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3:58 AM
@jrista soooooooooooooooooo close :/
oh well
whoa, a last minute vote
ITS A TIE! woohoo
4:18 AM
@fluf apparently enough to tie
4:41 AM
did you lock it :/
hehe :)
1 hour later…
6:01 AM
It seems I need this coffee more than I thought
wednesday is a holiday, I think I should add a reminder on my phone to tell me not to get up
the past 2 weeks wednesday I thought it was tuesday
grats on the tie @rfusca half week half week?
@fluf in the past we've just had each of them do a full week and run the current contest an extra week
that way everybody 'wins'
ahh ok
sounds good to me
so will water be extra long or fire?
6:04 AM
nvm my brain waked up :P
water will be two weeks
yeah I was like duh!!! after I asked the question
@jrista its a pain in the butt to setup all that PotW stuff -I can understand why its delayed sometimes lol
some neighborhood kids egged our house earlier tonight :(
yeah it's a couple of things that needs to happen I can imagine
@rfusca you should go tp theirs :D
@rfusca all of it is manual right?
6:07 AM
@fluf ya
@fluf well, i don't know for sure who it was
and ya know...i'm not 12 ;)
@rfusca get your kids and friends kids to do it then :P
just joking around ;)
here the kids only play toktokkie
basically go sneaking around pressing the doorbell at late hours then run away
6:21 AM
@fluf lol, kids aren't that old yet
@fluf ya, kids here do that. at least thats non destructive
eggs ruin things
@rfusca yeah sometimes here I know the kids take eggs but instead of whole eggs they only take the insides then make eggy-tp balls then throw that instead
cause egg shells scratches cars
@fluf lol, ya, i don't think our hooligans are that considerate
@rfusca :) hehe
the problem is if the egg stays on, shells or not, and it heats up...it practically never comes off
:( found some foil in my coffee
6:28 AM
and :( too many passwords
I've got about 7 of my own then 3 for adminy work stuff :/
so I've got a question regarding ff cameras
ok so ive got my 600D 18mp cropped sensor not if I get a cheapish ff say something like a 5d/7d with technically older technology will the jump from cropped to ff be enough to still boost the image quality?
or should I ask ask that as a question?
lol ok the amount of pixels are irrelevant wrt 7D
7D isn't full frame
I just noticed that :P
6:36 AM
the difference between your 600D and a 7D is going to be about build quality of the camera and the AF system mainly. So if those are important, the 7D is a candidate. But normal image quality won't change much probably.
The 5d on the other hand is probably a serious step up
@fluf - here's a similar question and points out the significant advantages of the 5d - photo.stackexchange.com/questions/5201/canon-40d-or-5d
ok seems my question was going to fail from the start I should have read up more
5d mk2 is already > 600d
ya, 5d mk2 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 600d
yeah there are a bunch of 1d (mk1/mk2) going second hadn but I'm not really looking to upgrade now just doing some research
1D's arent quite FF
ok let me just make sure
1ds mk 3 and a 1ds mk 2
6:41 AM
both are out of my price range in anycase
1D is APS-H
ahh ok
this whole sensor size thing can become slightly confusing
that chart helps a lot
for canon. the 5d line is the only full frame, the 1D line is the only APS-H and everything else is APS-C
well the new 1D-X is FF though, not APS-H, but the previous gens are APS-H
6:46 AM
For nikon the D700/D800 and the D3/D4 are full frame. All others are APS-C
Pentax doesn't have any full frame
i'm not sure about any of the others
but just because its not full frame, doesn't mean it can't be a kicking camera
the Nikon D7000 and the Pentax k-5 are both APS-C and are flipping amazing
I still havent heard back from the local phot shop regarding the reversal ring
quite disappointed the ring only costs R160 but if I have to order from Johannesburg I'll have to pay shipping as well which can be something like R30-R50
I'll decide early next month if its worth it
I've got a second 50mm lens from a old camera with manual aperture thingy which I also think is 52mm on the front and hopefully the thread is the same
:/ that sucks
they're fun
i've also got a stacker ring where I can put one lens reverse on the end of another
if you put a short one reversed on the end of a long one, you get extreme closeup
@rfusca that sounds cool
6:54 AM
divide the focal lenghts to determine the magnification. So if I put a 18mm on the end of a 300mm I would get 16x life size
which is insane
O_O wow
I tried manually putting a reversed 50mm on top of my 75-300mm but the result was not what I expected
hmm, don't know
well, i'm off to bed...ciao
@rfusca night
1 hour later…
6 hours later…
2:27 PM
went to the phot shop and asked if they have a reversal ring, cause they didnt on the website
seems they had :P now I have one
unfortunately my other old lens is ~49mm if I have to guestimate
in the thread area
but yeah it's kinda cool :D and it was cheaper than the online shop in joburg :) without shipping
morning :) @rfusca
now the only problem is aperture
maybe I can create custom aperture cards or something to put in front of the lens ?
you have a canon right?
2:29 PM
Canon lenses

