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12:35 AM
Q: "Great Lakes Earth (WHOLE)" In Need of Help

JohnWDaileyOn this link is the geography of Great Lakes Earth in its entirety. Also on this link are the questions that come with each region. Is there anyone in this group who has keen knowledge of geography, climate and the Cause & Effect that connects both subjects?

1:35 AM
Q: Is it possible to "tag" people to get their attention?

So It BeginsSorry, I'm new here. I've noticed that on other social media like Tumblr and Instagram, you can type @(name) to get someone's attention. Is it possible to do that here?

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7:17 AM
Q: The Chimera tag

DurakkenSo someone edited the chimera tag recently and I noticed that it said it was a human animal hybrid. This is not what a chimera is. A chimera is a mix of, if I remember right, 3 creatures each with heads, goat, dragon, and lion, and is a specific creature. Chimeras beyond that are not "human hybr...

7:31 AM
@DaaaahWhoosh - Zombie sealife in Waterworld would have made the film an awful lot more interesting. Dennis Hopper would have loved being a zombie...
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8:35 AM
Lets see if anyone accepts my "zombie whales" tag edit.
3 hours later…
11:24 AM
@Pᴇᴛᴇ The thing is... Even when rewarding bounty I was like: Am I taking the joke too far?
But then I realized that I love trolling and internet drama, so I went for it
@Pavel - Yes, this is possible. I think that because the drama is just in the one thread, it's ok. BTW I edited your answer in the "AI spam" thread. Hope you're ok with the edit there.
@Pᴇᴛᴇ Having double thoughts about it. Yes, I did mock typical online spam girl in my answer
But, that being said, I would not continue one joke forever
I did rollback your edit. Lets keep it linking just to worldbuilding
However, if you feel invested in the answer you can help me woth English
Your answer there is fine, that's what the OP was asking about, I think. A fool and his money are easily separated by the promise of monkey-business.
I make lost of typos today
Related monkey-business WB question
Q: Can i train monkeys to fight with knives effectively?

Alex DarkshineI saw this picture and i wonder if you can train a monkey and use him as bodyguard or soldiers in a medieval world,If so, can they be effective against human troops? How can you make them not betray you? .

I admit I am somewhat reticent to correct people's English when the post is perfectly understandable to me (I always think of how the original post might think of being criticised).
11:37 AM
@Pᴇᴛᴇ As non-English myself, I am generally glad if someone corrects my typos / mistakes. However, I hate if they do it in manner "Duh, you are stupid for not talking English."
I think with the monkey one, a good answer would be anger training. Brainwash the monkeys into hating the colour red (or whatever the uniform colour is of the enemy) and people talking Mandalorian (or whatever). Strap swords to their arms and let them loose on the field of battle.
Dude, I talk three languages. Calm down
I do spelling fixes cause they bother me ;p
I'm dyslexic. I spell terribly
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1:27 PM
That 200 points towards my question? Almost already back
A: Will social networking sites create fake people using AI?

Pavel JanicekIts already happening Hello dear, I can see you logged to this site and I want to tell you, that I am 18 year old girl and totally not experienced in Worldbuilding, giggles I am searching guy who is gifted in building worlds. If you know what I mean. We can chat online, one to...

Q: Can we burn the zombie-whales tag?

FrostfyreWhile conducting a review of the suggested edits queue, I noticed a user had made a change to the wiki for zombie-whales. This piqued my interest, as I had never seen this tag before, so I dug into the tag's existence. There is only one question tagged zombie-whales, specifically, this one, and ...

@WorldbuildingMeta Yes, please
1:58 PM
@dot_Sp0T you didn’t vote for me because @Schwern has been a member for 2 years 4 months? Well, at least you had a reason.
Not My President? :)
@PavelJanicek I fix punctuation without changing the words (comma splices) and “creative” punctuation, and homonyms. Then @a4android comes and fixes my tablet-typing. So it’s all one big helpful pot of text.
@JDługosz Feel free to fix mine too. Just do not assume I am stupid :D I just have my days when I seem not to be able to hit proper key :)
2:21 PM
I have just been awarded the Generalis badge!
Woo hoo!
Interesting: I just got the generalist badge. But no upvotes today; I guess tag rank was changed due to other activity.
Q: Popping the "Generalist" Badge

PᴇᴛᴇI was taking a look at the list of badges today and there's a few that no one in WB have managed to collect as yet. So I took a look at the requirements for the "Generalist" badge where the wording confused me: Provide non-wiki answers of 15 total score in 20 of top 40 tags So what this m...

