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Associated with Math.SE; for both general discussion & math questions alike. Just ask; don't ask to ask. Rarely if ever expressible as a ratio of integers. See below for guidelines.
36s ago – Alizter
Alizter: 36s ago, 9650 posts (0%)Mike Miller: 1m ago, 25534 posts (2%)Balarka Sen: 5m ago, 31801 posts (2%)Jasper Loy: 25m ago, 7135 posts (0%)anon: 25m ago, 27764 posts (2%)Chris's sis: 37m ago, 24631 posts (2%)user91500: 59m ago, 13 posts (0%)Venus: 1h ago, 127 posts (0%)robjohn: 1h ago, 46002 posts (3%)Vrouvrou: 4h ago, 1913 posts (0%)N3buchadnezzar: 6h ago, 18557 posts (1%)Committing to a challenge: 19h ago, 1719 posts (0%)Vincenzo Oliva: 1d ago, 227 posts (0%)Bobson: 1d ago, 2 posts (0%)beginner: 1d ago, 134 posts (0%)Emrakul: 11d ago, 34 posts (0%)Michael Hale: no posts

Estouro de Pilha

57s ago – Math
Math: 57s ago, 2333 posts (5%)Jorge B.: 7m ago, 2088 posts (5%)Paulo Roberto: 26m ago, 3454 posts (8%)perdeu: 3h ago, 378 posts (0%)jsantos1991: 3h ago, 247 posts (0%)Omni: 3h ago, 899 posts (2%)Sergio: 8d ago, 581 posts (1%)

Root Access

For all you Super Users out there.
1m ago – Boris_yo
Boris_yo: 1m ago, 24353 posts (2%)Psycogeek: 1h ago, 23396 posts (2%)Oliver Salzburg: 1h ago, 34239 posts (3%)Journeyman Geek: 2h ago, 109343 posts (12%)ChatBot John Cavil: 2h ago, 5697 posts (0%)DragonLord: 8h ago, 2772 posts (0%)Bob: 10h ago, 111125 posts (12%)Canadian Luke: 17h ago, 9588 posts (1%)Michael Frank: 19h ago, 7199 posts (0%)terdon: 3d ago, 2372 posts (0%)Braiam: 27d ago, 4548 posts (0%)Mokubai: 42d ago, 8249 posts (0%)slm: no posts

TeX, LaTeX and Friends

1m ago – Iplodman
Iplodman: 1m ago, 260 posts (0%)egreg: 1m ago, 31117 posts (8%)tohecz: 1m ago, 16781 posts (4%)David Carlisle: 1h ago, 22293 posts (6%)Johannes_B: 2h ago, 4180 posts (1%)Joseph Wright: 3h ago, 25977 posts (7%)Werner: 20h ago, 3550 posts (1%)Harish Kumar: 3d ago, 2130 posts (0%)Faheem Mitha: 6d ago, 5229 posts (1%)

The 2nd Monitor

General discussion about Code Review -> http://codereview.stackexchange.com/
3m ago – Vogel612
Vogel612: 3m ago, 12681 posts (4%)skiwi: 6m ago, 24213 posts (9%)amon: 11m ago, 787 posts (0%)Jamal: 25m ago, 14159 posts (5%)rolfl: 25m ago, 34109 posts (12%)Phrancis: 1h ago, 10093 posts (3%)kleinfreund: 4h ago, 3527 posts (1%)Heslacher: 7h ago, 745 posts (0%)mjolka: 11h ago, 1400 posts (0%)Mat's Mug: 12h ago, 29362 posts (10%)200_success: 14h ago, 2597 posts (0%)Jeroen Vannevel: 19h ago, 3367 posts (1%)jmblack: 2d ago, 85 posts (0%)Gemtastic: 2d ago, 242 posts (0%)Donald.McLean: 3d ago, 2034 posts (0%)Webby: 11d ago, 322 posts (0%)Niall C.: 118d ago, 17 posts (0%)

Maid Café (メイド喫茶)

Welcome back, my Master! お帰りなさいませ、ご主人様! Sit back and relax with general chat for http://anime.stackexchange.com/. We're now serving anime & manga with a side of Moé. Smiles are free and lolis are plentiful. Ask about our new maid service.
4m ago – Frosteeze
Frosteeze: 4m ago, 638 posts (0%)nhahtdh: 8m ago, 2398 posts (1%)Toshinou Kyouko: 29m ago, 5576 posts (2%)Yuuki: 33m ago, 3469 posts (1%)Karasu: 52m ago, 1607 posts (0%)Hakase: 56m ago, 22878 posts (10%)ʞɹɐzǝɹ: 1h ago, 20925 posts (9%)Asada Shino: 1h ago, 8261 posts (3%)JNat: 3h ago, 7380 posts (3%)HoiHoi-san: 3h ago, 1307 posts (0%)Madara Uchiha: 4h ago, 9340 posts (4%)ton.yeung: 7h ago, 27564 posts (12%)Mysticial: 10h ago, 11290 posts (5%)Eric: 13h ago, 18817 posts (8%)Abyx: 20h ago, 450 posts (0%)Vogel612: 23h ago, 995 posts (0%)Braiam: 9d ago, 1173 posts (0%)Robin: 225d ago, 159 posts (0%)setek: no postsTouki: no posts

The Screening Room

Living the same day over and over again until we get it right
4m ago – Walt
Walt: 4m ago, 307 posts (0%)Donald.McLean: 112d ago, 802 posts (2%)

Homotopy Theory

A room for anyone interested in homotopy theory, or any nearby fields (e.g. category theory, algebraic geometry). To activate chatjax in this room go to http://meta.math.stackexchange.com/questions/1088/should-chat-have-tex-support/3297#3297
6m ago – Jon Beardsley
Jon Beardsley: 6m ago, 18408 posts (35%)Denis Nardin: 1h ago, 1193 posts (2%)user101036: 2h ago, 2648 posts (5%)Zhen Lin: 22h ago, 1499 posts (2%)Adeel: 3d ago, 1077 posts (2%)Nat Stapleton: 3d ago, 564 posts (1%)Josh Shadlen: 6d ago, 17 posts (0%)Balarka Sen: 139d ago, 137 posts (0%)

The Overlook Hotel

On Tuesdays, we write and discuss. On other days, we discuss and write. All are welcome.

