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The Bridge

General Arqade chat room, wherein fun is mandatory, yes, ha ha, we get it, stop bringing up Weird Al Yankovic's album art.
3m ago – Powerlord
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To talk about, but not limited to: arQAde, SU, SERVER, linux, etc
11m ago – BcnDoge
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Minecraft Talk

Everything Minecraft. We had a server! Unfortunately, the hosting company it was hosted with went bankrupt.

 The Android Hell: This Is The Part Wh

It Is a Real Place, and You Will Be Sent There at the First Sign of Defiance.
1d ago – badp

Great Permutations

For all the screenshot and gifspam of Great Permutator. Contains solutions and other spoilers to puzzles from the game. http://ripattisoftware.com/greatpermutator/
2d ago – GnomeSlice

 Monster Hunter

All Monster Hunter talk, all the time. Or, just about anything, really.
3d ago – Frank
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Recycle Bin

You know what this is
4d ago – Alex


Talk about Pokemon X/Y here. Battle, trade, and just have fun!
7d ago – Ben Brocka
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Gaming Blog Editor room

Wherein we leverage the leak power from our lazers to do this bloggy stuff everybody's so excited about: http://blog.gaming.stackexchange.com/
12d ago – M'vy
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