@HDE226868 Yep, thats it. Two question edits
@JDługosz or the cronjob that checks for it ran
2:44 PM
@dot_Sp0T Never seen it, but yeah probably.
It was no cronjob. The badge popped a few seconds after I tagged (appropriately) two questions to take the tags over 200 questions each.
@Pᴇᴛᴇ so, it seems like your hard work gave around 70 people a new badge
@DaaaahWhoosh - Kinda. I just dug into what the requirements were for the badge - WB was already naturally pretty close to it.
It just needed a small push.
I'm just trying to say... I can't remember if there's a word for it. Like, I want to make it known that you have done a service, and that the service done was of a significant magnitude, and that humans have taken note
@DaaaahWhoosh There are humans here?
2:53 PM
Until something else kinda interesting appears
Look! A potato!
@DaaaahWhoosh - Over here in the UK, we say "I owe you a beer".
@James this chatbot is designed to give the appearance of humanity
@Pᴇᴛᴇ well, it wasn't that good
A shandy then.
yeah, sure
2:55 PM
ugh...shandy is gross.
A: Will social networking sites create fake people using AI?

Pavel JanicekIts already happening Hello dear, I can see you logged to this site and I want to tell you, that I am 18 year old girl and totally not experienced in Worldbuilding, giggles I am searching guy who is gifted in building worlds. If you know what I mean. We can chat online, one to...

I actually got a glass of wine at work yesterday. Or... a plastic cup of wine
Quit adding sweet stuff to beer
I worked a lot with Germans
it was the first time I'd had alcohol at work... and the first time I'd had wine in a plastic cup
2:56 PM
@DaaaahWhoosh You are one classy goose
Although I will sound like disgrace to Czech beer loving nation, adding sweet stuff to beer is kinda interesting
...wait, how to geese even drink wine.
@PavelJanicek Heathen.
@James quite well, thank you
...I feel like there is a French cooking joke in here somewhere but that isn't really my area of expertise.
quick, open a window, maybe it'll fly back out
3:00 PM
Can we make a valid WB question containing the word "flambé"?
@Pᴇᴛᴇ you could just use it as a way to say "on fire" so yeah, no problem.
did anyone ever ask a question about the creme brulee world?
@DaaaahWhoosh I don't recall that but it sounds delicious.
@James I seem to recall it was your idea
Oh. Of course. Yes. I totally remember that.
3:02 PM
I still can't hear "crème brulee" without thinking of League of Gentlemen But that must be a British thing (and even then, you need a strange mind)
Dec 9 '16 at 20:33, by James
@DaaaahWhoosh Can I live in the place where they make crème Brule?
So. That happened. I don't remember that at all...
I love reading my jokes after I've forgotten about them
@DaaaahWhoosh +1. I even like reading my jokes and thinking: "Thats good joke. Who had this idea in first place?" Uh? Me? Oh, I am awesome
3:21 PM
It definitely makes me less worried about the prospect of immortality. As long as I can forget, I think I could keep myself entertained indefinitely.
I just starred that because it sounded deep. I'm listening to Rush at the same time, so it sunk deeper.
The star gallery needs a little existentialism from time to time, anyway
I think it could be constructive to have a WB discussion on immortality. There's gotta be a lot of things to consider in order to portray it correctly
I wonder if we could set up 'discussion days', where we set up a chatroom and people discuss/debate a single topic until it's 'solved'
or maybe a discussion week, so everyone has time to 'attend'
then at the end whoever posed the question(s) can write up the answer(s) in a blog post
3:45 PM
I couldn't do that, I'm not even supposed to be here.
lol but you are here
and if it was a whole week, you wouldn't have to do it during work
I'm far too busy trying to work out how I can get the "Tumbleweed" badge.
stronger men than you have tried
4:10 PM
@Pᴇᴛᴇ I had to star this because I don't think anyone has listened to Rush in like 30 years.
@James Haha. It actually forms a significant portion of my work playlist
2 hours later…
6:02 PM
@JDługosz no, because you don't get me
6:19 PM
Q: How responsibly shall I use my powers?

kingledionI was looking through the meta questions, and saw a few on tags. This inspired me to participate in tag cleanup. As I was editing away, I realized that as a 20k user, I have near-unlimited powers to edit tags. For example, I was looking at zero-gravity and microgravity, and decided that I shoul...

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7:28 PM
By any chance would anyone have any examples of written languages being primarily recorded on wood or woven into fabrics? I'm looking for visual examples to fuel creativity with a con-script but I'm not having any luck with Google.

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