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1:50 AM
For years I would spend my summers up at a camp on a mountain with no AC and no computers . It wasnt till I got old enough with a career that I had to give it up. Even met my wife there. Loved it, miss it tons.
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3:50 AM
@AJHenderson Huh, I'm looking at it on computer screen, and now I see how I've once again gone burnt-eyes while setting up the photo :(
Q: How to avoid visual "burnout" during post-processing?

Esa PaulastoSometimes I keep on adjusting a photo for longer than is healthy. What follows is that I go somewhat blind to tones and colors. Then, I get oversaturated and dark images. I am new to RAW processing, and owned a digital system camera for less than three months, so I'm still learning a lot as I go...

Due to the harsh light the shadows were very very dark to begin with. So I pulled more light into those shadows, and went too far with it.
A: what is the nikon equivalent to canon lens L series EF 24-105 f4?

RalphI think you should consider the 6D! The kit w/24-105mm can be found near $2k!

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6:20 AM
Guys, in a facebook group I'm in they cursed the task of photographing black tableware. So, I took a shot and I don't think it went too badly.
Could be better of course, but considering the fact that I just put the things on a table and took a few shots, a quick-n-dirty job, I think I'm satisfied with this:
7:17 AM
@AJHenderson as kid when my father took me camping/canoeing, I brought my walkman and death metal casette tapes, and heard it almost non stop :)
@EsaPaulasto maybe you havent been subjected to 4000+ pollen. and its not like everyone gets it. it is like rolling a dice. Ive lived in Davis, CA 4 times which is known for giving people allergy because you can showel pollen off the streets like snow. and all your clothes are yellow from it. I didnt get it there, but back home in DK we had another attack of thousands of pollen and that attack did me in . a lot of danes got allergy that year.
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11:32 AM
possibly interesting to you guys: mashable.com/2014/04/22/lytro-illum
@EsaPaulasto ah, the classic Scandinavian open-faced sandwich. Because who cares if the food falls off everywhere? :P
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1:03 PM
@ElendilTheTall Actually, we don't dance around the house with a sandwich in hand.
@EsaPaulasto you could, if you just put another damn piece of bread on top
is the bread even buttered?
And, what more, we get to see the stuff on top of the sandwich. Nobody's going to hide anything extra in between.
Buttered? Why would I ever eat UN-buttered bread?
I'm not entirely sure if that's as much of an issue as you think
@EsaPaulasto for the same reason you wouldn't put another piece of bread on top - the stoic tight-fisted dreariness of the Northern European ;)
Well, if you can't afford butter on your bread, I'm sorry, I didn't know.
^^^ that's the theory.
^^ reality.
Those "proper sandwiches" are the cheapest and most industrialised form of food there is available in a Finnish grocery shop.
@ElendilTheTall There's a solution for every problem:
@EsaPaulasto maybe for you
1:17 PM
Ehh, right. Don't get the idea that I'm somehow trying to convert you!
back later.. now afk

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