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12:20 AM
@Funkyguy Good evening. It's been alright.
Hey, you were thinking about taking a power electronics class on Coursera this fall. Did you end up taking it?
12:36 AM
Hi folks. Anyone out there?
I'm just looking for someone who could answer this question of mine? Or maybe mention whether there's anything wrong with the question itself. The question is this: electronics.stackexchange.com/questions/134894/…
@Ricardo Nick's there.
By the way, how does one cite a question nicely formatted in the chat here?
hey @Nick
@Ricardo Simply post a link to the question and nothing else. Like so:
Q: AVR SPI slower than expected

Adam GriffinI'm running an ATMega88A at 8MHz and have the SPI configured to run at Fosc/2 = 4MHz. In theory, shifting out 5000 bytes over SPI should take 1/4000000 * 8 * 5000 = 10ms. But according to the internal timer, it's taking just over 19ms. This seems like a ton of overhead. Is this typical? Sample ...

The chat software pick up the link and fleshes out the formatting.
You have more writing in the chat post, the chat engine will not see the question link.
12:41 AM
Oh, I see.
Q: How to place thermistor for reading temperature in NiHM single AA cell charger?

RicardoI'm laying out a PCB for a NiMH single AA cell charger following the AVR450 Application Note - Battery Charger for SLA, NiCd, NiMH and Li-Ion Batteries but I'm not sure where to place the NTC thermistor that will read the cell temperature throughout the charging process. I plan to lay out the ce...

There you go.
@nick now it worked, many thanks!
The SE/SO sw is really great.
12:59 AM
@NickAlexeev yes, I was thinking about it but I didn't take it in the end. I have an 18 credit semester as well as being the lead project coordinator for my universities IEEE branch. three of my six classes are project classes so I'm pretty busy
1:12 AM
@Funkyguy I was going to ask about your impression of course. I couldn't take it this fall either. I've talked to the professor, though. He said that this is not the first time that this course is offered, and probably not the last.
sweet! Thats good to hear, I'm always looking to improve
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