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12:02 PM
@PatoSáinz good to hear.
Q: Can a 220-240v WiiU adapter be used at 110v?

zeuiI have a Wii-U brought in South America (Chile) where the wall output is 240v. The Wii-U input voltage say's to be "220-240v", searching throughout the internet it says that US adapters (110v) works fine on 240v. Actually I'm in México, and I came with my Wii-U, but I could not find anything tha...

Just tossing this out here in case any of you guys want to answer, or poke holes in my crap answer. ;-)
12:18 PM
@IlmariKaronen chile :)
@jippie by the way, now all what's left in my DIY project is the most boring part... programming
12:34 PM
@PatoSáinz What are you planning to control?
@jippie it's a surprise :o)
@PatoSáinz as long as you don't surprise my Chilean girl
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