scale. The "wow" was directed at Phil's question link.
For additional clarity: SSIS frustrates the hell out of me every time I have touched it in the past.
It's fine when things go yellow and green; an epic PITA when things go red.
Or just sit there :-/
2:19 PM
@PaulWhite It's the master of cryptic error messages that only obliquely relate to the underlying issue.
Absolute unrivalled mastery, in my experience.
I have a working hypothesis about SSIS (and in fact a large number of graphical applications such as ETL tools).
I don't know SSIS at all, but am a big fan of the 'An error occurred.' type messages
@PaulWhite oh thank god. I was worried that I was missing something there.
Anything programmable that can't be effectively programmed using an ordinary text editor has a fundamental design flaw.
2:21 PM
@mikeTheLiar No, sorry, I sometimes forget to link my replies when I'm attempting to multi-task.
So nice of you to only "respectfully disagree" though :)
I'd have called me an insane babbling fool.
@PaulWhite What is this 'multi-task' you speak of?
@ConcernedOfTunbridgeWells It's where you I do more than one thing ineffectually at the same time.
Ironically, my wife is worse at it than me.
@PaulWhite OK. Most of the time I struggle to do one thing ineffectually at a time.
It's a learned skill.
I can just about manage chatting on the heap.
2:26 PM
Show off!
A: Perform reads and writes in the same transaction

ErikFirst of all I agree completely with Aaron Bertrand when he suggested in the comments you move the SQL into a stored procedure. This is also the clear winner as far as "the proper way to wrap a set of SQL operations in a .NET program" by the way. Since you're worried about managing code in two p...

In which @Erik is revealed as a (gasp) VB.NET coder.
@PaulWhite lol I was as dismayed as you were :)
@Erik I doubt it ;)
I'm probably just biased toward C# but some of the biggest atrocities that I've seen have been in VB.NET code bases.
I'd like to spend more time with C#. I've never picked up the skills I'd like to have in that language.
@GeoffPatterson Just making you aware of this room, if you weren't already.
It's a handy place for general discussion.
Any excuse to super-ping really.
@Erik Wait until you see legacy VB6 code.
2:32 PM
On Error Resume Next
In-Memory OLTP compiled native code relies heavily on goto.
@ConcernedOfTunbridgeWells Thank God I haven't been exposed to that monster. My first programming experience was really simple programming in MS BASIC in MS-DOS. VB6 was my next big exposure.
My first real job (while still an undergrad) was programming in VB3...
Windows 3.1 clients
Some Gupta SQL DBMS running on a Novell server...
@Colin'tHart I cannot even tell how it sounds
2:39 PM
@Colin'tHart That must have been out-of-date even then.
My first VB was VB5, I think.
It was in about 1994 I guess.
@PaulWhite Not so out-of-date, I don't think. This was just before the time that NT really took off as a NOS... now there's an acronym I haven't used for years.
I still have fond memories of my early Classic ASP days
Back when everybody and their dogs wanted websites
2:55 PM
@dezso Actually VB3 probably wasn't as bad as subsequent versions. From VB4 onwards they did a major re-architecture to accomodate COM. This resulted in VB having two distinct and incompatible type systems and a horrendous garbage collection system that was basically a thin layer over COM.
@TomV I once worked on extending a straight port of a classic ASP site to ASP.NET. That was the worst C# code I've ever had to touch. The developer put all the C#/SQL code inline, emitted HTML via Response.Write, and had one 20k line master class that was instantiated at the start of every page. It was heinous beyond words.
@ConcernedOfTunbridgeWells everything is possible
@ConcernedOfTunbridgeWells Thanks for jogging my memory. You hit the nail on the head, pretty much.
I've seen VB6 only, and looking at it from now, it's something very rudimentary
I remember thinking when some time after VB4 or 5 came out how nice and simple VB3 was.
2:57 PM
I don't know anything about their internals
@dezso Just because it's possible doesn't necessarily mean it's a good idea.
But I didn't use VB much at all after VB3.
@dezso I've got a few books about VB6 internals. It's not a pretty sight.
@Erik I bet that master class was his equivalent of <!-- include -->
@ConcernedOfTunbridgeWells To tie in to a previous comment: we actually did often open VB source files in plain text editors to edit them.
3:00 PM
Essentially, from VB4 onwards they needed to re-jig the architecture to support COM. This resulted in a number of architectural bastardisations such as automation-compatible types (which were incompatible with many native VB data types), variants, single-threaded apartments, and a reference-counting garbage collector tigthtly coupled to COM. It was very prone to silently leaking COM object references if you didn't mind your P's and Q's.
I'm sure Paul will prove a more thorough and complete answer, including call stacks perhaps, which will be used as learning material by the dev team. Again... — Remus Rusanu 9 mins ago
Hop to you little kangaroo
@billinkc Them's fighting words!
@ConcernedOfTunbridgeWells do you need to borrow my gun?
Oh my, I would never intend to cause offense
@TomV Yeah he had all his best utility functions in there, like the one that reimplemented DateTime.Add functionality because MS might of gotten leap years wrong in their implementation.....
@ConcernedOfTunbridgeWells Sir, you do malign my good intentions
@billinkc What are these 'good intentions' you speak of?
To be determined at a later time
@jcolebrand As long as I don't have to prise it out of your cold, dead fingers.
3:04 PM
I'll be sure to wear a bullet proof vest under the lavalava
why, oh why do I have to fight a non-tech person about technical and style issues of a blogpost
@ConcernedOfTunbridgeWells gravatar
@billinkc A bulletproof G-string?
@jcolebrand Indeed, I was thinking in terms of your Texan-ness
For the benefit of the room, and the moderators handling flags, I will say nothing more on the matter
Here's an odd request - I need a crappy query such that it takes more than 30 seconds to get the metadata back from the plan. I had thought I could fake it with a waitfor delay but that's not happening
@billinkc A 10-way cartesian self-join?
3:11 PM
@billinkc Which DBMS?
Basically, when an SSIS package goes to set the metadata for a source in the data flow, it parses the query to find the first thing that returns a resultset. It then uses either fmtonly or sp_execute_first_resultset to get the meta
SQL Server 2014
with foo as (select 1 as x union all select 2 as x ...) select f1.x, f2.x ... from foo f1 cross join foo f2 etc.
It's not the actual execution that needs to take for ever though, at least that's my working theory
I don't have access to their systems so I'm making this up as I go
Otherwise any query that does a long running sort
Can't you put the "waitfor delay" in a function called in the order by clause?
Then you won't kill the system with unnecessary sorting, if that's a problem.
Invalid use of a side-effecting operator 'WAITFOR' within a function.
3:18 PM
Indeed. This is almost an amusing exercise. Maybe I should use this as an interview question - write the worst query
@billinkc is it allowed to propose a bad design as a preliminary?
I'm open to whatever. For at least the next 30 minutes or so by which time I think my give a damn will be empty
A: MariaDB Database wiping monthly

