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Homotopy Theory

A room for anyone interested in homotopy theory, or any nearby fields (e.g. category theory, algebraic geometry). To activate chatjax in this room go to http://meta.math.stackexchange.com/questions/1088/should-chat-have-tex-support/3297#3297
1h ago – Qiaochu Yuan
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Root Access

For all you Super Users out there.
1h ago – Psycogeek
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All Hail our new canadian mod overlords (who will surely provide doughnuts and whisky)
1h ago – tylerl
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Ask Ubuntu General Room

Normally: General discussion around Ask Ubuntu, Ubuntu & official Ubuntu derivatives. For other Linux distros please see: http://chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/26/unix-and-linux
1h ago – Seth
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Days of Awe - Mi Yodeya

For planning/discussion/execution of a MY publication for the High Holidays. CURRENT DRAFT (v0.1): http://chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/23079848#23079848
1h ago – Isaac Moses
Isaac Moses: 1h ago, 523 posts (39%)

Javascript Libraries

Rant & Rave JavaScript
1h ago – Ismael Miguel
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You Are Here

Chat room for Travel.SE http://travel.stackexchange.com
1h ago – Gayot Fow
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SE Chess

Let's play chess! Everyone is welcome. Winning is only optional. | Team: http://lichess.org/team/se-chess | Freenode IRC: #lichess-team-se-chess | Regular players will be added as room owner
2h ago – Seth
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Estouro de Pilha

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
2h ago – Randrade
Sergio: 1d ago, 800 posts (0%)rray: 3d ago, 986 posts (1%)

Maid Café (メイド喫茶)

Welcome back, my Master! お帰りなさいませ、ご主人様! Sit back and relax to some General Chat for http://anime.stackexchange.com/. We're now serving anime & manga with a side of Moé. Smiles are free and the lolis are the best. Ask about our new maid service: http://meta.anime.stackexchange.com/q/1166/191
2h ago – Logan M
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The Upper Room

General discussion for Christianity.SE, pseudo-meta support, and help formulating questions.
2h ago – Lee Woofenden
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The Frying Pan

Sometimes hot, always heavy. (http://cooking.stackexchange.com/)
2h ago – Jolenealaska
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The Loop

Where humor doesn’t work.
2h ago – userabuser

Radish Zombie Game

This is for the people collaborating on the Radish's Zombie Game. The Github repo can be found here: https://github.com/VScalia/RadishZombies Nobody work/commit without checking in first we don't want conflicts!Check with https://goo.gl/kHKwvO and here before making changes! Website: http://radishzombies.giantcowfilms.com/ Dev log: https://mhsjlw.com/radish-devlog/
2h ago – Blender Warrior
TARDIS Maker: 2h ago, 734 posts (8%)NoviceInDisguise: 3h ago, 269 posts (3%)GiantCowFilms: 6h ago, 2791 posts (31%)

The Screening Room

“If you don't control your temper, your temper will control you.”
2h ago – Walt

Hub of Reason

General discussion about http://skeptics.stackexchange.com/
2h ago – nomen agentis

The Library

General discussion for http://hermeneutics.stackexchange.com
2h ago – Vector
ThaddeusB: 4h ago, 32 posts (0%)

The Whiteboard

General Discussion for http://programmers.stackexchange.com Pants optional when telecommuting.
2h ago – Telastyn
Telastyn: 2h ago, 3558 posts (1%)Robert Harvey: 2h ago, 17422 posts (5%)Jimmy Hoffa: 1d ago, 40801 posts (12%)Ashley Nunn: 1d ago, 5882 posts (1%)psr: 1d ago, 3665 posts (1%)MetaFight: 2d ago, 1579 posts (0%)rolfl: 8d ago, 922 posts (0%)Bob: 88d ago, 1 posts (0%)

English Language & Usage

Cooked dishes from around the world, plus some pineapples
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