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The Bridge

General Arqade chat room, wherein you are hereby allowed to be Wrong on the Internet so long as you're not any more awful than Wipqozn, and that's a tall order. It's true!
4m ago – Blem
Blem: 4m ago, 6783 posts (0%)MBraedley: 6m ago, 10268 posts (0%)Alex: 17m ago, 2302 posts (0%)Unionhawk: 18m ago, 17759 posts (1%)spugsley: 44m ago, 21907 posts (1%)James: 54m ago, 16864 posts (0%)Yuki: 1h ago, 19211 posts (1%)Powerlord: 1h ago, 40899 posts (2%)Fluttershy: 1h ago, 34511 posts (2%)Private Pansy: 1h ago, 31630 posts (1%)Frank: 1h ago, 67237 posts (3%)Wipqozn: 2h ago, 84059 posts (4%)fredley: 2h ago, 34866 posts (2%)RedRiderX: 2h ago, 20698 posts (1%)agent86: 3h ago, 24719 posts (1%)Braiam: 3h ago, 1702 posts (0%)Origami Robot: 3h ago, 62462 posts (3%)GnomeSlice: 3h ago, 133033 posts (7%)Sterno: 4h ago, 30258 posts (1%)Coronus: 5h ago, 2592 posts (0%)kalina: 5h ago, 90747 posts (5%)Krazer: 6h ago, 4666 posts (0%)StrixVaria: 6h ago, 37969 posts (2%)Tim Stone: 10h ago, 10820 posts (0%)LessPop_MoreFizz: 10h ago, 59891 posts (3%)Trent Hawkins: 11h ago, 1779 posts (0%)FEichinger: 13h ago, 24807 posts (1%)Josh Petrie: 11d ago, 303 posts (0%)Brant: 11d ago, 8141 posts (0%)Canadian Luke: 15d ago, 10 posts (0%)

The Comms Room

This is *NOT* a place for 'Live Support', Ask questions on the main site. // Rated 18+ for Language, Adult Humor, Adult Content, Adult Themes, Mild Peril and Sexual Content.
8s ago – Mark Henderson
jscott: 52s ago, 13758 posts (1%)strugee: 4m ago, 619 posts (0%)Wesley: 4m ago, 58574 posts (4%)Jacob: 7m ago, 18498 posts (1%)EEAA: 8m ago, 2372 posts (0%)Mark Henderson: 9m ago, 45537 posts (3%)Scott Pack: 28m ago, 25833 posts (2%)Michael Hampton: 1h ago, 34801 posts (2%)Falcon Momot: 1h ago, 11795 posts (0%)HopelessN00b Genius of network: 2h ago, 20734 posts (1%)cole: 2h ago, 40751 posts (3%)Matthew Ife: 3h ago, 3566 posts (0%)Joel E Salas: 4h ago, 17809 posts (1%)MichelZ: 4h ago, 267 posts (0%)voretaq7: 4h ago, 83438 posts (7%)Bob: 7h ago, 1932 posts (0%)Dennis Kaarsemaker: 8h ago, 12634 posts (1%)Tom O'Connor: 10h ago, 15193 posts (1%)Jenny D: 10h ago, 4577 posts (0%)Iain: 10h ago, 25928 posts (2%)Chopper3: 15h ago, 23227 posts (1%)Andrew: 17h ago, 7024 posts (0%)Pato Sáinz: 20h ago, 6223 posts (0%)pauska: 7d ago, 33288 posts (2%)wfaulk: 22d ago, 2459 posts (0%)Aaron: 163d ago, 2524 posts (0%)HackToHell: 204d ago, 31 posts (0%)