Paul ArnesonThis is my post, but I must have accidently submitted as a guest, and I don't have enough points to comment on my own post so I am replying here. When I enter your command I get: ]$ cat /etc/passwd | sed 's/^([^:]):.$/crontab -u \1 -l 2>\&1/' | grep -v "no crontab for" | sh sed: -e expression ...

just so the mods are aware in case they aren't already, we have another lost soul
Ohhh, linked query to the rescue (maybe)
3:24 PM
@billinkc just create a bunch of temp tables, populate them with data, then do cross merges. There's no other way and you have to drag on the resources of the server to do so
Bonus points for no indexes and tens of millions of rows
It's not about the query execution though, it's about confounding the optimizer (I think)
Oh well, give a damn is running dangerously low already
Must have sprung a leak
3:38 PM
Q: Upgrade scenario: Oracle to Oracle 12c?

kwirschauwe have a very old Oracle database here that - unfortunately - is still used heavily as every day production system. I want to start making plans on how to get this DB upgrade to a recent Oracle 12c. Unfortunately, both DB versions don't seem to be able to talk to each other anymore (...

there is a race about who started working with Oracle 8.0 earlier
> It seems that I am the first one in the company that actually tried to import a 8.0.5 backup at all - in 30 years.
> I supported 8.0.5 databases at the beginning of my career in the early 90's.
compare this to
In the early 90s there were no 8.0 databases. It was released 1997. dadbm.com/roadmap-oracle-database-releasesmiracle173 34 mins ago
3:50 PM
@dezso That seemed to jog some memories. It's now "in the late 90's."
some random articles from there:
> ‘I’ll put a hole right through your head,’ off-duty cop tells motorist
> Dead man with weapons stash linked to missing woman who believed he was an alien savior
> ‘Monster’ disembowels girlfriend after she calls out ex-husband’s name during sex
For the admins in the crowd, if you're reviewing the sql log, what metric do you use to separate the wheat from the chaff? Would it be as simplistic as looking for the word Error (excluding DBCC checks that state "without errors")?
@billinkc there's a TSQL command for that
We're dumping the error log to a table
4:01 PM
oh perfect
via xp_readerrorlog but my partner's current process is to read the entirety of it
WHERE LogText LIKE '%Error%' and LogText NOT LIKE '%without errors%'
Each week, for every server
tuh dah!
But is that a general practice though? Is there other stuff hidden in there that might be an indicator that something is awry
4:02 PM
@dezso Which brings to mind the old joke: An optimist told a pessimist that "this is the best of all possible worlds!" To which the pessimist responded, "you're probably right..."
@billinkc yeah but do you guys have any other monitoring tools?
@JNK We're writing the monitoring tools.
@billinkc Panicky calls from business saying everything is broke, allowing developers to write SQL.... Those are two signs of things gone awry
And by we, I mean I am.
Because we're a product development shop....
@billinkc ahhhhhhhhhhhh
"we build tools, why would we buy them?"
This sounds like a Q for @swasheck or @MikeFal
4:04 PM
We provide dba as a service and the problem with the big boy tools is they're too complicated for the non-dbas to handle
@dezso It is a sad world we live in....
A: Permission to view execution report in SSIS Catalog

