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The Bridge

General Arqade chat room, wherein we meanwhile links, verb words, unhack life, fail to meet our sky-high standards in post quality with gusto and avoid thinking about fredley.
1m ago – 5pike
5pike: 1m ago, 12786 posts (0%)Kevin van der Velden: 1h ago, 26248 posts (1%)Arperum: 1h ago, 23907 posts (1%)Serverfrog: 2h ago, 646 posts (0%)Memor-X: 4h ago, 46 posts (0%)Unionhawk: 7h ago, 49912 posts (2%)GnomeSlice: 8h ago, 166923 posts (7%)Frank: 8h ago, 92379 posts (4%)Tim Stone: 11h ago, 17478 posts (0%)Chippies: 11h ago, 24728 posts (1%)GodEmperorDune: 12h ago, 7975 posts (0%)LessPop_MoreFizz: 12h ago, 72011 posts (3%)spugsley: 12h ago, 31319 posts (1%)badp: 13h ago, 166536 posts (7%)Mad Scientist: 14h ago, 5249 posts (0%)MBraedley: 15h ago, 18385 posts (0%)djsmiley2k: 15h ago, 6226 posts (0%)Wipqozn: 16h ago, 108595 posts (4%)Private Pansy: 17h ago, 36768 posts (1%)murgatroid99: 2d ago, 16721 posts (0%)Trent Hawkins: 2d ago, 2901 posts (0%)Sean Allred: 3d ago, 6 posts (0%)James: 4d ago, 21096 posts (0%)StrixVaria: 4d ago, 50880 posts (2%)Grace Note: 5d ago, 35748 posts (1%)3ventic: 8d ago, 10646 posts (0%)Matt E. Эллен: 20d ago, 2002 posts (0%)Brant: 23d ago, 8619 posts (0%)Oliver Salzburg: 116d ago, 48 posts (0%)Alex: 213d ago, 1 posts (0%)

Summoner's Rift

Because no one likes Twisted Treeline. Join our ingame chatroom: ArqadeCommunity
3m ago – Jutschge
Jutschge: 3m ago, 6360 posts (17%)Philipp Sander: 57m ago, 5059 posts (13%)Ibrahim Apachi: 59m ago, 204 posts (0%)Izzo: 1h ago, 4330 posts (11%)3ventic: 36d ago, 215 posts (0%)Alex: no posts

Minecraft Talk

Everything Minecraft. We have a DW20 1.7.10 server: mc.echoreply.us There's some extra mods: http://mc.echoreply.us/extra_mods/
13h ago – Ieuan
Ieuan: 13h ago, 5564 posts (9%)Kevin van der Velden: 16h ago, 8622 posts (14%)Jochem: 20h ago, 4419 posts (7%)Tim Post: 21h ago, 5786 posts (9%)Arperum: 3d ago, 3774 posts (6%)ratchet freak: 15d ago, 1388 posts (2%)Martin Sojka: 40d ago, 856 posts (1%)Tim Stone: 45d ago, 128 posts (0%)Memor-X: 83d ago, 94 posts (0%)

Monster Hunter

All Monster Hunter talk, all the time. Or, just about anything, really.
4d ago – Wipqozn
Frank: 26d ago, 5477 posts (18%)5pike: 26d ago, 580 posts (1%)Arperum: 28d ago, 645 posts (2%)

 Mashup 2.0

Don't call it a reboot? Chat about arQAde, SU, Server, Unix, etc!
5d ago – Fooxz

MCU Discussion

If you enter, you will be spoiled. Anything MCU is fair game here.
2d ago – MBraedley
MBraedley: 2d ago, 42 posts (11%)

Fantasy Stories (Spoilers)

Discussion about fantasy books including spoilers (Sanderson, WoT, etc.)
2d ago – Wipqozn
StrixVaria: 5d ago, 299 posts (47%)