The 2nd Monitor

General discussion about Code Review.
4m ago – Mat's Mug
Mat's Mug: 4m ago, 14636 posts (15%)Corbin: 10m ago, 2219 posts (2%)rolfl: 12m ago, 14870 posts (16%)zab: 18m ago, 6 posts (0%)Jerry Coffin: 35m ago, 844 posts (0%)AwesomeUser: 49m ago, 12 posts (0%)grovesNL: 58m ago, 12 posts (0%)syb0rg: 1h ago, 6366 posts (6%)BlueBug: 1h ago, 28 posts (0%)Jamal: 3h ago, 8307 posts (8%)konijn: 4h ago, 1317 posts (1%)chillworld: 8h ago, 411 posts (0%)Doorknob: 23h ago, 284 posts (0%)Jeroen Vannevel: 1d ago, 42 posts (0%)user58697: 2d ago, 14 posts (0%)Pato Sáinz: 2d ago, 234 posts (0%)Matt S.: 5d ago, 15 posts (0%)Loki Astari: 8d ago, 34 posts (0%)Jeff Vanzella: 9d ago, 86 posts (0%)Niall C.: 10d ago, 1 posts (0%)Bri: no postsRusher: no posts


The first breach costs you an arm....

Game Development

Game development and other polite discussion. Please don't star trivial messages.
22s ago – hasherr
Icy Defiance: 40s ago, 18954 posts (2%)hasherr: 2m ago, 28780 posts (4%)Pip: 2m ago, 22121 posts (3%)zab: 8m ago, 11 posts (0%)Chris: 8m ago, 423 posts (0%)Vaughan Hilts: 8m ago, 13094 posts (2%)SpartanDonut: 12m ago, 32100 posts (5%)John McDonald: 26m ago, 26975 posts (4%)Ali.S: 2h ago, 25748 posts (4%)BlueBug: 3h ago, 4589 posts (0%)Seth Battin: 5h ago, 221 posts (0%)Josh Petrie: 8h ago, 14179 posts (2%)Blue: 8h ago, 5475 posts (0%)Lasse: 8h ago, 16802 posts (2%)rolfl: 9h ago, 313 posts (0%)TreDubZedd: 19d ago, 3910 posts (0%)Alex: 25d ago, 130 posts (0%)Luis W: 82d ago, 469 posts (0%)Bret Copeland: no posts

Root Access

For all you Super Users out there.
4m ago – Michael Frank
Michael Frank: 4m ago, 3949 posts (0%)Paul: 5m ago, 2523 posts (0%)Canadian Luke: 9m ago, 7431 posts (0%)Psycogeek: 29m ago, 17185 posts (2%)rlemon: 3h ago, 2043 posts (0%)allquixotic: 3h ago, 66546 posts (8%)ChatBot John Cavil: 4h ago, 4393 posts (0%)Bob: 5h ago, 87630 posts (11%)HackToHell: 6h ago, 18795 posts (2%)Braiam: 8h ago, 4269 posts (0%)Sathya: 11h ago, 28417 posts (3%)Pato Sáinz: 20h ago, 2593 posts (0%)terdon: 1d ago, 2112 posts (0%)William Lawn Stewart: 2d ago, 77 posts (0%)Sampo Sarrala: 27d ago, 20 posts (0%)kalina: 48d ago, 761 posts (0%)Thor: 87d ago, 184 posts (0%)Bret Copeland: no posts

Ask Ubuntu General Room

General discussion around Ask Ubuntu, Ubuntu & official Ubuntu derivatives. For other Linux distros please see: http://chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/26/unix-and-linux

The Heap™ - Consultancy ©®

General on- and off-site discussion for http://dba.stackexchange.com
10m ago – swasheck
swasheck: 10m ago, 29535 posts (10%)Aaron Bertrand: 14m ago, 23838 posts (8%)Paul White: 1h ago, 7034 posts (2%)Kermit: 2h ago, 12089 posts (4%)Shog9: 2h ago, 422 posts (0%)Simon Righarts: 3h ago, 4184 posts (1%)Daи: 3h ago, 105 posts (0%)FreshPhilOfSO: 3h ago, 5780 posts (2%)ypercube: 5h ago, 7907 posts (2%)bluefeet: 6h ago, 12803 posts (4%)Jack Douglas: 6h ago, 10331 posts (3%)Andriy M: 10h ago, 1598 posts (0%)Tim Stone: 57d ago, 255 posts (0%)