V'dibarta Bam

"And speak of them" (Deut. 6:7) Speak of Jewish life and learning with the people of http://mi.yodeya.com
9m ago – Shokhet
Shokhet: 9m ago, 1393 posts (2%)Isaac Moses: 12h ago, 9256 posts (15%)HodofHod: 7d ago, 5190 posts (8%)

The Ink Spot

An open room for art, design and cat gifs
9m ago – Vincent
Vincent: 9m ago, 5953 posts (5%)GiantCowFilms: 1h ago, 234 posts (0%)JohnB: 1h ago, 14557 posts (13%)

Summoner's Rift

Because no one likes Twisted Treeline. Join our ingame chatroom: GamingStackExchange
10m ago – Tim B
Tim B: 10m ago, 1694 posts (10%)Fabián: 1h ago, 1754 posts (11%)M'vy: 2d ago, 926 posts (5%)Metool: 5d ago, 3 posts (0%)StrixVaria: 42d ago, 740 posts (4%)

The Bridge

General Arqade chat room, wherein we let chat reply arrows do all the circular arguing for us, leaving us free to agree that pizza and bread bowls go well together like sex, marriage and ritual infanticide.
11m ago – Chippies
Chippies: 11m ago, 15788 posts (0%)3ventic: 14m ago, 10463 posts (0%)RPi Awesomeness: 26m ago, 8451 posts (0%)fredley: 32m ago, 43290 posts (2%)Yuuki: 34m ago, 28014 posts (1%)Unionhawk: 39m ago, 29387 posts (1%)badp: 41m ago, 155781 posts (7%)Origami Robot: 53m ago, 77741 posts (3%)StrixVaria: 1h ago, 45828 posts (2%)Wipqozn: 1h ago, 95585 posts (4%)5pike: 1h ago, 10538 posts (0%)Frank: 1h ago, 82945 posts (4%)Fluttershy: 1h ago, 37380 posts (1%)MBraedley: 2h ago, 14693 posts (0%)Jason Berkan: 2h ago, 6832 posts (0%)SaintWacko: 10h ago, 32363 posts (1%)Tim Stone: 13h ago, 13498 posts (0%)James: 15h ago, 19591 posts (0%)DwarfSlice: 16h ago, 153388 posts (7%)Trent Hawkins: 17h ago, 2524 posts (0%)Private Pansy: 18h ago, 34283 posts (1%)Martin Sojka: 1d ago, 7740 posts (0%)Brant: 1d ago, 8424 posts (0%)murgatroid99: 2d ago, 11666 posts (0%)Mad Scientist: 3d ago, 4914 posts (0%)Serverfrog: 3d ago, 58 posts (0%)MetaFight: 7d ago, 4 posts (0%)Braiam: 9d ago, 2021 posts (0%)Pvt. Grichmann: 13d ago, 507 posts (0%)Alex: 33d ago, 1 posts (0%)


Alles außer Wordpreß
14m ago – Sven
Sven: 14m ago, 91 posts (0%)toscho: 2h ago, 5343 posts (27%)

Mos Eisley

General discussion for http://scifi.stackexchange.com
14m ago – Richard
Richard: 14m ago, 2830 posts (1%)Donald.McLean: 13h ago, 7924 posts (4%)Slytherincess: 19h ago, 25483 posts (15%)SQB: 20h ago, 5427 posts (3%)Mooz: 2d ago, 81 posts (0%)Tango: 17d ago, 14398 posts (8%)CodesInChaos: 36d ago, 44 posts (0%)Niall C.: 42d ago, 27 posts (0%)

Smoke Detector School

Where Smoke Detectors learn
17m ago – SmokeDetector


The first breach costs you an arm....

The Whiteboard

General Discussion for Programmers Stack Exchange. Pants optional when telecommuting.
26m ago – Ampt
Ampt: 26m ago, 19794 posts (8%)ratchet freak: 5h ago, 2131 posts (0%)Robert Harvey: 10h ago, 10150 posts (4%)psr: 16h ago, 2978 posts (1%)Jimmy Hoffa: 19h ago, 33915 posts (14%)whatsisname: 3d ago, 1380 posts (0%)MetaFight: 3d ago, 737 posts (0%)Braiam: 4d ago, 51 posts (0%)amon: 5d ago, 282 posts (0%)Brant: 128d ago, 500 posts (0%)sguha: no posts

Photography Chat

All-things photography related discussion.
26m ago – Boris_yo
Boris_yo: 26m ago, 57 posts (0%)AJ Henderson: 32m ago, 25918 posts (11%)Michael Clark: 10d ago, 370 posts (0%)

Charcoal HQ

Where comments are flagged and SE is hacked. Handy links: http://erwaysoftware.com/blaze, https://github.com/Charcoal-SE
29m ago – SmokeDetector
SmokeDetector: 29m ago, 2306 posts (4%)ProgramFOX: 29m ago, 1166 posts (2%)Caleb: 51d ago, 4 posts (0%)Braiam: 68d ago, 226 posts (0%)3ventic: 130d ago, 809 posts (1%)Tim Stone: 205d ago, 13 posts (0%)Emrakul: no postsZephyr: no posts
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