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4:05 AM
Ha. Speaking of old questions getting accepted, that "link-only" answer from yesterday was accepted:
A: Why won't PostgreSQL 9.3 start on Ubuntu?

BenxyMy locale settings were not properly configured when PostgreSQL was installed. Purging and reinstalling didn't help. I followed the instructions here and that did the trick for me. Essential parts of the linked information reproduced below: The problem showed itself in the following manner: ...

4:58 AM
An interview question?
Q: data base fast query

umesh chandraI want to query in a database like : Let us consider a student table A with following attributes: (Id, Age, CGPA, Address, Gender). Our table contains record for all the student in the world (so my table is Big with million of records). I want to search this table to find out the student of my ch...

Could be a homework question as well.
Although my impression is students are mostly taught how to write a working query rather than how to write an efficient query.
@PaulWhite nice edit
@PaulWhite Hopefully the answerer will learn the right lesson ("I'll make sure my future answers will not depend on external references" rather than "I'll post link-only answers from now on, someone will surely make them salvageable").
good morning @AndriyM
good morning @dezso
that question is definitely some sort of assignment
5:06 AM
"Every student in the world", eh?
yup - I think it's not clear if they are thinking in the millions or the billions
it would possibly make a difference
at least in how very fast very fast is
@AndriyM One hopes for the best.
One does, and I will
5:25 AM
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because the OP doesn't seem to care — dezso 16 secs ago
^^ testing wannabe mods :)
@dezso You're suggesting it should be closed because the OP hasn't responded?
I don't think that's a good reason to close what is quite a reasonable question with two answers. Closing would prevent someone adding a better answer. It's not 100% clear cut though, so I'm willing to be persuaded otherwise. The age of the question shouldn't really affect the calculation too much:
A: Should old questions that have no answers and are "too localized" or "too broad" be closed?

jcolebrandGreat question. Here's my $0.05 (I'm giving you more than a tupence so deal with it). If the question is old and good, then answer it if you can. If the question is old and poor but can be edited to be good, then edit it and answer it. If the question is old and off topic then vote for it to b...

@PaulWhite well, after carefully reading the question and the unanswered comments, it is not even clear it's about a simple query or CRUD - and the two answers address one of them each
The fast database query question on the other hand is way basic and localized. I wouldn't even migrate that one to SO. A comment about the existence of indexes might be helpful.
@dezso So you're saying it's doubly useful? ;)
5:41 AM
@PaulWhite ahm, yes, no
But we can possibly torture it until it is a clear question
heh, the small boss woke up, I'm gone for now :)
Another factor in play is that the question has three up votes and no down votes, so clearly even the VtC person didn't think it was worth a down vote :-D
@PaulWhite Indexes could be what the question that presumably prompted the posted question was about.
3 hours later…
9:01 AM
A cross-post with a twist:
that questions is from my friend — aizele 2 mins ago
Regardless of that, I think the question shouldn't be of the form "I want the same as that guy". (But I'd be fine with "I want A, B, C, same as that guy".)
And in this case the referencing question seems to depend on too many details from the referenced one.
10:01 AM
@dezso I'm gonna flag your comment as obsolete because you haven't voted to close.
(I waited just so I could say that...)
@ypercube you are cruel
I retracted it, BTW
still, I have the feeling that these reoccurring questions should somehow be closed - possibly by a community vote on the best answer or something
