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9:24 AM
@PlasmaHH lol
@jippie missed all chat this weekend
9:42 AM
Would Meta be a place where I can "report" a stolen FLIR so that people can keep an eye out and alert me in the BeNeLux/Germany if they see a FLIR being sold "second hand without any of the props"
10:17 AM
@Asmyldof you could disguise it there as asking if its ontopic to ask for a website where people register their stuff or look out for it
@PlasmaHH :-) Good point
even if the answer is "no", mission accomplished ^^
10:37 AM
I wonder if anyone was ever insane enough to do a dead bug prototype of one of these... i.stack.imgur.com/hkSgo.png
@PlasmaHH know what I'm not going to do?
Look at that image for more than a few seconds
it has a bit of those asian monk sand images... build up for days, then when the last bit of sand was placed, destroy it because you know, the path is the goal
2 hours later…
12:48 PM
@Asmyldof make sure you scan ebay and nl local equivalents the next months
Already put an alert on FLIR on those sites I could think of
familiar with the local crime/underworld structures? whenever I got my bike stolen in the area where I grew up I went there and almost every time got my bike back
oh and if they are dumb and illiterate they will manage to misspell flir ^^
or they will throw it away "oh look, the colors are all wrong"
hm, even their battery packs seem to have serial numbers...
1:42 PM
The thing is, there's loads of things they could have taken that look much more impressive and expensive, and since they also took a pretty old microscope, but with very good eye pieces put in recently, we kind of think they knew what they were taking.
1 hour later…
2:49 PM
looks like someone misplaced their reflow oven... zremcom.ru/images/stories/Stat/interes/2011/kulibin/rebol.jpg
@Asmyldof or they felt disturbed and on their way out grabbed what fit into the backpack easily?
1 hour later…
4:07 PM
@Asmyldof it's about chinese hackers and a local high tech company.
nice to watch but a bit coloured
what's the word again ...
bit sensasionalism I guess, which supprises me for public tv reporter
otoh I noteced that on other episodes too.
@jippie Could have been interesting, but, ah well
@PlasmaHH I'm assuming you don't need a refill of the HS yet, right? ;-)
I believe 30min
@jippie probably too much effort :-)
/me is out.
sleep well
4:22 PM
According to Andy CMOS cannot possibly work
A: Assistance with CMOS simulation

Andy akaYour supply is 12V and you tried putting 1.5V on the gate connection. Well, with 0V on the gate connection the P channel FET will be fully turned on and the N channel will be off. With a volt on the gate, the P channel will be fully turned on (still) and the N channel will be starting to be turne...

And the other guy is even more of an amusement show...
A: Assistance with CMOS simulation

Dmitry GrigoryevThe behaviour you expect doesn't correspond to a simple inverter, but to an inverting Schmitt Trigger. Its CMOS implementation is more complex (example), additional components essentially create hysteresis which prevents the output gates from being both open at the same time, which is when CMOS l...

What I said some days before about SO being what it is... applies here too once you get to ICs internals.
5:08 PM
@RespawnedFluff To be fair, He's really only saying that CMOS doesn't do good things when Vin = Vdd/2. Which is true.
@ThePhoton He's also asking the guy if he really wants to do that (in simulation)... as if he's never seen a textbook CMOS inverter characteristic.
I'm looking at an adblocker-blocker script. At the start of the code it asks the user to enable java script, otherwise the adblocker-blocker doesn't work. :o)
5:59 PM
@jippie "Would you like your adblocker to be broken? Click here, so my script can spam you with ads again, kthxbai"
6:58 PM
I R CMOS guru :p
Fanatasy post-apocalyptic version, where all IC factories have disappeared, but we still have discretes :p
7:47 PM
@RespawnedFluff is it easily possible to plot power of a transistor?
@jippie i(drain)*v(drain)
too much effort with a bjt :-p
I remember using an old spice version, compiled from sources ... about 20yrs ago ... it listed device power too.
probably the first spice running on an arm chip :o)
yeah, power can be an "internal" variable
@RespawnedFluff Definitely fine to have 11A switching peaks
8:04 PM
@jippie Alt click.
@Asmyldof Of course not, but who uses power/trench mosfets to make CMOS inverter??
@RespawnedFluff apparently you
@RespawnedFluff I think that's just called a half of an H-Bridge.
8:23 PM
@Asmyldof I could need a refill of my beer, but its probably too late for me to get what you mean by hs ... :/
@PlasmaHH heatshrink
@Asmyldof And the guy who asked the question.
@RespawnedFluff boring details
@Asmyldof ah of course... its a real monday today :/ yeah I think I did not even use one of every size yet. But surprisingly often I think "hey, I have those coloured ones, that fits better" .... only a green/yellow striped one is missing, but fortunately code allows for the use of green here
@PlasmaHH I know. striped had a 5km MOQ
8:33 PM
That would take a while to use up...

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