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Q: Controlling an MCU with remote fast real time bidirectional communication

codinginsaneI'm trying to make a robot that can send real-time data to a computer with a decent processing power, so the computer can process the data and make decisions to autonomously drive the robot. Some background information: I have 6 DC motors (Tank like chassis 6 Wheels). Motor specs are 365rpm 29...

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Can someone please help me with this problem:electronics.stackexchange.com/questions/289096/…
Q: Is it okay to take \$\beta=I_c/I_b=98/2\$ in this problem ?

2017 In an npn transistor the collector current is 20mA. If 98 percent of the electrons injected into base region reach collector the base current in mA is nearly ? Here, in this problem is it okay to take \$\beta=I_c/I_b=98/2\$ ?

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needlessly unapologetic
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@PlasmaHH Why you can never work from home.

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