15 hours ago, by billinkc
I see evilcube is back
1 hour later…
11:34 AM
@ypercube Would a new shiny avatar make him less evil?
I don't know, maybe like this:
11:52 AM
@AndriyM ha thnx!
2 hours later…
1:32 PM
Interesting. Full backups daily, log backups every hour. Any theories on why it's a full every day? Ease of recovery?
1:45 PM
@AndriyM that's a big hypercube!
@billinkc you betcha - easy recovery; only thing I'd consider doing differently would be shorter time lapse between log backups.
if the full backups aren't getting in the way of anything, I'd keep doing them.
K. Because the client has suddenly said ZOMG, WHERE'S MA DISK SPACE
how big is the log file?
maybe its grown suddenly
No, it's these full backups
@billinkc One of my customers had daily fulls because a prior head dba didn't trust differentials :/
FWIW, hourly log backups drive me nuts. Literally, what is the point
Largest log backup on the most active database is 250MB. Most of them are under 20
1:49 PM
@billinkc so there's a lot of copies of the full backup?
@MarkStorey-Smith What do you mean?
Yes, we take full backups daily and only delete the full backups after 7 days according to the text of the job step but 4 is the actual value provided to the date calculation
@MarkStorey-Smith that allows point-in-time recovery with data-loss of at-most 1 hour.
@billinkc sounds like someone dropped it to 4 because of disk space :-)
@MaxVernon Precisely, when you could have it far lower
@PaulWhite ^^ That :)
@MarkStorey-Smith I'm a big fan of 5 minute logs
1:53 PM
@MaxVernon I like 5, prefer 1 given the choice :)
I prefer nut logs
@MarkStorey-Smith Ah, good. Thanks.
@MarkStorey-Smith I guess it depends on how good of a restore system you have in place, but yes, the shorter the time between backups, generally the better.
1-minute backups might mean you have to restore 1439 log backups.
@MaxVernon I confess I haven't tested the difference, or seen a test from anyone else. Hunch is there would be little difference.
@MarkStorey-Smith it really depends on the RPO and RTO objectives. Hourly log backups (with a daily full) means you only ever have to restore at-most 23 log backups. If you don't have an automated restore strategy in place, that is far quicker than manually restoring 1400+ backups.
1:59 PM
Script + folder path = restore.sql file
I'm out of here! Back in three weeks! :-)
@MarkStorey-Smith yep.
our Sybase team continually refers to backups as dumps. Great fodder for the occasional potty joke.
@MarkStorey-Smith my only point would be to ensure you have the script written and tested prior to actually needing it. :-)
There's nothing quite like building that stuff under pressure.
I'm sure there's one ready at a moment's notice here
@billinkc it sounds like that may not be the case. Just saying.
2:20 PM
@billinkc what's inside? goat cheese?
@dezso That sounds good
Instead, it's a tooth jarringly sweet nougat
2:45 PM
NOTE: Failed to notify 'DBATeam' via email.
Oh I <3 you SQL Agent
@ypercube I'd still vote for @Bill. Can't help it. I like big data transfers and I cannot lie.
Could not locate statistics '_WA_Sys_00000008_09042A36' in the system catalogs. DBCC execution completed. If DBCC printed error messages, contact your system administrator
That's a new one.
3:13 PM
@MaxVernon I made an edit to your answer - and rolled back. Because Except wouldn't work, I think Not Exists is better, as you suggested.
@Zane what were you trying to do ?
Have you tried contacting a system administrator ?
@ypercube thanks for trying! I've added the NOT EXISTS clause to my answer.
@swasheck got it frun the web team.
@billinkc Unfortunately it looks like that is me.
@Zane wtf are they trying to do?
3:27 PM
@swasheck Also I haven't had a chance to look at it.
@Zane May I suggest a large, rather sharp, knife?
@MaxVernon I think you need: AND ug1.group_id = 2); in the last line
@swasheck if I recall they are trying to piss me off.
@ypercube d'oh!!!! stupid brain.
thanks for checking!
4:03 PM
I love this room:

Charcoal HQ

Where diamonds are made and SE is hacked. Handy links: erwayso...
i prefer trout
I just logged in to DBA.SE and discovered I got 200 rep in the last 24 hours
I think someone actively was trying to bump my rep
Brace yourself, rollbacks are coming
4:07 PM
Nobody wants to bump your rep
That's not what your mom said last night after I bumped her.
i've never understood the perceived power of "i just had sex with your mom" jokes.
that's more like, "ewwwww" ... or "how pathetic --- that's the best you could manage?"
@billinkc I <3 this
I just love watching BC's face like do I apologize or do I own it? I own it
4:16 PM
I was making that joke ironically
humor hipster alert
I was making your mom jokes before it was cool?
are you asking me or telling me
I'm saying it ironically
Does anyone know what is the difference between ar505esp.exe and rp505esp.exe? They are old versions of the Acrobat Reader.
4:26 PM
the rp is likely Reader Pro or something like that.
both are clearly Spanish versions, as denoted by the "esp".
ar505esp.exe -> 8.9 MB
rp505esp.exe -> 11.1 MB
erm. uh.
@swasheck Hi!
4:34 PM
I have a virtual machine with Windows XP. I need a decent PDF reader. Well, I installed the smallest file.
@billinkc ¿De dónde sabe hablar español?
no. he doesnt. don't listen to him. @Lamak does, though
I paid good money for this keyboard with its broken exclamation points
@billinkc until you have a dedicated key for the "ñ" letter, you are just posing, man
@Lamak I have that key. :-P
@Lamak he can just put a sticker in the :; key
4:40 PM
> If you think it is daft the default trace contains Sort Warnings with no T-SQL source, you're not alone. – Paul White May 23 '14 at 10:42
@billinkc you are a polyglot
@PaulVargas yeah, me too, it's such a funny character
That's illegal in 49 of the 50 states
@Lamak more like polyglob
^^^ I have this keyboard.
@swasheck I prefer to think of myself as a polygut. Food from all origins is accepted
4:42 PM
@PaulVargas we measure in GB these days
αβγδεζηθ ...
@swasheck I see your GB, and raise you to TB.
@PaulVargas dude, you should change the color of your keyboard ;-)
I think @ypercube just swear at us
@ypercube avgdezith ?
@Lamak Ha! I will buy a US keyboard. :D
^^^ That keyboard. I suspect that some of you have that. ;)
@MaxVernon It's google translate fail, I think. Put a space between each letter and it becomes a b c d e f g h i
It was really messing with my head as well. I put a space between whatever not-y is and lowercase delta? and google translate turned it into abc dezith I couldn't figure out how a space two characters away would influence whether a letter was b or v
@billinkc It's called gamma (the "not-y") and it's a homonym of "fuck" (in Greek of course)
@MaxVernon Can't see your 'causes harm' reasoning there, what is it?
4:58 PM
@PaulWhite I believe the syntax is "TIMEZONE" not "TIME ZONE" ?
@ypercube I need a shirt that says "gamma me" the next/first time I visit greece
Oh, I could have David/Bruce Banner on it as well to provide a reasonable alibi
@ypercube I knew you were swearing
@PaulWhite ok. I did a Google search, but didn't actually hit the official docs.
lesson learned!
5:00 PM
@ypercube Fixed it.
@billinkc Nice ;) Just don't wear that waka waka and give the wrong impressions.
Though he didn't fix the revision comment :)
I hate that default.
Review -> Improve repeats the suggested edit's commentary as your own unless you change it.
@PaulWhite yes, that's annoying. It's a pretty small thing overall, though :-) Me rejecting good edits is probably way worse!
Well it didn't eventuate, so no harm done.
On the upside, the quality of oNare's suggested edits are definitely improving overall.
5:16 PM
Yes. I had mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, the edit is ultimately pointless, and I wanted to draw his attention to that. On the other, if the OP sees the formatting edit, that might be helpful on its own. In the end, I decided the former was more useful. If the OP reposts as a question, any formatting issues will be highlighted more permanently there.
6:04 PM
@PaulWhite are you attending PASS Summit this year?
@MaxVernon No, didn't submit anything or plan to attend at any stage.
@AaronBertrand - do you have any time to add your input to the discussion here: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/23140703#23140703
I see @brentozar is not going either. It will be my first time; so I'm really looking forward to it.
It is a great experience, I just can't afford it every year.
@PaulWhite no doubt, the cost of the flight from NZ must be enough to choke a horse most times.
let alone all the other costs
Yes I seem to recall the total cost was in the NZD 6000-8000 range.
6:17 PM
goooood LORD!
(I forget whether it was a leading 6 or 8).
either way!
I dare say it could be done for less, but Summit would be much less fun flying 16 hours in Economy and sharing a room!
yep. 16 hours on a plane is no fun.
6:55 PM
Well, and you did go to Portugal this year. I'm guessing that was a pretty penny
@MikeFal No, that was free - the event covered travel and accommodation.
Really? Wow, that's huge
Well, everyone wins really, I got a free trip (but no speaker fees etc.) and the user group organization kept the proceeds.
It was very much a one-off, let's do it because we can, sort of thing.
Yeah, but considering how much those precons usually make and the travel costs, they "lost" money on that.
Though I don't know how much they charged per seat and how many attendees you had.
Maybe PASS Summit in New Zealand next year?
7:01 PM
Hah! That will never happen. Hell, I'd be shocked if they held anywhere outside the US
NZ is to damn far away from everything
Some equally likely locations for a future PASS Summit: Pyongyang, McMurdo Station, Narnia
@MikeFal We covered business class travel from NZ, a nice hotel, expenses, and had ~EUR6000 left over to fun future community events. A win all around, as I say. And the weather was lovely.
Loool. Someone from support wants us to defrag the disc drive that our DB's run.
@JamesLupolt Would be nice, though I fear it is unlikely ;)
7:04 PM
The SQLSaturday in Lisbon this year was pretty cool btw. I'm not sure how many more people they drew in just because Paul White was speaking, but that was what got me (and probably Martin Smith) to come.
@JamesLupolt We did set a new record (just!) for a precon, but it's hard to know how much of that I was responsible for. Not much, I suspect. Maybe just you and Martin.
And that's not false modesty, it's my best guess.
Anyway, it was a beautiful, crazy thing to do once.
7:19 PM
@PaulWhite I don't know either, but I do know big names are a big draw. And names don't get all that much bigger than Paul White!
That's hard to know, honestly. Especially outside US/NZ.
It's also quite a scary thought so I choose to dismiss it :)
@PaulWhite Well it was also a very affordable way to get a Paul White braindump.
I thought Lisbon was quite nice too. I was really impressed with what they've built on the east side of the city, and I'd totally missed that the last time I visited.
Yes me too.

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