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The first breach costs you an arm....

The Overlook Hotel

On Tuesdays, we write and discuss. On other days, we discuss and write. All are welcome.

Home Improvement

General discussion for http://diy.stackexchange.com

Electrical Engineering

A place to talk with friends from the EE community about vacuum nanotubes ... and beer..

The h Bar

General chat for Physics Stack Exchange (http://physics.stackexchange.com/). For MathJax use http://meta.math.stackexchange.com/a/3297#3297

The Pod Bay

General discussion for http://space.stackexchange.com/. Check our scheduled chat events at http://chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/info/9682/the-pod-bay?tab=schedule

The Frying Pan

Sometimes hot, always heavy.
7s ago – Cindy Askew
Cindy Askew: 7s ago, 1 posts (0%)Jolenealaska: 3h ago, 16659 posts (3%)Cerberus: 8h ago, 64139 posts (14%)Faheem Mitha: 19d ago, 271 posts (0%)derobert: 33d ago, 29728 posts (6%)wax eagle: 60d ago, 3170 posts (0%)Alex: no posts


Associated with Math.SE; for both general discussion & math questions alike. Just ask; don't ask to ask. Rarely if ever expressible as a ratio of integers. See below for guidelines.
15s ago – Balarka Sen
Balarka Sen: 15s ago, 22262 posts (2%)carpet jar: 26s ago, 24 posts (0%)Nick: 43s ago, 3128 posts (0%)Ted Shifrin: 2m ago, 25743 posts (2%)robjohn: 13m ago, 43731 posts (4%)topper: 14m ago, 71 posts (0%)nabla blah: 47m ago, 1772 posts (0%)AndrewG: 2h ago, 1053 posts (0%)r9m: 4h ago, 4240 posts (0%)skullpatrol: 6h ago, 30671 posts (2%)Daniel Fischer: 18h ago, 6433 posts (0%)blue: 2d ago, 2376 posts (0%)Alec Teal: 4d ago, 1864 posts (0%)hwlau: no postsMichael Hale: no postsRaza Hassan: no posts

Root Access

For all you Super Users out there.
20s ago – Hennes
Bob: 44s ago, 101836 posts (12%)Hennes: 1m ago, 18913 posts (2%)allquixotic: 16m ago, 81715 posts (9%)Journeyman Geek: 3h ago, 103049 posts (12%)Mokubai: 3h ago, 7960 posts (0%)Michael Frank: 4h ago, 6103 posts (0%)HackToHell: 5h ago, 20759 posts (2%)William Hilsum: 5h ago, 12450 posts (1%)ChatBot John Cavil: 8h ago, 5256 posts (0%)Canadian Luke: 23h ago, 9012 posts (1%)Psycogeek: 1d ago, 20411 posts (2%)Braiam: 2d ago, 4493 posts (0%)jokerdino: 4d ago, 16371 posts (1%)Paul: 10d ago, 2582 posts (0%)Leathe: 68d ago, 1498 posts (0%)

Maid Café (メイド喫茶)

Welcome back, my Master! お帰りなさいませ、ご主人様! Sit back and relax with general chat for http://anime.stackexchange.com/. We're now serving anime & manga with a side of Moé. Smiles are free and lolis are plentiful. Ask about our new maid service.
1m ago – ton.yeung
ton.yeung: 1m ago, 23026 posts (12%)Abyx: 3m ago, 355 posts (0%)nhahtdh: 1h ago, 1010 posts (0%)Eric: 2h ago, 17388 posts (9%)mirroroftruth: 2h ago, 1546 posts (0%)user1306322: 2h ago, 15148 posts (8%)Karasu: 3h ago, 416 posts (0%)Madara Uchiha: 3h ago, 8286 posts (4%)Mysticial: 11h ago, 10859 posts (6%)Asada Shino: 1d ago, 4228 posts (2%)HoiHoi-san: 1d ago, 1092 posts (0%)Braiam: 3d ago, 1152 posts (0%)hwlau: 6d ago, 614 posts (0%)Robin: 136d ago, 159 posts (0%)Touki: no posts

The 2nd Monitor

General discussion about Code Review -> http://codereview.stackexchange.com/
1m ago – Mat's Mug
Mat's Mug: 1m ago, 25138 posts (12%)Dan Pantry: 2m ago, 908 posts (0%)Simon André Forsberg: 11m ago, 17418 posts (8%)skiwi: 12m ago, 19422 posts (9%)Jamal: 23m ago, 12858 posts (6%)nhgrif: 26m ago, 6713 posts (3%)rolfl: 1h ago, 27050 posts (13%)Jeroen Vannevel: 3h ago, 1824 posts (0%)Madara Uchiha: 3h ago, 896 posts (0%)Phrancis: 16h ago, 5474 posts (2%)Malachi: 20h ago, 12178 posts (5%)Donald.McLean: 1d ago, 1609 posts (0%)Pops: 2d ago, 115 posts (0%)amon: 2d ago, 704 posts (0%)Dagg Nabbit: 6d ago, 3598 posts (1%)Heslacher: 8d ago, 222 posts (0%)Niall C.: 29d ago, 17 posts (0%)

