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12:40 AM
Anyone else getting "This server could not prove that it is i.stack.imgur.com; its security certificate expired yesterday"? Not sure if it's the wireless at the conference
Also, I have yet to be accosted by a Chilean. I am mightily disappointed
12:58 AM
I lost two unicorns, woe is me!
This is a quick-fix, not a real solution. People shouldn't just be running stuff as administrator. These security walls are in place for a reason. — siride 8 hours ago
3 hours later…
4:06 AM
@JamesLupolt No, but then I haven't looked for any.
1 hour later…
5:14 AM
@billinkc Some other people are, yes. Not me so far.
Q: i.stack.imgur.com has an expired SSL certificate

Zacharee1Let me say first off that I'm not sure if this is on-topic. It is the Imgur host made specially for StackExchange, but it's also Imgur who's managing it. I apologize if this isn't topical, but I'm not sure where else to raise this issue. I'm hoping that an SE employee might have some way to fix t...

And it is fixed.
3 hours later…
8:21 AM
So you copied another answer (dba.stackexchange.com/a/86804/6219) with even not caring to remove the upvote-downvote garbage. — dezso 10 secs ago
8:35 AM
@dezso Many shit answers to that question ;/
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because is has nothing to do with databases or the administration thereof — Philᵀᴹ 6 secs ago
@Philᵀᴹ How do people even find their way to DBA SE when asking questions like that?
@Philᵀᴹ And asking for a pirated key, noice
8:53 AM
Sorry I posted and later saw it has nothing to do with, probably I made a mistake when choosing the title so please pardon me. — user7083133 2 mins ago
a polite pirate ;)
Q: Trying to understand how to create snapshots for account summary table

PavanIn this post @jackdouglas gives a solution to the poster's question on how to maintain account balance. http://dba.stackexchange.com/a/5647/109157 I had a few questions in regards to the posted answer: Could someone elaborate on the update or insert? 1) Does that mean: for each month there wi...

@JackDouglas this may interest you ^^^
9:13 AM
@ypercubeᵀᴹ He also commented under Jack's answer 10 hours ago. Jack probably didn't respond and he must be in a hurry...
I don't like the fact that in order to understand that question one must first read and understand not only Jack's answer but also Nick's question, neither of which is likely to take a couple of seconds. And you'll probably have to jump between the new question and the linked thread multiple times in order to follow all the points.
I also don't like that it's got so many questions in one post. So, in addition to jumping back and forth to understand the question, one might also have to jump back and forth while preparing a probably not very concise answer.
It's not ideal
Q: Return 2 lines from a table if one line contains a column > 0 and the other is NULL

john_jamesHow to return 2 lines even if one line is null but the other > 0 item_id | location | quantity ------------------------------------- 14 | 1 | 10 14 | 2 | <null> 21 | 1 | <null> 21 | 2 | <null> The result shoul...

Dear lord
(the answers)
This cannot be serious:
A: Return 2 lines from a table if one line contains a column > 0 and the other is NULL

gopalselect item_id, location, quantity from [tablename] where item_id=14;

Someone decided to help someone else (or themselves) to a little rep?
I've voted to delete it. Not sure what the score is with deleting accepted answers though
10:10 AM
@Philᵀᴹ Nothing special. The only restriction is that the author of the answer cannot delete it if it is accepted.
A: 20k users can vote to delete negatively voted accepted answers

Shog9As Michael mentioned, moderators are not restricted from deleting accepted answers... And neither are 20K users. The restriction applies only to the author of the answer itself. A debatable restriction that has nevertheless probably prevented some amount of abuse over the years. (Posting this an...

By design.

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