Canon lenses lack an external aperture lever, but if your camera has DoF preview you can still make use of a reversing ring thanks to a little hack. In fact, modern Canon lenses default to wide open when off the camera, so you’ll only need to follow these instructions to stop down any. Mount the lens as normal and set the aperture wide open (or however you want it, in fact). Now press and hold the DoF preview button and while holding it in, remove the lens. The lens should ‘remember’ the aperture setting. To minimise the time you have the lens off and the camera body exposed
that will become a pain in ass though :P swapping the lens the whole time or pressing the dof button
lemme try
generally you're not going to change the aperture very much at all in macro
yeah but pressing the button while changing the lens?
2:33 PM
hello guys
neeeeedd moaaaar light!!!!!
hey @ShutterBug
actually you dont have to hold the dof button the whole time!
maybe I should actualy read the blog :P
@fluf i normally set ISO 800 and f/8 before taking the lens off (using the DOF preview button ofc)
you just have to hold it until you untwist it enough for the contacts to lose contact
@fluf lol
i have learnt that no matter how you use it and how much DIY stuff you apply, popup flash never produces good (at best acceptable) results, had to learn it the harder way lol...
@ShutterBug umm ya...it just sucks
2:40 PM
ya, plain and simple
A puppy dies every time somebody uses popup flash.
Its a fact.
my cat has gone berserk btw :S brought a dead mouse home, ripped it, dragged it around every corner of my home, ate it, shit on my blanket and now having a sound sleep on my lap :S
@ShutterBug I just went into the sun :)
@rfusca I'm sorry... I just killed like 15 of them >:D
thats when I said I need more light
ok so... as soon as you disconnect the lens the aperture stays what it was last (pressing the dof lock)
2:45 PM
@ShutterBug yeah it means he likes you, it shows its appreciation of you by killing stuff and bringing to you to show you how awesome it is and you
@rfusca I will now be known as 'fluf the professional grass photographer and puppy slaughterer..er..er'
oh speaking of grass
or popup-fluf :P
my friend asked me if I could take some photos of his car when he's done tinting and moding his car
I'll have a tripod but I dont have any flashes (besides the puppy killer)
ooh i need to take some photos of my car after it has been cleaned and painted...
2:48 PM
@ShutterBug it has a nice ring to it
need to find a good location
@ShutterBug the docks most likely
if we can get in :P
hey I can take a macro of a cat after I threw it in the shower with my popup flash!
for water week(s)
sounds like a cool idea :D
@fluf tsk
ok so it wasnt 15 dead puppies more like 5
I only took 25 photos
tsk tsk
i've only got once macro shot that I've done that I really like
3:03 PM
@rfusca I have 0 so far we'll see how fast I can change that :D
A: Weekly Featured Image: Feb 28, '11

rfuscaDeep Red First shot with my extension tubes. Full version here.