The Heap™ - Consultancy ©®

General on- and off-site discussion for http://dba.stackexchange.com
1m ago – Faheem Mitha
Faheem Mitha: 1m ago, 487 posts (0%)ypercube: 18m ago, 9622 posts (3%)billinkc: 21h ago, 8516 posts (2%)bluefeet: 21h ago, 14924 posts (4%)Andriy M: 2d ago, 1997 posts (0%)Paul White: 3d ago, 9087 posts (2%)Tim Stone: 12d ago, 284 posts (0%)Alex: no posts

Mos Eisley

General discussion for http://scifi.stackexchange.com
1m ago – SQB
SQB: 1m ago, 4020 posts (2%)Slytherincess: 45m ago, 23028 posts (14%)Richard: 19h ago, 1188 posts (0%)Jack B Nimble: 20h ago, 9035 posts (5%)Donald.McLean: 23h ago, 7338 posts (4%)Tango: 1d ago, 14378 posts (9%)Keen: 1d ago, 6608 posts (4%)Niall C.: 45d ago, 26 posts (0%)HackToHell: 46d ago, 23 posts (0%)CodesInChaos: 60d ago, 43 posts (0%)

Hub of Reason

General discussion about http://skeptics.stackexchange.com/
4m ago – Articuno
Articuno: 4m ago, 1827 posts (10%)Christian: 5m ago, 32 posts (0%)Oddthinking: 12m ago, 1404 posts (8%)John McDonald: no posts

The Loop

Where humor doesn’t work.
4m ago – kaiser
kaiser: 4m ago, 29892 posts (17%)Rarst: 4h ago, 28107 posts (16%)toscho: 4h ago, 14064 posts (8%)Stephen Harris: 18h ago, 4602 posts (2%)Michael Ecklund: 2d ago, 2086 posts (1%)TomHarrigan: 19d ago, 254 posts (0%)boscho: 32d ago, 875 posts (0%)

Unix and Linux

General discussion for http://unix.stackexchange.com. If you have a question, see http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/ask
5m ago – mikeserv
mikeserv: 5m ago, 6651 posts (6%)Seth: 7m ago, 491 posts (0%)No Time: 44m ago, 267 posts (0%)Braiam: 45m ago, 6848 posts (6%)Faheem Mitha: 1h ago, 17195 posts (15%)Gnouc: 1d ago, 231 posts (0%)casey: 1d ago, 1808 posts (1%)Gilles: 1d ago, 5877 posts (5%)derobert: 2d ago, 9519 posts (8%)slm: 2d ago, 11458 posts (10%)David Freitag: 4d ago, 142 posts (0%)Patrick: 4d ago, 1158 posts (1%)terdon: 6d ago, 11324 posts (10%)Caleb: 18d ago, 911 posts (0%)Stéphane Gimenez: 238d ago, 73 posts (0%)

English Language & Usage

The psychiatrist will see you now
8m ago – Freddy
Freddy: 8m ago, 289 posts (0%)GnomeSlice: 2h ago, 1383 posts (0%)Robusto: 4h ago, 73785 posts (5%)skullpatrol: 8h ago, 12891 posts (0%)Cerberus: 22h ago, 240816 posts (18%)Joseph Weissman: 2d ago, 2220 posts (0%)terdon: 22d ago, 4622 posts (0%)HackToHell: 42d ago, 4 posts (0%)Stéphane Gimenez: 43d ago, 22 posts (0%)Caleb: 47d ago, 168 posts (0%)Alex: no posts

The Periodic Table

General chat for http://chemistry.stackexchange.com, pull up a chair!
13m ago – Dissenter
Dissenter: 13m ago, 253 posts (2%)LordStryker: 1d ago, 1911 posts (16%)Nicolau Saker Neto: 7d ago, 503 posts (4%)

Ask Ubuntu General Room

General discussion around Ask Ubuntu, Ubuntu & official Ubuntu derivatives. For other Linux distros please see: http://chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/26/unix-and-linux
14m ago – No Time
No Time: 14m ago, 1822 posts (0%)hbdgaf: 15m ago, 40750 posts (4%)Andrew: 30m ago, 4513 posts (0%)Journeyman Geek: 12h ago, 11596 posts (1%)Seth: 15h ago, 39671 posts (4%)Braiam: 15h ago, 19001 posts (2%)Mateo: 16h ago, 11161 posts (1%)guntbert: 2d ago, 940 posts (0%)jokerdino: 2d ago, 56790 posts (6%)Takkat: 2d ago, 21169 posts (2%)terdon: 7d ago, 6018 posts (0%)Mitch: 11d ago, 1843 posts (0%)HackToHell: 41d ago, 1080 posts (0%)
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