DougVery simply... Comment out the WHERE clause in these two views: SSISDB.catalog.executions SSISDB.catalog.event_messages Done. Change the view catalog.event_messages by commenting out the WHERE clause: --WHERE opmsg.[operation_id] in (SELECT [id] FROM [internal]. --[current_user_readable_op...

does this make sense?
and @JNK there are some obsolete comments there
So not only do I need to recreate the wheel using stone tools, I need to provide expert diagnosis for automobile mechanics. In swahili
time to find a new job
honestly i only ever look at ERRORLOG when something's gone sideways
that may be irresponsible
but it's how we roll
@swasheck Way ahead of you on that front
4:11 PM
because there's such a diversity of things that can appear there, i've really only ever found it helpful to parse it on-demand. so dumping logs to a table and then allowing someone to fall back to the date/time of incident and sift through the logs to see what may have happened
@dezso better?
@JNK better, but I still see two of them
4:15 PM
wonderful, thanks
@billinkc should be GIVE IT A REFRESH !!!
@dezso Congrats on reaching the 10k rep milestone by the way
@Erik what? where?
oh, thanks
@dezso The only place that matters DBA.SE :)
some voting campaign happened
/me going to nuke something with the mod tools
@dezso over the past 3 years and 8 months
4:26 PM
@PaulWhite Thanks for the feedback, Paul. I had never done a bounty before, so I just took the default amount to get some additional eyes on another user's question that I found interesting. Good to know that people really look to the specific amount of the bounty as a meaningful indication of "generosity" :) And feel free to let me know if I'm not using the system correctly!
@dezso Before you get a down-vote and lose them....
@Erik you are right, I have to be fast
@GeoffPatterson Yes it's a perfect use of the bounty system. I don't care for rep myself, but I can imagine other people won't go nuts over 50, whereas they might be tempted to expend the personal effort for a couple of hundred or so. This is just my impression though; I might be wrong.
@billinkc if you're going that route ... i'd also venture a way to pull the windows event log (system and application)
@PaulWhite If that were true then you would have given away > 10k rep by now... ;) chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/179?m=24519138#24519138
4:40 PM
@Erik Those only 1-box if you put the link on its own line.
@Erik I DVd an answer, so now I've lost my mojo :)
@PaulWhite SO user - leora, 47900 bounties
I was dreading an Aptem link.
@bluefeet That is crazy. ~5x their current rep total
@PaulWhite came out of this
Q: Top generous users - users that spend their reputation in bounties

Thomas WellerI just came across an interesting user who has more gold badges than most top 20 users. The low reputation of below 10,000 made me wonder how that's possible. I found out that he's continuously spending his reputation on bounties. Would someone mind building a SEDE query that allows us to find t...