oh yeah I like that one as well
@rfusca Aye. Sorry its all fallen to you so quickly. I intended to actually help you with that, but I've been trying to change my sleeping patterns.
@jrista no worries
i might not be 'on it' for the next week or two, baby coming and all
3:06 PM
I'll try to keep an eye on it
I'm trying to get my hours of sleep to move to 9pm to 3am.
@jrista this contest will run two weeks since we tied on Air, but we'll need to change to my 'Air' next Sunday/Monday
Since the robins start at 3:15am.
@rfusca ah, ok.
oh, derp
hows it working?
I think I may have created the tie when I voted last night.
@jrista hahaha
3:07 PM
I wasn't thinking...but your smoke one was awesome
its ok shrug
well, thanks :D
ties really aren't an issue, it just gives us time to hopefully get some good water shots
I'll do a blog post on smoke shots
@rfusca I've made some success. One day I just got tired at 8:30pm, went to bed. Slept from 9-11:30, woke up, slept from around 12:30 or 1 until 3:30.
Best sleep I've had in a LOONG time.
very nice!
Next day wasn't so good. Went to bed at 9pm, slept from 1am to a little before 5am. Heard the first robin just before 6am.
Next couple nights after that I didn't sleep at all. I think I got some sleep last night, however I don't think I feel asleep until nearly 3am to start with.
er, not last night, the night before last.
Last night I got a few hours in from around 9:30 until about 1am
if I can keep getting nights like last night, that just might get me through until august
@rfusca I wonder how many water drop shots we'll get.
@rfusca yes please, the only problem I have with the smoke shots is that you need a flash or two :/
3:12 PM
Hopefully there will be more creative ones than that.
@jrista can't you get one of those rotating mirror stuff to keep the birds away?
I see them all over buildings here
@jrista lol, I bet not many. They require some real work. Looks like most of the people are searching their existing shots for stuff they can 'make fit'.
@rfusca I might try some new stuff this week with my new ring but I might just skip water week not sure I I'll get much success from the ideas I have
I do have a couple though
@fluf if you need any help with them, ask away
@fluf ??
3:17 PM
@fluf ya, you really do need at least one. You might be able to use a really, really strong directed normal lightbulb though
@rfusca the one idea is trying to remake the meta logo in water and lights but I have some logical problems with that :) and it was more of a HAH look what I did than Look at my awesome pic idea
the 'freezing' nature of flash isn't super important
@fluf there's a blog post that produces pics very close to that - check it out
@jrista its these triangular mirrors with a red line vertically down the middle of each triangle which rotates, also there is a small "bend" in the trangle so that you get two angles
the movement of light causes the birds to stay away
@rfusca ok i'll go look
elendilthetall on August 04, 2011

Take shots like this with just a few household items

In my last post I explained how to get into macro photography cheaply and easily using a reversing ring. This time, I’m going to show you a quick and interesting way to use the reversing ring that’s a bit different from the usual flowers and insects!

It’s amazing how different everyday things can look when seen really close up. For this project we’re going to use things you can find in any kitchen to create some funky, colourful abstract photos. Here’s what you’ll need: …