Associated with Math.SE; for both general discussion & math questions alike. Just ask; don't ask to ask. Rarely if ever expressible as a ratio of integers. See below for guidelines.
51s ago – Alexander Gruber
Alexander Gruber: 51s ago, 5626 posts (0%)Mike: 5m ago, 15775 posts (1%)Karl Kronenfeld: 18m ago, 6094 posts (0%)Pedro Tamaroff: 1h ago, 78230 posts (8%)robjohn: 1h ago, 40201 posts (4%)Fernando Martin: 2h ago, 4911 posts (0%)r9m: 2h ago, 1159 posts (0%)user127001: 22h ago, 555 posts (0%)Alec Teal: 3d ago, 1253 posts (0%)Jayesh Badwaik: 3d ago, 18007 posts (1%)anorton: 4d ago, 961 posts (0%)agent154: 7d ago, 1492 posts (0%)

The Whiteboard

General discussion for http://programmers.stackexchange.com
1m ago – GlenH7
GlenH7: 1m ago, 14199 posts (8%)MichaelT: 1h ago, 32336 posts (20%)Jimmy Hoffa: 1h ago, 25934 posts (16%)ratchet freak: 1h ago, 571 posts (0%)whatsisname: 3h ago, 180 posts (0%)psr: 6h ago, 2084 posts (1%)MetaFight: 1d ago, 462 posts (0%)Mike: 7d ago, 229 posts (0%)Brant: 13d ago, 488 posts (0%)Braiam: 16d ago, 22 posts (0%)Matt S.: 23d ago, 38 posts (0%)claya: no posts

Maid Café (メイド喫茶)

Welcome back, my Master! お帰りなさいませ、ご主人様! We're now serving the Animu & Mangos with a side of Moé. Sit back and relax with general chat for http://anime.stackexchange.com/
3m ago – Memor-X
Memor-X: 3m ago, 4124 posts (3%)user1306322: 7m ago, 599 posts (0%)Shinobu Oshino: 9m ago, 442 posts (0%)Krazer: 25m ago, 15823 posts (13%)Logan M: 1h ago, 16008 posts (13%)senshin: 2h ago, 12 posts (0%)Mysticial: 2h ago, 9605 posts (8%)ton.yeung: 5h ago, 15740 posts (13%)JNat: 7h ago, 6417 posts (5%)Braiam: 21h ago, 926 posts (0%)Miharu Dante: 2d ago, 72 posts (0%)Touki: no posts

Wolfram Mathematica

BeginPackage["Chat`", {" http://mathematica.stackexchange.com/ `"}]
6m ago – zab
zab: 6m ago, 2 posts (0%)halirutan: 1h ago, 8779 posts (6%)Michael Hale: 2h ago, 1238 posts (0%)Szabolcs: 3h ago, 8567 posts (6%)Pragabhava: 5h ago, 17 posts (0%)bobthechemist: 6h ago, 326 posts (0%)kirma: 11h ago, 1080 posts (0%)Rojo: 4d ago, 9770 posts (7%)Michael E2: 17d ago, 1094 posts (0%)image_doctor: 34d ago, 204 posts (0%)David Z: 146d ago, 225 posts (0%)Tim Stone: 274d ago, 180 posts (0%)

The Frying Pan

Sometimes hot, always heavy.
29s ago – Cerberus
Cerberus: 52s ago, 59506 posts (14%)Jefromi: 3m ago, 6166 posts (1%)Jolenealaska: 5m ago, 7956 posts (1%)Nicole Rae: 13m ago, 8 posts (0%)SAJ14SAJ: 56m ago, 46737 posts (11%)derobert: 1h ago, 29254 posts (7%)wax eagle: 3h ago, 3128 posts (0%)rumtscho: 8h ago, 67476 posts (16%)BESW: 2d ago, 938 posts (0%)Alex: 18d ago, 42 posts (0%)Faheem Mitha: no posts

