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Q: Please help on "PostgreSQL installation checklist"

srchalikondaThis task is regarding developing a shell script on checking-up the PostgreSQL installation. I lack expertise in doing shell scripting. So, can you please help me in developing this task please. Environment Details: Operating system: RHEL 6.3 PostgreSQL Version: 9.3 Available disk: Disk ...

> please let me know if there is anything needed from my side.
yes, you need to pay money
11:43 AM
@dezso Or, you know - actually learn shell scripting. It's not that hard
@SimonRigharts because of his/her apparent lack of determination I wouldn't suggest that :(
@dezso Then we come back to hiring someone to do it
also interesting:
Q: What will be best (for performance) transaction isolation level?

user606521There, are two types of queries that are executed in my app: DELETE FROM tbl1 WHERE user_id = 1; INSERT INTO tbl1 VALUES (...), (...), ...; and UPDATE tbl2 WHERE id = 1 SET ...; DELETE FROM tbl3 WHERE tbl2_id = 1; INSERT INTO tbl3 VALUES (...), (...), ...; DELETE FROM tbl4 WHERE tbl2_id = 1; ...

12:16 PM
hi all
good afternoon
12:30 PM
Guten morgen
in that part of the world where this language is mostly spoken it's not morning anymore ;)
Very true, just revisiting my german roots. :)
12:49 PM
Does anyone know of a version of sp_WhoIsActive that runs on Azure SQL DB?
I don't think there is one as far as I know
It seems to just be the references to msdb..sysjobs that it has the issues with, so I've just removed that part.
1:06 PM
Yeah, I dont remember what exactly it was that broke. I don't use Azure, I just know that whoisactive doesn't work on it. Wish I could be of more help.
Yeah, I don't either...My boss does and asked me how to get it working. Without explicit access to Azure I'm just guessing.
Q: simple query in sql

jaii have a table like TABLE:simple id value 1 10 2 9 3 12 4 11 5 10 6 9 7 13 8 12 in this tab...

Do my work for me
@bluefeet tattoos look great!
Should I call a table linking many to many relation a link table?
1:23 PM
@mmarie thanks
@Jonathan You can call it anything, really. Whatever is going to make it easier for you and your needs.
Just wondered if there are any useful naming conventions. I understand a one to many link table is called a junction table
Or is that not true
@Jonathan I have never heard that term, but it might be true.
@KrisGruttemeyer The problem (as I understand it) is interesting, though.
@Jonathan Actually, a junction table links many to many.
@Jonathan but yes, some call it link or linking table
(or many-to-many or junction table)
1:33 PM
@AndriyM I just assumed they wanted an IN, but were too lazy to look it up.
I want a million pounds... — Mark Sinkinson 1 min ago
@MarkSinkinson So was I right up until they unjustly called a one-to-many thing a junction table. I guess I can be an easy target for a troll (being so easily provoked).
@AndriyM "a junction table is a database table that contains common fields from two or more other database tables within the same database. It is on the many side of a one-to-many relationship with each of the other tables."
@Jonathan A junction table itself is a means of creating a many-to-many relationship between the linked tables.
@AndriyM Sorry, I thought you were talking about the Simple Query in SQL question that Kris linked to.
1:43 PM
Ok, so there is no naming difference between one to many and many to many link tables?
Oh wait, link table is always many to many
or it would be useless
@MarkSinkinson Ah, it was me who caused the confusion. I didn't notice that you replied to the other message of those two. Sorry.
2:06 PM
Why was is deleted and not just closed?
(the million pounds question)
2:17 PM
I thought it was the OP who deleted it.
@ypercube you would be so fat
1 hour later…
3:35 PM
ibm is an awful environment
@swasheck iSeries?
no. the entire corporation
specifically the cognos team
Just found 'dbo_...' as the prefix for a table.
@swasheck Not familiar with that. We have an AS400, that's about all I know, it's also all I care to know. :)
ibm owns cognos which is, hands down, the worst reporting tool i've encountered to date
@swasheck is it that bad?
3:47 PM
@Lamak it's worse
4:46 PM
@swasheck we were looking into it last year
glad we didn't go with it
4:59 PM
i am glad for you
I'm glad too
I'm glad for

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