4:44 PM
all hail @PaulWhite the magnanimous
@bluefeet that rep graph looks like a stock market chart
@dezso Serves you right you brute! ;)
@bluefeet Wow. Hey did Aptem change his user name
@PaulWhite yeah, he changed his username, is that him?
Not sure.
4:51 PM
@PaulWhite this question belongs to that user so yes
@bluefeet Thanks. I always think of Aptem when it comes to bounties because he offered so many 500 point ones.
Hey someone called me a little kangaroo!
@jcolebrand Pass me that gun :)
@PaulWhite silly hobbitses
@PaulWhite you've been summoned
I'm sure Paul will prove a more thorough and complete answer, including call stacks perhaps, which will be used as learning material by the dev team. Again... — Remus Rusanu 2 hours ago
Yeah I saw.
4:55 PM
@PaulWhite wait you aren't a kangaroo?? :P
@Marian Actually I can't tell you how flattering that is.
@PaulWhite don't blame me, I'm just a bird who is distracted by stuff
Gives me writers' block though.
@bluefeet I think I preferred you in lurk mode :)
4:58 PM
@PaulWhite well I'll be MIA most of next week not even lurking
@bluefeet You get holidays?!
@PaulWhite it's our meetup so we'll all be mia
Ooo cat's away!
Mice will play. With guns.
Yup. We'll all be in San Diego
@GeoffPatterson ... i love your contributions ... save one. pastebin is blocked here. think you could use something else (like gist.github)?
also ... i love this comment
Are you willing to share the name of the Vendor, so we can steer clear of them? It sounds like they don't understand the basics of designing databases for performance, yet their product supports billions of records. — datagod 2 hours ago
5:01 PM
@swasheck Ah :$ Actually I suggested pastebin to @GeoffPatterson. Works for me, y'all with firewalls are not my problem mwahahaha
@PaulWhite look. if the mice are all armed to the teeth then there will be no cat-on-mouse crime.
@swasheck There are multiple levels of mouse below CM-cat.
@PaulWhite master betrayed us. wicked. tricksy.
I predict anarchy next week.
@PaulWhite Don't worry, we won't read your answer.
we're not lurking.. :P
5:03 PM
@PaulWhite that reminds me ... isnt the world supposed to have ended by now?
@Marian No I mean when people like Remus say things like that it blocks me from writing off-site. I don't care what I write here ;)
@swasheck Multiple times, I think.
@PaulWhite well sqlblogs has booted you off the front page due to inactivity. i guess sqlperformance is your new home?
@swasheck Pretty much. I do think of posting on sqlblog from time to time, but ... time.
Writing is hard yo.
blee dat
@PaulWhite I know, got that. Your inspiration comes here, while battling real people's problems.
5:08 PM
@PaulWhite yeah, kind of a The Purge week
@Lamak never watched that movie ... reminded me of my days in florida
@Marian Well it's more than it sets a pretty high bar. I should give up and just start churning out stuff like Journey To Authority :)
Or whatever it's called.
@Lamak Should be fun.
@PaulWhite so ... BOL copy-paste?
@swasheck never watched it either, but still
@PaulWhite I have hope
@swasheck Seems like the way forward :)
5:30 PM
@MichaelGreen Thanks!
5:47 PM
@AaronBertrand is alive! And turning my comments into answers! Oh the irony.
A: sys.dm_exec_procedure_stats DMV contents contradict BOL

Aaron BertrandJust working from Paul's comment. The key difference in the statement in Books Online and your interpretation: It says: ...one row per cached stored procedure plan. You read: ...one row per cached stored procedure. You can check which plan attributes are different and leading to differ...

@PaulWhite did someone piss him off recently?
@swasheck I don't think so, just busy with stuff and flying around I think
fair enough.
@swasheck Gist is fine too, though I do miss the SQL syntax highlighting option. Does this work for you: gist.github.com/anonymous/e8f2960c4c8045663133
@GeoffPatterson much obliged
5:52 PM
@swasheck Also, should I edit my script into the original question? Wasn't sure if that's something I should do or not since I'm not the original poster and it's not 100% clear if the script is the same issue they had.
though if you name it .sql you'll get syntax highlighting
@GeoffPatterson nah. dont worry about it
syntax highlighting? what is this new devilry?
All these flash buggers with 16GB RAM.
I need a Surface Book :(
Out of here for some sleep. Flip side.
6:07 PM
@swasheck that never happens. Just been busy, sorry
@AaronBertrand you dont need to apologize. just didnt know if there was anothrer RtK situation or if you were a world traveller prepping for summit
@swasheck That's on the plate as well. Just hitting the low hanging fruit first
so you're plucking the dingleberries?
@PaulWhite Keep out of my answers
@swasheck And they are deeeeelicious
@swasheck Mostly perfecting my pre-con.
Or, more accurately, making it slightly better than it was a week ago.
6:10 PM
@bluefeet Good to know that I'm only one more 50 point bounty away from matching Jon Skeet's lifetime contribution.
7:08 PM
@PaulWhite The VB.NET was bad but now I've really gone to pot.....
A: Lineage tree database design

ErikI agree with Hector's assessment. It will probably be more flexible just to keep your original design. The piece that you might have missed to make it work is using recursion to traverse up the tree. I don't know much about recursion in MySQL, but this answer on StackOverflow feels like a good r...

2 hours later…
9:09 PM
Is the vault a commercial product? If yes, are you affiliated with the company (coworker, retailer, other)? In any case, how do you set it up to do what the OP wants? Furthermore, if you secure your OS, the .pgpass way is totally acceptable in production, too. — dezso 54 mins ago

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