English Language & Usage

The Incomprehensible Room. All languages spoken. At once.
20m ago – Robusto
Robusto: 20m ago, 64345 posts (5%)Mitch: 2h ago, 27508 posts (2%)Jez: 2h ago, 15612 posts (1%)KitSox: 5h ago, 3102 posts (0%)Cerberus: 5h ago, 218256 posts (18%)oerkelens: 6h ago, 1387 posts (0%)tchrist: 7h ago, 96678 posts (8%)cornbread ninja 麵包忍者: 22h ago, 17390 posts (1%)Damkerng T.: 6d ago, 1226 posts (0%)terdon: 8d ago, 1869 posts (0%)HackToHell: no posts

RPG General Chat

General discussion for rpg.se
11m ago – BESW
BESW: 11m ago, 73323 posts (22%)Lord_Gareth: 13m ago, 9993 posts (3%)wax eagle: 5h ago, 20933 posts (6%)lisardggY: 10h ago, 4390 posts (1%)Metool: 11h ago, 3566 posts (1%)LessPop_MoreFizz: 12h ago, 96 posts (0%)Emracool: 4d ago, 3042 posts (0%)John McDonald: 45d ago, 18 posts (0%)RedRiderX: 56d ago, 1486 posts (0%)Brant: 68d ago, 26 posts (0%)

The Hangar

The white zone is for immediate loading and unloading of passengers only. There is no stopping in the red zone.
42m ago – Lnafziger
Lnafziger: 42m ago, 2793 posts (9%)casey: 1h ago, 1894 posts (6%)voretaq7: 2h ago, 6115 posts (21%)ratchet freak: 3h ago, 638 posts (2%)Farhan: 5h ago, 124 posts (0%)Otto the Autopilot: 6h ago, 472 posts (1%)Bret Copeland: 6h ago, 2083 posts (7%)Philippe Leybaert: 1d ago, 158 posts (0%)Pato Sáinz: 6d ago, 1403 posts (4%)Aaron: 35d ago, 43 posts (0%)

Unix and Linux

General discussion for http://unix.stackexchange.com. If you have a question, see http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/ask
1h ago – Tim
Faheem Mitha: 1h ago, 8578 posts (12%)derobert: 2h ago, 5407 posts (7%)Braiam: 3h ago, 4164 posts (5%)Gilles: 3h ago, 4464 posts (6%)slm: 4h ago, 9600 posts (13%)Ramesh: 4h ago, 148 posts (0%)strugee: 19h ago, 3916 posts (5%)terdon: 1d ago, 8517 posts (12%)casey: 2d ago, 796 posts (1%)

Charcoal HQ

Where comments are flagged and SE is hacked. Handy links: http://erwaysoftware.com/charcoal & http://erwaysoftware.com/charcoaldev.
1h ago – Seth
Seth: 1h ago, 1560 posts (4%)ManishEarth: 1h ago, 2981 posts (9%)hichris123: 2h ago, 9850 posts (30%)Doorknob: 3h ago, 572 posts (1%)Braiam: 1d ago, 91 posts (0%)Shog9: 2d ago, 11 posts (0%)michaelb958: 2d ago, 20 posts (0%)Tim Stone: 7d ago, 5 posts (0%)kalina: 20d ago, 626 posts (1%)

The Ink Spot

An open room for http://graphicdesign.stackexchange.com. Art, design enthusiasts, and cat gifs all welcome!
4m ago – JohnB
JohnB: 4m ago, 12110 posts (15%)Yisela: 3h ago, 11974 posts (15%)HostileFork: 8h ago, 313 posts (0%)BESW: 11h ago, 1885 posts (2%)Random O'Reilly: 1d ago, 3718 posts (4%)RedRiderX: 4d ago, 89 posts (0%)Takkat: 21d ago, 13 posts (0%)gabriell contechtext: no posts

Mos Eisley

General discussion for http://scifi.stackexchange.com
1h ago – BESW
BESW: 1h ago, 4332 posts (3%)lisardggY: 4h ago, 1059 posts (0%)Slytherincess: 1d ago, 19667 posts (14%)Tango: 3d ago, 14173 posts (10%)Niall C.: 5d ago, 20 posts (0%)RedRiderX: 71d ago, 15 posts (0%)HackToHell: 270d ago, 20 posts (0%)Jeremy Banks Ψ: 717d ago, 3 posts (0%)
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