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12:05 AM
@ypercube neither can they
And my first question was to the asnwerer but also to the OP, who claimed it was a workaround.
Oh, i'm going to sleep. Starting to feel like the xkcd character ;)
12:44 AM
@AaronBertrand just shutdown SO is always another option
@Kermit NOOOOOOOOOOOO - then they will all come here
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1:24 PM
@bluefeet i made it pretty.. and it looks worse
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3:08 PM
why is it so quiet here lately?, who do I have to blame for it?
Kermit, default blame receptor
Ok, I agree with you (again), I'll blame @Kermit for all of this
i have an infant
Again, you have only yourself to blame on this matter
@Kermit that is not an excuse
3:21 PM
@Kermit and a job, but that's no justification
@billinkc wife's fault
i'm not kidding you people. i'm actually presenting to the client on why using varchar(1024) across 76 columns is bad.
and two blobs at the end
@Kermit what's wrong with that? I do that all the time
@bluefeet smh
@Kermit I'm just messing with you....I'm actually proud of you
you can shake your head all you want, but that design works fine
3:24 PM
@bluefeet lolz
@Lamak no you're not
@Kermit It's like you actually know me
@Lamak are you a StackOverflow translator yet?
@Kermit nope. Though I did end up throwing my resumè
@Lamak you mean your CV
yeah, I do, but you know, US people
3:28 PM
Stupid US people
@Lamak very nice!! :) Peer pressure always works
yup, it works better than I thought
Do they use resume or CV in USA?
or both?
There might be references to CV in higher education or lazy multi-nationals but if I asked standard folks about their CV, they might think I was referencing the drug store, CVS
3:44 PM
@billinkc they'll be going out of business soon
@Kermit why?
@bluefeet they stopped selling cigs
@bluefeet anyway, haven't heard anything back though
4:14 PM
PK on a varchar(255) - nice
What were they thinking?
not exactly sure
Where's the consideration for internationalization?
Q: SSIS: Merging patient data based on IDs from 4 dimensions into 1 new dimension - there are problems however

user3518913I have 4 dimensions with patient data. In each dimension there's an ID for the patients. The only problem is that I have no idea how to merge the 4 dimensions into 1 new dimension. I would use a merge join, but that doesn't work since I also have patient records with no ID. I can't match the pat...

Skype with me so you can see the terribad
4:46 PM
Anyone here make use of sqllogship regularly?
5:18 PM
5:31 PM
It's cool, I answered my own question.
we do log shipping
Just was wondering if it compressed the log backups
It does if that's the configuration setting.
6:18 PM
anyone have any good articles on using a surrogate key like identity over a large varchar as a primary key? Someone has suggested using a varchar(255) which would then be stored in 2 other tables as a FK. I suggested using an identity instead - why store 255 when we could store something much smaller
@bluefeet you mean a lookup table?
@Kermit Well, so I'm code reviewing something and they have a table like create table ( name varchar(255)) with the PK being on that column. This is then referenced as a FK for 2 other tables. My suggestion was create table (id int identity PK, name varchar(255)), then reference id in the other tables. They want to know why that's better. I'm looking for any "documentation" or something that I could use to say storing the id instead of the varchar(255) would make more sense.
I wouldn't say it's always better. But if the tables (with the FKs) are big, it's probably better.
@bluefeet well it'll definitely be faster to join on an int than a varchar(255)
@ypercube just seems like overkill to me to store the same varchar in 3 places especially one so long
6:26 PM
How big are the tables?
@ypercube a few million would be my guess
I think the main issue is indexing. Any index that includes the varchar would be about 10 times wider.
So, 10 times less keys in a page.
(assuming an average of 40-50 chars per value)
And secondary, whether the name is ever going to be updated or not. If yes, you'll have to either have the FKs with cascading updates or do the cascades in code. Either way, updating millions of rows is not good.
6:52 PM
@bluefeet Might be able to leverage the knowledge on this one stackoverflow.com/questions/2009694/…
48 seconds to dupehammer. I am a god!
Q: Passing string variable in ssis with single quotes

scapegoat17I have a string variable that i am trying to pass into omy OLE DB Source query. It looks something like this: 'stuff', 'more', 'stuff2' I am inserting the variable doing this: AND T.TEAM_NAME IN (?) If I actually replace the variable in the query and do: AND T.TEAM_NAME IN ('stuff', 'more'...

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8:44 PM
Como estas?
(if I can be so informal)
Dumb question: Changing a data type on a table is always offline? Can I specify it to be an online?
@MikeFal I think it's gotta be offline since it's a schema lock
and it needs to check all the data in the table to see if it will work with the new datatype
9:00 PM
@JNK Thanks. I was thinking along those lines, but couldn't remember and a simple googling didn't give me an answer.

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