ahh that one
3:26 PM
@fluf hmm, never heard of them. I'll have to look into it.
@jrista ok :) I have no idea what they are called
ok well here is one photo that I had to be quick about because she was biting me :/
still need to figure the eye out
sigh exporting all of the photos instead of just 1
thats creepy
hehehe :) she's a cutey but she has a bite to her
that why I only got that photo
the cat was worse :/
couldn't get a decent photo he hates me ... cause I really dislike him
yay more work = more pay :D going to get an increase next month hopefully
3:42 PM
@fluf nice
@fluf lol
I need moar MAGNIFICATION!!!
I need more ram :(
disclaimer... no worms were hurt during the shoot. I cannot say the same for after the shoot
I did not kill it... I just learnt how to fly
the worms eat our green peppers
4:10 PM
@rfusca O_O that jelly fish under your rose is awesome
it would have been cool if he used slightly less flash
4:50 PM
@fluf ya, for most of the week it was neck and neck for my pic and the jelly. Either would have been great to win.
yeah :)
I wonder whatever happen to @jaxxon entering the PotW - its been awhile since he has
1 hour later…
5:54 PM
I'll upload now
need some more practise but the concept might work :)
lol k
ok so here is the unedited
there's something missing composition-wise
5:59 PM
:) the candle is next to window that is slightly open
it died 3 times :/
not sure what though
yeah still needs some work :)
i've already got my idea for fire
I have no clue tbh :P
but I'll wait to see yours in two weeks
i gotta get somebody to model for it though
6:01 PM
D: flamin hawt body
anyway this is what the cat gave me
was quite a battle
and now he's just chillin as if nothing happened :/
I think that was taken at f8
I'll prolly have to add another light source so that the candle itself is lit a bit more
I can't make the candle white white without destroying the rest of the image
maybe I'll create a stick man out of matches and burn the bugger >:D
hey @RowlandShaw
Afternoon/Evening/etc :)
6:07 PM
lol :)
@fluf some good info here
80% of the questions by anisha
80% is over exaggerating a bit :P
she's been on a candle kick
a lot of kicks :P
thanks :)
@Rowland - I'm not sure, how do I migrate
6:10 PM
@rfusca it'll show for you as an option if you close as "off topic"
I know of an awesome picture that would qualify for water and fire with a candle
but It's heavily shopped
and I can't remember where I saw it
the candle with a water flame
we don't have any official policy against shopped photos, but if its obviously a digital trick I doubt it will do well.
6:15 PM
wow that wasn't hard to find
if only it wasn't shopped
I don't think that is the original shopped even
I used it as a background image for quite some time years back
the backlit area was different, I think this is a shoop of the original photshopped photo
@fluf oic
6:32 PM
looks legit :P
wow color change! the difference from my screen to the color on the web
I actually just wanted to make the candle white
but then decided to make the flame blue just for fun
6:47 PM
hi @dpollitt
whats up
nm :) played with some reverse macro and then some photoshop
nice, that can be fun
hey @dpollitt
i got to play with a new intervalometer this weekend
pretty much have no idea what im doing
6:51 PM
lol, nice
i think i get the idea - if i don't have a fancy tripod that moves with the sky... i can either 1. take 30sec or less shots, or 2.take stacked shots of star trails
for astrophotography that is
really? 30 sec or less?
oooh for astro
@rfusca from reading on this SE.. it sounds like more then 30 seconds i will notice trails quite a bit
@dpollitt depends on the focal length
yea, that too
at 135mm, 30 seconds gave pretty bad trails i found
6:53 PM
a rule of thumb is 600 / focal length
4sec exposure is the longest i should go to not get trails?
so for 20mm you can get 30 sec or so of pretty sharp results
that is good to know
what i would like to figure out, is how to take some stacked trails
the damn intervelometer has so many settings
just set your intervelometer to do more than 600/fl and then stack them...you get trails...that are stacked...
yea, thats the part i dont get haha
so do i setup the test by first getting 1 image without a trail?
see how that looks, then setup the remote to do that repetitively?
6:57 PM
find the settings that give you the trail you want...then set it to do it repetitively
so it doesn't matter if each single image that i will be stacking has a trail or not?
@dpollitt if they all have the same settings....they should all have the same trails...
i'm missing something that you're not understanding
for example... how do i make sure my trail is like this(_____) and not like this (........)
7:01 PM
make sure there's no lag between your shots
turn off long exposure noise reduction
i have to select a setting for the Delay, The "Long"/exposure, and the Interval
and N-Number of shots
So for example, i take a test shot and figure out that f/8 @ 10 seconds looks great
so I would dial in 10 seconds for the "long" setting
no idea what to do for the rest :)
the manual is not in a language i speak
am i slow? or is this actually complicated
hmm is delay a startup delay?
yea, it for sure delays when the first shot is
7:07 PM
ah, ok then...this:
but im not sure if it is necessary to have a delay after the first shot to help with shaking
like, why have a delay after shot 1? not sure
delay - 10 seconds to reduce shaking vibration, just in case.
Long...10 seconds for you exposure setting
interval 0 - no delay between shots
there is some trick though
something with how the interval has to be longer than the long? otherwise it doesn't use bulb or something?
i think i need to do some tests with this haha
too cloudy this weekend so i couldnt
@dpollitt that doesn't make sense to me
let me see if i can find some google instructions
7:41 PM
@jrista we need more water :/
make something!
@dpollitt make a water shot!
@rowland - make a water shot!
make a water shot you say
dang straight
@rfusca Yes boss!
7:42 PM
i saw we needed more stuff in 'Air' - so I made an air shot....so dangit people, get out those cameras you so called photographers! ;)
@rfusca Make a bread shot that matches the brief of water :)
hahah bread/water. nice touch
I can't enter this week :P
Well, do you shoot anything else? ;)
ha ha ha
7:45 PM
i think the idea is to take a "new" shot of water
not sure if i will get out this week or not
this contest is two weeks long
ya, hardly anybody taking new shots I think
looks like people pulling stuff from their library mostly
@rfusca You mean, like:
wrong orientation anyway :P
I have thousands of water photos... but not sure about new ones this week :)
i lived on the shore of the largest lake in the world for a few years, so i should, right :)
7:58 PM
Bah, imgurl doesn't like me now :(
8:51 PM
(Been a while since I dabbled in this). Recommended adapter for PW Plus II, 600D and 430EX II? Would I need 2 of these? amazon.com/Kalt-Shoe-Adapter-Connecting-Cord/dp/B00009R8G8
1 hour later…
10:05 PM
@Jonta sorry, never used a PW specifically
I may bring it up on a meta, but the community has expressed an interest in 'assignments' vs the PotW which seems to be largely 'library' work. Thoughts?

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